Friday, August 18, 2017

Source of Chicago murder spike discovered

For those of us who regularly peruse Heyjackass looking at the crime stats and wondered about the recent spike that seems to be still climbing, a probable culprit has been discovered. It is none other than Hollywood actor Bruce Willis. The recent release of his movie trailer for the remake of Death Wish has the liberals up in arms.
Being serious now. This is one movie I just might go see. Back when Charles Bronson made the original, they set it in crime ridden New York. Chicago has eclipsed them for murders for several decades. They are hyper critical of the movie because the team is a "white team". Would Spike Lee make a brutally honest movie about the culture of Chicago? I some how doubt it. While 90+% of Chicago's murders are black on black violence, the neighborhoods where it happens are no-go zones for whites.
I was at Ft Stewart back in the early 90's with the National Guard. We got a day off and most of us went to Savannah. Late that evening I needed to get to my motel. Being short on cash, I decided to walk rather than get a cab. It was only two miles, and I was in my prime. Looking atmy map, I picked what I believed to be the most direct route. Soon I was in a neighborhood with no street lights, and junk cars along the road. I saw very few people,all blacks, I greeted them as I met them, and kept on my way with out incident. When I emerged from that neighborhood back onto a lighted thoroughfare, I was immediately greeted by a cop with lights and the whole nine yards like I was crawling out of a basement window. After identifying me and confirming I was who and what I said, they informed me that I had just walked through a no-go zone. They would no venture in after dark with out multiple vehicles, and were in fact waiting on an ambulance to escort it to a call. The ambulance and another patrol arrived, they left, and I went my way. It was tame back then compared to Chicago today.
Chicago's worst neighborhoods have been the worst neighborhoods for many years. Austin, Englewood, Garland Park. Some times the garbage over flows the gutters and into the neighboring hoods.
blaming the problem which the movie highlights on the "white team" is about the same as blaming the surgeon for your lung cancer, but that is the mentality, or lack thereof of social(ist) just-ass whores.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Start a KKK museum

There is a lot of our history that is nothing to be proud of. Every family has their ups and downs, every Nation as well. Slavery and all the problems it caused are one black eye, Jim Crow is another. We have had our great moments and our great failings, and it is often said that good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgement.
Our current President has had his failings, The same was true of U.S. Grant, True of Lincoln, and True of George Washington and the Continental Army.
One thing we saw with President Trump during his campaign, he owned his down side. No attempt to hide it, excuse it, or marginalize it, he was straight to the point and owned every bit of it. That made it all the harder to hold things on him.
After all the crap in Charlotte this past weekend and the ripples of the aftermath, I got to thinking. Maryland removed statues in the middle of the night. Many statues were vandalized, and in Dallas there was a call to rename a freeway named to honor a democrat mayor and KKK Member.
The left is working furiously to rebrand themselves away from their roots.
Time to make them own it. Start a KKK museum and be open honest and graphic. Detail the history of the organization, from it's early roots to it's heyday through its decline to near obscurity along wiht the occasional ripples of resurgence.
Provide honest and extensive histories of the men who were known members, especially the leaders as well as the fringe crew who were owned by them and did their dirty work in the halls of Congress.
We have a black History month, we should also allocate time to teaching about the KKK. No white wash, no varnishing the truth. Put it all out there like it was a republican running for President.
Making the truth inescapable makes it harder to rewrite history. Revisionist history is creating problems today. The revisionism by democrats in the last century has led to many misconceptions today.
What is true? What is fiction? Some things I believe about the Confederate Generals might be as wrong as 2+2=10 or it might be that I am correct and others are wrong. We need to keep that truth up front as much as possible today. We also need to remember that there are two sides to every story and that even the best of men have their failings.
Keeping the truth intact means there is less chance we have to deal with the same problems a second time. That is true of Nazi Germany, it is true of Pol Pot, and it is true of the KKK. Lets not bury our past or forget it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

History threepeats itself

If you pause and think about it, the things happening here with the antiTrumpfascists mirror the actions of the mooslimes in Europe. Violence, demands, unreasonable, refusal to consider opposing viewpoints.
They in turn mirror the actions of the fascists who seized control in Europe during the 30's. From Italy to Germany to Spain.

