Friday, October 20, 2017

Playboy becomes the NFL

What else can you call it? Millions of men are about to get the shock of their lives when they open their copy in the near future. The Magazine has slipped another rock down the slope, and is heading for the cliff.
Who am I kidding? They've been crap for a half century, but a decision to go Socialist Just-a Whore will anger many of their subscribers. Maybe opening up and seeing a transgender sicko in all his glory will be their come to Jesus moment.
All I want to know is, was his daughter waiting until he was gone, or did this kill him?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

#MeToo Monica

Worthless Willie's sex toy is now joining the chorus of voices claiming sexual harassment and Juanita Broaddrick, one of his real victims is taking her to task. Juanita Broaddrick along with Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones were real victims, Monica was a suck up who hoped her talents would take her farther than her other abilities. In the end though, her ass meant nothing to slick.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A suggestion for the networks

Have Me-Again Kelly be the sports caster for the NFL, that way we cram every thing NO ONE wants to watch into one package that is easier to avoid than a logical democrap. As a bonus, they can have Harvey Weinstein cast her for the part.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The dive continues

SeeBS is in trouble due to the Anthem protests. Earnings are down 17% from last year, and Credit Suisse has taken note and adjusted their ratings accordingly. Those ratings have a big impact on advertisers, they determine the cost of advertising space on network affiliated stations. That has a bottom line impact on share holders who will likely see their dividends plummet.
In Jacksonville, some enterprising former fans took to the air and pulled a banner behind a plane at kickoff. Not a lot of people saw it though.

Many empty seats. Comish Goodfornothing and the No Fans Left are suffering from Colin Kancer. By the time the Super Bowl arrives, tickets will be given away in McDonalds Happy Meals. That will piss off even more folks who were hoping for a useless toy for their tot.

Monday, October 16, 2017


HiLlARy was boohoohooing, but the gathered crowds were only booing as the Crooked former worst lady continued her whine and complain tour, this time in Wales. Swansea University confirmed that it is all of academia, and not just American "scholars" who are communist shills as the University renamed it's College of Law after the crook.
The scumbag stooped so low as to blame Nigel Farge for her loss. She also demeaned the Brits for Brexit. Nigel Fage shot back stating that "Clinton rename her book “The Great Big Whinge“," and “I don’t think Hillary Clinton has much relevance. We should no more listen to Hillary Clinton than we listened to Barack Obama during the referendum campaign telling us not to vote for Brexit.”
She did get one thing right confessing "The big lie is a very potent tool" Well, Illary, it was , but more people are catching on to your lies.
It appears though that she will be cutting her failure tour short in the same fashion as her failed campaign, she claims to have hurt her foot this time. Probably tried to swallow with the fang thing in her mouth.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

NFL protest week 417

This weeks game between the San Fransisco 49ers and the Seattle Sea Hawks was standing room only! No, the epic match up didn't see a resurgence, the bleaches along with the rest of the stadium was bulldozed earlier in the year to make way for a new multi use mall which will include over three hundred new shops. The only remaining structure was the press box which doubles as the score board.
None of last year's ESPN staff returned for the season opener, since the leagues demise, most have been unable to find work, and all are recognized, making street corner begging a less than profitable venture, and some times quite dangerous.
The festivities became some what muted when it was announced during pregame warm up that the bankruptcy  judge had ordered Budweiser to cease payments as the company is auctioned off following the loss of nearly 75% of their customer base in the 26 years since they doubled down on supporting what some call treason. That decline started soon after they decided to defend the initial protests by Colon Kapernick. Players salaries will undergo another rightsizing resulting in some of the players falling to below minimum wage. While expressing disappointment, Seahawks receiver La Travon Martin Brown said it was still better than being back on the block unemployed like the other thirty teams which have folded over the last few seasons.
The field was some what rutted by the dozers and heavy equipment. 49ers Wide Receiver Demarshawn Lynch, son of Raiders former receiver Marshawn Lynch tripped in one rut during a wheel route injuring his knee. Since teams can no longer afford a team physician, medical attention was provided by a local pet rescue worker with experience setting the legs of broken dogs.This nearly forced a forfeiture as the San Francisco roster only had ten remaining players. A call to Roger Goodell on a borrowed cell phone confirmed that the rule changes would be allowed even though the vote by owners was a one one split.
No decision has been announced as of this date as to the location for this year's Super Bowl. Miami and Jacksonville Have both refused the NFL's requests to play the final game of the season in their respective parks narrowing the choices to Brett Farve's place in Mississippi, or Jordy Nelsons farm in Kansas. While the Kansas  location is more centrally located, it poses the same risks, playing in a plowed field as what sent Lynch to the ER in today's game.
If either location is selected, the game will NOT be broadcast since neither has adequate streaming services to allow broadcast on Facebook Live.
A go-fund-me account set up last month to benefit the players has already garnered $50.00. An additional $540.00 is needed to bail out at lest one member of hte 49ers roster so they will have a replacement for Lynch who will likely be out the rest of the season.
Presidential Candidate Barron Trump, son of former President Donald J. Trump expressed surprise that the league still existed. He said that with making America Great for the last 26 years that he didn't think any one even remembered what the game was. He then noted that it was Seattle and San Francisco, and that they remained bastions of communism even as Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea had shed the shackles of communism  more than two decades ago, and are now thriving Constitutional Republics. Barron also noted that he had briefly considered purchasing the Chicago Bears when the team folded at the end of last season but did not feel he could justify the $50 opening bid that was requested. He ended by calling on Nancy Pelosi, the oldest member of Congress, and still House minority leader to step aside and let Primala Jayapal, the only other democrat in congress assume her position.

Volume ONE

The condensed version.

They needed a win

One big mark on the feminazi movement has been sexual abuse and harassment. Several years ago the target became young college men. Guys would pick up a girl at a party, bed her, and the next morning be accused of rape. Some cases were in fact rape, but the vast majority of the time the facts were so lacking that it was doubtful if even the actors knew for sure. The problem of course was alcohol.
For decades they have beat the drum about sexual harassment. Then one day, as if by magic, a real case of sexual deviancy surfaced, and the feminazis were all over it. Defending the serial rapist, worthless Willie Clinton.
They didn't want to admit it, but their decision to defend him, politics over policy, cost them big time credibility points. Follow that with things like the Duke lacrosse scandal, and it made it all that much harder for real victims of reals sexual deviants to be heard.
HiLlARy beat the drum hard. During the campaigns last year, a tape surfaced of Candidate Trump stating that with money, he could grab a woman by the pussy and not fear any punishment. He was correct, look at all the allegations that existed about Michael Jackson's deviant behavior, and the money he paid the families of his victims.
Still, the dope from Hope poured it on stating that every woman claiming an assault should be believed. All the while though her husbands victims languished, having been castigated by the media and demeaned by the witch hunt cankles commanded to protect her perverted hubby. So too did the victims of one of her biggest bundlers and fans, Harvey Weinstein.
Then the dam developed a tiny crack, part of the mountain of evidence against HW saw the light of day, and like a seedling, sprang up in the light. It only took a short while for the trickle of claims to become a torrent, an epic flood of victims and accusers. Then it began to spread, we now have allegations made against many more members of the Tinseltown elite.
Hollywood Insider could publish a Sears catalog sized issue with the stories of people claiming to be victims. I say claiming because we, at this point in time, do not know. They may all be true, or the vast majority could be false. Every story needs to be judged on it's own merits. Harvey has admitted that he is a serial assailant. I doubt he will remember every victim, and at this point, the feeding frenzy will leave him a skeleton and little else. As for the many others, Time will tell... Actually they will try to bury it the same way they buried the stories about Bill. Why? because most of the perps are democraps.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Making a point

Sheriff Julian Whittington is putting his money where his mouth is, or rather he is not putting our money in the hands of people who support America haters. His department which spent over $747,000 on Ford vehicles (plus loads on wrecker fees) last year is spending exactly zero this year on Ford purchases.
Hardest hit will be Hixson Ford and Shreveport 24 hr Wrecker and Recovery.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Red White and Blue

That's Red(necks) White(socks) and Blue(ribbon beer)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

??? Old News

Harvey Weinstein has been known as a serial assaulter of women for many years. The silence for two decades is the story, not the assaults. I remember hearing about him Shortly after Disney acquired them in 1993. Disney used them to produce crap they didn't want associated with the mouse, and with Harvey in charge, it was a turd making more turds. Several Christian authors wrote articles about the debased activities, but they were largely ignored by the media, the public, but most of all by Disney. They were after all, rumors. Now the mountain of evidence is turning into an avalanche for Harvey.
I don't feel one bit sorry for him. I also have no sympathy for the harlots he turned in to starlets. I am not talking about the women who came forward, or the ones who were ashamed to step forward, I am pointing straight at the women whom he bedded who took the pro-offered fame in exchange for him using their bodies. Prostitutes one and the same, they might as well have been working for Larry Flynn or Bob Guccione or Hugh Hefner. Make that working at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada.
There are a lot of reasons I don't go to movies or waste my time in front of a boob tube. Harvey was only a tiny part, his entourage of whores is a bigger reason.
Seriously, is any one surprised? He was pals with Worthless Willie, that should have been a clue only slightly smaller than Jupiter. Expect to see him entering politics in time for the 2018 midterms. Activity like that is a career enhancer for the commies. He can step into the slot vacated by whom ever replaces Di-Fi when she retires.

