Sunday, May 27, 2018

Banned....... for his own good?

Robert Dezero is running his over sized mouth again and blasting America's President. The fading actor is partnered with Nobu Matsuhisa in a number of Nobu restaurants, and has stated matter of factly that President Trump is unwelcome in them, and that if the President were to enter any establishment where mighty mouth was, that he would get up and leave. Gee, I thought he said he wanted to punch President Trump, why the sudden yellow streak?
In any case, Nobu restaurants and Hotels are not exactly living up to their five star claims. Their one in Manila is, well, lacking.
Maybe its best the President not dine there. Might get poisoned, and not intentionally. I'm not advising folks to stay away from them, but if you decide to visit, make sure and wear a MAGA hat.
On second though, I am advising people to stay away. No point in hard earned money going to an extreme leftard with severe TARDS.

Bad timing

The U.S.S. Arizona Memorial will remain closed for the foreseeable future after cracks were discovered May 6th in the structure. Repairs were made and the Memorial reopened last Wednesday, but the cracks reappeared again within hours.
Just in time for Memorial Day weekend as we seek to pay tribute to those who gave their last full measure in defense of this country.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Something a little different

Required Public Service message

If You're-a-peon, and visiting this blog, your betters in Brussels who do all your thinking for you are requiring me to let you know that evil google is monitoring your activity on the internet.
Jusat to be clear, you are also being watched by the KGB, CIA, NSA, FBI, and the Clinton Global Initiative who funnel bribes from Brussels, concealed as donations to the coffers of Worthless Willie and HiLlARy because you are prpbably here to try to influence the 2018 elections which should be a cake walk for the democrats because President Trump is Eeeeeeeevvvvvviiiiiilllll. (did I spell that right?)
In any case, If you didn't think they knew you were looking at porn, they knew you were looking at porn, and they'd rather you look at porn than the rantings of a conservative redneck.
Now back to our regularly scheduled BS.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Foo Who?

Dave Grohl, front man for a band I've never heard of that sang love songs to Barry the Puppet is continuing the world apology tour began in 2008.
Grohl is ashamed of our President? Gee, I was ashamed that we had a pin headed apologist leading from his behind, site of George Soros wrist iirc, for eight years, and a criminal heading the State Department and using her gloBULL foundation to accept millions in bribes from every despot who wanted to curry favors in Washington for four of those.
Of course, President Trump does seem like a massive jerk. The greedy boy just handed his salary to veterans, and his last checks went to the Department of the Interior, Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Transportation, in that order. I'd say the "jerk" has done more personally to fund our government than all the democraps in Washington.
That and he decided to walk away from the summit with Kim Jong Un.
Dave Grohl, if you truly feel that bad about how President Trump is doing, pick a communist country that you consider a success story and move there.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Reminds me of some one

Michael Rotondo got evicted... from his parent's home. The thirty year old has been living with mom and dad for the past eight years, and doesn't have a job, a working vehicle, or ambition.
Several years ago, a friend of my son got out of the Navy. He moved back in with mom and dad of course. Pretty soon, this guy was a regular at my son's house, and when my son accepted a job in North Dakota, moved up there with him.
My son spent a year there. He finally had to sit his friend down, and filled out the job applications for him. When my son and his family moved back to Kansas, they went to Wichita and lived with my ex.  The friend moved back in with his parents.
Needing help with my rentals, I stopped by several times and offered him a job. He always had an excuse to not take me up on the offers.
We have now passed the four year mark. My son is in his forth job, and buying a house. He only lived with his mom a few months before getting an apartment. His friend is still living with mom and dad.
In his defense, he is only 29, so he has a year to go..... Probably a couple decades.
Sad and a waste. His parents moved out of Manhattan and now reside a half hour out in the boonies. This kid has no driver's license, and if he ever gets one, I'll be shocked.
To make matters worse, I also know a guy who is fifty and lives with his mom. He has never moved out nor held a job.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Too much too little too late

The NFL, in a waste of time, considered a proposal to penalize teams for kneeling during the national Anthem, an idea that was derided by the antiAmerican press corps who seem unable to grasp the delicious fact that the NFL has taken a BIG monster hit as fans like me tune out and turn off.
Last year many folks who had purchased season tickets stayed home, caught because they bought prior to the protests starting, but after It became clear Colonoscopy Kraper was O-U-T!
It will be interesting to see what this years sales look like. Maybe ESPN will have to lay off a few dozen more useless pricks.
As for me, I'm getting used to drinking Coke again after nearly 30 years of downing Pepsi by the gallon. Switched away from Frito Lay chips, and Have not had a McNasty meal in a year.