Sunday, December 4, 2016

Makes me wonder

While all around professional football they are mourning the shooting death of Joe McKnight, in New Orleans, what was a suspect in custody with charges likely has morphed into that subject being released. A star witness who claimed that the shooter shot McKnight, then stood over him and fired again has been proven false. What other parts of her story fell apart? Will we ever have the truth? I believe we will, but whether it gets lost in the false narrative or rises to the surface is the unknown.
Was the incident road rage or roid rage? Drug abuse is not limited to the boys of summer. One has to wonder why an athlete drafted as high as McKnight was ended up playing in the Canadian league. I know, closer to the North Pole, so Santa could get him his gifts sooner.
I'm no expert in that field, I have no skin in the game. Still, I see another chance for American Pravda to advance the false narrative about black lies. So, the simple question is, was McKnight a victim of white on black violence, or was it black on white violence gone awry?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Canadian Police Chase

Whoda thunk it

The perpetrator of some anti Trump graffiti in Philly has been identified. Mayor Kenney  announced to the press that after video footage of the incident was released, one of the vandals was identified. It was a City Attorney. Duncan Lloyd is a city solicitor. He was identified as one of the two who sprayed anti Trump. As of Friday, the POS still had his job. He should be out a job and stripped of his law license.
In other east coast news, a man who sprayed pro Trump graffiti was also caught. The perp in this case was William Tucker. Tucker, who is black, sprayed Trump rules and black bitch on a White SUV owned by a elderly black woman.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again,  the people doing these are not conservatives. Liberalism is a mental disease. Keep that in mind. It is not mere ideology that separates left from right, it is a total mind set. People on the left can not understand how conservatives actually think. It is beyond their ability to comprehend it. They want to ascribe liberal feelings as if it were a mirror, and that is not the case.
Conservatives were just as upset with the election of Barry Soetoro as liberals are with the selection of Donald Trump. We did not riot, we accepted it, that to us is how republican government is supposed to work, some times you lose, especially when the asshole selected to be the conservative candidate is as big a waste of flesh as the liberal one.
Conservatives did not dislike Barry because of the color of his skin. It was the content of his character, or really, the lack there of, which spurred our disdane. When I looked at Barry, I saw a person with no real world experience, a man who had never run a business. never led troops, never accomplished a darn thing in his life. His sole claim to fame was being black. He had no practical experience in government. He'd been a state legislator for two years and a senator for two more. He had no signature legislation, and had never worked across the isle with dissenting people. I also did not like his policies. I am prolife, small government and oppose welfare. I am just a typical conservative. Metaphorically, a Ford man stuck in a Yugo.
I do however understand how liberals think. I've dealt with two year olds.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

He will never be the salesman Barry was

The gun boon is not over! October was a record month as many people, fearing a communist win in the November election got in last minute purchases. Communism lost big time as Shrillary and all the baggage handlers in local and state offices were handed their walking papers.
It's not a victory round though, many first time buyers are now flocking to gun stores out of fear that conservatives will start acting like liberals. It's a legitimate fear, once elected, conservative legislators go to Washington and spend like democrats, so why wouldn't conservative voters, now empowered, start acting like liberals?
Actually, It's not a legitimate fear. If conservatives started acting like liberals, they would have to give up their jobs, start using drugs, and when eventually they began to kill, it would be other conservatives, not liberals.
I'm watching this, and I'm laughing my ass off. The possibilities are endless, It could go so far as Chicago relaxing gun laws so citizens can protect themselves from any conservatives who venture in from South Dakota. Be afraid Chiraq, if your own teen thug gangs don't get you, those Thune voters will! After they decimate Minnesota that is. Best get blankets for the couch, and pillows for the floor, you will have a flood of refugees from St Paul first.
Members of the LGBTQ community are also packing heat now. Warning conservatives, don't get prissy with a sissy or you will get regret it. A fruit will shoot your fruit.
A note to those who like perverted sex, its not conservatives wandering into night clubs, shouting aloha snackbar and killing every one in the place, its the darlings of liberalism, the muzzies.
Can you picture it? some guy walks in to a gay night club and opens fire. from behind a table, some pansy shouts, "are you a Trump supporter? "
The gunman shouts back, "allah be praised, I would kill him too."
The pansy then tells his friends," put your guns away, he's one of us."
We can scoff and joke all we want, irrational fear is still fear. I'm not about to reach across the isle to the liberal community and try to convince them I'm not a threat. I couldn't convince them Cankles was a crook, and the evidence for that is massive. Let them be scared. Heck, our cops are scared, and they have body armor and massive fire power on their side.
We have put up with eight years of lofo rule. Barry, prior to being sworn in and at as present-dunce err president never ran anything except his mouth. We were just as pissed off in 08 as the libtards are now. The difference? we had to get up the next morning and go back to work. Failure is not an option, it's work or starve. Whereas with the liberals, they have their hands out. Remember Denny's video of the cluster fuck O'bozo supporter who thought Barry was gonna pay for her car and home?

