Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sanctuary City Mayor now explaining to victims why he failed to protect them

Communist and invader enabler Ed Lee, the mayor of San Franfreakshow has passed away. He was 65. The life long liar err lawyer and politician was responsible for leading law enforcement efforts and failed to do so resulting in the death of Kate Steinle.
Our national laws require states to extradite criminals, but California, and in particular, San Franfreakshow, refuse to enforce laws regarding invaders, thus placing their legal voters in grave danger. Lee became mayor of the city when Gavin Nuisance was elected lieutenant governor. Lee was selected because he promised the other members of the board, some of whom had aspirations to advance, that he would not run for reelection if appointed. Lee broke that promise though and was elected largely on name recognition.
In 2015 he won reelection because no one whose name was known opposed him, He garnered 56% of the vote and his next closest challenger in a field of five, Francisco Herrera, a mere 14%.
Initial reports are saying it was a heart attack that claimed the antiAmerican backstabber. Fools will miss him. Criminals mourn his passing. The rest of us, not so much.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Melissa Etheridge has announced that she is dropping from SirusXM over Steve Bannon being named Host of its Breitbart Daily News Program. She joins Scream Queen Dean and Seth Rogan in being triggered.
As with Rogan, I had no clue who she was, but then, I don't hang out in gay cuntry bars either. Making America Great Again, one sick twisted pervert at a time.

What to do?

Another terror attack. It is the new normal in Europe. I don't want the religion of pieces blowing every thing here up. A feral judge in Hawaii blocked President Trump's travel ban, and you can bet that he or another Obamunist appointee would block any attempt to send these vermin home.
We need to do something though, or soon we will have the same problems the Swedes have.
As if Detoilet and Minicrap-hole-is aren't enough. Why don't we gather them into a collective? House the whole lot in Hawaii so Barry's bestus buddy can look after them. No travel to the mainland, no travel to Alaska. If they want to go anywhere, it is back to shitholistan where they came from.
These people cannot coexist with Christians. They cannot coexist with hindu's. They cannot coexist with Jews. They cannot coexist with atheists. They cannot even coexist with each other.
If relocating them to Hawaii is not an option, we can always repopulate Bikini atoll. Or Johnston Island.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Handler wants to trash Sanders?

Prior to this election, I had never heard of Chelsea Handler. When I did, I thought they had hired a "walker" for the former worst daughter. Then I find out it is a woman who got started in comedy, if you want to call it that, by making fun of her DUI arrest in front of a bunch of other drunks who thought it was funny.
Well, Handler has made mocking President Trump and his staff her mission in life. This week she went after Sarah Huckabee Sanders' appearance. Sarah wasn't hired to look pretty. She got the press minder position because she is competent, hard working, honest and loyal. She is a a mother to three kids, and she very much reminds me of my daughter.  She isn't there to look like a twenty year old pageant model, and if she was a twenty year old pageant model but wasn't competent, she dang sure wouldn't be there very long.
Sarah is still much better on the eyes then Handler. Add to her credit that she hasn't written about "her Horizontal Life" or is that Whore-a-zontal Life? Nor has she bragged about having two of her children murdered.
With Sarah, the beauty shines from within. True Beauty.
I guess I'm not the only one who says, "piss on handler."

Gotta have that safe space

A group of conservative students at Fordham was recently given the boot from an on campus coffee shop because they had MAGA hats on. Can we equate this with the wedding cake assault on religion? I don't see how. No one asked the barista's to wear MAGA caps. They did not ask for special treatment because they want America to succeed rather than become obamunist, a dismal failure. They were told they were invading a "safe space". Poor babies.
Liberals need their safe spaces. If you expose mold to sunlight it dies. Same for many infections, if they don't have a safe cozy environment, they perish. An oak tree? Not so much, they seem to weather the storms and assaults of nature just fine.
Liberalism is like the AIDS virus. expose it to any thing before it takes root, and it dies, but once it gets in and takes root, it is impossible to get rid of. That is the problem we face in dealing with this cancer in our national body. These students at Fordham and almost all universities are exposed for four or more years to seriously detrimental liberalism. they develop the entitlement mentality of their professors, graduate, and do not understand that to be successful you have to work. Have any of these liberal profs ever held a real job? I seriously doubt it.

Who is Seth Rogaine?

We have another piece of Canadian trash polluting American soil. This spoiled schmuck thinks his being an actor makes him something. He moved to America to be in freaks and geeks, and managed to kill it in one season. Then he was allowed to stay. Big mistake. We should send him back along with Justin Beiber, then build a wall. A Yuge Wall.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

A local smear job

Ron Wells, a member of the Riley County Kansas Commission, was recently tarnished in the media for what is now dubbed sewergate. Ron lives just out side the city of Madtaxes, but his property is connected to the city sewer. The public one, not city hall. Ron has never paid for that service, and neither did his parents when they owned the property. This all came to light after the health director was terminated. The health director learned about it when Ron applied for a permit to convert a building on the property to a rental.
The crap journal is calling it a secret deal and implying Ron is full of BS. Now the County has found documentation confirming what Ron claimed. Back in the early 60's, Riley County installed a sewer main through the Wells farm but didn't get a proper easement. faced with the cost of moving the line, or cutting  deal, they cut a deal and granted the Wells family, Ron's parents, access to the sewer system. This was all done when control of the system was in the hands of the county. Years later, the county passed the system over to the city, but no one mentioned the easement issue, it had long been forgotten. The issue resurfaced when the county commission fired Steve DeHart. Steve decided to stick a knife in the people who had fired him, the commissioners. Wells was an easy target. What were the chances he had a copy of the record?