Saturday, May 25, 2019

Why do we have paid vacations and holidays?

I have been self employed most of the time since 2004. During that period I've had several part time helpers. As a small business, I have struggled at times to make bills. There were weeks and some times months with little work, or clients who were slow to pay. When things were busy, they were extremely busy. Being in a college town meant that summer was slow for retailers, but insane for contractors. Since summer was the time for vacations and such, I had a choice, make money or spend money I had not yet made. Obvious choice.
This weekend, Memorial Day, marks the kick off of summer. College is out, most schools are done for the year. The weather is perfect... Maybe. So what once was a time to commemorate those who had given their last full measure for freedom has become a day of cooking on the grill and traveling to the hottest vacation spot for a few days of lazy pleasure. And for many, all on the company dime.
The socialism loving writers at SeeBS are bemoaning the fact that the United States does not have laws mandating paid vacations and holidays. One in four workers will not receive pay for Monday.They won't get a dollar when they decide to take time off from work and travel. They will, instead, have to save,budget, and plan their finances so they  can do things like that.
By contrast, the socialism infested nations of Europe provide force employers to give their workers anywhere from twenty to thirty days of vacations. then, to top off the crazy,employers must also give paid holidays. Fourteen in Spain. to a low of one in France, but the frogs already get thirty days vacations and a thirty hour work week.
Sound good? What such a thing would do is stifle  small business growth. already the majority of small business startups fail.Mandating paid vacations and holidays would doom many businesses. It wold also drive up the cost of everything we produce nationally. Yup, makes Chinese goods produced by near slave labor in sweatshops where they live in subhuman conditions more attractive while diminishing the jobs which provide funds for people here to buy with.
Just consider, if a person can produce 100 widgets per hour, the cost of a widget should equal 1/100th of an hour's wages, plus materials plus reasonable profits, plus  transportation, stocking, retail costs and taxes. But if we become like Spain, that widget is now 365/326 or 1.12 times more money. WRONG! The correct figure is 261/222 or 1.18 times more money Just for the production labor. Then factor in the additional costs of labor in transporting,stocking and retailing, and that would drive the costs up substantially.  need it in a hurry? If one of those fourteen holidays intervene, you will wait an additional one to four days depending on when it falls in the week.
Are we crazy? In a word yes. Socialism is on the rise here. the cretins in congress will soon be forcing businesses to just that unless We the People send them packing. If we don't, Anal Oral Cross connected's next green new deal will mandate 261 days of paid vacation because factories produce environmental damaging CO2 when they operate... And besides, China needs the money...
If you are one of the 3/4 of Americans who get a paid holiday on Monday, congratulations. Enjoy it. Or spend it in remembrance of those who made this nation possible.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Gear jammer

Sicker by the day

Not me, Jim Carrey. The failed comedian turned artist , in his latest work, accurately depicts an abortion procedure with the face of  Alabama Governor Kay Ivey on the infant.
Is that not a call for death? he then captioned his vile piece, "I think if you are going to terminate a pregnancy it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama." By that one can reason that it would be A-Okay with sick minded Jim if Kay had been slaughtered in the womb, murdered in childhood, or assassinated at anytime before she ascended to the Governorship.
The man has been overboard on his attacks on President Trump. He hates conservatives. he glorifies the murder of innocent babies for the convenience of the mother.
Jim has come a long way since he portrayed a person of intellect far superior to his in Dumb and Dumber. So sad he has progressed the wrong way.
If you don't believe liberalism is a mental disorder, look at his various depictions and ask yourself, would a sane person do all that? Get help Jim. if you can't find some one to relieve your troubled mind, go to Mexico and make crazy statements about the cartels. After all, Didn't you say that if trump was elected you'd leave?  So many of you Hollywood freaks have chimed in I don't rightly remember.