Saturday, September 24, 2016

Washington State Hispanic shooter identified

Arcan Cetin from Turkey has been named as the hispanic male who shot and killed several women in the Cascade Mall Macy's yesterday. Apparently the woman whose name he was caling was Alice Achebar?
As has been noted so many times, malls like the ones in Washington are nearly always target rich environments and as such, should be avoided as much as possible. Last week in Minnesota it was a guy in a security guard uniform, another mooslime.
If this was any middle eastern country, and if there were allegations that a Christian or Jew had done something like this, the muzzies would be rioting, burning churches, beheading people, raping women... In other words the normal every day bullshit way they treat us in their third world.
So much for civilization.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Looking forward to November

A dreary day
On the 9th of November
I am a liberal
Gazing from my window
at the streets below
Where lies an avalanche of fresh Trump votes.
I am in shock!
I wanted Hillary!

I’ll build walls
A safe space neat and tidy
That reason cannot penetrate
I have no need of Donald
Vulgarians are insane
They work they laugh and love, Oh! I’m in pain
I am in shock!
I wanted Hillary!

Don’t talk of Jobs
I’ve heard those horrible words before
I erased them with my liberal studies degree
This election’s such a bummer
Hill Struggled, almost died!
I campaigned for her, tweeted til my I-phone fried
I am in shock!
I wanted Hillary!

I have CNN
And MSNBC to distract me
I am shielded by my twitter
Hiding in my room
Safe with my I-Phone
I only text with those who feel like me
I am in shock!
I’d settle for Bernie!

And I’m curled up in such pain
All I’ll do for now is cry.