Friday, July 22, 2016

A word of warning

If you receive an e-mail with the subject Naked Pictures of Melania Trump, do NOT open it. It contains a serious computer virus.
If you receive an email with the subject Naked Pictures of Hillary Clinton, do NOT open it. It contains naked pictures of Hillary.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

An open letter to Deranged Mckesson

Cleveland has long been known as the mistake on the lake. That name will take on new meaning if you and your crowd of black liars get carried away in your violence and provocation.
Black lives don't matter, at least not to you. If they did, you would be working day and night to bring an end to the ever increasing violence in places like Chicago or Detroit.
You have been semi successful with your lies, but every person you have championed has turned out to be a thug. You were semi successful in spinning the narrative with Travon, posting pictures of him as a young teen all innocent and clean. By the time the truth came out about him being a thug of the lowest moral character, most Americans had moved on and did not bother to learn the truth. Truth buddy, do you know what that is? Find out.
Most Americans believe in law and order. When we hear or read about a cop betraying that trust, we get mad. Madder in fact than you and your crowd. The difference is, we demand the truth before we charge off on some half baked abomination of lies. Your people seem to be just the opposite. Am I wrong?
Many of us search for the truth. It was people like me that uncovered the truth about Travon. It was people like me who dug up the facts about Mike Brown.
Ya Know, I was on your side as far as the Baltimore death of Freddy Gray went. In fact, I still believe that some of the officers involved should be held accountable. Murder? No, why would they intentionally rough ride Freddy? He was a career snitch. Negligence leading to death is what happened there. Man 3 or less. Unfortunately, that will not be the case. An activist black prosecutor cannot convince an activist black judge to throw a pencil at them let alone the book. Sorry buddy, were it not for a press that is complicit in this scheme to destabilize America with your assistance thereby ending the free ride for many blacks, This would have been over months ago.
Have you been watching the primary elections? the rallies the events? Have you noticed the turn out? America is fed up with the BS coming out of the White House and with the bull shit peddlers, namely you and yours. This primary season has seen turn out like never before, and it isn't for Hillary either. To be sure, a lot of the bull shit peddlers are in the republican party, the career politicians whom we no longer trust thanks to you and Barry. That said, you might want to rethink your plans for Cleveland.
Blacks comprise 11% of the United States population, approximately 38 million souls. That does not equate to 38 millions fighters though. Roughly 55% of your people are women. That's not to say women won't fight, they comprise roughly 60% of the aggressors in domestic disturbances, but many of them will be stuck at home minding children who have no fathers. Speaking of fathers, roughly one million of your fighters are stuck in prisons for their conduct in the past decades. 20% of the remainder are too young to fight, and another 20% too old to fight. Another big chunk are part of the "problem" you oppose, members of the police or military. Do you honestly expect them to be on your side? Think again. Another thing, do you really expect that all the remaining blacks will join your movement? Many of them have seen through your bull shit, and long before I did.
So Deray, head on down to the mistake on the lake. Make it your mistake, and black lives won't matter to me either.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The sickest thing I have read in a year

