Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Places to not shop in Mexifornia

A Socialist Just (an) ass bakery has honored Rasmea Odeh a terrorist who bombed a market in Jerusalem in 1969. Judging from the name of the owner, Reem Assil, this is the sort of place to avoid all hours of the day even with out the mural.
Now the worse new, Rasmea Odeh is here in the United States, and she is not in a prison. A glimmer of hope, she is scheduled for deportation. Too bad we can't send Asshole along with her.

Reason 8,459,673 why islam is evil

The satanic cult is busy. It's not just the ones in Syria and Europe causing problems, it is world wide.

The Philippine military has confirmed eyewitness reports that Islamic State jihadists, attempting to establish a caliphate in southern Marawi city, have taken civilians hostage and forced them to fight and loot for them, and have forced female hostages into sex slavery. more

There are an estimated 1.6 billion too many muslims in the world. Their koran is straight from Satan himself. This sick cult spreads death and destruction every where it goes. According to Pew research, our own infestation numbers around 3.5 million. Latin America has been blessed, they only endure 840,000 of the two legged vermin. Europe had over 43 million, but how many more have invaded since Pew published those numbers?

Just as there are many denominations that follow Christ, there are many that follow Satan's various teachings. Whether it is Hindus, antitheists, or muslims, his sole purpose is to lead people away from GOD.

Revelation is closer than we think.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Just heard about this

I cannot find independent confirmation, but was informed that the Strip Clubs of Denver will be hosting the Governor's Annual Blowjob contest at Mile High Stadium this Saturday. The Denver Police are asking that men not attend........ They want a woman to win for once.

One more train song

An odd fact

I read grouchyoldcripple almost every day. Denny often mentions his service in the Navy where he was assigned on the U.S.S. Iredell County. It always struck me as an odd name for a ship. We had the Yorktown, Lexington, and any number of ships named after famous people and famous battles. It might have seemed more likely to name the ship after James Iredell, a justice of the Supreme Court appointed by George Washington, but that is not the case.
I was recently in South Dakota and visited the county seat for Brookings County.  IN the atrium they have a model of the U.S.S. Brookings County, which was gifted with the name because of the County's contributions to the war effort in WW2. Many counties and parishes put forth extra effort in sales of war bonds and other endeavors. In return, ships were named for them. That factoid was on the plaque accompanying the model.
WW2 saw a host of ships of amazing types and numbers built for the purpose of taking the war onto the shores of Europe and Japan. Many of them went to war bearing only  hull number, others were christened to commemorate others.
Our history is important. every day more of our national treasure of veterans die. Soon they will be gone. The ranks of our Korean war veterans also are thinning, as are those of Vietnam. I would rather see ships named to honor the service of these incredible men rather than have a floating whore house called the U.S.S. Worthless Willie err U.S.S. William Jefferson Clinton, or the U.S.S. Barry Soetoro. It btw will be an unmanned drone mostly controlled by the Iranians.

Monday, June 26, 2017

ME again Kelly's star becoming a black hole

The fourth episode of America's least watched never Trump Anchor reached yet another low. 3.4 million more viewers than she deserves tuned in for no apparent reason except possibly to ogle her legs. A rerun of America's funniest home videos garnered 3.9 million viewers, and SeeBS managed to sucker in 7.2 million with fresh garbage fit only for liberals.
I got banned from The Conservative Tree House for expressing my opinion of her in what I considered restrained terms. She was and is a presstitute, a charlatan who will say and do anything on air for a buck. I opined that on election night the only one who would see her tear stained face was Rupert Murdoch. Even he doesn't want to see her any more. Too bad, so sad. Maybe she can get a gig with an adult film company that needs some one to play dirty grandma. I doubt even they would want her as toxic as she is.
She is a media black hole, don't get sucked in.

