Saturday, February 6, 2016

Our founding fathers had it right

In 1913, after 125 years of Senators representing the state, the powers that be decided they should be elected by the voter rather than appointed by the voters chosen representatives.
It may not seem like a big deal, but the winds of change blow back and forth. At the state level there is not as much drama and intrigue as in Washington. Senators for life spend about 90% of their time getting reelected rather than representing the people. They also bend easily to monetary pressure, bribes.
If they were appointed as our founding fathers intended and directed, they would be beholden to the legislature of their home state and less susceptible to the machinations of Washington, knowing that if they stopped doing the bidding of their home state legislature they would be out of a job.
Instead we have hacks like Marko Rubio who say one thing, do another, then deny it ever happened. Lets face it, we screwed up!
How do we get back to doing it the right way? I don't want a Constitutional Convention. They would be taken over by the extreme left because most true conservatives have better things to do than play politician. A convention would gut our Constitution and remove the good and expand the bad. I know, its being ignored by the Congress, president and the Courts 100% of the time, so what does it matter? Well, right now they at least try to make appearances every few years.
Right now the people are mad. We are mad as hell and getting madder by the moment. Nothing will change though, Conservatives will get up, go to work, fume at the talk radio and stay mad. Liberals will get up, go for latte, fume about how conservatives aren't working hard enough to support the life style they are entitled to and Congress needs to raise taxes and increase entitlements. See the problem? Liberals have time to go march in Washington since they don't work. Conservatives can't afford to take the time.

Have Faith

We have months to go in the presidential campaigns. A lot can happen, good and bad in the time it takes me to write this post let alone in the months remaining until a replacement for the SCoaMF is chosen and sworn in. Trump could win, we might get stuck with Yeb. Communism may well be alive and strong, and we wind up with the aged hippie or worse yet, Cankles. At any rate, we will still have the GOD who created the earth, stars and all the heavens. We will also still have ISIS, a weak economy, no borders, and Obozo care to cope with.

Friday, February 5, 2016


A friend of mine grew up with parents who would routinely buy derelict homes, renovate them, move in for a while, then repeat the process.
On the day he was to leave for college, at breakfast his mom mentioned that they would be moving again. "Joe" thought nothing of it as he headed in to town to do last minute shopping before departing for Manhattan and KSU.
On returning home around noon, he found the house completely empty except for a suitcase on the porch full of his belongings, and a note on top that read, "We moved."
He eventually found where his parents had departed to. When he pulled up, his mom was holding the door, and his dad was exiting the truck with a load of boxes. Dad looked at him, looked at mom and said, "Shit, he found us."
Each of my siblings, for a graduation gift, received a set of luggage. Maybe because I was the baby, or more likely because I'd already joined the military, I didn't get any luggage. I'd attended basic between my junior and senior years, so shortly after graduation it was off to Ft Sill Oklahoma and AIT.
Bad news, I completed the ten week program in under eight weeks. When I got home, dad hadn't gotten the locks changed yet. Besides, it was an old fashioned lock, and I could pick it with a bent nail.
When they are babies, you wanna hold em, when they are toddlers, you wanna strangle em, and when they are teens you wanna shoot em. Its illegal though, so just grit your teeth and wait for the day they bring the grand kids by. Keep a stack of sweets, and REVENGE!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I too am a living legacy

Dan Fogelberg released his hit Leader of the band when my father was 71. It spoke a lot to me because I saw a lot of my father in me. I'm hard headed, so was he.
When I speak with my siblings of dad, they are not kind to him. We see him through different eyes. We understand him in different ways. They saw him as lazy, I saw him as a man trapped in circumstances he resented. He loved us kids. He loved all kids and welcomed the friends and spouses we brought home with out question or reservation.

If you don't know your father, this song might be harder to fathom. I understand though how dad shaped me, what his discipline was intended for, and after twenty three years, I still miss him. He'd be 106 this spring. He's celebrating that one in heaven.
Dad wasn't perfect, and I understand what my brothers and sisters saw in him. No parent is, it is the last bastion of the amateur. No parent gazes down at that tiny infant in the crib and says, "Boy am I gonna screw up your life."
Well, dad, you didn't screw up our lives even if you were not the perfect father.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back in 1942 or was it 43

We sail with Captain tuna, the Chicken of the sea.
We didn't sink the Bismarck
No matter what they say
Cause when we saw that German ship
We run the other way.

What did we learn last night?

The Iowa caucus results have Canadian born Rafael Cruz as the lead GOPe candidate. What does that mean? Not much. Since 1972 Iowa has led off the nomination process, but their record of picking winners is dismal. They have picked the republican nominee 50% of the time and the communist candidate 63%. Wiki says 43%, but 7 of 11 is 63%.
On the republican side that 50% sounds good until you consider that in 1984 Reagan ran unopposed, in 1992 Bush Sr ran unopposed, and in 2004 W ran unopposed. Wiki only lists ten for the GOP because the Republicans didn't start caucusing until 1976. So, ten total, three unopposed means seven chances to really pick and they got two right.
While it might be fun to watch the caucus take place, it is a far cry from predicting who will be nominated. Its like the qualification heats at a NASCAR event. It has no bearing on whether you will win unless you don't qualify.
The best summation I can think of is this; An auctioneer was called to testify at a trial. After being sworn in, he was asked to state his name for the record.
Colonel Bill Johnson he replied.
"Colonel!" exclaimed the judge, are you in the Army, Air Force, or Marines?"
"I am not in the military" replied the Auctioneer.
"Do you command a regiment? Are you part of the militia? Queried the judge.
The auctioneer turned to the jury and said, "Colonel in my line of work is like Your Honor in court. We all use it, but it don't mean a darn thing."

So, Cruz won Iowa? Don't mean a darn thing.

Monday, February 1, 2016