Thursday, May 25, 2017


Monana's special election to pick a replacement for Ryan Zinke has had several interesting twists not the least of which is Gianforte's body slamming a pest err reporter. I seriously hope he did it, imagine the swamp rats treading oh so lightly when he walks the halls of the Craphole err Capitol. Hey Barry, this is change I can believe in!
As of 12:04a.m. EST with 62% of the vote counted, Greg has a narrow lead, 50.3 to 43.8%. The dems will be up all night in Glacier, Gallitin and Misoula stuffing the ballot boxes. Over in Big Horn county George Armstrong Custer and most of his 7th have reliably voted democrat. The dems there are focused on identifying th Indian remains so they too can cast ballots. Expect to see all of Montana's 699,000 registered voters turn out, and maybe a few thousand more in critical areas. Nancy P. Lousy's communists are not giving up with out a fight.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Suicide watch

A number or advertisers have begun yanking ads from Hannity on Faux. Cars dot com and Peloton have pulled ads as have several mattress makers. This is over his assertions that Seth Rich was killed because of the DNC email leaks. Remember, Asange confirmed almost immediately that Rich was his source.
Podesta, HiLlARy's shrew though is pushing his Russian conspiracy crap claiming that the alt right is controlled by the extreme left. Keep in mind that The Clinton shake down racket took large sums of money from Russian donors and sold uranium rights here in exchange. Pay to play the Clinton way.
Hannity must be close to paydirt, the Soros dogs are attacking. If he was barking up the wrong tree, they'd sit back and laugh.
I guess corporations have not learned much in the past year. They can all join Kelloggs. If you have stock in these companies, now it the time to sell. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Doctor Doctor

A Colorado man is accused of using an Army medical kit to remove a transgender woman's deranged man's testicles.
James Lowell Pennington, 57, who does not have a license to practice medicine in Colorado, was arrested Thursday and charged with felony reckless aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, the Denver Post reported. (more)

Felony reckless assault??? GMAB! Practicing medicine with out a license is one thing, but in that case, there is no way in hell the moron didn't know Pennington wasn't a doctor. The good news in this story is that the deranged moron won't be reproducing any time soon, and what the heck is with the wife? Assuming it was a real female, which is questionable at this point in time, why would she want her husband to be dismantled like that? "You sick bastard, that will teach you to wear my pantyhose."
Lets get this straight shall we? If you have XX chromosomes, you are a female, and if you have XY, you are a male. If by chance you have 46XX/46XY, 46XX/47XXY or 45X/XY, you are a hermaphrodite. This is simple genetics. There are no other options.
Science has become all about feel good. Instead of helping people to get better, they now want to help them feel good about being sick. I would say we are a society in decline, but this is beginning to resemble a very bad plane crash.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I thought it was Katrina

Moron Mitch Landrieu the Mayor of New Orleans is claiming that the civil war monuments are the reason residents left the city. The only thing that comes close to a mass exodus from that swamp was because of Katrina. That exodus also significantly lowered the crime rate.
Unfortunately the crime rate is climbing back up, but that has nothing to do with the civil war monuments. It has every thing to do with the failed ideas put forth by democrats.
I know a lot of people with ties to the south are fed up with this kind of garbage. The gem in all this is that Barry Soetoro did not start renaming military installations while he was in power. Good thing George Soros didn't think of it when his puppet was relevant.
What draws people to New Orleans? It's History. The very History that Landrueu is removing.
In case you haven't figured it out, this is all the ebb and flow of the communist party we are witnessing. Sure, they weren't called communists back when they got mad and seceded from the Union, the notions which inspire it were there though. When it worked to their advantage, the democrats as the communists like to call themselves, erected those monuments to their Civil War heroes. Now, as they morph in an attempt to hide their sinister nature, they are calling for the removal of those monuments to their past.
Those monuments are part of our nation's History. Tearing down all of them won't erase the fact that we had a Civil War. Naming a base in central Texas after a man who was a leader in that war didn't hurt any of the millions of black soldiers who were stationed there. Having those monuments in New Orleans has not hurt one black person in New Orleans. Democrap policies which destroy families and kill initiative have caused more harm than all the statues to all the people who fought on the wrong side of every war have ever caused.
Those monuments made people think. Today, with the internet, it is possible for a ten year old to learn more about P.G.T. Beauregard in five minutes than you could in a year of research when I was a kid. Preventing the next civil war is only possible when people understand what really led to the last one. Maybe that is why the commies want them gone.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Old, Out-of-Touch Democrats ‘F*cked Up’ the 2016 Election

Says an Old, Out-of-Touch Fucked Up democrap. Cher is partly right on that, but she is also very much wrong. It was not the message, but the messenger. People rejected HiLlARy.  Sure, millennials have no memory of the horror show that was Worthless Willies two terms in office, but they all know about the failures of the skank who left good people to die at Benghazi. They understand that trading favors via the Clinton crime initiative was the lowest form of pay to play bribery. But it wasn't just millennials who tuned out. Her rallies were sparsely attended by people of all age groups, back grounds, ethnicity and gender. The democrap field was lacking in people who represented the voters.
The good news is they have not yet learned their lesson.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When inbreeding is a good thing

1 in 5 child deaths in the London Borough of Redbridge are the result of inbreeding. The consanguineous relationships, those between people who are first cousins or closer cause genetic defects to flourish resulting in the high mortality rate. 65% of the deaths happen in children under one.
The demographics of Redbridge are reported as 41% Asian. By that they mean Pakistani. We are not discussing folks from Hong Kong are we? And while 36.8% of the area reports as Christian, they have a small sliver, 23.3% who identify themselves as rapefugees err muslims.
So it would appear that 23.3% of the population account for 19% of the deaths which result from inbreeding? In other words, an 81% reduction in suicide bombings beginning in 2026. I'd call that good news for London.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

running out of liberal cities to play in

Krapperdick has still not landed a new gig. The Socialist Just Ass Whore had his fifteen minutes of blame, and folks who used to watch football on Sunday found new hobbies to occupy an afternoon.
There ae only thirty two teams and by coincidence, they are all located in mostly liberal markets. Granted, Dallas isn't as libtarded as Autism err Austin, but it is by no means a conservative bastion.
Minniassholes? Liberal. Detoilet? Liberal. Chiraq? Liberal Miami? Liberal. Foxborough? Its Massiveclueless fore cryin out loud! Baltimore? Bwahahahaha. Buffalo? Liberal. Sinceitsnasty? Liberal. Cleveland? They have a team? Oh yeah, the clowns.Spitsburg? Liberal. Houston? Liberal. NativeAmericanapolis? Liberal. Nashvile? Liberal. Denver? Liberal. Kansas Shitty? Well, he claims to be independent, but kissed Barry's ass. Carson? it's in Mexifornia. Oakland? Ditto. San Franfreakshow? Cough hack, spit. Jacksonvile? OK, they have a republican mayor, but it is a regional government, the county and shit hole merged in 1968. Need I go on???
Why do they even mention this has been? Why do I mention him? To. Mock. Liberal. Ideas. Any way Colon, keep up the good work. Maybe you can use your free time and become black lies matter's next cause?