One more Cash

Sunday, June 25, 2017

When it reaches 49 let me know

Commiefornia has a travel ban all their own.  State employees were not allowed to travel to Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee because they have laws that the communists deem discriminate against perverts. Now they have added Texas ,Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota o the list. The nation is shifting to the right, California is sliding to the extreme left. Too bad it isn't a literal slide. That means more states will be added to the list. Ho hum, If you are not on the list, let your state legislator know because something is wrong.
Now if we can get them to impose an emigration ban.

Dem rank and file panic

While the yammering cats at the top of the food chain of communist politics have been raising the roof over Podesta's Russian hack, the ones closer to the bottom are looking around and beginning to panic. Trump has played them like the fools they are. Every time he tweets they get so distracted they forget which direction is up. The headline says it,

Panicked Democrats to Party Leaders: Voters Care About Economy, Not Russia

and the rank and file are seeing it unfold. They know that if President Trump fixes the economy that the communist infestation might very well whither and blow away.
If President Trump plays this well, it could be Ivanka for President in 2024.

A big Huh???

Londonistan has determined that a major factor in the June 14 fire at Grenfel tower was faulty external cladding ie, insulation. That led to the rapid spread which engulfed the building and seemed to climb the structure like King Kong.
Skip down to the bottom though and you find the biggest WTF of the week;
London Mayor Sadiq Khan backed Camden Council's decision ....... Look, you've got to err on the side of caution. You can't play Russian roulette with people's safety," he told Sky News.
And yet he wants to import even more splody dopes?

Before I forget

Ka-BOOM-a-don is over. Mooslimes are done "fasting" ie eating an early breakfast, skipping lunch, taking dinner late and pigging out all night in homage to their moondog A lie.

Now I need to make one with BACON!

The gift that keeps on giving

After going 0-4 in special elections, the queen of "special", Nancy P. Lousy became the target for many people venting about how the communists need to change corpse if they want to remain relevant. President Trump weighed in and took a shot at the Bismark redux saying it would be a sad day for republicans if she slithered down. Not Happening. Fine by me, When the leader of the team leads as well as Colin Kaepernick, you are supposed to "honor" their moral victory and laugh your ass off in private. Well, we are laughing our asses off in public because dems are stuck with her.
To put it in redneck perspective, picture a football game, All the 69er fans are screaming at Colin about his lousy throwing, limpdick running, and poor play calling and are screaming for the coach to send in some one, any one to replace him.  You, in your nonrainbow attire, turn to the guy yelling the loudest close to you and say, "Man, he sure aint go it anymore."
They will most likely jump to his defense and bellow at you that he is the best damn quarterback in the NFL bar none with the best receivers, bar none, and they are just having a bad stretch. Yup, that kind of mentality.
Given the demographics of San Franfreakshow, it is likely that if she runs in 2018 she wins and the dems, if there are any left, are stuck with her again until 2020.
Sick of the winning yet? The communist party has openings and are on course to loose loose loose.

My Redneck bonifieds

Jeff Foxworthy stalked my family. We never caught him, but I know it for fact. He has told too many stories about us for it to be a coincidence.
I went to visit my eldest brothers last week end. I had business in South Dakota, and it was a chance to combine a few things and have a good time. Father's Day is celebrated a touch differently up in our neck of the woods. Lake Benton Minnesota has held  Saddle Horse Holiday for as long as I've been around. This seemed like a good chance to revisit for nostalgia's sake.
My oldest brother recently retired, I think this is the eighth or ninth time, he is 73. He was a mechanic. He has taken up a new hobby, he is building an airplane. A real one. He is building it in his living room. He lives in a single wide.
OK, if you wanted to build an airplane from scratch, can you think of a better place? Need material? Just make a late night trip through the park. There is bound to be a "loose" piece of siding that will work perfect for a wing patch.
Well, at least he has in door plumbing, that is more than we had as kids. Which was OK, the pipes would have frozen at night in the winter. Heck that was Minnesota, they'd have frozen at night in the summer.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