Kinda funny how a song written nearly fifty years ago seems appropriate now.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Give them all the Joe Arpaio treatment

Most folks are familiar with Sheriff Joe. He has been known for his tough on crime stance and his tent city for almost as long as the internet has had Yahoo. That is not what I am referencing today, although a tent city prison for the folks I am ranting about would be in order.
Joe recently made the news when he was shanghaied by a feral err federal judge in Arizona for contempt. The judge and persecutor lowered the charges to misdemeanors so as to deny him a jury trial.
I say what is good for the goose is good for the gander, and by gander I mean the antifa thugs and their keepers all the way up to Governor Terry McAweful. If there were 1,000 Unite the right people there, that would mean 1,000 charges of simple assault for each and every counter protester. As for governor goofy, accessory to assault, or some such charge that is applicable.
That would mean it would be a bench trial. Upon conviction, 15 days in the local pokey on each count to run consecutively.
Looks like Joe's tent city should be needed in Virginia. Won't happen, you know it, but we can dream. Meanwhile America is turning into a nightmare.


Up until a few months ago I thought Trancegender was the correct way to describe the women in the bar who just sat and stared into space while I was hitting on them.

A little composure ladies

The latest sick trend is here, airdropping penis pictures to female passengers on the subway. I can imagine the level of disgust those women must feel when they receive an anonymous picture of some guys prick.  The solution though is simple. 1. Remain calm. resist the urge to recoil in horror, its not a picture of a dead body or mutilated animal. 2. Act like you just read the funniest joke ever. 3. Start sharing it with fellow travelers and comment loudly about what a deformed, or shriveled, or tiny pecker you now possess a photo of. Keep your eye peeled as you mock the sicko, you might just get a reaction, a blush or redface that gives the sender away.

My first wife was a nurse. While she was going through college, she worked in a nursing home. They had a guy there who loved to expose himself to the girls. When he did it to my ex, she started laughing, then told him she'd seen bigger peckers on chickens. He was humiliated enough he never did it to her again, or any nurse while she was on shift.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A man of the Guards

When I was in the Minnesota Guard, we had a fellow in the unit called Jake. His name tag read Jacobson, and at one point I was told his name was Jacob Jacobson VI. Might have been, I never asked. He was a joker like me, and I'd have never been sure if his answer was serious.
I didn't see Jake at drills much. A lot of folks in the guard do alternate drills, they put in as much or more time, just not on the week ends.
Jake had a special skill, he was a ski instructor. At that time Camp Ripley was the winter warfare training site for most of the Army as well as Air Force and Marine units. Jake worked at Ripley during the winter. He loved his work, and he loved his country.
The one winter camp I attended was held in March. By that point Jake had been at Ripley for four months. I learned that the Guard only paid soldiers on special duty for one month. That meant Jake gave the nation twelve weeks of his time gratis. It was all volunteer.
When we arrived at camp, there was a Battalion of Marines on base. They had come up from The San Diego Zoo to learn winter warfare and were in their second week. I heard about Jake's antics from one of their men.
Seems that the commander of that Marine unit wanted to show the week end warriors how tough Marines were. Seriously? Don't bother, Most Guard units have a Jar Head or three in the ranks. Sailors as well since there are dang few destroyers on the Mississippi. Any way, this commander, had the mentality of Maj Malcom Powers. He ordered his men to dress as if they were still on  Camp Pendelton. Running around subzero Minnesota in February, in shirt sleeves is stupid, doing it with them rolled up is criminal, but that is what he demanded of his Marines. Jake, and his boss tried talking to the CO to no avail. He was as hard headed as a man can be.
After two days of this, Jake had enough. he and his fellow instructors fell out for morning PT in their skivies. PT at Ripley is done on skies just so you know. Jumping jacks, push ups, the whole nine yards on cross country skies with Bunny boots, a white version of the Mickey Mouse boot.
OK, I know you could do that, even if it is -10 degrees, doing PT means working up a sweat, so no one is going to freeze to death or even get seriously cold.
Jake and friends didn't draw the line there though. As soon as they got back, They went diving into the fresh fallen snow and began doing the crazy Minnesota routine, snow angels, and a hearty snow ball fight.
Afterward, according to Jake, the grizzled Sergeant Major came up and thanked them. The Commander realized he was not going to impress any one from Minnesota that day.
Jake taught combat ski tactics for another month that year. In all he put in over five months, four with out pay to teach soldiers of the cold war era how to fight and survive in the worst of winter weather.
When you see guys in uniform on a Saturday at the local diner, think about men like Jake. Those men and women are giving up two days with family and friends to serve you and this country. When disaster strikes, the guard is there to help. Too often the emergency services are already stretched thin, and something like a tornado would snap them with out men like Jake. They don't do it for money, it is love of country.