Saturday, November 18, 2017

Understanding communism 101 lesson 2,017,315

We can spend our entire lives contrasting the stark differences between communism and capitalism, and some folks still won't get it. We call them democrats.
Today's focus is once again on the hermit kingdom where an elite troop assigned to the border patrol suffered an attack of Diarrhea so bad that in a desperate attempt to find an unoccupied shitter, sprinted to the Imperialist side. his fellow soldiers, mistaking his urgent need for a treasonous escape, shot the poor guy.
Yes, that is over the top hyperbole. The poor man was sick, riddled with parasites from consuming substandard and poorly prepared food. In a world where common things like electricity, running water and modern medicine are not given a though, the shining bastions of communism's successes lack those simple necessities. We get rare glimpses in side the bubbles of lil Kim's Korea, Mugabe's Zimbabwe, Castro's Cuba or Maduro's Venezuela. When we do, we should recoil in horror at the depravity of leaders who would deny their citizens such basic tools that would make life better and their nations prosperous.
We should also think long and hard about how those conditions came about, and realize that we too could be living like that or worse if we allowed our congressional leaders to socialize important aspects of our national economy.
Government should be in charge of roads and defense. and little else. Our present crop of congress critters though see themselves, not as our representative, but as our betters. They are unconcerned with the impact socializing every thing has. The don't care abut what happened to Rhodesia when it became Zimbabwe or Cuba when Castro seized power. All they care about is the people greasing their palms, and you can rest assured, it is not us.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Frickin Franken

I would love to see him resign or be booted from the Senate, but clearly, the photo of him groping Leeann Tweeden is a joke. Looking at the shadows, his hand is not touching her. Yes, it lacks taste, something Franken has never possessed.
She is wearing a military equipment vest. Even if he had touched her, he'd have felt only the fabric. He is turned to the camera as well. This is something staged. Was Tweeden even asleep? She says she was. I won't call this sexual assault, but it very well might be a sick prank. Almost as bad as Minnesota electing the SNL shithead. As to him kissing her. Ship her a barrel of Lavoris. Just not Sin-of-men flavor.
For those of you not familiar with bad conduct among military, ask some one about the atomic sit-up.

UPDATE: I looked through her twitter feed. Her husband is a Military Pilot, her father was an Air Force Chief Master. She has quite a number of tweets about hubby and his unit. She has absolutely nothing political up. Does that mean purged? In her case, I am going to say no. She works as a sports reporter, and if she is conservative, announcing it would put her on the shadow blacklist. She is proud of her husband, proud of his service, and proud of this country.
I still cannot help questioning the timing, coming in the middle of the Judge Moore fiction. This could be read either way, a warning shot across the bow, or a subtle move to bolster the claims against Judge Moore even as they  fall apart like a sand castle as the tide rolls in.
One thing is certain that has nothing to do with Leeann, what commies accuse republicans of, you can be assured they are actually guilty of.
Maybe her husband can fly Franken some where... Just as long s it isn't back to America.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A signature that nearly matches

A signature surfaced today, this one from 1999 that nearly matches the signature in the year book. Right down to the DA at the end. This is damning!

If you look closely, they are nearly identical. Case closed? Not hardly. Why would Moore, then a Circuit Judge, sign with the notation /DA when the signatue block clearly shows he is a Judge???
The answer is simple, the DA is for the judicial assistant who had signatory authority. Judges do not often fill out their own paperwork. When an assistant does it, they initial at the end.
In an odd twist, Beverly Young Nelson had contact with Judge Moore after 1977 when he supposedly signed her Yearbook. That was in 1999 when her divorce was handled in Judge Moore's court. She would have had copies of that paperwork, and with a little practice, some one could have forged a copy of the signature into the yearbook. This is AllRed's style. Oops.