If there is one animal I positively hate, it is a racoon. One of my earliest memories centers around coons, it happened when I was about 15 or so months old.
A little back story first; I'm the youngest in my family. Four older brothers, four older sisters that range out to 22 years ahead of me. With that kind of spread, it should be no surprise I have been an uncle since the day I was born. Folks had a dog when I was little, a collie mix, Jake. He was an old dog by the time I was born, I actually have only two memories of him. According to my eldest brother, Jake passed away the winter after I was born. If that were the case, I'd not remember him at all. I remember trying to climb on his back. He was sitting and I grabbed a hand full of hair and when I pulled, he turned and snapped. I have a scar over my right eye from that.
Don't know if that was before or after the coons visited, but it had to have been around the same time. My oldest nephew was visiting, he is a year and a half older than me, and we were playing in a tractor tire sand box. My teen aged sister came running and snatched us both up. I was tucked under her one arm, and I think my nephew was under her other. Hell, he could have been running ahead for all I know, my attention was riveted on the action to her rear. Jake was running just behind her, he was running backwards and snapping at a coon that was filthy and frothing at the mouth. Yup, rabies season in the great white north. We made it into the house, actually the porch, it was windowed, not open. I remember that coon climbing the down spout for the gutters and getting onto the roof. Later some one shot the coon. I remember one of my brother in laws spearing another one with a pitch fork. According to sis, those happened at different times.
I don't know how Jake survived. We were poor, dirt poor so it is doubtful he had a rabies shot. Lucky? If that dog had been lucky, he'd have never been at our place. As I said though, Jake was old. He died that winter. We go through many pets in our lives, most pets, the lucky ones, go through just one master. My eldest brother was Jake's master, he graduated school the year I was born.  I don't remember him coming to visit, he moved to St Paul right after graduation. That Christmas all the other kids came home for Christmas Eve but not Phil. According to mom, Jake wandered the yard sniffing vehicles, circling and searching. When Phil finally arrived near midnight, Jake was dead on the door stoop.
As for me, those memories fill a large part of my early years. Yes, those coons terrified me. I couldn't sat racoon then, it came out racky-moo-man.They were the stuff of nightmares for me, and I had plenty of them. My siblings didn't help either, we were typical, I was the annoying little shit, they were the tormenting big brothers and sisters. They used the threat of letting the racky-moo-mans in to keep me in line. They used it often.

Some one mentione THE man in black

Too bad for Otto

A lot of noise outlets and blogs have spent time on the story of Otto Warmbier, the repat from North Korea who died. I want to start by extending sympathy to his family. It is never easy to lose a child or sibling, and the circumstances of his death make it all the worse.
As for Otto, well, he pretty much fucked himself. I'm not saying he deserved it, death for stealing a picture of lil Kimmy? GMAFB!
The simple fact though is he went to a country led by a mad man and known for their tendency to take hostages and abuse people. Their own as well as foreigners.
Then he stole something. Supposedly. After an interrogation by the NorKs, a saint would be convinced he was a devil worshiper. Seriously, a poster of Kim Jong Un?
The sad part is that in a sane world, the leader of a nation would not be upset that a foreigner took a poster of him, it is spreading his propaganda far beyond his personal reaches. That to most leaders would be a good thing. It is like the Gideon Bibles at the motels. Had he taken and defaced it, that might be another story. Kim passed up a chance for a diplomatic score on this on, but he is not interested in diplomacy, his version is dipshitplomacy.
Otto knew or should have known that before he ever considered going to North Korea. He put himself in the fire and he got burnt far worse than he expected. His family is stuck with his mess.
North Korea should be a no go zone. If you travel there, you are 100% on your own, and if any thing happens to you there, it is called suicide. If by chance you make it back alive, your passport gets revoked, and you do a few hours community service.
Heck, given how unstable lil Kim has been, he is lucky we didn't nuke the place during his visit.

