Saturday, January 21, 2017

How ya gonna do it?

General Mattis, President Trump and VP Pense were standing talking at the inaugural ball last night when a reporter for Al Jazeera walked up and said, "You all made a lot of noise during the campaign about islamic terrorism and how you were gonna stop it. What is you plan?"
General Mattis turned to the reporter and said, "Starting now, every time there is a terror attack any where in the world, we are gonna round up and kill ten thousand muslims, and a blonde with huge its."
The reporter, with a confused look on his face blurted out, " why a blonde with huge tits?"
Trump looked at Pense and said, See? even Al Jazeera don't give a shit about muslims."

Thursday, January 19, 2017

It worked

Murderer Ricky Gray was successfully executed by lethal injection today after the supreme court refused to grant a stay because of questions concerning the cocktail of drugs used. Frankly, the state should have executed him by the same method he used to slaughter Ruby and Stella Harvey. Never forget that while he was sentenced to death for their killings, he also murdered their parents, Bryan and Kathryn Harvey as well as Ashley Baskerville who was the lookout, and her mother, Mary Tucker and stepfather Percyell Tucker.
So, it looks like Arizona was wrong in agreeing to not use midazolam. Or not, I think we should use methods which are historically proven effective, like hanging, firing squad, or beheading. Above all though, we need to speed up the process and get them dead in under a year.

Trump to be sweorn in by the dummy who upheld the Unconstitutional Oblowmecare

Can it get any better? Supreme injustice of the court John Roberts will be swearing in the man who called him out for his upholding the act which mad health care anything but affordable, and fully fails to protect patients.
Trump will soon be selecting a new justice to the court who hopefully will understand and follow the Constitution instead of the myriad rulings which have twisted the document to where the courts openly mock it.
The next question is, will the scumbags in the Senate vote for his picks knowing full well that it will go against the wishes of their moneyed masters?
Fight time! Stock up on popcorn, but 2018 will be a pivotal year in terms of cleaning house and senate.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Time to call in the Marines

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children have served this nation in times of trouble. From the very first, they have distinguished themselves by their service and their sacrifice. As the list of performers who won't perform for Donald Trump grows to infinity, it is time to call in the Marines.
The oldest professional musical organization in the United States is the United States Marine Band. Established by act of Congress on 11 July 1798, they have performed for our nation since. They first performed at an inauguration in 1801 for Thomas Jefferson and have since been known as "The President's Own". Quite an honor to hold.
Don't confuse them with "The Comandant's Own", The Marine Drum and Bugle Corps which are an equally worthy group.
I'm not dissing nor dismissing the bands from any of the other services,for an event of this magnitude, it would be appropriate for all the services to have their bands there to represent and entertain the new administration and in the same fell swoop, dismiss the childish antics of performers who would gladly perform for despots from Uzbekistan to Libya.
I'd boycott the musicians too except I already don't buy their crap. If there was ever any doubt, the events of the last two months should have cleared it all up. These people who don't work for a living are scum of the earth. They are parasites. Like a tick on a dog, they contribute nothing, and suck the good out of our nation. What they give us in return is as bad as shit. They demand we be accepting of their immorality and call their perversions normal.
Trump kicked CNN to the curb, it is time to do the same with a select lot of "enter-stainers as well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Old fashioned entertainment

I know I am not the only person fed up with the vile garbage flowing out of Hollywood. It used to be that they sought to entertain us, but now it seems every thing they make is designed to indoctrinate us. Sure, it's been done before, Films made during WW2 were scripted to invoke patriotism and national unity, we were after all, at war. While we are again at war with an age old enemy, the indoctrination is not to hate them, but to embrace all that is wrong in the world.
The entertainers need to get back to their roots and give us some of the old fashioned stuff. To be clear, a modern version of My Three Sons, All in the Family, or Hogan's Hero's would be nice, but that is not what I want from them at this point.
I'd tune in just to see if the lion licked it's ass to get the taste of Meryl Streep out of it's mouth, and I'm sure you would too.

I'll put my money where my mouth is

Angel today had a good one, and I opined that some one needed to do one for biggest balls and include the classic pic of Mooche. I figured, what the heck, I can do crappy posters as easily as the next guy, so here it is.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Cecil B. DeMille for whom the award given to Meryl Creep is names was a life long republican and also a devout Christian. His most enduring works dealt with Biblical themes and "The Ten Commandments" is perhaps his best known. Probably the highest honor he ever received was that of designing the uniforms for the Air Force Academy which are still used today. He was a man worthy of the icon status which many of the weirdo's who pollute the silver screen now demean by claiming.
I saw on the news this morning that the award which bears his name was given by the socialist foreign press to liberal nut house Meryl Streep. She used her time at the microphone to slam and demean the President elect without using his name.
Trump fired back, calling her over rated. The communist press is all ablaze about it saying he is wrong. Well, I think he is wrong as well, calling her over rated is like picking the smelliest turd in the sewer. Hollywood as a whole is over rated. Most of what flows from their studios is low grade dog food by comparison to what was made when Cecil B DeMille was cranking out films. Their fare is so bad that Streep is referred to by the media as "the best actress of her generation". She objects to that designation. It is possibly the only thing she is right about. I couldn't name one film she has starred in. Hell, I'm not sure I've even seen one with her in.
Media whore Meryl wants us to believe the lie that Trump mocked a disabled reporter. He. Did. Not. OK, maybe the guy is paralyzed from the neck up, in which case Donald did mock him. Many in the press are.
Join with me in sending a message to Hollywood by not supporting their mental filth this year. No movies, No DVDs. Find another form of entertainment and get your mind back. They deserve our money about as much as Kim Jong Un does.