Tuesday, April 25, 2017

And they didn't even call me

Lyin Ryan's approval ratings are hitting the skids. His numbers are now 22% approve to 40% who see him for the piece of crap he is. I knew I wasn't the only one who had a low opinion of the slime, but I expected at least a few commies to show favor to Barry's gate keeper.
Bottom line is he needs to be replaced. 2018 cannot come fast enough. Clean House in 2018.(and Senate)

Does Trump want to be President?

Today, Don Surber made a simple assertion. Here is my take.
Don, I respectfully disagree about him wanting to be President. It is the job that may be his ruin and he knows it.
He is most like the man standing on  a street corner who witnesses a car wreck. When he realizes that some one is caught in the wreck, he springs into action. The vehicle is on fire, and it is a helpless child trapped in a car seat. That man steps up to the burning vehicle and places his life on the line to get that child out. He is determined that he will succeed and save it no matter the cost to him.
That man acts knowing full well that he may get burned, that he may die, and that the child as well may die. To stand and not act is something he does not consider.
That is how I see the Presidency of Donald John Trump. The man had every thing and bet it all one this job. Had America crashed and burned in the manner we were headed toward, Donald Trump would have survived the calamity and though it might have lowered his fortune, he would have been able to live out his years in relative luxury. At 70, he has twenty years left, and with a good doctor, another ten to wring out. His kids would emerge from this just fine as would his grand children. Beyond that, who knows, fortunes are made in a generation and lost in a generation.
I see his Presidency as a selfless act, he gets nothing personal from it except maybe an ego stroke or three. He had that in the bag on December 19th. All he had to do for his ego was sit back and be like Barry for four years. he chose not to. Instead, he is doing what he said he would, making America great again. It is too bad he must drag an unwilling Congress and an unwitting electorate along. Yes, I'm calling us stupid. Not all of us are, but a lot of us are. We have congress dragging their feet, and we are not holding them to the fire. Lyin Ryan has not been tarred and feathered for his inaction. Metaphorically that is. Only a few people have called him out for his wishy washy actions. The media would have you believe Lyin Ryan is a god standing between earth and doom when he is the Chamber of Communists plow horse dragging us to the abyss.
No, I do not see Trump as wanting this job. Thank GOD that he took it. We do not deserve it any more than we deserved our Savior.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Moochelle sited in Idaho?

A woman in Idaho crashed her car into a deer claiming the animal was being chased by Moochelle Obama. OK, she claimed Sasquatch, but to date, the only confirmed sightings of Sasquatch have all been the former first cow.
Can any one confirm that Mooche was anywhere but Idaho on the night of March 22?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

How dare he keep his word

President Trump said back in February that he would skip the Corps of Despondent's dinner. True to his word, he announced that instead he will hold a rally to mark his 100th day in office with the citizens of Pennsylvania.
Seriously, I think that is a great move on his part. The enimedia has spent the last two years demonizing and mocking him. OK, they mocked him first. They are so out of touch with reality that it is shameful that they still have people believing their garbage. An yes, there are folks so delusional that they actually believe what the legacy media prints about him. Or says about him, Doesn't matter which channel you pick, you are gonna SeeBS.
FOX News, fair and balanced flew the coop in 2015. They are now as deep in the crap as CNN or (P)MSNBC. Trust but verify? Nope, you can't trust them at all.
We have been lied to so much in so many ways that it is amazing to me that a new network, designed and run by TRUE conservatives has not risen from the pile. If that were to happen, could it last? FOX made the decision to become faux. CNN has sunk even lower. Rock bottom? Passed that years ago.
Lies are now truth, and good is evil. We hoped that electing President Trump would change that, but it was clear even two years ago that we need to clean house as well.
GOD, help President Trump. We as a nation may not deserve it. Make that certainly don't deserve it. It is only by His grace we survive today.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The best LOL of the day

Denny brought up yesterday's election in Georgia, up until then, I had not been following it. I googled it last night though and saw the "predictions". Most had Ossoff winning by a comfortable margin. That was at 6:30 Georgia time.
I didn't get a chance to check back, and it was not until I got home tonight that I saw real results. 48% sounds like a darn good finish in a primary, especially when the next candidate in the race got only 19%. Problem is the commies threw every thing but he kitchen sink at this and came up short. Ossoff is a commie's commie. He got endorsements from all the Hollywood "A" list scum. Traitor Jane slithered out a spot for him as did Samuel L Jackass and a slew of other bad actors.
Given how many of us feel about establishment congress critters, the $5 million dumped in by republican congressional campaign leadership probably did exactly nothing to help.
The race is now Handel vs Ossoff, and while a dem sin is decidedly bad, a Republican backed by the establishment is not much better. Do you wish to be electrocuted with a thousand volts, or ten thousands volts?
Sigh. What could be... Still, Hollywood dems wasting millions on this is well worth it all. Had the money gone to something other than the communist party propaganda arm, that would have been better still.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Check this out

By now we have all heard about the poor girl who got her bell rung at the Bezerkly protest/riot. SeeBS had her on and made out about how the poor girl was just standing there when this big bad former Marine walked up and for no apparent reason knocked her in the chops.
Not so fast.

Lets get our facts straight. Little miss Innocent is a porn star for one. That does not automatically forfeit her rights to not get her mouth smashed. Even ladies of the night deserve to be treated like ladies unless you are paying them for other things. In which case they deserve to be treated like any other prisoner in Police custody and hopefully you are in the van with them.
The videos show clearly that she was playing smash mouth as well and the Marine dude simply counter punched her uppercut.
They call themselves antifa. They are not antifascist though, in fact they are fascists who are anti-Trump.
Wait a minute redneck, fascists and anarchists together? They are supposed to be diametrically opposed. Take a look at Nazi Germany and Hitler's rise to power. Oh snap, Goodwins law. Hitler won by wearing down the population. his supporters , the SA, or brown shirts were in the streets rioting and demonstrating, and the people simple threw up their hands and let his supporters win. These people are cut from the same fabric, same game plan, nothing new under the sun.
It is time for action. First and most important, Congress needs to slash funding to all schools that tollerate these kinds of activity. Next, and in the same bill, they need to strip them of all accreditation. Four years at Berkley? You are now qualified to empty the trash at Burger King.
After that we need to penalize the people at those schools who encouraged that sort of behavior. Use the retirement accounts to pay for any and all damages caused by this misbehavior criminal activity.
Wont happen, and we know why. CLAMs. Congressional Left, Academia, Media. All these bought and paid for RINOs in Washington are part of that congressional left. They have sold us out.
2018 Clean House. (and Senate)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

United aint alone

American Airlines decided now is the perfect time to show that they too can be stupid as far as how they treat passengers. To their credit, John Kaboff was not beaten to a pulp before deplaning. My bet is he didn't feel as lucky as Dr Dao.