Friday, July 31, 2015

What the heck is wrong with Starbucks? (and their customers)

A man has been barred from Starbucks for life for shaming idiots who used the handicap parking spot without having a sticker or tag on their vehicle. The man would photograph the illegally parked car, then go into the store and confront the dumbass driver. A few of these disgraces complained to the mismanager, and instead of doing the right thing, he chose to do the wrong thing.
Handicap slots are there for people who have sustained disabilities. For some of them its the difference between being able to go to a location, and not being able to participate in society. There are a few people who game the system. People who fake injury and get a tag, those who borrow a tag from some one who is disabled, and those who have a disabled family member, but use the slot even when the disabled person is not along. They are few and far between, and almost as rare as white on black crime any more.
I don't go to Starbucks. I've never been interested in their faux coffee. Heck, I don't even drink regular coffee. People in Tampa need to contact their Starbucks affiliate and let them know how they feel. Maybe the retard in charge will decide that real impediments are important asnd start rebuffing his worthless customers.
Yeah, I'm dreaming.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oldest known piece of toilet paper found in British Museum

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have identified fragments of a koran, the mad pedophiles rantings, that date to somewhere between 568 and 645 A.D. The fragments were gathered in Iraq in the 1920's. This means the moron who transcribed the bullshit likely boinked goats with Mohamhead. Initially the pedophiles ravings were written on anything available from leaves to the shoulder blades of camels. Unfortunately, as with dyanetics, the ravings of L Ron Hubbard, the disclaimer about it being a work of fiction was glaringly absent. islame has been a plague on humanity for 1405 years. Since Mohammy was illiterate, the bulk of the blame lies squarely at the feet of those individuals who decided to scribble down the craziness.
While mooslimes like to claim he was a prophet, there is not one thing that he prophesied that has come true. He claims the first five books of the Old Testament as part of the history of islame, but followers are not allowed to read them. Why? because they show in glaring detail that the pervert should have been taken out and stoned.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Today was the absolute worst day ever
And don’t try to convince me that
There’s something good in every day
Because, when you take a closer look,
This world is a pretty evil place.
Even if
Some goodness does shine through once in a while
Satisfaction and happiness don’t last.
And it’s not true that
It’s all in the mind and heart
True happiness can be obtained
Only if one’s surroundings are good
It’s not true that good exists
I’m sure you can agree that
The reality
My attitude
It’s all beyond my control
And you’ll never in a million years hear me say that
Today was a good day
(now read from bottom to top)

stolen from  FDR in hell

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Disgraceful? Maybe. Spot on? Yup

John McInsane has been living on his war record as much as John Forgery Kerry. Yes, both of them served in Vietnam. So did 2.7 million other men and women. I respect McCains service, but that is the only thing about him I respect. Flipper, not so much. Respected and hero are two different things though, and John boy put himself even further away from any consideration when he characterized the fine folks in Arizona who attended a Trump Rally as "crazies". Sorry Johnny, that moves you into the column of fucktard as far as I am concerned.
Donnald Trump rose a huge notch in my book when he put the Hemorrhoid with ears in his place by clearly stating that he does not consider the RINO as a hero. So what has he done to warrant hero status? To paraphrase what George C Scott said in his impersonation of Patton, "No son of a bitch ever gained a damned thing by getting shot down for his country. Instead, you gain something by shooting the other sumbitch down for HIS country."
If 1981 marked the end of the History of John McCain, I might be more impressed with him. Since being elected to the Senate in 1986 he has been a stalwart liberal claiming status as a Republican.
He was defeated for the republican nomination in 2000 by George W Bush, a liberal spender who had the sense to run as a conservative even though he is not. At least not from a fiscal standpoint.
John got a do over in 2008 where he got his liberal ass handed to him by the liberal who ran as a conservative. Did anybody seriously think Oblowme was a fiscal conservative? Well, we didn't know much about Barry, but we knew a ton about McInsane, and what we knew we did not like. I held my nose and voted for Him, but it still sucked. The only reason I did was because he chose Palin for the VP slot.
The Republican field got a lot narrower today. Only Ted Cruz did not jump on the band wagon bashing Trump. I guess my field is down top two.
Oh, and Donald, McCain did not finish last at Annapolis. 894 of 899 is not last, though I would hate to see what the bottom five turned out to be.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Delta Honors a fallen Soldier

When I got this in E-mail, it said it was a soldier and his K9 friend, but that is not correct. It is a Soldier missing from the Korean War. The second box is additional remains of another fallen soldier. You know they treat our current fallen hero's with the same respect and courtesy. Many of our airline pilots are former service members. Thanks to them for their service and commitment to our troops.
The original poster noted that many people had shared this, and many vile comments had been made by internet trolls aka liberals. For that reason they shut comments off, and a story formed around it.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

More jihad

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez is now serving Satan for all eternity. The 24 year old Jihadist slaughtered four Marines before being consigned to hell by officers of the Chatanooga PD. This spawn of Satan was a citizen of Jordan, born to a Kuwaiti mother and a Palistidiot father. No one saw this coming? He was a good mooslime though avoiding alcohol which explains his DUI arrest in April. Classmates and neighbors say they were surprised to learn he had waged jihad. Hello, Anybody awake in Hixon? He was a mooslime.
For any one who is confused, there is a simple test to tell if a mooslime is at risk of performing jihad. Its all evident in their breathing. If they are mooslime, AND breathing, they may go jihad at the blink of an eye. I'm not advocating killing any of them. Don't even think that. Just. Do. Not. Trust. THEM. EVAH! Remember, there is no god named allah, and Mohamhead was a pedophile.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why McClellan?

When the military built bases to train the forces set to be deployed for WW1 and WW2, they chose names from the long list of confederate generals. Ft Hood, Ft Bragg, and Ft Gordon, to name a few, honor Generals of the confederacy. Right smack in the heart of the south though lies Ft McClellan.
What gives? Little Mac was the leader of the Union forces in 1861 and 1862. Why did they pick him?
McClellan was the 1864 challenger to Lincoln. While he was a Union General, he was certainly not a hero. He led the Army through several crushing defeats, and most importantly, he ran on a platform of surrender to the south. He was also proslavery. It is amazing to me that a man like him led the union, while General Lee who opposed the secession led the Confederate forces.
People like to claim that the (un)Civil War was about states rights. In a pigs ear! The south cared about only one right, that of slavery. When Kansas was set to enter the Union as a free state, they went batshit crazy in oposition to state's rights.
Loyalty to the individual states was another matter. Lee served his home state of Virginia even though he opposed secession, and had been a decorated Army officer for many years.
The only true federal issue of concern was that the northern states were not honoring property laws of the nation but instead sheltered escaped slaves who were defined as property. Do not misunderstand me, I view slavery as a major wrong, one that was perpetuated by the democrats. On the other hand, it was the lesser of two evils. The slaves who were brought here were often the losers in the war of aggression that swept islam onto the African Continent. Had there not been a market for slaves, they likely would have been slaughtered for sport. Not a good outcome.
What's done is done. We should not forget our past, we should learn from it. Rebel against the liberal falsifying of history.
I wrote last night about relabeling some of the forts. Just as Hood and Bragg were leaders of the last rebellion, people like Jesse Jackass, and Al not-so-sharpton Are the leaders of this one. The First rebellion, our revolution pitted neighbor against neighbor. The Second, our Civil War Divided along geographic lines. This one is like the first, The enemy is intermingled among us.
As for states rights, they were lost when the 17th Amendment became the law of the land and the choices for the upper chamber was stripped from the legislatures. That alone broke the control of the states over the burrocratic nightmare we now endure.