Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beware on line sales

I'm checking Craigslist, and see they have a spot to buy and sell tickets. So I advertise one, Two speeding tickets to trade for just about anything. First three texters had KU Football tickets they wanted to dump.
Bad mistake, now I am in a quandry. Do I ignore their offers, or go out and actually get pulled over?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mother passed on Saturday

She was 94. Her health had been been declining for several years, and she was easily confused. The last time I was to see her, in August, she did not know me. That did not stop her from visiting, and joking. She tired easily.
Mom was born in 1920. She was the second of five kids, four girls, and a baby bother. Grandma was mad at her for not being a boy. She wanted a small family. Mom was a tomboy at a time when it was not in style. She began to drive at ten. She could crank grandpa's model T, and so she was allowed to drive it. When our home town got a motorized fire truck, she was the first to drive it. Being the daughter of the fire chief, and local car dealer has its perks.
I was on the phone with her about fifteen years ago, and my teen aged daughters were bickering about the younger prepping for her behind the wheel exam. She was adamant that she would get a perfect score. Mom, hearing the argument, chimed in that a perfect behind the wheel score meant no tickets or accidents. She had been driving for over seventy years at that point, and when I repeated to my daughters what she had just said, they immediately replied, "That's impossible".
I handed my daughter the pone, and said "ask her".
She was flaberghasted that grandma, who was a lead foot. like me, had never gotten a moving violation, or been in any accidents. Mom surrendered her drivers license around her 85th birthday.
Mom liked to travel, but she suffered from diverticulosis, and it made travel hard. Too much strange water would set it off, and several times she nearly bled to death.
Mom was a tiny gal. She claimed to be 5 feet, but I had to stoop to rest my chin on her head. More like 4-10, but she had a giant's heart.
Grandma lived to be 101. Mom swore she did not want to live that long. She smoked almost all her life. Maybe if she hadn't, she'd have surpassed her mother. The doctors said she had great lungs. Hers were better than many non smokers. Good genetics, but I didn't get them. I've had a chronic cough since I was a child, and thirty years ago was told it was the early stages of COPD.
Mom was always in good shape though. About a year before she moved in to a nursing home, one of her neighbors had a heart attack. Doctors advised her to rest with her feet elevated above her heart. Mom made a comment about that, then, seated in a straight back chair, swung her feet up over her head with no effort. She could turn cheer leaders green with envy, she was that limber.
I've often joked about my looks. I aint got any. That's part of why I kept a beard. The last time I was to see her, I asked if she recognized me, and after a bit, she said no. When I told her, she looked at me with one eye, and said, "well, you've certainly gotten better looking with age. Ugly tree? I found the forest.
Do I miss her? I've been missing her for six years. We used to talk two or three times a week, but as her mind went, she quit answering the phone. I only called her once after she went into the nursing home. She was so preoccupied with stuff around her that it was impossible to have a conversation. She hated the food there, but even at 94, the path to her heart was still candy coated. She loved jelly beans. That and straw berries were among her favorites. She got hives from the strawberries, but some how never got fat from the candy. I asked her once if all the itching was worth a bowl of fresh berries. She said yes, and sent me to the store for benadryl.
GOD blessed her in life. She got her three score and ten, and almost tacked another 25 on to it.
Mom loved the LORD. She had a little jingle she often said. I found a version of it on the internet, and I will leave you with that.

1 “What a Friend we have in Jesus,”
Sang a little child one day;
And a weary woman listened
To the darling’s happy lay;
All her life seemed dark and gloomy,
And her heart was sad with care,
Sweetly rang our baby’s treble,
“Take it to the Lord in prayer.”

2 “Are we weak and heavy laden,”
He will carry ev’ry woe,
And the one who sadly listened,
Needed that dear helper so;
Sin and grief are heavy burdens,
For a fainting soul to bear,
But the baby singing bade her
“Take it all to Him in prayer.”

3 “Jesus knows our ev’ry weakness,”
Weak and worn she turned to God,
Asking Christ to take her burden,
As He is the sinner’s Lord;
Jesus was the only refuge,
He could take her sin and care,
And He blessed the weary woman,
“When she came to Him in prayer.”

4 And the happy child still singing,
Little knew she had a part,
In God’s wondrous work in bringing,
Peace unto the troubled heart;
So may we who love the Saviour,
Say to those bowed down with care,
That the Saviour is their refuge,
They will find a solace there.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Congrats Peyton

Farve's record has finally fallen. The icing on the cake is doing it against the San Franfreakshow 69ers.
Given their new stadium, maybe they should change their name to the Silicon Valley 49ers.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Time for a redneck bird feeder

I was standing in line at Walmart, and swapping jokes with the lady behind me. She said she was a little redneck, so I asked her how redneck she was, had she ever mowed her lawn and found a vehicle?
She said "No, and I've never had an engine hanging from a tree in my front yard either."
That got me to laughing, and I told her we should patent a red neck bird feeder, make it look like an engine block hanging on a chain. Imagine how that would fly with the loco HOA NAZI!
Yeah, I can get real weird.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I may be crazy

The first time I heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge. I was thinking this is stupid. I have seen video of people getting seriously hurt doing this idiocy, and yet it still goes on.
Today, I read this. Don't get me wrong, I support research for ALS, cancer, heart disease, and a host of other maladies of the human condition. Lets be smart about it though. with this, every idiot out there is wanting to one up his buddies. I guess that is why we have Darwin Awards.
At the rate the stupidity is increasing, its possible that in 2015, more people will die from failed ice bucket fiasco's then from ALS. So if you are going to get a wild hair, put me in your will first.

More of that religion of piss

The moderate mooslimes of Iran are up to their usual garbage. A woman who was sentenced to death for protecting herself from rape received a stay. Yet our feminazi's and libtards continue to tell us that it is a religion of peace. Are these people going to wake up? NO, I'm afraid not. They are following the king who has no cloths as he proclaims that most followers of the pedophile want peace.
We screwed up on Iran in 1979. We should have bombed the place back to the stone age. We should have sprayed every city with pig blood, and dipped our bullets in their manure. Instead, we have Carturd telling us that Israel is the problem.
Sorry Jimmuh, its your fiends who bow to Mecaca.
Srtill waiting for liberals to organize protests outside the Iranian UN mission.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We have enough arab participation

The Kenyan village idiot wants more arab participation in the global war on terror. WTF, they are already supplying 100% of the splodydopes, jihadists, and 98% of the human shields, the rest coming from the world press corps. Or is that press corpses?
The only good thing we are getting from the arab participants is plenty of target practice for our men in uniform.
Screw the arab assistance. If we put them on our side of the wire, they kill main or kidnap our brave fighters as soon as they get a chance. We have lost too many lives to keep doing that.
The pResident screwed up when he pulled our forces out of Iraq. Now it is going to cost more lives to straighten out this mess. For some its tempting to say screw it, and let them have it. The problem is, oil. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are dependent on the stuff. Even the envirofriendly Prius, pronounce pre-ass, relies on plastics to achieve it performance. And BTW, a H1 Hummer has less enviromental impact than the batteries of the ecotards favorite ride, unless they opt for a bike.
ISIS is a distraction in my humble opinion. They have taken our focus off of Iran and their nuclear ambitions. People are also not focusing on Russia and Putin's insanity. Gog and Magog. Watch Out Israel!