Friday, June 23, 2017


I did a bit more research on the Keller case, and one bit I found has left me floored. A site called ritualabuse had a piece on the Kellers, condemning them of course, and it contained a piece written by the "expert" who helped prepare the case for the the Criminals in Travis County, Randy Noblitt, Piled higher and Deeper. " The children’s stories were credible – Fran and Dan Keller’s defense was not. End of story? Probably not. I doubt that we have heard the last of Fran and Dan or of their day care or of their victims."
 So, Randy, I have some questions for you; How does it feel, sitting in your ivory tower knowing that you personally helped destroy the lives, reputation, and potential of two truly innocent people?
How does it feel to know that the lives of those children were impacted for the worse by your stupidity? How does it feel to know that the people of Texas who counted on you for expert analysis were utterly failed by you, and that their children are now having to shell out millions in compensation to a couple who would have made far more, accomplished far more and benefited Texas far more than you ever will no matter what, had you not been so dumb?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

When experts speak

It was twenty five years ago, and I remember the news to this day. A couple in Texas were accused of operating a horror house for children under the guise of it being a day care. My own children were small at the time, both the wife and I worked, and the thought of some one, any one, harming our kids was beyond nightmarish.
As the case unfolded, It, in my mind, crumbled like a poorly made sand castle as the tide washes in, but I was in Kansas, and I did not get to hear every word spoken, see every shred of evidence presented, and those child care providers, Dan and Fran Keller were found guilty and marched off to prison where they languished, and were abused by fellow prisoners who hold child molesters in the lowest of contempt, for 21 years.
Today, after being determined to be factually and actually innocent as they have maintained for the last 25 years, they have been exonerated. They are now eligible to receive $80,000 per year for each year they were wrongfully held hostage. $3.36 million? Sound like a good deal until you think about the living hell they were put through. The persecutor that attacked them and every one of the psycho "experts" who testified against them should be made to languish in prison just as they did, but at the end of their 21years, they should be taken out and shot.
No child came forward with evidence. Every bit of the crap spewed in that court room was obtained by coercing the kids, the experts were the ones who got on the stands and told the world what they had convinced the kids happened to them.
Think about that, not only were the Kellers destroyed by this, so were the minds of the many children whom the "experts" harangued for hours on end. Those kids went from having normal childhoods to ones where reality did not exist, where the stories they were spoon fed became their terrible reality.
These are he same mental experts who tell us that transgenderism is normal, and that most of the assholes on death row are too damn dumb to be executed.
Every single one of them should be obliterated. The school that trained them closed and bulldozed, and their colleagues sent to work at Burger King, stripped of every thing they possess. The mental hellth field has become a sham, and our society is their victim.
Twenty five years ago as I read about all that transpired in that court room, I was aghast that the Kellers were convicted. One child had abrasions which a doctor said were signs of abuse. And before you jump on me about that, think about this, that very doctor was an inexperienced newbie. When he got older and experienced, he wised up. He is the one who came forward and said he was wrong. He acknowledged his misdiagnosis, and that is the reason the case against the Kellers folded like a Chinese fan. All the mental BS was icing on the cake, a piling on so to speak,a a mountain of trash.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Money can't buy you love

Voters today in Georgia's sixth district turned out and they don't love the Osshole. (Denny's name). After pouring record amounts of cash begged borrowed and stolen from their elite snob pals in far off places, they still came away with a second place finish... In a two person race. While Osshole poled 48.1% in the primary, he was not able to maintain that kind of score in the general gathering a paltry 47.3%. I guess a little light on the subject showed people why he is worth sending back to Follywood.
He can make more mockumentaries about glowbull whoring or the Russian hacking of the election. Oh wait, it was hacking Illary that coughed up a "Sure" win in November. ***Cough***
We have now endurred three special elections since Trump shocked the lame stream media and was handed the Presidency by Americans who are fed up with communism's retarded bastard baby Obamunism. What were those verdicts again????
Enjoy the party Denny, not all your neighbors are as dumb as the ones who keep sending Looneyass Lewis back to the swamp.

