Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Peter Paul and Mary Wedding Song

Sunday, January 26, 2020

You Make My Dreams

Kobe Bryant dead in Helicopter crash

Love him or hate him, Kobe was a basketball legend. He and his thirteen year old daughter were killed when the helicopter in which they were riding crashed in California. According to the story, they were on their way to Thousand Oaks where Gianna was scheduled to play in a game. Seven other people were killed in the crash.
While I am not a bucketball fan, I respect Kobe in that he remained married to his wife through more than one hard time and was a father to his four daughters. He was also very intelignent, unlike many athletes who would be better served by remaining silent. Kobe was fluent in Italian and Spanish. Kobe also tried to steer clear of politics. His one mention of it was that he was raised conservative and believed in family values and small government. He was reported to be a practicing Catholic. May he rest in peace.

Friday, January 24, 2020


It's called the lug nuts rule

Two pedestrians are dead in Manhattan Kansas after attempting to share space with a county snow plow truck. According to reports, the two were attempting to cross the four lane road and ran in front of the truck. The driver attempted to avoid them but was not able to do so.
We are creating a class of fools. What happened to the era where you taught your kids to not play in the road? We used to teach them to walk facing traffic and get their asses well away from the lane of travel when ever a vehicle approached.
We had a couple of warm days back in November that drew out the idiots. I was driving to work just after six one morning. I rounded a corner and there was a jogger in the middle of my lane less than thirty feet from the intersection. Luckily the on coming vehicle was far enough away I managed to swerve and avoid making them into a chalk outline.
There was a sidewalk but no, they had to jog in the middle of the road.
Isolated? Not hardly. Nearly every decent day there will be people out walking on the road. I have seen families strung out across the road, parents and three small kids. Another time it was a woman with a double stroller.
Why do people not get it? The roads are constructed so motor vehicles can get places. We make sidewalks for the pedestrian and bike traffic. The best Huffy is no match for even a feeble Smart Car. The clunker I drive would kill them just as dead.
Nope, now days drivers are told to share the road with these fools. Who are the bigger fools? the lawmakers who pass legislation allowing this, or the people who think they can survive a collision with a lumber truck? As for Jayden and Anthony, a couple of nuts, but neither were lug nuts.