Monday, October 9, 2017

A new twist

The narrative on the Las Vegas shooting took a sharp turn today when it was revealed that the security guard was shot first. He was shot at 9:59 PM. Paddock opened fire on the crowd approximately six minutes later. One small fact in this has me puzzled, supposedly 200 rounds were fired at the guard in a narrow hall of minimal length, and the guy was only hit in the leg?
According to the brief, Campos was investigating a door alarm. Most likely that would be for the stairwell. Hotels don't care if people use the stairs, but if the door is blocked open, it is a potential route for fire to spread rapidly. When Campos got there he heard drilling in Paddock's room and seeing the door ajar, entered to investigate.
The claim for now is that he was drilling in the wall next to the door.  Some speculate he was going to install another camera. My guess would be a firing port. That wall would have been solid, either poured concrete, or block, certainly more substantial than a wood door. Typically that is the case since that part of the wall must with stand a lot more abuse from doors opening and closing.
According to the brief, the stairwell door was blocked, That means Paddock installed a plate to stop the SWAT from coming up the stairs,or at least slow them down.
This seems to indicate that Paddock was not intending to start shooting when he did. What was he waiting for, and why? What about the explosives in his vehicle? I have a theory. I expect Paddock was planning to wait until the Festival released to start shooting. He might have planned to call for valet service to bring his vehicle our front, then bust the window as it was driven out, shoot the vehicle detonating it in close proximity to the crowds, then open fire amid the confusion.
That would explain the second window, line of sight to where his vehicle might have been intended to be.
As for the misleading and incorrect information the FBI and police have given, It is all part of the investigation and necessary. Police commonly hold back critical information because then the truth is known to only the perp and the Police. When some one drops info that is correct and secret, it reveals them as a potential player. If law enforcement had their way, the truth wouldn't come out until the trial.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Why go?

VP Mike Pence walked out of the Dolts-69ers game when players knelt during the national anthem. I am glad he did, but wonder why he bothered to attend. Indiana is his home, I understand that, but not every Indianian is a patriotic American.
It does make a loud and clear statement, The enemedia will try to play it to their favor, but something like this, in front of the cameras lets people know that boycotting a bunch of crybaby jackasses who, were it not for football, would be construction workers, garbage collectors, ditch diggers, or unemployed, is a good thing to do. Me thinks the last group would be the largest.
He should ask for a refund. If the petulant children won't show respect when the VP is present, they shouldn't get a dime from him for it.
As for Eric Reid, You are an entertainer. If you don't give the people what they want they shouldn't have to give you anything. If we had systematic oppression, there would be no blacks in the NFL. That you wasted your time at LSU and didn't finish with a marketable skill beyond football was your choice. In a few more years you will be a washed up broken down has been with nothing to show for your life. Your opinion won't matter then either.


Sadiq Khan's con men err London Police are reporting that the vehicle that rammed in to a crowd outside the Natural History Museum was not terror related. The driver who was laughing about the incident when bystanders pinned him to the ground has been detained, but Police are not saying it was terror related.
Witness Katie Craine said she was coming out of the museum when she saw a man in handcuffs being pinned down on the ground by police near a damaged car.
"He looked really proud of himself," she said. "He was laughing."
Not terrorism??? Seriously? The government leaders in Europe are bending themselves into pretzels to avoid admitting they are at war, have been invaded, and are on the brink of losing.
Time for President Trump to impose a travel ban on Europe as well.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Your shop, your rules

Members of Abolish Human Abortion ventured in  to Sodom recently to hand out literature in support of protecting our most vulnerable. After doing a good day's work, they decided to stop at Seattle’s Bedlam Coffee for drinks. The owner, Ben Borgman politely asked them to leave, and if you believe that, I have ocean front property in Kansas cheap! The dirty cock sucker acted like, well, a dirty cock sucker.
It is easy to compare this to the cake bakers who have declined to provide for perverted weddings. Some how I don't see Seattle prosecuting Ben for his behavior. The cake bakers should never have been assaulted by the government either.
Ben offered to demonstrate his perversion for the folks from AHA. They politely refused.
While I find Ben Borgman's behavior highly offensive, I acknowledge his right to refuse service to any one.  The rest of his conduct should warrant official scrutiny. While the perverts wanting a wedding cake were denied service, they were not belittled and insulted by the shop owners.
So if you have a craving for shitty coffee, head on down to 2231 2nd Ave in Seattle. The rest of us won't be near there.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lone wolf or wolf pack

Information has surfaced that the Las Vegas shooter may have had some one in the room prior to the mass murder. Info wars has a pic of a reciept for a meal for two in the room on the day prior to when he supposedly checked in. That tells us two things, some of the information released is bad, and other people knew.
He supposedly rented the main suite on the 23rd, and the adjacent one on the 28th. That would explain the miscue on his check in. Now couple that with the window being broken in the second suite, and things have an all new look.
The latest information indicates he began shooting at 10:05 and fired the last shots at 10:15. Police arrived on the floor two minutes later and the security guard was shot one minute after that supposedly by Paddock.
Given that Paddock was older, 64, is it possible that a younger more athletic assistant had already fled the room? Might it be that person then entered another room on the floor? Police locked down the floor and evacuated every one else. That is part of the reason there was an hour long delay between their arrival and the entry. Had Paddock been shooting still, they likely would have breached immediately, but concern for the safety of other guests was a prime consideration.
How did police access the floor? The elevators were shut down, but they would have had control and been able to use them. What about the stair well? was it guarded? If a second perp was present, did they go there?
If Paddock acted alone, and was planning to escape, he bungled it by only  minute. if he had ceased firing two minutes sooner, he would have been at least down the hall by the time security arrived. Now add in that he had explosives in his vehicle. Was his plan to exit to it, detonate it with a time delay to create a smoke screen for his escape? depending on where it was parked and the amount of Ammonium nitrate, it could have caused considerable damage or even brought down the structure.
Let us hope the crime scene contains enough clues to point out the truth. Ever bullet in there was loaded and touched. If he used stripper clips, it would be every tenth bullet, but still there might be a thumb print partial, a dirty glass, some evidence of who was there if any one besides Paddock.
At this moment both scenarios are possible but the pack is more plausible.
Identifying that person will take time if there was one. Assuming there was, that person is now in a mental hell. every time they hear a siren, every time they see a cop, every thing that goes bump in the night could spell the end.
Let us hope they come forward and confess. If they swallow a bullet, we don't get answers.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What happens to college football if the NFL implodes?

Colleges have become the minor leagues for the NFL. Where the MLB has farm teams and calls players up, the NFL uses a daft system instead, but the results are nearly the same. College ball has enough of a following that if the Pros were taking players out of school in hte midleof the year, folksvwould get UPSET!
A fair percentage of the men who play college ball are there only for the opportunity to make it to the NFL. They walk out of the University with a meaningless degree having never taking a class that challenged their intellect. No NFL, no point in playing. Many of them come from poor neighborhoods where the schools offer little in terms of hope education or opportunity. The chances of a successful transition from college to the NFL has always been dismal. less than 5% of college players make the cut, and many of them get their pink slip with their first check. If the KSU college of Veterinary medicine had a placement rate comparable to Bill Snyder's, they would close the doors.
The NFL implosion is happening whether the owners, sponsors or players want to admit it. Fans are turning their backs, long time die hard fans.
People claim that the demographic is dying, that the NFL fans are becoming old and withering away. Seriously??? Ever go to a college game? The stands are packed with kids! When Joe football graduates, his class mates continue to follow him into the NFL. Jordy Nelson had enough of a following at KSU that Green Bay games are nearly always broadcast her in Kansas. Before that it was Darin Sprolles. Football would have continued to be a draw.
Maybe the owners were looking at the changing climate on campus and looking to tap in to the snowflake crowd, but the simple fact is those snowflakes are not a majority,  and they view football players as the rapists they want to see eliminated.
If the NFL dies, they would claim victory, and the sport might very well perish on campus.
I don't see that scenario happening, but losing the NFL will mean a major drop in college football viewers.  The change in the total demographic would make the game less appealing, people want to see some violence. Hockey maybe?
For me, what I see is that if the NFL completely implodes, college ball will suffer. There will be less incentive for guys who would have no other chance to venture on to campus. They would stay in their neighborhood and either find jobs or find out what jail is like. Instead the players will be students who are actually working on degrees. They would have less time for practice, and would be less apt to risk injury. That wold make for a less exciting game.
There is also the chance the USFL comes back to life. Was this a business decision by the President? Be a fat cat team owner again after he leaves the oval office? NAH.