Liberals Eating their own instead of Ice Cream

The regressive band wagon is now marching on Ben and Jerry's, the over the top liberal company that created nasty names for their flavors to show support for perversion and in some places won't sell two scoops of the same flavor because same sex marriage is illegal there, is now under fire for not doing enough to help "migrant" workers who are on the dairy farms that supply them.
Fine by me, I quit supporting them back when they jumped on the perversion band wagon, or at least made their presence there well known.
While Ben and Jerry's is owned by Dutch corporation Unilever, it is not divorced from the political extremism of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield who remain active in company decisions. The only division was when Ben created Bernie's yearning in support of communist Bernie Sanders. Unilever disavowed it and said "This was created by Ben as a citizen. The company is not involved" Well, they did package the crap, didn't they? I guess fear of Arkancide is international.
Liberals need to take a course in economics. After that, they need to spend a few years in a place like Venezuela or Cuba helping to make communism work there before pushing the failed idea here.
Don't expect to see Unilever fail over this, they are huge, and they are well rooted in places where liberal stupidity is rampant. Their downfall will be the flood of rapefugees trashing Europe.
I guess we shouldn't be surprised at their cannibalism, they kill their own, why not eat them as well?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Pata WHO?

Following the marketing example of Kellogs, Macy's, Starbucks and a few others, Patagonia, an outdoor company I'd never heard of until now is launching an Anti Trump campaign because he is reviewing Barry Soetoro's land grab, in particular, the Bear Ears National Monument.
Some one needs to explain to Marcario that the land was public land before Barry seized control of it from the states, nearly 60% of Utah residents opposed it, and there is nothing in the Constitution that allows a president to make an action like Barry did that would be irreversible.
OK, Dropping the nukes on Japan aint gonna get undone even now, but.....
I spend a lot of time out doors, I hunt hike, and work out under the stars and sun. I've never heard of Patagonia, never searched for their label in a store, never researched their gear. I will ow keep my eyes open to make darn sure I never buy one of their products.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you

London burns. Yes, it is only one building, One theater, one truck, One at a time. The building was constructed in the 70's. Not especially new, but Europe usually builds to last. The place I lived in, in Germany, was well over 400 years new. This building was renovated only a few years ago, and while the cause of the blaze has yet to be determined, the rate at which it spread speaks to sabotage of the suppression systems or serious neglect.
Commenters at Breitbart claim the occupants are predominantly mooslime vagrants err immigrants. Arson is one likely cause, another would be a ramadan post fast meal cooked on a grill.
Would mooslimes target their own? You bet they would. There are more muzzie on muzzie violence in the Israeli territories than muzzie on Jew, muzzie on Christian, and Jew on muzzie combined. The victims would be Martyrs in their sick twisted belief system, and an attack like this would be blamed on anti mooslime sentiment just like all the mosque fires here in the United States have been.
With a jihadist mayor, London is in deep trouble and does not understand it. From his position at the helm, it will be possible to steer the investigation and partially control it unless massive evidence is brought to light in the very early stages.
As of right now, I can confirm two people who were not involved, my wife, she was at work, and my mother, she is dead. I sadly, have no alibi at this moment, I was home working in the yard,but until the NSA releases satellite imagery, I want a liar err lawyer present when they talk to me.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

OK, So?

Nancy P. Lousy, the Freak of San FranFreakshow was whining to Morning Joe Scarborough about Trump.... Yet again. She went so far as to say, "As far as the Republicans, the people that voted, it’s almost like any mammal will do".
True enough I guess, tell us what that says about HiLlARy, what kind of animal is she then if not a mammal?
Part of her rant had to do with the illegals who voted. You know it happened, I know it happened, the only ones going "What illegals?" are the folks who colluded with these vermin to attempt to steal it for Soros.
As far as President Trump and his art of the deal, I hope the only deal he makes with Nancy P. Lousy is to take the death penalty off the table if she pleads guilty to treason.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

