Sunday, October 11, 2015

What I learned

I heard this week that a large percentage of female college hoopsters were in fact lesbians, and I'm like WTF, they have no ball handling skills what so ever.

That was quick

I got a call from a pollster. Their lead off question was "If the election was held today, and the choices were Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, whom would you choose?"
I said, "Let me see if I have this right, if my choices were Stalin with out a mustache, or Hitler with a vagina, Who would I pick?"
The call ended abruptly, but not before I heard volley of laughter.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Whats in your closet?

You found your piece of heaven, a quaint house in a small town that is a short drive from the "big city" where you work. It is close enough that you don't mind the commute, but far enough that the riff raff don't make it out there. You know the neighbors, they are a great bunch. You volunteer for neighborhood projects, and go to the high school ball games on Friday night.
All is well.
Then, one day as you are leaving work, you flip on the radio, and your world collapses around you. The elderly widow who live two houses down has been attacked in her home. She has been beaten and robbed. No broken bones, no life threatening injuries, she will recover in due time.
Her attacker is another matter. You recognize his name immediately. He was a promising running back in junior high, used to mow lawns in the neighborhood, but got into drugs, dropped out of school and into a life of petty crime.
The local constable happened by as he was exiting Mrs McGinty's house, and instead of surrendering and gong to jail, he opted to fight, and was killed on the spot with Mr McGinty's old pistol clutched in his fist. Neither he nor the officer knew it was a replica incapable of firing, but now he is dead, and the vultures are swooping in.
In short, he was black, his victim and the officer were white, and your humble town is now the latest Ferguson. Don't think it could happen? Think again. We are living in a nation turned upside down by the lack of substance and ailed policy that permeates Washington today.
Are you ready? You don't have a bug out location, this was your bug out location. Now it is set to become the scene of epic riots, looting and mayhem. Are you ready?
AR-15? Check. Shotgun? Check. a Glock for you and the Missus? Check and Check. Enough ammo to fight and win the battle of Khe Sanh? Yes, and a pile for the reenactment of Bastogne as well. When the rioters storm your block intent on burning it to the ground, you will be ready.
Unfortunately, you are NOT. What you have is over kill. When your block becomes a killing field, the houses arround you will not protect your neighbors from your fire, and assuming they are equally armed, you will be in mortal danger from them.
What? Abandon ship? No, not in the game plan. Fighting smart is though.
Behold the humble .22. Yes, that .22, the one at the back of the closet, the one you used to take hunting squirrel and rabbit, and the mighty tin can. That 22.
Don't under rate the rimfire, it claims more lives each year than any other caliber excluding war. Used properly, it can stop a man in his tracks with out killing him.
Better off dead? Not always. In the confusion of a riot, the bark of a .22 rifle might go unnoticed. The screams of some one who has just been shot in the groin will grab every ones attention, and they will be all too happy to take their social(ist) justice to some other venue. The odds of the next rioters being armored like the Umpqua shooter are a real possibility. Most body armor covers vital organs, the head, heart lungs, and upper torso. Arms legs, and often the family jewels are exposed, and easy picking for a rifle that fells rabbits at 150.
A .22 is lethal beyond its effective range. With a little practice, that effective range can stretch beyond what you might imagine. A mile? No! but 250 to 300 yards against a human size target is possible and easy. A soda bolle and duct tape will quite it down to a throaty cough, and when the rioters don't have a clue where the shots come from, they will not want to remain in the duck gallery for long.
Back before Obomunism swept the ammo off the shelves, I advocated having a good .22 for training. If you still have it, it can be a great supplement to your battle plan as well.
So dust it off, clean it up, site it in, and be ready to defend your castle.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The rest of the story

When I first saw this, details were sketchy. No name, little info, just a report about a kid getting a Darwin award nomination.
The thing that got me was  the claim that he was about to start community college. September 2? Almost every college started in mid August. What school would start in September? None I can think of.
All I could say was he has got to be black.
Turns out I was right. Deleon Alonzo Smith supposedly "found" the gun earlier that day.


The story going around right now is that the Zit for brains at 4chan got a bunch of feminazis to piss themselves under the hashtag #pissforequality.
I'm not buying it. I personally think it all happened when they saw Hitleries latest poll numbers.
That, or it is something they do naturally, and some one pranked them into posting pics of them with out their depends.
What can you say? Liberals stand for nothing, so they fall for everything.

Monday, October 5, 2015

We tollerate the intollerable.

Three stories caught my attention tonight. All three are sick, and signs of the evil that pervades our dead culture.
First up is the revelation that Barry's administration is making our soldiers ignore the rape culture in Afghanistan. Young boys molested by older men and they call it boy play? Hey! they are just trying to be like their false prophet. He molested a little girl and called her his favorite wife. He also proclaimed that men who die in jihad will have the libido to screw 72 virgins and 24 supple young boys. Yes, it is part of their perverse culture and we tolerate it. We. Tolerate. The. INTOLERABLE!
Can it get worse? why yes it can. The Church of Stockholm has its first lesbian Bishop. I know some people say live and let die, and some times I feel like it as well. This carpet muncher though has the gall to proclaim that one of the churches in her Diocese remove all symbols of Christianity and welcome mooslimes, the child molesters mentioned above, and go so far as to put marking indicating the direction of Mecca. The ignorant bitch, yes, I'm equating her with Hiltery the traitor, should pack up her "spouse" and head on down to Syria. Lets see how well she does when they want to martyr her like they have the Syrian Church where 11,000 have been slaughtered.
In Revelation John tells about the souls of the Martyrs, beneath the Alter crying "How long oh LORD until you avenge us?" That day is here.  Christians are being beheaded, tortured, crucified, raped and worse by the slithering animals that Evil Brunne want the Church of Sweden to accommodate. When you lose your moral compass, you are lost indeed.
Don't worry though Evil, the mooslime hoards are coming your way at full gallop. the mass of invaders swarming over the borders and shores of southern Europe have you in their sights. The only way to stop them is to kill them. With Bacon packed hollow point bullets.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is gaffer Joe about to run?

Sources close to Barry's assassination prevention measure are indicating that a decision by Soros' version of Walter is coming in the next few days. At present he is polling high among demonicRATs voters aka the gimme free stuff crowd.
Clinton is crashing because of the E-mail scandals and the Benghazi fiasco, but these need to be put on Biden as well. As VP there is no conceivable way he could not have known about her use of a private server, and the why behind it. He is part of the nightmare team, and if he has a brain, he should know what is going on in the inner circles of Barry's abuses of power.
Right now all Biden has is name recognition. He has not been on the stump so to speak, and it has been eight years since the voters have had the displeasure of listening to him speak. Us old folks remember his stupidity, but the new generation of voters have yet to see him at his "finest". There is a reason he polled as low as Jeb Bush is, and its not about lack of exposure. Exposure is his enemy, and Soros and the Oracle know it full well.
The name of the game is that the puppet masters want to switch from Sweet Daddy Dee to Walter when in fact its time to drop the curtain, close the show and start handing out refunds to the people who paid for this eight year embarrassment.