Maybe longer. Atrocities happen in war. a village hit by an errant bomb, a soldier who snaps and shoots a dozen kids playing, a passenger vessel striking a mine meant for a man of war. Covering them up does not solve the problem.
The Attack in Nice yesterday was terrible, women, children, people who have nothing to do with anything concerning the war against islam killed simply because they were an easy target.Terrible as that was, the revelation reported here is much worse. The story is taken from here. details are believed to be true, the conclusions I believe are wrong.
Why would mooslimes be offended by reports of people being castrated by jihadists? They cheer in the streets, celebrate like it's New Years when a terrorist kills a few of us infidels. How wold it offend them? It. Would. NOT!
Reports like that would however inflame the citizens of France and other European Nations who are the victims here. Victims of not only islamists, but people like Angela Bezerkel who insist on importing more of these crazed followers of the pedophile Mohamad.
Enough is enough, and it is time for us, the citizens for whom these fools work to stand up and demand they either do what is right, or remove them. The people of Germany need to take Merkel out and feed her to the dogs, and by that I mean dump her worthless ass right in the middle of one of their Jihad ghettos. Ler her find out once and for all how accommodating they are to humans.
During the Civil War, William Tecumseh Sherman laid waste to Georgia and South Carolina in his campaign. It was by modern standards terrorism. It worked. it broke the will of the people in that region to wage war. Similar campaigns had been done by southern forces especially in Kansas. Due to their scope though, they were not as successful. Since that time, various conventions of the nations who wage war have created rules for limited warfare.
The culmination of that was portrayed on an episode of Star trek. In that case, two planets who were at war waged it via computer simulation. The computer would then determine how many people would be slaughtered. One of those chosen was a member of the Star Trek cast. captain Kirk opposed the decree. Instead of cooperating, he destroyed several of the extermination chambers, and suddenly the planets were faced with a choice, real war, or real peace.
We are now in a similar situation with islam. They attack and kill innocents, we attack and bomb sand. the islamic regimes are not going to reign in their fighters because they want world domination no matter what they claim. Our leaders though, the ones who are responsible for making decisions that are in our best interests are too chickenshit to do a damn thing. We don't know the real why. It may be money, they are bribed and cajoled like the leaders in the Ghettos of Poland to provide bodies for the slaughter. This must stop. Now!
No more lies, islam is not a religion of peace. It is neither a religion nor peaceful and the time for action is long past. They are murdering innocent civilians and hiding behind their own. It is time for us to shoot, and shoot hard. We should start by bombing a few cities in Saudi Arabia, the hub of terrorism and capital of sharia. France should level the new Wahabist mosque that just opened. Bulldoze it to the ground, then deport five hundred mooslimes back to Africa on a leaky boat with out a bilge pump.
Today was my first visit to Lots of good info on the war on terror. Sorry, it's  not a war, we aint fighting back...Yet.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 mother of the year material there.

Minnesota should take her kid from her NOW, and the baby the moment it is born. Then sterilize her.

Monday, July 11, 2016

I don't know what to call this.

I have bantered several titles, none project the depth of disgust I feel right now at the POTUS as he will be speaking a the ceremony for the officers killed by one of his activists at an event for more of his activists.
My take, and this may sound weird, I expect Barry Soetoro to throw the blackliesmatter crew under the bus in Dallas. He will denounce them and distance himself from them.
Expect him to give platitudes about how it was a well intentioned cause, but it was intended to be nonviolent. Instead, radical elements have usurped the cause and done this. He might go so far as to blame the Amish. OK, no Amish, but you get what I meant.
We have all read about the planned riots at the RINO and CPUSA conventions led by DeRay and blessed by Loretta Lynchmob and Barry. They will go off as planned, but this declaration, if it happens, will allow the SCoaMF to stand above the fray he created and lay the blame at the feet of Sanders or even Trump thus clearing the way for him to declare Marshal Law and the traitors in Congress to ratify it.
Seriously, that is what I am expecting. What Hitler did was low down, this is skullduggery at its worst. Blacks commit crimes at a rate that far outstrips their membership in society. Their interaction with the police is on a par with the level of crime, mostly black on black in the community. The number of police involved shootings, while not on par with their representation in society is still below their representation in crime statistical analysis. But every time we hear about an officer involved shooting where the decedent is black, they get all up in arms, riot, loot, and spread violence.
I'm not saying all cops are perfect, there are bad apples under every tree. It is rare for a bad cop to stay around for long. They jeopardize the safety of other officers and are a liability in court. Cops will cover for other cops to a point, but once it is clear an officer did wrong, most good cops will throw bad cops under the bus faster than Barry threw Reverend Wrong err Wright.
I will add to that that even good cops make mistakes. Every time you hear about a not guilty verdict, it means a cop made a mistake. Don't take that to mean they were wrong, but in court every I must be dotted, every T crossed, and every plausible event covered. Some times events move so swiftly that they don't get a warrant right or some other thing happens that allows a perp to walk.
We as a society believe in our Police. We believe in law and order based on the laws we enacted. We want good cops, and for the most part we have great ones.
What we may be witnessing, if I am correct, is the subjugation of that law and order. Make that strangulation. in 2008 I do not think the military we had would move against the people. the last 7 1/2 years have seen a realignment in the military that makes such an event plausible. Most privates and lower ranking NCOs will follow orders no matter what. With Barry's scrubbing of the middle and upper ranks we have leaders who will do what we never imagined possible.
Keep your powder dry my friends.