My take on Commie

The events that collided with the termination of crooked Commie were a lot of hype and bluster. The Justice department appointed  special investigator, Mueller, who has more ties to Comey than a marriage with a dozen kids. Mule Ears, yes, he's a jackass, is possibly the most partisan hack they could have found. Maybe picking HiLlARy or worthless Willie would have been worse, but not much worse.
All the hype in the media about the Comey termination and the who what and where has turned out to be a nothing burger, and a burnt one at that.
Comey was a special tool of Barry which means he was and is a tool of Soros. His bending over and calling the Clinton e-mail scandal a matter, and his refusal to bring charges, clearly shows that he is swimming in the cess pool. How many agents quit over that fiasco? What does that say about the ones who remain? It's time for a reshaping of things in the justice department. The FBI has never been above the political fray, Hoover was manipulative as heck and played every president like a fiddle. He had dirt on every one, not just in Washington. DO we need a federal investigative tool, and if so, what should it look like? First, take away their big guns. No hostage rescue, no snipers, only a snub .38 or a .380 for their personal protection. their job is to be the brains, leave the brawn to the U.S. Marshals. They should be the computer whiz kids who can pick through a digital nightmare and fine the pixels to paint terrorists into a corner. That ability got lost somewhere. Most of the honest agents went away with it. That happened back when worthless Willie had the reigns.
The FBI should be there to assist local and state authorities where multi-jurisdictional nightmares and large egos get in the way of public service. That and rooting out evil public servants like Illary should be their domain.
IN his testimony to Congress, Commie admitted that he manipulated the system to get a special prosecutor appointed. Is it a coincidence they picked his long time bud? Time for that horse and pony show to pack up and leave town.
The CLAMs have been out to destroy President trump from the moment he announced his candidacy. They have fought a tooth and nail campaign that would make the waffen SS proud, and now with their backs against a wall, they still won't back down. Time to take em down. Its time to take our country back! Send every member of congress who has accepted bribe money in the form of campaign donations back to private practice. Every one of them can be replaced, there is no member of the house or senate who is irreplaceable, and Commie brought home the reason we need change, not a one of them is screaming for his head or the heads of Barry and Illary.
Clean House in 2018! (and Senate)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Understanding Evergreen

Evergreen is a nontraditional school located in Olympia Washington. Founded in 1967, it uses a totally different structure to educate. There are no classes, only interdisciplinary academic programs, no grades, instead narrative evaluations. If that doesn't sound like a "special ed" program, I don't know what would. The school's motto, Let it all hang out.
Of the twenty six notable alumni, one is known for magic mushrooms, a mycologist by trade who followed that path because his brother was into the stuff. Nine are musicians, none of whom I have ever heard of, two reality TV stars, four writers, one business entrepreneur whose credentials claim she is self taught and whose degree was in humanities. Two soccer players, a congress critter, and their most famous daughter, Rachel Corrie, aka St Pancake. That should tell you all you need to know, it is 1000 acres of wasted space for wasted lives.
Beginning at some point in the 70's they have had a day of absence where all minorities stay off campus for a day to highlight the contributions of minorities to society. The whirlwind of protests this year happened because they decided to alter the format and have whites stay away.
Both versions are stupid. It is not the color of people's skin that makes a difference, it is the content of their hearts, their character.
I will end by saying that the rumors that grads of Evergreen are automatically enrolled for food stamps and section eight housing are simply not true. They need to be guided through the process just like every other bum.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

meanwhile in Texas

73 years

Today marks 73 years since our fathers and their friends waded ashore in France to begin the gruesome task of liberating nations that fell because they did not take action early to stop what became their most terrible plight. Many of those brave men perished freeing France, Belgium Luxembourg and Holland from tyranny. Had we not done it, the darkness that descended in 1939 would have been replaced by another shade of black. Now another shade of black is engulfing them.
We rolled back the curtain with blood and flesh. It took eleven months and two days to bring an end to the thousand year reich. It took another 44 years to free the rest of the continent.
That freedom lasted a mere twelve years. Not bad really when you consider that  after WW1 it only took Germany only fifteen years to cast off the freedom of democracy and embrace the chains of nazism.
For the last sixteen years islam has been at war with humanity. While we have been doing some fighting, we have done almost nothing to reverse the terrible tide of islam. islam is NOT a religion peace. It is a sick satanic cult of murder and mayhem.
And so the battle continues, one generation fixes the mess and the next reinvents it.
Thank you GOD for those brave men and women who struggled to free the oppressed. Thank you for the new ones who today fight against islam. Strengthen our resolve to do what is right.