Time Line

By now we have all seen the end and the results. Fifty nine people are dead, 527 wounded, but where and when did it all begin?
In the military we had a thing called backward planning. Yes, I know, much of what the military does is ass backward, but that was not what was meant. Say I wanted to be in Sioux Falls S.D. at 10P.M. I would know that since the trip takes me seven hours I would need to leave prior to three. I would know I needed to make two fuel stops, and allow time for that. Since this is construction season, I would need to allow for detours and delays etc. We then continue with what to take etc, you get the picture.
Stephen Paddock did not on the spur of the moment decide he was going to slaughter a bunch of rednecks at a Country music festival, This took planning and much preparation.  Quite the task for a 64 year old man to accomplish alone. Or did he have help? We might never know.
To acquire the weapons, munitions, do the conversions, calculate angles and do the prep work would have taken weeks. My guess for a start date? Sept 12 2017 when he got his copy of What Happened?

Monday, October 2, 2017

I cannot help but wonder

We don't have many facts yet, the shooter is dead, his girl friend is out of the country, and his social media platform is scant. What little we know about him is this; He was 64, had no military service, liked to gamble, and family did not know he had any weapons.
What of his victims? As near as we can tell, none of them were known to him, so no intentional targets. These people were country music fans, so to a liberal, that means red necks, folks who vote republican, are all racist, drive cars with confederate front plates.... You get the picture.
Was this guy a disgruntled Bernie Sander supporter? That is my gut feeling.

Shooting in LV

Tons of reports out this morning about the shooting last night in Las Vegas. The shooter, identified as Stephen Paddock is reported to have taken his own life before police busted into his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort.
A bobble head on Faux this morning was ranting about how this guy must have had extensive training, but a quick view of the incident indicates this guy was shooting a fully automatic weapon and blasting off high capacity mags, 50 - 100 rounds at a time. That is spray and pray.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Cafe & Wingery in St. Bernard Parish, LA, has decided to take a stand against the NFL’s kneel.

Owner Brook Songy Anastasiadis posted on WOW’s Facebook page that the restaurant would not be airing Sunday’s Saints vs. Panthers game. In her post, she cited the team’s decision to kneel as the reasoning.

They are taking some flack for their position, but there are also plenty of folks who support this decision. I wish the place was closer to Kansas, I'd be going there for lunch.

Music to fit the mood

 (to the tune of Mike Curb Congregation Burning Bridges)
Fans all tried to warn me but I listened to a lie
All the time to warn me but I only passed them by
Kaepernick is unemployed but I don't understand
I took a knee and angered all my fans

All the empty bleachers and no one's watching me
All the angry feelings and the burning Jerseys
All my fans I shit upon each time I took a knee
My career is lost to History

Sponsors stood behind me when I tried this fiasco
Customers boycotts told them that they all could blow
ESPN's has less viewers because of me today
Now there's no one left to watch me play

All the empty bleachers and no one's watching me
All the angry feelings and the burning Jerseys
All my fans I shit upon each time I took a knee
My career is lost to History

Years have passed and I keep thinking, what a fool I've been
I look back into the past and think of way back then
I know that I lost everything I thought that I could win
I guess I should have listened to my fans

All the empty bleachers and no one's watching me
All the angry feelings and the burning Jerseys
All my fans I shit upon each time I took a knee
My career is lost to History

And in case you don't remember it;

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Too little too late

Ditz Bryant of the Dallas cowboys stated that they will stand for the Anthem for the rest of the season. Sorry, but you blew it. You cannot unring this bell, the announcement was made loud and clear even before last Sunday's mockery Of America.
This country has problems, it will always have problems. When we solve one, it seems we usually create two more. We are sadly fallible humans, not GOD. That said, here is the real problem, Name one country that has a better track record over the last fifty years. In the years since republicans, joined by a few democrats, forged the civil rights reform that ended Jim Crow and broke the liberal strangle hold on the south, we have made massive strides in equality, and the pendulum swung well past center as we have attempted to catch the black community up and bring them into the public sphere. It is not the fault of white America that blacks refuse to take advantage of the opportunities offered.
The NFL today contains a higher percentage of blacks than the general population. Those of you who made that cut have a tremendous opportunity to impact your communities for good. Instead, you are supporting an organization that has, through lies and innuendo, heaped problems on them instead. Their poster children were thugs who in any other group would be held to shame. The lawlessness which they sow have resulted in massive increases in murders of blacks by blacks. How, with that result, can you then claim that black lives matter? If they matter, address the black on black crime. More blacks die in one week in Chicago than are killed in a year by police, and they are innocent lives.
And about that flag, Thousands of blacks, serving in the military died and were returned home under that flag. Thousands of whites also died to secure the rights you now enjoy, for you. By disrespecting the flag you disrespect every Union soldier who fought in every battle from Ft Sumner to Appomattox Court House. Every soldier deserves your respect, or would you rather live under nazism?
Again, name one country that has done better. Then move there.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Too late A-holes

The Denver Donkeys issued a statement regarding their decision to take a knee during the National Anthem. Their decision to stand in solidarity with thugs who riot, murder cops, and generally have made a mockery of all the hard won accomplishments of the past fifty years has me fuming.
I know they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but it is not hard to research history and know that it was republicans who forced nearly all the changes that have benefited blacks here in the United States. From the initial freeing of the slaves to desegregation, democrats opposed every thing and most republicans supported it.
Growing up, there were three teams I loved. The Vikings, I am after all from Minnesota, Denver, Three siblings moved there, and the Steelers for reasons I cannot explain, I just loved them. I don't buy much gear, so they are not losing a lot of money from me. The corporate sponsors? No more Bud, No more Lays, No more Pepsi, and no more Fords.
Their Twitter Shitter, my comments in italics.
Last week members of the Donks joined their brothers.... brothers??? around the NFL in a powerful display of disunity. OK, maybe unity with thugs who assault police, riot, deal drugs, and have created an organization based on lies about criminals who were brought to justice by extreme force because no other option was left but certainly not with the American public. It was an emotional time for everyone including the fans who used to support us each and every week. As controversial as it appeared, we needed to show our collective strength and resolve.
Our voices needed to be heard loud and clear. What about We the People??? you know, the ones who said enough of the BULLSHIT and elected an anti-establishment businessman instead of an Establishment crook?
Make no mistake, our actions were in no way a protest of the Military, the flag, or those who keep us safe. Kinda hard to tell when your actions spit in the face of the American people and desecrate the most basic symbols of this nation. We have nothing but the deepest love and respect for those who protect our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Yeah, right, the organization that Colon, and now you are supporting was started because the Gentle Giant Mike Brown was physically assaulting a police officer, you know, one of those who protect our way of life.
While there's no greater country, it's not perfect. How true, we still have democrats controlling several states who should be in prisons along with Barry, HiLlARy, Susan, Huma... the list is longer, but no point is there?  Inequalities still exist, Like low life uneducated entertainers lecturing us about who, we chose as our President. and we have work to do in all form of social justice. Sorry, social justice is not compatible with our Constitution. We do not have the right to tell people how to think, or in your case to think period.
We can all do better. What you cannot do is anything worse. Then again, knowing what caliber of people are in the NFL, you will likely prove me wrong in short order.
It starts with us. No it does not. You are entertainers not intellectuals, and frankly, the intellectuals failings are why President Trump was chosen instead of any of the shit pile of stupidity put forth by either party. We need to do our part and use our platform as NFL players to continue driving that positive change. That would mean doing a 180 from your current trend, and you aint gonna even come close.
Our locker room is one diverse place, and that's what makes it so special. Nearly every business in America is as or more diverse than your locker room. It's where thoughtful, intelligent leaders from all different races religions and backgrounds come together. BWAHAHAHAHA thoughtful??? Intelligent???
We may have different values and beliefs, but there is one thing we all agree on:
We're a team and we stand together- no matter how diverse some comments and issues can be, nothing should ever get in the way of that. In the military we have a saying, GYHOYA Get Your Head OUT Your Ass
Starting Sunday, we'll be standing together. And I will not be watching because you should be standing in the unemployment line.
I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Hugh Heffner dead

