Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's a nothingburger

Mueller has been "conducting" his probe into Russian meddling for six months now. Other than harassing and attempting to intimidate members of President Trump's family and staff, he has accomplished nothing.
The press is full of leaks, but they are nothing burgers. Fact is, they have done more harm to the democrats than to Trump. The confirmation that President Trump's campaign was spied on by the Government at the direction of the White House for the benefit of the democrat campaigns makes Nixon and Watergate small potatoes.
The real Russian involvement in the election is being ignored, Donations to the Clinton Crime Foundation, and now President Trump has stated HiLlARy won't be prosecuted for those. No Justice, no Peace, her supporters are still rioting and destroying, their reasons are as vast as the right wing conspiracy she told us about.
All that though does not prove that Mule Ears is peddling a nothing burger. This though is why I'm calling it game over. Seriously? Meathead? This is the heartless prick that called President Trump a heartless prick. Where is your million dollars in donations meathead?
In 2001 we called it BDS or Bush Derangement Syndrome. Fact of the matter is, Bush had nothing to do with it, they were deranged long before he ever ran. Worse yet, he was about as liberal a spender as you could find. Sure, he called himself a republican. Now, with a new President, and sixteen years for the problem to fester, we have a new name, Trump Administration Rejection Derangement Syndrome, or TARDS for short. If President Trump runs fr reelection in 2020 and wins, it will become Re-Elected Trump Administration Rejection Derangement Syndrome, and we will call them what they have always been, retards. Imagine how they would act if obstructionist republicans in congress weren't blocking the President at every turn.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wrong of me

Many times I have said or written that with muslims their chant goes allah ackbar BOOM. I have always known that was not true. I printed it here and on many blogs as an insult to muslims.
Now it is time to set the record straight. It never, repeat, NEVER goes allah ackbar BOOM. It is always allah ackbar BOOM oh shit! The last utterance is only heard by Satan and his minions. Surprise asshole, there are no 72 virgins, just eternal seperation from GOD.
Now you know.

You would too

It has been confirmed that Hose-bag O'Donnell's ex"wife" Michelle Rounds ended her life. Waking up one day to the reality that you slept with some one as vile as Rosie has to take a toll on a person's mind. Rounds is reported to have attempted suicide on one other occasion in 2015 by overdosing.
O'Donnell's bio notes that at least one of her adopted children suffers from mental problems as well.
If you woke up in bed with the queen of nasty, how wold you handle it?