Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mongo want

Alabama joins six brother states in offering the Gadsden flag on vehicle tags. I'm so hoping Kansas follows suit. I don't feel up to moving to Oklahoma, and I can't speak sheep.

What a Crock

The Wall St cheat sheet published a list of the ten states most dependent on the feral government. Proving that you can make numbers say anything, their list includes Arizona, New Mexico, West Virgina, and Alabama. Their compilation covers every thing from South Dakota's Military bases and hand outs to the Indians, to the costs of failing to maintain the border in Arizona.
Yes, Arizona has a lot of federal lands, as do many western states, but does that really make the state dependent? maybe the government should divest itself of those properties, sell to private individuals who are U.S. citizens, and pay down the debt.
Federal dependency is real, but those are not the measure of it. rather the number of people who collect a check for nothing is the true measure. Start with California, their congress critters alone will keep them at the top of the list. Next examine Michigan where Detoilet now houses thousands of imported Terrorists in waiting from The Carbombistan regions of hell. Same for Chiraq, except theirs are lazy scum from the southern states.
RONA, return on net investment is the key. Are people receiving a pay check or a hand out? There is a huge difference. With out the federal bribe system, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, and most of southern California would turn into one huge riot. Now  that's dependence.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back page news

I just learned that supporters of late dictator Hugo Chavez now have a computer font that mimics his handwriting.
Big deal, we've had a font for years that mimics O'bozo's, it's called wingdings.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The Washington resident who occasionally vacations in Kansas defeated challenger and Kansas resident, Milton Wolf. I guess we are stuck with commie lite for another six years. Unless of course,  the communist party choice prevails in November. Hold your nose and pull the lever, communism from within is about to destroy us.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Got robbed

The last eight days have been rough. I came down sick on Sunday, slowly declined through Wednesday, went to the doctor on Thursday and was diagnosed with pneumonia. I have been on the couch not wanting to move the whole week.
Saturday, it got worse, LOTS worse. A friend who was covering for me called and needed parts from my truck.
I went out at noon, and got home an hour later. At four, I got up to try eating, (first time in a week). There was a box of ammo on the counter, and I decided to stick it in the gun room. When I walked in, I WAS FLOORED! Many empty slots in a once full rack. Six M-4 style rifles, several with high end optics, two AR pistols, and six other pistols including both my 45's were taken.
I am 100% certain who took them. I had a falling out with a roommate who had been a friend for years back in June. Right after, I changed the locks to the gun room and garage. He moved on July 1st.
We had a further falling out when he came back for his dog kennel. He left some anchors laying all over the yard and I hit one with my mower. We exchanged texts and it got nasty from his end. He told me that as a Christian I had to forgive him. Sorry, forgiveness comes with repentance.
I thought it was over. He has a well earned reputation for vengeful acts. I'm told he has slashed tires and killed pets according to some sources.
My house can be observed from a road a half mile west. He likely watched me leave and, knowing I would be gone at least an hour, rushed over.
When I built the room, it was just storage, so it had only a passage lock. When I moved the guns, I put in a deadbolt, but didn't redrill the frame.  Because of that it could be tickled open with a knife. Only he would know that. NO ONE  but he and I knew that. Less than 20 people know the location, and what is in it. Kinda makes for a real small pool.
I had a pistol sitting on a shelf right outside the gun room. It was not touched.
After the sheriff was done, I fixed the problem. I also put the overlooked gun in the gun room. On Monday, it too was gone. He came back on Sunday while I was at church. I am looking for his new residence.
The detectives want to look elsewhere. I have tried to get them to focus. While they are chasing windmills, he is getting away with fifteen weapons. I will pursue him to the ends of the earth.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

why indeed

Five members of a Turkish family have a mutation that forces them to walk on all fours much like an ape. One would think the family would obtain wheel chairs for them. I guess in islame you let people suffer. My guess? Inbreeding. Muslims like to keep it in the family.
Yea, I'm an ass.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SCOTUS should reverse this without comment, or....

Arizona douche bag Joe Wood has wrongly received a reprieve from the 9th circus. He is demanding to know the source and  content of the cocktail that will rid society of him. The liar err lawyer should be made to execute him. Strap a couple pounds  of c4 around his neck, bury them together in a concrete room, and give him 48 hours to decide whether to shoot him, stab him, strangle him,  or just wait out the time and die with him.
UPDATE: SCOTUS reversed it.