Yes, they really are that bad.
We can scoff at them, we can get mad at them, it doesn't matter, they will never learn. And now, we have more guns heading to the hood. They need to fear their own neighbors and not conservatives.
The fire arms industry made a mint during the last eight years. While the fears of the left will drive sales for a little while, the harsh sad fact is it will fizzle on the left side of the fence. Those who buy will not learn to appreciate shooting sports any more than conservatives will ever learn to appreciate crack cocaine.
Sorry, Donald, the salesman award will remain with Barry. You will have to settle for being the best builder to ever lead the nation.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A re-re-redoubled effort

Over the last two decades, the demonicRAT party has devolved into a patchwork of single issue polarized groups advocating a policy of anti-Americanism. Most of the hogs at the communist trough are there only to feed, its about what they can steal and nothing else. They contribute their vote though, and that is the trade off.
Women's rights! Gay rights! and both of them are harnessed into a team that is hauling muslim values to America. Never mind that the muslims want to oppress women and kill gays, it is all about team.
Lemmings! Your cliff awaits.
Thanks to republicans who spent like democrats and were tone deaf to the voters, the communist party got handed near total control in 2006, and unstoppable control in 2008. They went hog wild with it, and we haven't had a budget since. It didn't take the voters long to say enough is enough!
the elections of 2010,2012, 2014 and now saw the turning of the tide in terms of voter support. After 2008, republicans saw the light, sort of, and started to pretend to be conservative even thought they attacked the conservative tea party movement like they were rattlers.
Democrats? BWAHAHAHAHA! When Debbie does Dallas err whats-her-name-sluts got caught rigging the primary, whom did they select to head the party interim? Donna Brazzle, a co-conspirator.
Who are they having for their next party chair? Keith muslim brotherhood Ellison. Who is their choice for minority leader in the House? Nancy P. Lousy? Did they learn one thing from 2010 to now? Apparently not.
I'm not complaining though, I am laughing my ass off.

Fan issues

I heard on the news this morning that Police had still not determined a motive for Abdul Razak Ali Artan's attack. Since they won't admit that it is islamic terrorism, or even just terrorism, Let me offer a suggestion.
This was about sports. We see every year how strongly some fans take their teams play. We have seen players assaulted, other fans assaulted, property damage and more.
What has that got to do with a Somali mooslime slashing people at Ohio state? Simple, Our smart government has been settling these Somali folks in places like St Paul Minnesota and Detroit. Lots of em in Detroit. Ohio State just thwacked Michigan, knocking them down two places in the polls and out of a play-off slot. What fan wouldn't want to beat up a few Ohio students? This is just a case of a guy showing too much support for the team he grew up watching instead of the one where he was attending school. With that kind of redneck attitude, I'm surprised he could even spell O-S-U.

In all seriousness, I am glad no one was killed. Lets hope they don't need a safe space over this, because of diversity rules, the Mooslime would be entitled to it first.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The cure for the common liberal

Nothing upsets the best laid plans like a solid dose of reality. Whether we are talking about military operations or football plays, the fact is they usually work just fine until you actually try them. The same is true for liberalism. Kids who get stuffed full of dogma hit the real world full of utopian dreams and get hit hard with reality. Most recover rather quickly, adapt and move on. Some learn from the experience and become conservatives or even libertarians. others suffer shell shock and retreat mentally into a surreal world where the ideas of socialism taught by their marxist professors still dominate their world view.
Communism has a utopia, Cuba, and thanks to Barry Soetoro, it now has semi normalized relations with the Unites States. That means people desiring to vacation in Cuba can now do so with out costly round about travel through Venezuela or Europe.
Spring break will arrive less than sixty days after Donald Trump takes office, and at that point, the little dears will need an escape from the nasty nasty world of conservatism he is about to unleash, jobs, production......
What better place for them to recuperate than a socialist enclave only ninety miles from America's shores? What a more fitting punishment for those nasty conservatives in Florida who voted for gasp, Donald?
The time to act, kids, is now! Travel to Cuba still requires a passport, unless you don't plan to return. There may also be visas, travel papers, currency as well as hotel and restaurant accommodations to reserve. Most kids learned some Spanish in high school, but it is imperative that if you want to go there and have a good time you learn a little of the dialect. Best start  now and don't be an ugly American.
Cuba has lots for you kids to do, but the tax on your presence is 13%. You can find things on the black market in Cuba free from the government interventionism and if you slip away quietly, you can experience first hand a socialist utopia unlike any place in the world except Detroit, and it can all be yours. Folks in Cuba make only $20 a month. That seems harsh, but health care is free as is housing and education.
If you combine your socialist aspirations with a life of medicine, you can make a whopping $30 a month. That is almost as much as shirt makers earn in Vietnam.
OK, you won't be staying, so don't worry about the job prospects. But go, see for your self what socialism brings. You will find reality only if you get off the beaten path.