Monday, August 31, 2015

The hunt is on!

7000 additional Clinton E-mails were released and thousands of over weight women pounced crashing the server. They all want answers to the same question; what yoga routines did cankles use? Its important to know which ones to avoid.

One a more serious note, the Russians are not the least bit concerned. They have known what she had for the last seven years.

Choose one

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Change I could believe in

Suicide, has to be suicide

Tobias Strebel was found dead in a Motel 6 room in San Fernando. Strebel reportedly spent in excess of $100,000 on surgery to make him look like Justin Bieber.
I cannot help but wonder, did the suicide happen in a moment of clarity? or did he have Bieber so much that this was his way of striking out?
Strebel has appeared on several shows including Botched. I guess if he looked like Bieber, the surgery was indeed botched.
In any case, Strebel is dead. The bad news is that Bieber is not.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Charlie said

Charlie Daniels pulled only a few punches in a scathing letter to congress. He was polite, or at least more polite than they deserve.
I wouldn't be that nice. Not that it matters, I won't ever get the audience Mr Daniels does.

Just a sample: The courageous politicians that once championed this nation have been replaced, for the most part, by a breed of milksop, politically correct, scared of their own shadow, pushover, pathetic excuses for public servants who are supposed to be representing a constituency of citizens who have to live with the circumstances of their timid folly.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Falling fast, where is the bottom?

Jeb the joker has been Trumped, and things are not looking good for the GOPe pick to be the next RINO to misrepresent the Republican party. Sundance at Conservative Tree House early on stated that the Chamber of Communists plan was to force Jeb down our throats in the same way McInsane and Mittens were during the last two election cycles. For that matter, ad W to their list of Republicans who were NOT conservative. If the road map Sundance outlined had been followed, they could have vominated Jeb with only 20% of registered republicans supporting him through the application of splitters.
Jeb has been in a nose dive though as voters learn about him and are repulsed by his sheer stupidity, and his lack of ANY conservative values. He is in favor of Oblowme care, happy with common core, and ecstatic about amnesty for illegals and doing every thing the demonics want to keepthe flow coming.
People are referring to them as the uniparty because there is no discernible difference between the establishment GOP and the communists.
I'm still not completely sold on Trump, but Cruz is getting shaky. He is not taking a firm stand on the issues that We the People hold near and dear. rather he is hemming and hawing and almost spitting out the CoC mantra verbatim.
People are hoping the GOP will have a come to Jesus moment. Don't hold your breath. These people are as evil as Planned Parenthood. They would rather burn a dollar then give you a nickel. All they care about is getting richer while making us poorer. Think the bet in the movie Trading Places. Kind of like that except they are not Murphy and Akroid, and we are not the Ameche or Bellamy. They are real, this is serious, and the stakes are the destruction of the experiment known as These United States.
Pray. Does the writing on the wall say Mene Mene Tekel Parsin?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Quite a make over.

Gaffer Joe, the bumbling incompetent who makes Obozo look sane, barely, and is also his insurance against an assassination attempt has come out of hiding. Not much has been seen of the Walter double for quite some time leading to speculation that neither brain cell was able to control his mouth any more.
There is no evidence one way or the other, but my guess is that Joe has been in Bethesda Naval Hospital getting some anatomical corrections in preparation for a White House bid. NO, not more plugs. Instead, I believe he was getting his ass retrofitted so that Soros could manipulate his mouth more readily. With the advances in digital television in the last eight years, The old wire controls would look jerky and robotic on a screen with 1080P or 1920P resolution. Its no longer the index finger moving the jaw, and the pinky moving the eyes. Liberals are dumb, but with all the Jeff Dunham shows out there, even the laziest low information voter wold catch on that it was all fake.
Hillary is imploding, and there is no guarantee she will be out of jail long enough to make the 2016 election.
Sanders is a dyed in the wool communist, and again, liberals are dumb, but they aint that dumb.
Then again, maybe they are.