Monday, June 20, 2016

Just a thought

Since the early days of world exploration when Columbus discovered America, up to my life time, Christians were scorned and called Flat Earthers. Prior to, and even after discovery of the "New World" many religious people had warned that the earth was flat, and ships sailing too close to the edge would fall off!
Why did Christians have that notion? It is contained no where in the Bible. Not one verse proclaims that the earth was flat although some passages might be interpreted to mean that. No, that idea springs from the proclamation of the Angels who declared to the Disciples that Jesus would return in the same manner as he departed, and the whole world would see him coming. Well, if the world is round, how can people on one side witness an event on the other? That phrase led people to think the world was flat. It also created a gap into which doubt could be poured. That series of events in part led to the "enlightenment period in which many began to doubt the truth of scripture.
Fast forward to the 70's. By the end of the Vietnam war, we were receiving movies from the theater of war beamed into our living rooms with the nightly news. from there the process advanced by leaps and bounds. Satellite TV was born, and with it 24 hour news. Today, a reporter in Washington describing an event as it unfolds can be heard by people from Canada to South Africa.
GOD is awesome! how can you doubt scripture when he foretold the advent of modern television?

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Several months back there was an article about a bear hunt in Canada. The man at the center of the article had a tag for a polar bear. He hired an Inuit guide, and landed a very strange looking bear. It was white like a polar bear, but had the body type of a Grizzly. Canadian authorities seized the bear, and he was facing a tough fight and charges of illegally taking critter.
In the end, it was determined the bear was in fact a hybrid, a cross between a grizzly male and a polar female. Scientists considered this remarkable. Up to that point it was not believed that the two species could interbreed, they certainly do not interact well. When the two groups collide, the smaller grizzlys are much more aggressive than their larger cousins.
Other examples of linear breeding exist, lions and tigers are distinct species, or so it would seem, yet they can mate and reproduce. The offspring is called a liger, and is an awesome animal, BUT it never stops growing, and that factor leads to its early demise.
We see the same thing in dogs. some breeds just do not mix with out a fight. Whether it be pitbulls and yorkies, or coyotes and wolves, when they cross paths, there's trouble in town. What of the human species? We all share the same root DNA. After Noah got off the ark, there were exactly eight humans on planet earth. From that select group all man kind has come. The same is true with dogs, a very small gene pool started it all.
Human nature being what it is, when two worlds collide, one or both of two things happen, they feud, or they fornicate. Its not bad, it just is. For small populations such as the Inuit, the arrival of strangers was viewed as a good thing, they understood that interbreeding was hurting their people. If you don't follow what I'm stating, read "The Northwest Passage", or "Give your Heart to the Hawks". Again, I'm not being judgemental, I am merely stating what is and was.
The collision of people also resulted in some massive fights. Some of it has to do with the culture, but I wonder if part of it is just good, no, bad old genetics. Right now the biggest problem in that regard is muslims. They don't get along with the Jews, they don't get along with Indians, they don't get along with Russians, they don't get along with Belgians, they don't get along with the French, heck, they don't get along with each other.
By contrast, the French and Belgians get along, the Russians and the Indians get along, Every one hates the Jews, but its because they have all the money.... America is the melting pot, we have people from every tribe and tongue and they pretty much all get along. Except. The. Mooslims.
We all know that not every human will live in harmony with every other human. We all have our disagreements. Some times it is money, other times love. Loud music, bad barbecue, shitty beer and too much of it, they all cause conflicts, but when you factor those things out,  and get it down to just people, the folks who are muslims just do not get along.
I know, I know, muslim is not a ethnic subset, its misery made up as a religion. Still though, I see genetics at work there. Examine for a moments the many other religions of the world. No one is born into a religion. It is something that we all learn as we mature and people leave religions for any number of reasons. A person may be Catholic for fifty years, then one day decide to become hindu.
Many religions send out missionaries. Only one group sends them out with orders that say convert or we kill ya, and that is islam. Do we ever see Methodists going bat shit crazy when some one opts to head over to the Pentecostal tent? If a sunni switches to shiite though, his days are numbered!
Their evangelism is convert or die, and many people, lacking confidence in their salvation convert. Leave the cult? That merits death as well. What does it say about the minds of those who believe the satanic verses if the only way to get folks to worship it is to kill the ones who won't?
Am I saying all who belong to islam are dumb as a rock? No, some are there out of fear. You won't find them wearing bomb vests onto buses or flying planes into buildings. They stick around only out of fea even when they know in their heart it is total BS.