His soul has been for many years. Yesterday, his body joined it. He made it to 91, quite good by any standard.
Hugh launched Playboy in 1953 with a nude picture of Marilyn Monroe in a magazine with no date. He wasn't sure there would be a second issue. It managed to sell 50,000 copies and launched the sexual devolution. Devolution may not be the exact correct term, but human sexuality began to descend after that. Now we look up to the animals for standards of conduct. Most often we use the wrong examples.
I would have a very hard time believing that he is in heaven now. If the words "well done my good and faithful servant" were spoken to him, it was most likely by Satan himself. There is no "rest in peace" when you die with out Jesus. Sorry, Heaven has only one gate and one path. all others lead to destruction.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Whoopi Goldberg yesterday on the view commented that she does not think President Trump realizes Puerto Rico is part of the United States.
That is the mind set of liberals. They blamed Bush for Katrina instead of the democrats who ran the city into the ground prior to the Hurricane, now they are blaming President Trump for all the problems Democrat controlled Houston, Democrat controlled Miami, and Democrat strong hold Puerto Rico have. Members of the view have no understanding of Laws preventing cabotage either. Puerto Rico can import any thing it wants from any place it wants, but if the goods come from the United States, or another U.S. Territory, they need to travel on U.S. Ships. Nothing more. Chinese goods can come in on a Taiwanese ship for all it matters.
IN the course of her diatribe, Goldberg repeated, “I don’t think he realizes that Puerto Rico is part of the United States. I don’t think he realizes that. He didn’t know Hawaii was part of the United States either. But that’s just me. That is what I’m saying.”
Well, She is right about one thing, She doesn't think.

Monday, September 25, 2017

He caved

Alejandro Villanueva caved in. After taking a stand and making real Americans proud, he back tracked and is once again part of the herd.
Yesterday I called him a good man. I was wrong. I won't take down the post, maybe some day he will see it and understand that what he did was right and turning to jello was wrong.
I feel for the people who showed solidarity with him and purchased a Jersey while many others were burning their Steelers garbage. Well, Asshole, you fooled em once. I hope those people get refunds, they deserve that.

Feel the heat

I'm not the only one pissed at the Anti-national Football League. Hundreds of former Stealers fans are posting video and pictures of them torching their NFL gear.
Unindicted rapist and Pittsburgh Quarterback Ben Rottenberger is Monday mourning Quarterbacking his stupidity. Too late Big Has Been, you jumped off the cliff. What you did is the professional dependent version of hold my beer and watch this. Yup, the folks at the bottom, the ones who really pay your wages were not impressed. Some where the corporatist fools who silently encourages this bullshit behavior are watching their bottom line erode like a New Orleans levee during Katrina.
Maybe you should have stayed in school and gotten a degree in something, The NFL is turning into a bust.
IN years part many games have featured highlights of fans in the Military watching the game in Afghanistan or Iraq. I'd like to see a vid of them burning their gear in "appreciation". I'm guessing this seasons Stupid Bowl losers won't be going to the White House.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

One good man

To day the Shitsburg Stealers decided to sit out the National Anthem in the locker room. All of them except Alejandro Villanueva who is a Veteran with three tours in Afghanistan. I used to be a Steelers fan. Used to spend Sunday watching the games. I've found better things to do with my time, at least until Roger Goodell gets his head out of his ass and suspends the crybabies, or the league goes belly up. Yes, I make fun of the players, I make fun of every demographic including my own culture though.
So what happens if the league folds? If people quit buying the tickets, and boycott the official sponsors? Talk about a paradigm shift! Right now we have almost every University handing out "scholarships" to guys who for the most part are there for entertainment only. Many, not all, "graduate" with a meaningless degree. The few who make it to the NFL last a few years, then they too are relegate to the dust bin of history, many too beat up to hold good jobs for long. The many who do not go home to a life of dreams that never came true. They spent four or often five years at a college and walked away with basically nothing.
As for Alejandro Villanueva, he is likely to pay a price for his patriotism. He alone did what is right. That is not popular with the Socialist Just (be an) Ass crowd. They may target him for that.
It is my understanding that the SeaHags and Tight ones are also planning to be horses asses in front of America.
As far as the sponsors go, Budweiser is a big name. I'm not much of a drinker, but my wife likes a beer after a long day on her feet. We switched to Modelo. Lincoln needs to get the message. Unfortunately, most regular folks don't drive Navigators. Maybe their Ford line could use a little more dust? Pepsi and Frito Lay are the others that come to mind. I know there are others, not gonna tune in to find out who though.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dear Roger Good-for-nothing

Lack of respect???/ YOU JACKASS! The ones showing a lack of respect are the pieces of garbage you have on the field who will not stand for the National Anthem. You may not like President Trump. He Is the president. The problem I have, and the reason I turned off your broadcasts last year and am ignoring them again this year is because that National Anthem is for MY country and when you and your players disrespect the flag, disrespect the national Anthem, and all that it stands for, you disrespect me personally. You see, I was born in th greatest nation on earth. Pro-football did not make this country great, neither did the NBA or MLB. What you all have is a benefit of living in this great nation. Why don't you take your shitty attitude and your sorry ass and move to Venezuela? Maybe North Korea would make a good home for you. Ever notice that the poor nations of the world don't have big sports franchises? They don't have millionaire athletes who are only a source of entertainment, not knowledge.
Why do you think that is? Your assholes are upset about HISTORY. Here is a clue, you cannot change HISTORY. All you can do is spout lies. Not all of our history is great. We have made mistakes, lots of them.
Does it upset your clueless players to know that most of the mistakes they protest were made by the democrat party they are members of? Slavery? Democraps. Jim Crow? Democraps. Segregation? Democraps. Who ended slavery? republicans. Who ended segregation? Republicans.
I'd say pull your head out of your ass, but I doubt a twenty mule team could do that.
Until that happens, I won't watch your primadonna's nor buy from the vendors who sponsor their childish behavior.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's a nothingburger

Mueller has been "conducting" his probe into Russian meddling for six months now. Other than harassing and attempting to intimidate members of President Trump's family and staff, he has accomplished nothing.
The press is full of leaks, but they are nothing burgers. Fact is, they have done more harm to the democrats than to Trump. The confirmation that President Trump's campaign was spied on by the Government at the direction of the White House for the benefit of the democrat campaigns makes Nixon and Watergate small potatoes.
The real Russian involvement in the election is being ignored, Donations to the Clinton Crime Foundation, and now President Trump has stated HiLlARy won't be prosecuted for those. No Justice, no Peace, her supporters are still rioting and destroying, their reasons are as vast as the right wing conspiracy she told us about.
All that though does not prove that Mule Ears is peddling a nothing burger. This though is why I'm calling it game over. Seriously? Meathead? This is the heartless prick that called President Trump a heartless prick. Where is your million dollars in donations meathead?
In 2001 we called it BDS or Bush Derangement Syndrome. Fact of the matter is, Bush had nothing to do with it, they were deranged long before he ever ran. Worse yet, he was about as liberal a spender as you could find. Sure, he called himself a republican. Now, with a new President, and sixteen years for the problem to fester, we have a new name, Trump Administration Rejection Derangement Syndrome, or TARDS for short. If President Trump runs fr reelection in 2020 and wins, it will become Re-Elected Trump Administration Rejection Derangement Syndrome, and we will call them what they have always been, retards. Imagine how they would act if obstructionist republicans in congress weren't blocking the President at every turn.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wrong of me

Many times I have said or written that with muslims their chant goes allah ackbar BOOM. I have always known that was not true. I printed it here and on many blogs as an insult to muslims.
Now it is time to set the record straight. It never, repeat, NEVER goes allah ackbar BOOM. It is always allah ackbar BOOM oh shit! The last utterance is only heard by Satan and his minions. Surprise asshole, there are no 72 virgins, just eternal seperation from GOD.
Now you know.

You would too

It has been confirmed that Hose-bag O'Donnell's ex"wife" Michelle Rounds ended her life. Waking up one day to the reality that you slept with some one as vile as Rosie has to take a toll on a person's mind. Rounds is reported to have attempted suicide on one other occasion in 2015 by overdosing.
O'Donnell's bio notes that at least one of her adopted children suffers from mental problems as well.
If you woke up in bed with the queen of nasty, how wold you handle it?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Another oldie

Burl Ives and the first known recording of this not done by the writer.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

An oldie

43? I see 70,815,721

Hildabeast has not yet come to terms with the fact she is not a likeable person. We have all heard the stories dating back to when worthless Willie was running for prez about how she treated people. Her scorn for the people who were responsible for keeping her alive are legendary.
According to Gregg Jarrett, she rants off 43 in her  excuse for a book.According to Wikipedia, there are 70,815,678 more. Now, I grant you, President Trump did not win a majority, in fact HiLlARy did garner a larger percentage of the popular vote. She did not win key states though, and frankly, I believe that if an audit was ever done, we would find her lead evaporating like liquid nitrogen in a bowl under a heat lamp. Yes, I believe fraud was as massive as her cankles.
She won't accept reality, and the reality is all the fraud in Illinois couldn't beat the groundswell that rose against her.

