Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cry me a river

An Okie teacher has taken to panhandling to raise money for her students. Teresa Danks has been standing out along an exit off interstate 44 with her sign. Aw. Poor lady. Oklahoma ranks 44th in the nation in terms of money spent on education. Oklahoma per-pupil expenditures were pegged at an average $9,075, well below the national average of $11,864. That's disastrous! Is it? Oklahoma also has a much lower cost of living, but they don't tell you that in their many articles.
Lets do a little math. Average class size in Oklahoma is 30 pupils. That's $272,250 bucks for her class room. They pay her $35,000 for her nine months of work or more than double what a lot of folks make. If she has an assistant, subtract another $35,000 for argument's sake, and the school still rakes in $200,000 for her one class.
The reporter noted that she raised $80 in a short time. If she did it in under four hours she should consider quitting teaching and panhandle full time. Most beggars do pretty good, I watched one guy while filing my truck a few months back. He averaged one donation a minute.If people gave him a buck, that is $60 an hour, but we all know when people roll down the window it is usually a ten or twenty.
Back to my point, average expenditures for school kids is $9075 in Oklahoma. By contrast, tuition books and fees at OSU-OKC are $5133.60. Say again? College is cheaper than public school? Sadly, yes. Our schools are tipping us off. We are paying through the nose and getting substandard product.
Frankly, Oklahoma does pretty good, Places like Chiraq or Lost Angel's hit below rock bottom. We won't mention about Disaster Central and the critters in the Swamp.
Our education system is a disaster in most places. Private schools give a better product, and at a fraction of the cost. If schools privatized, and teachers were allowed to operate from home, Tess could take 20 kids, charge $5,00 each, and have a budget of $100k to play with. She could either rent space, even if she paid $1,000 a month, that still leaves her with $88,000 to heap on her darlings.
Our schools are a money pit. The only answer I see for those high costs is funneling money to the communist party aparatus.
Our schools can and should do better. We have a right to demand better. Its time we demanded it.

Friday, July 21, 2017

A mooslime in the wood pile

Ever wonder what it wold be like if evolution happened and a mooslime successfully bred a goat? Not to another goat BTW. The resemblance to More-ham-mad is amazing!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Shatara Armstrong has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a January arrest. She and four others were arrested for running a prostitution ring involving girls as young as 14.
This sorta reminded me of the Dime Girls Fiasco in McKinney Texas, I almost expected to see the same names, but this sort of problem is more wide spread than I thought.
They could have claimed they were just helping Teen Vogue readers better understand the physical functions of sex with out the embarrassment of classmates telling all.

If there were justice in the world

John McInsane would be made to seek treatment through the Veteran's Administration.
Then again, this could be more fake news to convince people he has a brain.
On the positive side, the tumor was small. On the negative side, it has consumed most of his brain cells.
No, I am not going to give him a break. When they inter him, they can have the Vietnamese Army perform the ceremony.

I blame Trump

An illegal alien who was ordered deported was so despondent about the state of affairs for illegals since Donald Trump became President that she decided to kill her anchor baby. Estela Ruiz-Gomez is charged with homicide by child neglect. Her mother, another illegal is charged with helping cover the crime.
Commenters at the article were going on about how legal abortions would keep this from happening. News flash: Abortion is still legal in South Carolina, and I'm sure planned Parenthood would have happily slaughtered it so that it wouldn't have ended up as garbage.

Alabama's Democrat Primary getting tough

The report so far is sketchy, no name, or even who is the actually campaigner, but Breitbart news had a report of a mad cow in Alabama. At this time it is unclear if it was Rosie or Hildabeast. To make matters worse, no word on which communist they were campaigning for.

*update* This was a real mad cow. NO, a cow, a bovine.Really!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Its a race!

As Me AGAIN Kelly continues her plunge over the ratings Niagra, Lyin Ryan says, Hold my beer. The louse of the House managed to keep his seat but that does not translate to any one outside his distract liking the moron. In spite of the deflection and misdirection by the enimedia, people are taking note of his piss poor ability to serve the voters.
Now, we all know he is owned by the big money interests, but we some how wish he worked for the people.
Too bad, so sad, We are stuck with him for another round. Maybe 2018 will see a stack of rinos getting new jobs. I pray he is one of them.
Don Surber is pretty hard on the pollsters, and for good reason. This may be more faux BS, or it might be he is actually lower than this. Time will tell, but most of us consider them  liberal rag anymore.