The Jews and the Arabs share common ancestry long past Noah. Jews are decendents of Abraham via Isacc, his son from Sarai where the Arabs descend from Ishmael whom he fathered via Hagar the Egyptian. We don't see that kind of conduct from Jews.
Am I wrong to say genetics is the heart of the problem? Is there some other explanation?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Fathers Day

Rest kn piece...

Family and friends of Omar Mateen gathered today at the mosque of perpetual jihad to remember the recently slain husband and father.
Mourners joined in singing "Death to America and all the enemies of Islam" which was Omar's favorite hymn.
As part of the ceremony, attendees took turns beating Omar's widow. Several of the men present expressed that they have a pashtun for young boys and offered to help with the raising of the young son in the absence of any father figure.
A goat was sacrificed in memory of Omar, and as a tribute to his contributions to jihad and sharia, it was molested by 49 men prior to it's throat being slit.
Omar was laid to rest at an undisclosed location to prevent his body from floating to the surface, an unintended consequence of having most of humanity come piss on your grave.

Might explain a lot

I have no way of confirming whether this is in fact true.
It seems a guy was in a gay bar enjoying a few before Ramadan. His bladder called, and so he went to the john. While he was pissing, he happened to notice that the fellow at the next urinal was extremely short, but was hung like a horse.
Due to the effects of alcohol, the guy blurted out, "Thats a huge cock you have!"
"Thank you," said the little guy, "Its because I'm a leprechaun, and because you noticed and weren't afraid to speak, I'm gonna grant you three wishes."
The fellow thought for a moment and said, "First, I want all the money I'll ever need."
The little guy said, "it will be granted to you."
The fellow then said, "I want beautiful women to wait on me hand and foot and do my every bidding."
The little guy said, "it will be granted to you."
The fellow then said, "I want a huge mansion with an awesome view of the ocean where I can relax and enjoy life."
The little guy said, "it will be granted to you. But, in order for those things to happen, I have to do you."
The fellow was shocked for a moment, but he thought, it will only take a couple of minutes, and after that, I live like a king. and so, he dropped his trousers and bent over the sink.
The little guy pulled over a trash can, upended it and began banging away. "So. what's your name?"he asked?
"Oh, Owe! Omar." replied the big guy.
"Tell me Omar, how old are you?"
"Teh, twenty nine." gasped Omar.
"Twenty nine? Isn't that a little old to still believe in Leprechauns?"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The latest on the Orlando slaughter is that Omar the dead terrorist was a closet gay. Remember, this is islam we are dealing with and they adhere to the truth like eggs to Teflon. The simple facts to keep in mind are that Omar was a satanist of the mooslime persuasion and he was a dimmicrap.
Was he gay? Was he bisexual? Did he prefer goats whereas his strain of islam says to bugger sheep? Does it matter? muslim democrat, nuff said. That his target was a LGBT hot spot is curious. The perverts have been reaching out to the muslims, seeking solidarity with them, and as much as the muslim countries hate gays, they will use any group to further their cause, and that is what is going on in Europe now. They are the modern Rumkowski seeking to appease a new terror.
Omar supposedly used several gay apps to chat with regular attendees at the club. Whether this was in an effort to hook up or just to make appearances remains unknown. Keep in mind that 9-11-01 attacks were planned years before. They were not executed over night. Successful attacks are rarely spur of the moment. Months or even years of planning and preparation go in to these. Omar transferred his house to his sister via a quit claim deed.  Was it because of the pending attack or because he and his wife had a falling out?
Given the level of monitoring going on in this country today, any chatter whether it be verbal, e-mail, or text tuns a high risk of interception. That is how the FBI and DHS are thwarting them. Lone wolves and tight groups who deal every thing face to face are the ones who slip through. They are not afraid and they continue to plot. Why should they fear? We have an incompetent fool in the White House, a man that makes him look smart as Veep, a gaggle of goofs in congress and key posts. Put HiLIARy in the White House and they cannot lose.
believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. It is that bad.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

A democrat conundrum

I did not think it would happen, at least not this soon. Barry's people attacking Barry's people. Yes, a mooslime scum bag attacked and shot up a gay night club.
They are already calling this a domestic terror incident. You can be certain that if Omar had shot up a church they would label it an isolated incident.
Tie to radical islam? duh! There is nothing but radical islam. All this scum bag did is right there in the satanic verses.  Every thing else is an enemy of islam. It does not matter if you are a Christian, Jew, hindu, buddhist, agnostic, antitheist, or what ever, if you don't belong to islam, they want to kill you. And by the way, if you don't adhere to their particular misinterpretation of mohamheads syphilitic rantings, you are their enemy too.
My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones. Since this was a gay club, the odds of the deceased being in heaven is about the same as Omar being Amish.