More like misleading shit fund

Wall Street Bitch, McConnell is doing every thing in his power to protect GOPe Strange in the Alabama Senate race. The latest attack add according to Breitbart features audio seamed together to make it sound like Judge Moore is against building a wall. You can bet your bottom dollar that Strange is all in favor of building a wall, just not one on our porous southern border. The establishment money handlers do not want a border wall. They want massive immigration. They want to export good jobs to China. Does any of that make a lick of sense?
There is money to be made in the high crimes that our congress is engaged in.
In my mind it is time for some election reform. Stop the influx of out of state money. These men are being chosen to represent Alabama, not Wall Street. Cut the hose and throw it in the garbage. If Wall Street is so determined to have their choice of representatives, let them Gerrymander New York City some more.
Second item, audit every elected official yearly. If their wealth increased by more than the rate of inflation, and did not come from their congressional salary, confiscate it and if the source of it is questionable, lock them up.
Every republican senator needs a primary challenger, a grass roots effort to kick them to the curb. We won't Make America Great Again until we get rid of them all.

Monday, September 11, 2017

What happened to Irma?

Irma was supposed to be the storm of the century, the worst storm evah, the mother of all hurricanes. yet it fell apart suddenly. Predictions were that it would retain cat 4 winds all the way in to Georgia.
I'll tell you what happened, the eye of the storm passed near Raymond James Stadium. Yes, the Bucs  suck so bad that the effect was to siphon the power right out of the storm.
Irma made a point of avoiding the east side of the state. EverBank Field would have been even worse.

A new low?

At the New York fashion show, Namilia, of Berlin, Germany featured a new line of cloths titled my vagina my choice. The articles of clothing, including the shoes, featured attachments that bore a resemblance to a vagina. The punched lasagna kind, or the well worn, miles of dick, has every STD know to man look, and no one batted an eye.
Given all the rapes happening across Europe, you would think they would be less interested in flaunting it. Now, I'm not the kind of guy who wants women to wear burkas, but how you present yourself tells more about you before the first words leave your mouth. Occasionally we get a massive contradiction, a woman who can go from a ten to a two with only a sentence, and it has nothing to do with halitosis either. There are men the same way, and the interview usually ends swiftly. At least if the interviewer is half smart. Granted, some women are drawn to that sort of man. We used to have a some what patriarchal society, but that has fallen by the way as divorce is rampant. Hard to believe that men used to seek the father's permission before they ever asked a gal out. In some ways it was a very good thing. Star struck young eyes some times don't see that under all the gloss and glitter lies a heart of clay and a head full of crap.
If you are brave, ask a woman with a long string of failed relationships how many of them her father approved of. Would you be shocked if her dad had met any of them?
This is what a society in free fall looks like, and this is how they dress.
Then again, it might keep women in Europe safer since they don't look anything like the back side of a goat.

Sixteen years

Has it really been that long? We now have kids in high schools who have never seen the marvel once know as the twin towers. We also have kids who have not seen a loved parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle in that time frame as well, all snatched away by the fiends who laughingly call themselves the religion of peace. I don't blame all muslims for the atrocity. I do hold anger for the ones who cheered in the streets when this happened.
For most of the sixteen years since this happened we have been fighting a war in the country from which the mastermind gave his blessing to this. We have lost many more in the fields and towns of that awful place. No one thing has been done to punish the real power behind this, Saudi Arabia, home of Mecca.
Woe to us the day we forget what islam wrought. There is no god named allah and Mohamed was a pedophile. Murdering 2,997 people won't get you in to heaven. Every one who died trusting in the lies of Mohamed is rotting in hell for eternity. Piss be upon him.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


I worked for a manufacturing company for many years. First as a packager, then operating machines, then as a material handler. I spent many years of my life there on the third shift. We would open the plant on Sunday night and part of my job was unloading trucks that arrived over the week end. We had two regular company owned runs, they were drop and hook, and the norm was one arriving some time during the week end. With just in time shipping in it's infancy, we had more than a few hiccups.
One Sunday night we were expecting a load of materials out of Ohio. It should have arrived early on Sunday, but when I checked the dock, the only trailer was full of outgoing product destined for Minnesota and Iowa.
The trucker finally showed up around 3 A.M. and I got right on it. With a bit of BSing on the side. The driver was new to the route. It was his first ever time picking up from Ohio, and even though the plant was just down the road from our plant there, he knew nothing about them.
Seems he arrived there early on a Friday morning. Since there were no vehicles in the parking lot, he climbed in the sleeper and set his alarm for 7. At 7 there were still no vehicles in sight. Puzzling, but he was not familiar with their plant hours, so he took another nap. About noon he got up again. this time he had to piss real bad. Since he was out of town, he didn't figure it would be a problem to just drain the main vein off in the woods back of the plant. As he was walking that direction, he became aware of people in the wood line. Horses there as well. It became quite clear to him that these were workers from that plant taking their lunch.
He had just had his first run in with Amish workers. The plant was modern, the machinery was best in class, but still these people rode horses to work, and tied them in the woods. He'd lost close to ten hours because he hadn't bothered to try the door.
Lucky for me, the product we needed right now was on the back of his trailer. I just had to stab it,weigh it, and get it up to the machine that needed it. Over time I saw that driver quite a bit. The company truck were always loaded by the day shift material handlers. They were the most senior,perk of the job. They were however, not the best loaders. On more than one occasion they stacked pallets in that were mismatched. All the heavy stuff on one side, or nose heavy to the point he couldn't slide the back gear to get it scaleable for Minnesota. The first D.O.T. if he headed north was in east central Nebraska, and by then it was too late. So if there was any reason for doubt, he just sat tight.

Can't we talk about this?

Why can't we talk about islam? Since 9-11-01 politicians the world over have actively been working to suppress free speech. In Europe, to proclaim the truth, that there is no god named allah, and that mohamad was a pedophile will land you in jail.
Pam Geller and a number of others have made a movie aptly titled Can't we talk about this? Even in the United States free speech about this will get you targeted.
Never forget that immediately after the unprovoked assault sixteen years ago, Then President Bush proclaimed in his address to the nation the lie that islam is a religion of peace. In the years since, any activity that mocks islam has resulted in attacks by that hate group. After the Garland Draw mohamed event, islamists held a stand with the prophet event and decried islamophobia immediately after members of their sick cult had attacked the free speech event.
Tomorrow marks the sixteenth anniversary of the senseless murder of  nearly 3,000 people who had done nothing to islam. Since then, at least 31,711 deadly terror attacks have been carried out in the name of the moon god allah by the lunatic followers of his satanic teachings, yet the fools we elect insist on calling it a religion of peace, neither of which are true.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Another conclusion in search of a study

A computer algorithm developed at Stanford is able to determine a person's sexuality with surprising accuracy. The computer correctly identified 81% of men and 74% of women as either straight lesbian or gay. The conclusion they threw at this is that sexuality is determined by hormones prior to birth.
I'm not surprised at the ability of the computer to determine whether people are straight, gay or lesbian from photographs, especially when they took their study sample from on line dating sites. People want to draw attention to themselves, and they know whom they are targeting.
The study was conducted on only whites, and also did not include transgender confused and bisexual ultra desperate. When five or more pictures were presented, the accuracy jumped to 91% with men and 83% with women.
Simple enough facts, the average person viewing those pictures was able to predict sexuality 61% for men and 54% for women, exactly 20% less often than the computer algorithm did. I can believe that, this is not rocket science. But what about if they fed pictures to the computer of those people when they were small children? I some how doubt the results would hold up. I know plenty of boys who looked and acted feminine as children who are fathers and married, and also know plenty of women who were tomboys that are married mothers.
Feed the computer those pictures, then try it again with pictures taken when they were in grade school, middle school, high school, and prior to their "coming out".
I would be willing to bet that with a little adjusting, a computer could accurately identify drug addicts and drunks as well as a host of other things. We are the product of our life experiences and choices. The result of too many helping of cake is clearly visible when meeting me, I assure you.
People who live in alternate life styles show the changes those life styles make on them. That is what I believe the computer has identified, not some hormonal imbalance their mother had when they were a mere sixteen cells. This is being fed to us because the people who live abominable life styles want us to believe they are not at fault for their bad choices. The gay gene has already failed, this is the next option. Why? Deep down, they feel some guilt about their choice. It matters not that we could care less whether they are gay as long as they give eight hours work for eight hours pay.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Update on Irma

NASA is now reporting that the barometric pressure associated with Irma has cropped so low that it is affecting the moon. Pseudo scientific readings confirm that the lunar body is now 25.086mm closer to earth than at any time in recorded history. This means that the lunar cycle will be shortened by .0000869 seconds per cycle resulting in a shortened growing season, stronger tides, and brighter nights which will have a catastrophic impact on wildlife as the brighter cast will make it easier for predators to find animals which counted on darkness for protection, and it's all your fault for not driving a Chevy Dolt err Volt.
Just remember, you read it here first.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Run? Snort!

