Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Reason 8,459,673 why islam is evil

The satanic cult is busy. It's not just the ones in Syria and Europe causing problems, it is world wide.

The Philippine military has confirmed eyewitness reports that Islamic State jihadists, attempting to establish a caliphate in southern Marawi city, have taken civilians hostage and forced them to fight and loot for them, and have forced female hostages into sex slavery. more

There are an estimated 1.6 billion too many muslims in the world. Their koran is straight from Satan himself. This sick cult spreads death and destruction every where it goes. According to Pew research, our own infestation numbers around 3.5 million. Latin America has been blessed, they only endure 840,000 of the two legged vermin. Europe had over 43 million, but how many more have invaded since Pew published those numbers?

Just as there are many denominations that follow Christ, there are many that follow Satan's various teachings. Whether it is Hindus, antitheists, or muslims, his sole purpose is to lead people away from GOD.

Revelation is closer than we think.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Just heard about this

I cannot find independent confirmation, but was informed that the Strip Clubs of Denver will be hosting the Governor's Annual Blowjob contest at Mile High Stadium this Saturday. The Denver Police are asking that men not attend........ They want a woman to win for once.

One more train song

An odd fact

I read grouchyoldcripple almost every day. Denny often mentions his service in the Navy where he was assigned on the U.S.S. Iredell County. It always struck me as an odd name for a ship. We had the Yorktown, Lexington, and any number of ships named after famous people and famous battles. It might have seemed more likely to name the ship after James Iredell, a justice of the Supreme Court appointed by George Washington, but that is not the case.
I was recently in South Dakota and visited the county seat for Brookings County.  IN the atrium they have a model of the U.S.S. Brookings County, which was gifted with the name because of the County's contributions to the war effort in WW2. Many counties and parishes put forth extra effort in sales of war bonds and other endeavors. In return, ships were named for them. That factoid was on the plaque accompanying the model.
WW2 saw a host of ships of amazing types and numbers built for the purpose of taking the war onto the shores of Europe and Japan. Many of them went to war bearing only  hull number, others were christened to commemorate others.
Our history is important. every day more of our national treasure of veterans die. Soon they will be gone. The ranks of our Korean war veterans also are thinning, as are those of Vietnam. I would rather see ships named to honor the service of these incredible men rather than have a floating whore house called the U.S.S. Worthless Willie err U.S.S. William Jefferson Clinton, or the U.S.S. Barry Soetoro. It btw will be an unmanned drone mostly controlled by the Iranians.

Monday, June 26, 2017

ME again Kelly's star becoming a black hole

The fourth episode of America's least watched never Trump Anchor reached yet another low. 3.4 million more viewers than she deserves tuned in for no apparent reason except possibly to ogle her legs. A rerun of America's funniest home videos garnered 3.9 million viewers, and SeeBS managed to sucker in 7.2 million with fresh garbage fit only for liberals.
I got banned from The Conservative Tree House for expressing my opinion of her in what I considered restrained terms. She was and is a presstitute, a charlatan who will say and do anything on air for a buck. I opined that on election night the only one who would see her tear stained face was Rupert Murdoch. Even he doesn't want to see her any more. Too bad, so sad. Maybe she can get a gig with an adult film company that needs some one to play dirty grandma. I doubt even they would want her as toxic as she is.
She is a media black hole, don't get sucked in.

One more Cash

Sunday, June 25, 2017

When it reaches 49 let me know

Commiefornia has a travel ban all their own.  State employees were not allowed to travel to Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee because they have laws that the communists deem discriminate against perverts. Now they have added Texas ,Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota o the list. The nation is shifting to the right, California is sliding to the extreme left. Too bad it isn't a literal slide. That means more states will be added to the list. Ho hum, If you are not on the list, let your state legislator know because something is wrong.
Now if we can get them to impose an emigration ban.