Birds gotta sing

One thing is certain about John McInsane, ever since the North Vietnamese twisted his arm to make him talk, the boy has not shut up.
Johnny boy opened his mouth to switch feet and began ranting like the lunatic he is about Roy Moore.
Roy Moore's wife is fourteen years his junior, so that makes him an easy target for unfounded accusations of pedophilia. He may have dated younger women, that is not a crime. Johnny boy's wife is eighteen years his junior, and the distinguished senator was cheating on his first wife with her. If Judge Moore engaged in sex with a minor, that is a major problem, and that would be cause for giving him the heave ho. The allegations that he dated younger women would appear to stand up given that his wife of forty two years falls into that subset of society.
Here is a reality check for every one, Moore served in the military during which time family life would have been chaotic. he then attended college, and nothing screws up a good education like dating and such. He would have been around girls ten years his junior at that time as well, so he was likely dating younger women then as well. Many people tend to marry during their twenties. When women get to thirty , most of them fall in to one of these categories; 1)Married, so only available to people like Worthless Willie and the Kennedys . 2) Divorced...for a reason. 3. Career minded, so not looking for a family. 4) Issues. We'll leave it at that.
I was stationed in the area for a little while at that time. Lots of young girls hanging out at places the GI's went  looking for a guy to hook or hook up with. As an NCO, I constantly warned my troops about the dangers lurking.  We had more than one GI pick up a girl and sleep with her only to learn her ID was fake and she was well under age. Many, it appeared, were encouraged by their family. We called it bare trapping, the gal wanted to get pregnant, not so she could land a husband, but so she could land child support. Others looked for the GIs because the local boys didn't have money to lavish on them.
We don't know all the details of his dating history. Was he screwing gals back then, or was he already a pillar of virtue as he claims. Those are unknown, and unimportant until some one comes forward with real proof.
Another factor, leopards do not change their spots. If he was assaulting girls back then, the pattern would have continued. Compare him to songbird who says one thing and does another and has been for his entire public service career.
Another thing you can say about McInsane is he has never disgraced the democrat party. While he follows their platforms almost perfectly, his status as a RINO means they don't have to take the shame.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Not a peep

Moore's latest accuser, represented by no slimier a scumbag than Gloria AllRed is being portrayed as a Trump supporting republican. I went to farcebook and looked up Beverly Young Nelson and found her. Same woman as is seen in the press photo on Breitbart. I scanned her time line. Essentially there is nothing there but cat memes and a few other assorted reposts. Her time line for 2016 and 2015 is essentially blank, only  few posts. 2017 is over flowing with memes. That prompts the question, Why??? It looks to me like her page has been scrubbed. I mean really scrubbed. I clicked one off her friend list that appeared to be a sister. Just a short ways down the page, I suddenly got blocked, shut off cold. Her page is again active, but all that is left are profile pic updates. When I clicked on the About link, I again get the blocked message.
If she was a Trump supporter as they claim, there would be some political baggage there. Granted, my page is mostly blank, but I visit it once in a blue moon. Several years ago I was reposting a ton of political memes. Easy to tell where I stood.
They knew people would be looking as soon as her name hit the wires. I know  I am not the only person to google her today. If she was on the up and up, they would not have purged two entire years from her timeline. By this time tomorrow sleuths from around the nation will have picked apart her story. Every one has a history. The media has a vested interest in ignoring it, so don't expect to see anything unless Hannity covers it.

Couldn't pass this one up.

Here we are, it has been over a year since Cruella Deville did not get elected.
This election mattered. In 2008 when Barry beat McInsane, it was of little consequence. Songbird would have been as bad as the Indonesian gay mooslime. 2012? Mittens? Might as well have given the Vietnamese ace another shot.
Last year saw the first true conservative since 1989 when Regan handed the reins to RINO George HW Bush.
Poor HiLlARy.... Actually, Poor Bill. She's home now. Hope they drive each other mad(er).


The accusations against HiLlARy bundler Harvey Weinstein continue to pile up. One though stands out as totally absurd. Paris Hilton. Why? He struck out. If this story is correct, that means Harvey and me are the only two men in America who have not been in her disease ridden crotch. OK, that is an exaggeration, she hasn't had time to screw every one.

There is a story that Phyllis Diller went to work at Miramax after a couple of weeks she stormed in to Bob Weinstein's office and told him, "before I took this lousy job, I'd heard rumors about all the sexual harassment going on here."
Bob interrupted, " What ever happened, we will make it right."
Phyllis replied, "Look, I've been here two weeks, and your brother hasn't so much as pinched my ass yet. Did he turn gay or suddenly get religion?"

 As for Paris, who knew she had taste?