My last surviving uncle lives in Florida, just north of Melbourne. With Irma bearing down, I decided to check up on him yesterday. He is 85 years young, and while his three kids live close all his nieces and nephews still worry about him.
He sat out last year's near miss, so I was expecting the same this year. I was not disappointed. I got the lecture, and a little history lesson.
My Uncle joined the Navy fresh out of high school and was sent to Pensacola for training. While he was there, according to him, a powerful hurricane pounded them. According to him, it was the most powerful hurricane up til then, and is only now being surpassed by Irma. Baker, look it up. Not saying he embellishes or any thing.
After that, he was sent to Corpus Christi. It wasn't long though and they got hit with a whopper, dumped tons of water on Texas, his description.
The nit was off to join a ship in the south Pacific, a carrier. At some point they got nailed by a typhoon. He said that even in a ship that size, they were not fun to ride through, and again, it was a beauty.
At this point I injected that it would appear he was a hurricane magnet.
he replied that he could go to the west coast, but Irma might track that way, or sit tight and it might track over the cape.
I suggested that he could visit his sister in Minnesota to which he replied that Minnesota wasn't ready for it's first hurricane.
My uncle may be a story teller, but he is no fool. Fools don't generally work in the space program except as astronauts. If you are inclined to pray, add him to your list this week end, and all the folks who call that region home.

Mooche belongs on the list

Vanutty Fair released their best dressed list, and Melania Trump did not make the cut. Moochelle Obama did however, and that has some folks upset.
Fashion is a matter of opinion in most cases. Mrs Trump would look awesome in painters cloths or bib overalls. The best any fashion designer can do is highlight her beauty, a walk in the park for even a mediocre one.
What takes talent is to make a Sasquatch looking hulk of horror resemble a human. While not the ugliest first lady we have ever had, Mooche is a close second. I wonder what a Mao jacket would do for her. Could be worse.

The military could run out of weapons

Have you seen Kenneth Mapp's interview on Tucker Carlson? After giving what would appear to be an unconstitutional order to his Adjutant General of the National Guard, he is now back pedaling and attempting to muddy the waters about what the meaning of “seize arms” is. Must be another bastard child of Worthless Willie to come up with that kind of crap.
According to tradition, every military post has, at the base of the flag pole, a pistol encased in concrete. Along with that, in the truck at the top, is a round for that pistol. The reasoning is that a commander can never have the excuse that they ran out of arms or ammunition to explain why a post was lost.
I can understand an order to seize arms if the service members witness an unlawful act such as looting or robbery, they might be in a situation where they cannot make an arrest, and so disarming the thugs is the next best option. That is, to me, the limit though.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


How bad are things in the republican party when President Trump's PAC has to get a democrat from Detroit to help lead it?
Thanks David. It is people like you who can make America Great again.

Lets export some jobs as well

Sound strange???
President trump today announced the end of Barry's DACA, Deferred Action on Criminal Aliens, or what ever it stands for. It is in our best interest to keep them at home in Mexico or Central America as the case may be. To do that, we need to make sure there are jobs down there for them, the kind of "good paying" jobs that attracted them to the United States.
WTF is this redneck smoking??? Nothing, seriously.
I think we would be money ahead to send some lawn care and house keeping jobs south. We can start with Barry Soetoro, John McInsane, Lindsey Gramnasty, Nancy P. Lousy, and every other elected official who is serving special interests instead of their constituents. rehome them to Mexico. I hear Rio Bravo in Tamaulipas has room. They will need gardeners, cooks, a pool boy, and lots of security.
President Trump has indicated he wants legislation on this matter. I am fine with that. I am not opposed to immigration, if President Trump continues making this nation great, and snubs foreign theft of our intellectual property, we may need then here working in two or three years. The Mexicans, not McInsane and fiends. I want every one who enters our country to be registered, a back ground check done, and tracking accomplished to make sure they are not undermining our nation. They need to have jobs, but other than language instruction, not one penny of aid from the public treasury. If they break laws, drive drunk, join gangs, or prove to be ner-do-wells, send them home, or give them a job building the wall.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

About football? NOT

Members of the Minnesota GOP who are running for national office are making it clear that they don't support Ryan. I'm sure this has nothing to do with politics, President Trump, or nationalism vs globalism. It must all be about the years long battle between Vikings Fans and Packers Fans.
My sincere hope is that we can get enough people challenging these Wallstreet owned RINOs that America catches a break.
People need to show support for our President when ever a congress critter has a town hall. Chants like "We elected Trump", and "Trump Train" might get the point across that the lobbiest money is wasted in the heartland. Be polite though, don't shout the RINO down, just as he enters, instead of chanting the candidate's name, shout Trump Train. Then, if he has the balls to take the mike, let him speak, but make every question about why he isn't backing OUR President.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

How much?

KilJoy Reid of (p)MSNBC's Mourning Joy decided to take a shot at President Trump after he donated a million dollars to Texas relief efforts. She noted that several celebrities have "dwarfed" his million naming Beyonce and JJ Watt. OK, how much of that money is coming from JJ's pocket? Sure, he raised  $16 million, how much was his to begin with? My big dread in situations like this is that the charity outfits turn out to be like the Clinton Crime Foundation.
Just a reminder, President Trump took a pay cut to be President, and he has donated his pay checks right back to the nation. I don't see him taking to twitter and asking people to send a check to the IRS, or to one of his business enterprises.
He put his money where his mouth is. KilJoy should try that. It begins with pulling her head out of her ass.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Just a pea pickin minute

Lots of folks upset about Charlie Hebdo publishing a cartoon mocking the tragedy in Houston.
"Well, we stood with them when the muslims went all bezerk."
OK, did they ask you to stand with them? Did your position make one iota of difference?
Charlie Hebdo does one thing, they take politically incorrect cheap shots.
There are plenty of conservatives who mock France. Whether it is great deals on French weapons, or Car-b-ques in Paris, we are not above rubbing them the wrong way all the time. 
Are you upset that they took a cheap shot? Or that they might be closer to home than we care to admit? Remember this, when you think of the beauty of Texas, Austin is their asshole, and their hemorrhoid is Houston. Both are liberal shit stains on the Great State of Texas. Pardon my French.
Thats right, while the liberal left keeps trying to push nazism and the KKK off on the conservatives, both are historically liberal leftist organizations, and Houston is a historically liberal leftist city.
Texas is great, but not every one in Texas is great. If they were, Texas wouldn't need a death row that is busier than the other 56 states, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia combined. Whe nTexas switched form the electric chair to lethal injection, Lone Star power shut down two power plants, and a world wide shortage of the drugs used occurred prompting the manufacturer to ban their use by Texas for lethal injection. And you thought it was because they were wishy washy on the death penalty? Houston produces close to a third of the death row occupants in Texas. Might be more.
The people who do Charlie Hebdo are the sort of folks who would go to a child's funeral and tell dead baby jokes. If they had been in business in 1939, they would have published a cartoon of Hitler wearing a Yellow star of David with a number tattooed on his forearm. So, look at the cartoon, look in the mirror and laugh. Unless of course you are a neo-nazi fascist, in which case go drown on the dang freeway.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Oh comeon, it may be Texas, but Houston is a liberal shit hole

Fake News' blabberhead Nick Valencia is in shock after being heckled by folks in Corpus Christi. I'm as shocked as he is. Texas has two liberal hell holes, Austin and Houston. OK, I admit that Corpus Christi is NOT Houston, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Any other part of the state he might have wished for merely hecklers.
They won't get the message though. Cranial rectalitis is tough to cure.
Oh, and as for that idiot perfesser from Floriduh, If Harvey is Karma, why is it the Texas Liberals are the ones catching heck?

Barry didn't use them anyway

A Capitol bikeshare station located within the White House security perimeter was removed earlier this month by the Trump administration.
While the bikes might be considered by some to be ideal for Barry, the fact is, none of them were equipped with training wheels so they were pointless.
Another waste of taxpayer money that is ended, another Obamanation for the dust heap.

Day yam

The chicks I got back in spring are coming into their own as far as laying.
Check out the two in the center. Only a month and a half ago we were getting small stuff. pullet eggs that would barely do a quail justice.
Back then it took six eggs to make an omelette. Now I'm thinking one will suffice.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pardon me?

