Saturday, September 22, 2018

Movin on

If you remember the show, Claude Akins and  Frank Converse.

Up North

I'm on the road for a few days. I purchased a grain mill to grind feed for my chickens. The mill was in northern South Dakota. Being that close to barley country, I pushed a little further North and picked up a ton of feed grade grain.
When it comes to feeding chickens you can buy bags at Tractor Supply. At $8 a bag That works out to$400 a ton.  Barley sells for$2.95 a bushel, or about$185 a ton. Corn is a bit cheaper. Buying bulk has benefits
There are drawbacks to bulk though. One is storage. You need a place protected from weather and rodents. I use 55 gallon barrels with screw on lids, and keep them in a shed.
The other is that chickens fare a bit better on ground feed over whole grain. While the elevator can grind the corn for you, ground feed has some disadvantages. Mainly it attracts moisture and rots. That is why I was looking for a grinder.
The barley is another matter. What someone suggested was to take barley and soak it. Then put it on a damp cloth and let it germinate. It provides fresh greens for the birds in winter. I'm still learning.

Ford doesn't want to fly?

Why, suddenly, is Dr. Ford not wanting to fly? I know the weather is a little rough this time of year for transcontinental flights, but she could always just take a jet instead.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wipe out

Yes I'm an angry white man

And I'm darn proud of the fact. Angry white men got us into WW1 because they were fed up with Germany torpedoing ships costing Americans their lives. Angry white men got us into WW2 because they were pissed as all hell about the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor.
Angry white men have done a lot of good things in the world. So have angry black men, angry Indians, angry Latinos... You name it, people don't get off their duff and demand a course correction until they are good and mad.
In 2016 the uniparty was attempting to shove low energy Jeb on us to ensure that HiLlARy was coronated the next President. It was not that they wanted the lying skunk as president, it is that they wanted some one they could control, and they knew they had a handle on her called money.
Sometimes we have a right to be angry.