Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Holding Back The Years

Sunday, September 15, 2019

No Can Do

Some how saying thank you for your service does not sound right.

Lawrence Brooks who just turned 110 is believed to be the oldest living American WW2 veteran *. Mr Brooks, who was in the U.S.Army, was stationed in New Guinea and the Philippines. He was assigned to the 91st Engineer Bn.
While not honored much by the Army, he has been honored by GOD who has blessed him with his three score and ten plus another two score and counting. Lawrence had the pleasure of celebrating his 110th at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans where the crew is looking forward to his 111th, 112th,113th... Some one must make great cake, it seems Mr Brooks is looking forward to the next one.
Thank you Lawrence. You are a true hero and blessed.
* the oldest WW2 vet is German Gustav Gerneth who is 113.

What kind of idiot does this?

Police in Lawrenceville Ga have arrested Edawn Coughman for an apparent fake hate crime. Coughman who is the owner of several Create and bake Pizza Shops was apprehended after Police received a call about an apparent break in. There are plenty of details in the article.
Let's think about this. We have had a LOT of fake hate crimes since Donald Trump was elected as our President. Some made the news as hate crimes and were later exposed, some were exposed very early in the cycle. Some defy reason.
Does Edawn not watch the news? Did he think he cold pull off the perfect hate crime fake when so many have failed? Does he have ties to Moose that will get a visit by an ObamAA- lackey resulting in charges being cropped?
Is it possible that there are many more fake hate crimes than we hear about and the posers are getting by with it?
These people are just plain stupid. Liberal and conservative are not mere political ideologies, they are completely different ways of thinking. How many real hate crimes have been perpetrated by conservatives who did not have serious mental issues? The leftards have no qualms about destroying stuff. Their regard for property is so low that sacrificing their own is no great leap.
They get mad and they go out and destroy. Look at the riots in far left Seattle where fascist anti's are damaging things in a leftard bastion. Contrast that to all the right wing destruction happening in conservative Nebraska. (They determined that the person who sprayed "Go Huskers" on the side of the feed wagon was the owner of the feed wagon, but he didn't claim some one else did it either.)
No, the differences go deep into the brain. We have the best economy in fifty years but the donks swear it is terrible. They pine for the days of Barry when Chinese junk was readily available andcheap, and no worries about getting up for that nonexistent job.
The good news in this is the criminals are not getting smarter which makes police work so much easier, but the donuts still taste the same.

Friday, September 13, 2019