The CLAMs in Washington are in a tizzy over the pardoning of Joe Arpaio. You would think that President Trump had pardoned Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan from the anger.
Lets take a look at history though and then judge.
Barry Soetoro issued a string of last minute pardons. Most of them were for drug dealers. Barry also has an admitted history of drug use, as does Worthless Willie who "didn't inhale". Seems kinda self serving, where ever Barry wanders there will be a drug dealer beholden to him for a few grams.
Lets dig a little further back shall we? We all know about Worthless Willie and the Marc Rich pardon, but that was not the only questionable pardon Bill handed out.
Stephen Smith, a former aid convicted in the Whitewater whitewash for conspiracy to misapply funds.
Susan McDougal convicted of multiple frauds.
Chris Wade convicted of loan fraud.
Robert Palmer convicted of conspiracy.
Four of the major players in the White Water scandal were let go by their co-conspirator Worthless Willie.
Why did he pardon them? They weren't going to roll on him, they'd have ended up dead and we all know it.
As for the CLAMs, It is now even more visible, the divide between Americans and the elitists. If you weren't sure who was a liberal in Washington, or thought it was only the extreme democrats, now you know, every one from Grahamnasty to McInsane and Lyin Ryan who denounced the pardon fall in to the category of Congressional Left. The Academia and Media aint going any where fast either.

Supply and demand

Conditions in Texas are ripe for plunder. Hotels are charging out the whazoo for rooms and bottled water is like gold. Imgine how things will be after a major disaster. Lets turn back the clock for just a minute to 9-11-01.
My version. I worked weekends at the time, two twelve hour shifts and one eight during the week. That week they scheduled me for Tuesday, and the horrific events happened while I was at work.
Backing up just a minute to Monday, I drove a big truck at the time with dual tanks. It took time to fill it, you had to baby the nozzle since the fill tube laid nearly flat. I filled it Monday night. Work was a short six miles, so maybe one gallon down when the planes hit. By the time I got off work, most of the stations in town were bone dry. prices had sky rocketed, and people were in panic mode. the flow of fuel was uninterrupted, no refineries were in danger, nor were any of the many tankers hauling fuel to America.
There was a station on the corner by my apartment, as I noted, six miles out of town. the line to the pumps stretched over a mile. When I passed the line and turned, there were people immediately honking shouting and shaking their fists. I had to wait to get across that line to go to my apartment, and the first guy insisted on cutting me off thinking I was trying to cut him!
After I got home, several neighbors came over and offered to take my truck and fill it for me. Had to explain that I was good.
It's time for a reality check. Think about what you have, and what you need to survive week to week. An event like a hurricane or tornado is over in a matter of hours, but clean up can take weeks. What happens if a terrorist manages to set off a nuke in a major urban area? How long will it take the supply system to reset? What about if North Korea does something and China backs the baby faced fat boy? What then?
Just another lesson we keep relearning the hard way.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Can you hear us now?

The people in Arizona are sending a loud and clear message. Their senators, McInsane and Flaky both stand in opposition to President Trump. Jeff may very well be HISTORY if his popularity continues, and given that his owners want him opposing Trump, his days are numbered. As for songbird, he has nothing in the world to fear. He likely won't last long enough to face the voters wrath.
I get the feeling that Arizona is not an anomaly. The feelings that are sweeping conservatives are the same from Florida to Montana and north to Alaska. We elected them to represent US and instead they are pandering to the fat cats on K Street.
A dream come true would be a House pick up of five and 75% of them new faces. Wouldn't that be a message to send to he globalists?

A man to be feared

Only one week ago twelve Browns players showed their contempt for America by refusing to stand for our national anthem. Jim Brown had a word or three to say on the matter, and this week before the bucks game, not a single Brown player disrespected the flag.
Jim laid down the law pure and simple. At 81, he is still respected, and for what? He is just one of those people you don't even think about getting on the wrong side of. He has earned the respect of all, and I don't pity the punk who crosses him.
Now if only the rest of the NFL gets the message.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Threat Assessment

I'm not going to give a lecture on how to scan a room or check a street. If you don't know how, a few paragraphs from me won't teach you. Rather this is about assessing the many threats America now faces as seen from a redneck perspective.
Russia. Our arch villain is still an arch villain. They always will be. They are competition in many fields Couple that with the fact they are now partnered with Iran makes for a serious problem. Remember the Bible? Gog and Magog? Iran and Russia, and they threaten us as well as Israel. How much though? besides the military aspect as we continue to battle Isis and Al-quaida, there is also the economic balance as President Trump has signaled a challenge by agreeing to sell natural gas to Poland. There is also the ever present rivalry as we sell arms they sell arms and idiot in far off lands continue to murder each other.
Russia has the capability to wipe us off the map, but they risk a retaliatory strike which would eliminate them as well. If things in this country destabilize, they might take advantage of the chaos though. Magog is not going away.
North Korea. The crazy little shit could pull the trigger at any time. Can his missiles reach our shores? keep in mind that he is partly a puppet of China, and they control him to a large extent. We have borrowed billions from China, so they don't want triviality to waste their investment. Still, a tantrum could happen at any time. We must also keep in mind that China could use him to attack us by proxy thereby keeping their hands "clean".
China. The Asian power house has their hand in many things. their tentacles reached deep into the communist party candidates going back to the Clinton years when they attempted to fund Al Gore's campaign. They were allowed to get away with a lot during Barry's terms as well. China has created islands which encroach on Several Indo-Chinese nations including Vietnam and the Philippines. They are also tied to Pakistan and the continued problems in that region as they undermine our efforts to stabilize that region.
With China we also must factor in global warming. What? It's a hoax. We know it's a hoax, but it was a hoax that benefited China as they were the ones who stood to gain industrial power as manufacturing in the United States and Europe were targeted to decline and eventually cease. Instead, President Trump is canceling Christmas. The transfer of power from us at least, won't happen any time soon. Ad to that the tech for solar and wind is mostly controlled from China. Most solar panels are manufactured there as are the DC controllers which make generators functionable.
Europe. While they have never been our official enemy, they also are not our bestus friends. The relationship has mostly been, they fuck up, we bail them out. They fuck up, we bail them out. Well, they are fucking up again. Gonna be real hard to clean up Merkel's mess.
Islam. I'm not going to break it down and attempt to separate the various factions. A main stream muslim wants to kill you, a less fanatical muslim want a mainstream muzzie to kill you. The creedo of this satanic crowd is convert or kill, and kill as many as possible including those who converted because since they converted, they might un-convert. Mostly they are Europe's problem. They are a problem for us in that they control a vast quantity of oil. As such we can't simple ignore them. They are also a problem for us because virtue signaling liberals like to keep them around in the same way drug rats are drawn to vicious dogs and we now have too may of them infecting decaying cities. We should have been smart when we began accepting these rapefugees and consolidated them some place, like Hawaii. Or Guam, then Lil Kimmy's missiles would benefit us if he got out of control.
Antifa. The folks fascists who are anti Freedom and America are determined to tear us down from with in. I seriously doubt they have a clue why they are really doing it, but they are in large part funded by former and unrepentant nazi, George Soros. Maybe he hasn't forgiven us for stopping his hero, Hitler? In any case though, these spoiled brats are more a symptom than a problem. We've had anti-Americans from the get go. Only a small percentage of people in the colonies were hard core patriots. some were fair weather, most could not care one way or the other, but there were some who wanted to serve the king and after Yorktown, they were stuck in a nation they did not want to be part of. The United States has had an influx of foreigners from the beginning. Europe saw us as a dumping ground for their trash. From criminals not worthy of Australia to the miscreant children of the elite, we got a lot of the stones builders were rejecting, and we built a great and noble nation from that. In any group though there is the pecking order. Two guys? One is gonna be the leader the other the follower.
Even the bottom of the barrel has some one who thinks they should be boss.
At some point things evolved. Instead of getting the rejects, we started getting the social cream. Most of it is sour, but we got it any way. Our universities began to allocate slots for foreign students. That meant fewer American children becoming doctors and physicists. That bred discontent.
That is only one example, there are thousands. Dad was a war hero, but we don't have a great war to fight. Brother got the business, I got to be his serf. Millions of reasons. The sad part is, it is a cycle that has been repeated through history, and we are on the downward slide to our eventual oblivion. There is indeed nothing new under the sun.

