Friday, October 20, 2017

Playboy becomes the NFL

What else can you call it? Millions of men are about to get the shock of their lives when they open their copy in the near future. The Magazine has slipped another rock down the slope, and is heading for the cliff.
Who am I kidding? They've been crap for a half century, but a decision to go Socialist Just-a Whore will anger many of their subscribers. Maybe opening up and seeing a transgender sicko in all his glory will be their come to Jesus moment.
All I want to know is, was his daughter waiting until he was gone, or did this kill him?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

#MeToo Monica

Worthless Willie's sex toy is now joining the chorus of voices claiming sexual harassment and Juanita Broaddrick, one of his real victims is taking her to task. Juanita Broaddrick along with Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones were real victims, Monica was a suck up who hoped her talents would take her farther than her other abilities. In the end though, her ass meant nothing to slick.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A suggestion for the networks

Have Me-Again Kelly be the sports caster for the NFL, that way we cram every thing NO ONE wants to watch into one package that is easier to avoid than a logical democrap. As a bonus, they can have Harvey Weinstein cast her for the part.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The dive continues

SeeBS is in trouble due to the Anthem protests. Earnings are down 17% from last year, and Credit Suisse has taken note and adjusted their ratings accordingly. Those ratings have a big impact on advertisers, they determine the cost of advertising space on network affiliated stations. That has a bottom line impact on share holders who will likely see their dividends plummet.
In Jacksonville, some enterprising former fans took to the air and pulled a banner behind a plane at kickoff. Not a lot of people saw it though.

Many empty seats. Comish Goodfornothing and the No Fans Left are suffering from Colin Kancer. By the time the Super Bowl arrives, tickets will be given away in McDonalds Happy Meals. That will piss off even more folks who were hoping for a useless toy for their tot.

Monday, October 16, 2017


HiLlARy was boohoohooing, but the gathered crowds were only booing as the Crooked former worst lady continued her whine and complain tour, this time in Wales. Swansea University confirmed that it is all of academia, and not just American "scholars" who are communist shills as the University renamed it's College of Law after the crook.
The scumbag stooped so low as to blame Nigel Farge for her loss. She also demeaned the Brits for Brexit. Nigel Fage shot back stating that "Clinton rename her book “The Great Big Whinge“," and “I don’t think Hillary Clinton has much relevance. We should no more listen to Hillary Clinton than we listened to Barack Obama during the referendum campaign telling us not to vote for Brexit.”
She did get one thing right confessing "The big lie is a very potent tool" Well, Illary, it was , but more people are catching on to your lies.
It appears though that she will be cutting her failure tour short in the same fashion as her failed campaign, she claims to have hurt her foot this time. Probably tried to swallow with the fang thing in her mouth.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

NFL protest week 417

This weeks game between the San Fransisco 49ers and the Seattle Sea Hawks was standing room only! No, the epic match up didn't see a resurgence, the bleaches along with the rest of the stadium was bulldozed earlier in the year to make way for a new multi use mall which will include over three hundred new shops. The only remaining structure was the press box which doubles as the score board.
None of last year's ESPN staff returned for the season opener, since the leagues demise, most have been unable to find work, and all are recognized, making street corner begging a less than profitable venture, and some times quite dangerous.
The festivities became some what muted when it was announced during pregame warm up that the bankruptcy  judge had ordered Budweiser to cease payments as the company is auctioned off following the loss of nearly 75% of their customer base in the 26 years since they doubled down on supporting what some call treason. That decline started soon after they decided to defend the initial protests by Colon Kapernick. Players salaries will undergo another rightsizing resulting in some of the players falling to below minimum wage. While expressing disappointment, Seahawks receiver La Travon Martin Brown said it was still better than being back on the block unemployed like the other thirty teams which have folded over the last few seasons.
The field was some what rutted by the dozers and heavy equipment. 49ers Wide Receiver Demarshawn Lynch, son of Raiders former receiver Marshawn Lynch tripped in one rut during a wheel route injuring his knee. Since teams can no longer afford a team physician, medical attention was provided by a local pet rescue worker with experience setting the legs of broken dogs.This nearly forced a forfeiture as the San Francisco roster only had ten remaining players. A call to Roger Goodell on a borrowed cell phone confirmed that the rule changes would be allowed even though the vote by owners was a one one split.
No decision has been announced as of this date as to the location for this year's Super Bowl. Miami and Jacksonville Have both refused the NFL's requests to play the final game of the season in their respective parks narrowing the choices to Brett Farve's place in Mississippi, or Jordy Nelsons farm in Kansas. While the Kansas  location is more centrally located, it poses the same risks, playing in a plowed field as what sent Lynch to the ER in today's game.
If either location is selected, the game will NOT be broadcast since neither has adequate streaming services to allow broadcast on Facebook Live.
A go-fund-me account set up last month to benefit the players has already garnered $50.00. An additional $540.00 is needed to bail out at lest one member of hte 49ers roster so they will have a replacement for Lynch who will likely be out the rest of the season.
Presidential Candidate Barron Trump, son of former President Donald J. Trump expressed surprise that the league still existed. He said that with making America Great for the last 26 years that he didn't think any one even remembered what the game was. He then noted that it was Seattle and San Francisco, and that they remained bastions of communism even as Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea had shed the shackles of communism  more than two decades ago, and are now thriving Constitutional Republics. Barron also noted that he had briefly considered purchasing the Chicago Bears when the team folded at the end of last season but did not feel he could justify the $50 opening bid that was requested. He ended by calling on Nancy Pelosi, the oldest member of Congress, and still House minority leader to step aside and let Primala Jayapal, the only other democrat in congress assume her position.

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