Thursday, July 18, 2019

Go West

Concentration Camps?

Shortly after Hitler ascended to power, the Nazis began rounding up people they considered undesirable. Those people were citizens of Germany, and later, citizens of the occupied nations.

For many years prior to President Donald Trump and continuing through his administration, Immigration has been rounding up People illegally entering the United States. None of the people rounded up by the Border Patrol has been a United States Citizen.

Persons detained by the SS and Gestapo were placed into camps, stripped of all possessions, forced to work, fed little to no food, and subjected to experimentation. Most were eventually executed either by gassing, firing squads, Hanging, beheading, or simply starved to death.

Persons detained by the Border Patrol are placed into camps. Most of the possessions they bring with them are inventoried and stored, then returned to them when they are released. While in the camps, they are not forced to work, but only asked to keep their areas neat and presentable. They are provided with sufficient quantities of food and drinks, adequate dental care, premier medical care and evaluated for communicable diseases. Most are released within a matter of weeks and given a date to appear for a hearing to determine whether they can remain in the United States. Most do not show up for that hearing.

Many of the people who were eventually captured and interred by the Germans attempted to flee to safer locations, but because of the rapid advances of the German blitz,were over run.

All of the people entering the United States are choosing to come to The United States. None of them are fleeing an advancing juggernaut. None of them have seen neighbors hauled out into the streets and butchered.

When prisoners of the Nazis left the camps, they were transported to death camps where they were executed en-mass. They could not opt to leave the camp and return to their home lands.

Any person in an ICE detention facility can ask to be returned to their homeland and will be immediately sent back.


I do not promote violence. I do not want some one to slap the stupid out of Anal-Oral-Cross-connected.. Mainly out of fear that it would make her invisible.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fake conservative Stevens gone

One of the biggest screw ups in Supreme Court history has to be the appointment of John Paul Stevens to the bench. Stevens was known for his work on anti-trust cases and was a registered republican much like the insufferable fool John Roberts.
Once he was on the Supreme Court, his true colors began to show, again, like Roberts. Stevens helped explode infant murder in the United States, and his hate for orthodox Christianity led him to actively support perverse marriage.
After his overdue departure from the bench, the dottering fool made many attacks on the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and other things conservatives and Christians hold dear.
GOD gave Stevens many opportunities to repent before ending his life on earth with a stroke. Steven's destination for eternity is unknown to me, GOD has judged him. I believe our country would have been better off without him, but given the sentiments of our nation as a whole, we deserved him and the resulting degradation of our society as a whole.
America is in it's waning days. We are fools if we believe America will rise from the rubble liberalism has created. While President Trump has done much, we the people have done very little. We should be marching on Washington demanding that the four fools be booted from the House. We should ring the building and peacefully protest and make our voices heard. not a hundred, not a thousand, not a million or ten million. Every person who has benefited From President Trump's handling of the nation should join arms and let Nancy P. Lousy and her band of excrement know what we believe.
Won't happen though, I have to work Saturday and be back on Monday. Instead, the world will be treated to a continuation of the 24/7 mind numbing Bull Crap that comes from CNNBCBS and their perky pretty faces full of lies and deception.
GOD, help us for we refuse to help our selves.

To Sir with love

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Why would legal Hispanics want the illegal ones?

Has it occurred to anyone that LEGAL Hispanics don't like the illegal ones?
Most legal Hispanics are just like you and me, they live in their community and want to be left alone to raise their kids, have a good job, not worry about crime, drugs, and crazy neighbors who attract the police. In every respect other than skin tone, they are just like you and me who incidentally are also not alike in skin tone.
Then along come the illegals. They light in the Hispanic communities because they can blend in. Be a chameleon if you will, but they don't blend in. They have a decidedly different culture, and so, they attract the Police to the community.
People want to see the cops the moment there is a problem. No problem? Please go AWAY!
The illegals bring a culture of crime. they are not Mexico's best, not even El Salvador's best. That culture of crime brings the police.
There is also the problem that for many years the illegal groups were mostly young adult males, and that means unwanted attention for the young pretty females and no father wants his daughter dating a guy who could be deported back to Costa Rica leaving her with out support and a kid or three.
So why would America's Hispanics want the invaders?
For that matter, even among the illegals who have been here for years there is a dislike of the recent arrivals. Those who have been here ten or more years have adapted. They have learned to fit in and while they are still illegal, they are not doing the stuff which draws attention. When new arrivals plop down in their area, they attract the attention of the cops, and the long term illegals really don't want to see the Police.
Am I being racist? I don't think so. I have nothing against legal immigrants. As President Trump grows the economy, we will need workers to fill many jobs slots. I want to see American kids, especially our black community thrive as our Obama years vanish in the rear view mirror. I want to see our professional class filled with our young of every ethnic persuasion. There will be plenty of jobs for unskilled people, and Those immigrants can fill that need. Then, as they learn our language and culture and become better educated, they can also ascend the ladder The Trump economy is creating, but I want them to start at the bottom, not the top, and I do not want them to be exploited by liberals who only want cheap labor.