So where does that leave you and me? There are 350 million people claiming to be Americans. Of that total, only about ten million are willing to fight to preserve the nation. An equal number or more are fighting to destroy the nation. Some in the name of globalism, others who see social injustice and would destroy anything that has been built no matter. They are like rats in a cage who will drag down anyone that tries to be better. That is the mentality that holds down most of America. They are the 53% who voted for a socialist and all the policies that have failed in every place they have been tried.
It is from that swill that we get antifa. It is that pollution that spawns black lies matter, and it is in that garbage that we are drowning now.
Antifa is only a symptom. The problem is parents who let it happen. Grandparents who tolerated schools that were not educating our children, and  government that worked to help the world and not help our selves. No, I'm not advocating welfare. The day we put a kid from China ahead of a kid from Cincinnati we made a mistake. I'm not anti immigrant, so don't read that into my statement.  I refer only to the ones who come here, get an education and leave. It would have been better if we had educated an all American kid and sent him to China instead. We screwed up when we gave up American know how that wasn't in American shoes. Now we are paying the price.
We are nothing more than a lone buffalo surrounded by lions who are waiting for the chance to bring us down. Our civil unrest is like a parasite chewing away at our entrails, slowly weakening us. Sorry President Trump, as empires go, we won't be great again. History and all that.

Friday, August 25, 2017


Taking care of the house

Whether we are talking a humble cottage, or the greatest of mansions, when they are first built, every thing seems like it will last forever. Time wears on a house. the paint fades and peels, the shingles weather and crack. Things need to be done to fix the problems.
I started out in the land lord business buying neglected properties and fixing them back up. One thing I learned early on was it must have a good foundation. If the foundation is solid, it takes more of the problems to bring down a house. Even with a good foundation though, neglect and mismanagement can still spell disaster., and also, time eventually takes it's toll. the best stone will eventually crack, water, wind and cold are forces that are impossible to completely stop.
The same is true of nations. Our nation has the best of foundations. Our Constitution is possibly the best one GOD has given to any people. Some how though we have gotten off the foundation, and that happened a long time ago. Some people like to point the finger at Lincoln and the Civil War as the cause, but Lincoln did not start the war, he wasn't yet in office when the first states seceded. And he was only one man. He might have had the worst of ideas and intentions, but with out the consent of Congress, he never would have accomplished any thing. Yes, he ignored the Constitution in some ways, but the Court put it right when he did, if not immediately, at least it was corrected.
Today our congress, courts and the states all ignore the Constitution except when they want to pin blame on some other entity. They regularly "gift" money to those who have not earned it to buy votes, using the treasury to bribe the many. Largess is not only given to the huddled masses, the mega doners get kick backs in forms we cannot imagine.
If our nation were a house, it would have a fence built around it a no trespassing sign, and a demolition crew en route.
Lots of folks think we are gonna be great again, after all, President Trump ran on that slogan. The truth is, we are well past the point of no return. The people who won't work won't help make America great again, and every dollar the government spends will be to make things better for them, not us. President Trump can only do so much. We his supporters can only do so much. The congress we have, even though supposedly republican, is fighting tooth and nail to stop America from becoming great again as well.
Great societies rise, then they flounder and eventually fall. We won't cease to exist completely, but our day of glory is fading to dusk. There are some who want to fight another civil war. That would be a no win war, and the jackals of the world would pick us clean after it is over. Fighting another war is not going to solve the problems that we have created. We would need to eliminate almost half the population to accomplish that. The left would do it in a minute, but that is not what Conservatives are made of. When Barry Soetoro won, we did not go out and riot, we went to work and hoped our job would be there on Monday. The Occupy Crowd? All leftards who wanted more hand outs taken from our pay checks and given to them.
The other situation is that globalism is the dominant threat we now face. Remember that Bible? One world government. The face on that today is George Soros, but he is not the only one. There are multiple shadows that drool at the thought of America going to war against our selves again. You can be certain that they will jump at the chance to aid their puppets here if a civil war did break out. Heck, they might find a way to instigate one.
Just like an old house that has fallen into disrepair, the other neighbors want to knock us down so they can build something shiny and new that will last like shoes from China. Our nation is filled with rot. Fixing that rot one board at a time wears a man out. We'd still rather be the one fixing it than to have the neighbor bulldoze it. There comes a time though when you have to think of yourself instead of the rotten house. Thanks to Kenny at Knuckledraggin for the link.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thank you Ha Ha

Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton Dix is the opposite of Colon Krappy and some of the other fucktards in the NFL. On Sunday he wrote the names of four slain police officers on his shoes and sent a message to the families who recently lost loved ones.
All I can say is thank you.

A little something to go with the recent destruction of Southern monuments.

I just want to start out by repeating that I am not opposed to having monuments to Confederate Generals.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Travis: the answer is YES

Overly liberal ESPN has pulled an Asian broadcaster from a Virginia game because he is named Robert Lee. Clay Travis from outkickthecoverage reported on this Tuesday. In his article, Clay poses the question, "Does ESPN really believe people are this dumb or that having an Asian announcer named Robert Lee is too offensive for the average TV viewer to handle?"  He then follows with "Yes, yes they do", and he is right. Every idiot Spewing Political Nonsense really does believe people are that dumb.
The thing though is ESPN is right about that. Sure, not every one, probably not even 30% of people would be that dumb. The problem though is college campuses are now infested with snow FLAKES, the type of people who are triggered by things like statues of Southern Democrat Generals.
The left is trying to remake themselves yet again as people finally saw through Dope and hey mister, got any spare Change? Or what ever it was Soros' puppet wanted to call his failure. They are worried about all the skeletons in their closet, things like the 3,000 or so KKK they threw under the bus some years back when they started needing the black vote to win because suppressing it wasn't working.
The kids on these campuses are really dumb enough that they would believe Robert Lee the Asian sports caster was a descendant of Robert E.Lee, hero of democrats until they tossed his long dead remains under the bus back around 1966.
I know a lot of folks use the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of opposition to government over reach. That wasn't what it was about in 1860, but symbols are what you make them to be. The rainbow, long a sign of GOD's covenant with man to not again destroy the world with a flood has been taken by the very abomination that led to the destruction of several cities. GOD still hangs one in the sky to remind us he IS even in spite of them.
So Robert Lee can go to Pittsburgh. Hopefully the kids there are not as dumb as the ones in Bezerkley and every where else that liberals are warping young impressionable minds. Hope he has good insurance, I'd hate for his ER visit to be unpaid. Yup, I aint bettin on the kids any more.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mopar ad from 1971

I was a Ford man in high school. My first car was a Pontiac Catalina, but not too much later I got a 65 Ford Pick up. My parents had a 1972 Ford LTD.
While searching for a clip of Kilvinski's Law, I came across this vintage advertisement for Dodge.
Brings back memories. On of my friends had a Polara.

Shut down

The America First rallies scheduled for Sept 9 have been canceled. Antifa wins another round. We won't win until we are willing to fight as dirty or dirtier than they do. It's called Kilvinski's law after the George C Scott character in The New Centurions. "If the dude uses his fist, you use your stick. If he uses a knife, you use your gun. Cancel his ticket right then and there."
We all play by the rules, there side has none, our is burdened with too many.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Like it's namesake

While the U.S.S. John McCain is named for the father and grandfather of the useless RINO senator from Arizona, it is sad to say that the ship is doing about as well as the senator. It collided with a merchant vessel, a tanker, near Singapore. Ten sailors are reported missing and five killed. Please pray for the families of those who serve on the ship.

A no win situation

Patriotic Conservatives spoke last year and boycotted the National snowFlake League when the 69ers quarterback started taking a knee during the Star Spangled Banner. Some things matter to proud Americans, and some forms of conduct won't be tolerated.
Every idiot Spewing Political Nonsense got in the brew and their numbers took a tumble like they were running hurdles wearing blindfolds. It seemed that the entertainment industry wanted to remain tone deaf.
At the end of the season, Colon took his losing record and went home, opting out of his contract, and a lot of people who are mega fans breathed a sigh of relief. It was dicey most of the summer as rumors swirled that this team or that team was considering the black lies matter poster child, but as preseason play began, Colon took his towel and headed "home" to Africa.

Then the unthinkable happened, Marshawn Lynch decided to do his own version and disrespect the people who pay his salary. I don't know about you, but this redneck won't be catching many games this season. My TV has an off button that works!
Now the waters just got muddy. The creeps who support Krap are calling for a boycott as well until he gets picked up. How will Roger know which boycott is impacting his bottom line? TV by the numbers gives a pretty good indication of televisions tuned in in near real time. It won't tell who is not watching, The NFL won't know if it is Proud Americans or antifa, all they will know is numbers are down again. Since the NAACP gets more press than a Kansas redneck, will they assume that both Colon fans had such a YUGE impact? That is what I'm expecting, our thunder is being stolen.
So, fine, we miss out on watching teams yet again,  who knows, this may become a tradition. But what if Krap gets picked up at some point? Will the numbers change enough to show that there was indeed any support for the worthless slime? If the numbers stay drastically down, what if any thing will the NFL do? I suspect that the days of watching football may be over. Who knows? In another decade, the notion of giving some neanderthal a full ride scholarship to college to harass and assault people may go the way of the telegraph. I doubt it, but the left has wanted to eliminate the sport for years.