Saturday, August 20, 2016

A check list for all the liberals you know

What ever will your liberal friends do if HiLlARy cannot steal the election? When George W Bush became President they were all threatening to move to Canada. They didn't, but, the chance still awaits. Check this to see if Canada is in your future.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Way to lead from behind there Barry

The SCoaMF will finish his vacation Sunday, then travel to Louisiana to survey damage from the recent flooding. This decision was made after the team of Trump Pence went down and visited with refugees.
It was also reported that Trump sent a truck loaded with supplies to the region. The Clinton Noise Network screwed up and let folks know about that.
The media is in over drive mode attempting to shore up collapsing support for the piap. (sorry pigs, I know you deserve more credit) It has not been revealed whether she will accompany Barry on his photo op.
Too late in my opinion. Barry should have been there ahead of Trump, but he is leading with his behind. I guess that is where he keeps his head.
I expect to see sharp contrasts between Barry's visit, and that of Mr Trump. Trump reached out to Franklin Graham and Samaritan's Purse, providing them with assistance. Expect Barry to pledge more tax dollars which will be lost through government incompetence. We won't hear about that though. Maybe he can channel it through the Clinton global initiative? Hillary needs campaign cash.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What i would love to see

We have all seen the Hitler rewrites. The video clip of him in the bunker where some one has rewritten the script. Every thing from Chuck Norris and the Kracken to Hillary using his server. It is time for a few up dates, one about her selection of Kaine as her slithering mate, and another about her low turn out cam-painful events. Maybe a combination of the two?
I'm not interested in making one, I don't want to spend the time learning even though it might be a ton of fun.  People better than me can make a fine product, and I will spread it as far as possible.

On a different note, a friend of mine recently took over management of a cemetery. The previous manager had become ill and it had fallen into a state of well, you can imagine.
 happened to meet up with him today and asked how he operation was proceeding, lots of people are dying to get in there. He said the upkeep was being a chore. What should have been biweekly mowings were needing to be twice weekly. I told him he needed a banner to put up at the entrance while he was working announcing that a democrat voter registration drive was underway....
My bad.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Oh My My

The Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City had a fatality earlier this week. A ten year old boy was riding the Verrückt when he suffered a broken neck.
Every death is a tragedy for the family. It is especially hard when it is a child.
Lets look at this seriously though, lets consider what is the safest automobile in America? For th sake of brevity, I'll just pick one from the various lists, a Toyota Camry. How many people are still killed in the Camry? contrast that to the number of deaths in amusement park rides. One survey claimed 45,000 injuries every year, but the lists I found show less than one death per year. Quite a contrast, and most folks aren't trying to get an adrenaline rush in a Camry.
From indications on the news, the restraints on the Verrückt were fuckt. Maybe they will do a better job of maintaining them especially toward the end of the season.
All in all, the fact that thousands ride these attractions every day with minimal problems is a tribute to the guys who designed them. I'm an adrenaline junkie. I kinda like these rides.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Imagine you are a member of a perverted sex cult. You can’t have a real job because you have to go to the mosque five time a day and bang your head on the floor. That limits your possibilities of ever landing a wife. No means to support a family means no family to support.
Sex with goats is dangerous, some of them kick, and they have horns that hurt like hell when they head butt you. The syphilitic madman who dictated the satanic verses taught that a man could have multiple wives, so all the desirable girls are spoken for at an early age whether they like it or not. That adds a factor of ten to your already dismal chances of finding a mate. In a bygone era, you would have hopped on a horse of camel and gone off and kidnapped a girl from some distant nonsatanic tribe, then made her your slave. Then some one says, Hey Achmed, why don’t you go to Europe as a refugee? You have heard about western women, they are rumored to be so lusty that they will sleep with any body, so you might get laid after all!
You arrive in Germany and find that they are all the worst kind of slut, they will sleep with anybody but you. Then some imam says Achmed, remember in the satanic verses the false prophet told that you would get seventy two virgins if you die in jihad while screaming the vile name of the arabic moon god.
Tough choice, die of blue balls, die of tennis elbow from too much fantasy, or die quickly from a belt full of TNT. With luck the girls who unsuspectingly wander around you as you prepare to do the stupidest deed of your misspent life will be among the choices you have for virgins.
Oh shit, the bomb blew your balls off.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

If you know people who are LGBTQ

Point out to them that the father and mentor of the Orlando mass murderer was a special guest at HiLlARy's rally near Orlando. Do not buy in to the rhetoric, the assholes who are seated behind the shrill are selected to be there, it is not happenstance.
Then commend them on the all inclusive nature of the democrat party which willingly accepts the wolves who want to kill them right in to the fold with them. Aint socialism grand?