How stupid can they get?

In the wake of the recent islamic behavior, the folks in Britain held a #OneLoveManchester benefit concert. Not sure if their goal was to raise money or attract more islamists.
Katy Perry was one of the performers, and as part of her dialog she rambled on about love and encourages every one to turn to the person next to them and say "I love You".
There is a time for love, now is not that time. I would hazard a guess and say there were exactly zero pedophile followers present, but even if there were, love is not gonna fix this. How many of the people killed at the Ariana Grande event hated islam? I bet most of those kids had no clue about what islam is, what it teaches, or why they were targeted like that. I would also bet that if every one of the people who died had walked up to the bomber and said I love you, that he still would have detonated his explosives.
This is why we will not win. We need to be willing to stoop to their level and fight at their level using the same tactics or more aggressive ones to drive home the point that we are not sheep for slaughter. If the father of the bomber was taken out and beheaded in public, it might do some good. If his mother and sisters were gang raped by one hundred infidels, the next terrorists mother would beg him to take up needle point, and if his home village was bombed flat, leveled with a MOAB wrapped in pork renderings, the local imams would be less apt to preach the hate their satanic verses proclaim.
In order to win WW2 we had to play at the level the Japanese played at. No, we didn't march through Tokyo raping their daughers as the Japs did in China, but we turned city after city into crispy critters. Prior to the atomic bombing, Japan was making plans to fight to the last man woman and child. The mass suicides of Okinawa and Siapan would have happened all across the nation. Banzi charges against machine guns and tanks would have been nightly occurrences if we had decided to have a gentleman's fight in the Pacific.
England is attempting the Chamberlain approach with islam. It didn't work with the nazi's, it won't work with these fanatics either. Britain didn't have the stomach for a mean fight in 1933 when Hitler began his campaign of terror and so they suffered the battle of Britain, the near extinction of Dunkirk and losses of good men in Burma, India as well as Africa and at home.
Some lessons must be learned the hard way. Then learned again... The hard way. This time will be different though, because America has forgotten the lesson as well.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Prayers for the people in London

Have you ever seen a homeless person who is so mentally unfit that they do not comprehend what is going on in their life? A person so out of it for what ever reason that if you handed them a dollar they would try to eat it, then discard it?
OK, maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but there are some people who are so strung out that they cannot make rational decisions for them selves. That is the situation in Europe where the leaders are bent on self destruction by islam.
Not every one in Europe has lost their mind like Merkel, Macron, and their supporters. There are a percentage of the population who see the threat, know it is real and want to do something. Folks like Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage. Many are simply caught in the middle, caring nothing about politics and only wishing to live their lives in peace.
Peace, for Europe, is dead. Even if they completely stopped the tsunami of savages, there are too many already there to deal with. Those scum will reproduce like rabbits, they have been for years.
Europe has been castrated in the last several decades. They lack the spine to deal with common criminals, so this mass has them over whelmed. Those who resist are branded as criminals and jailed. Look at how Wilders has been set upon.
Take a good hard look at Europe, that is our future as well. We too have liberals who are no better than the crazy homeless man eating garbage from a dumpster. They are made foolish in their wisdom.
Think about it. Their wisdom is as good as a _____________ Just fill in the blank, it is bad beyond words for me tonight. Islam is peace, global warming, black lies matter, pick your poison, they are passing it out by the tanker load today.
There but for the grace of GOD go I? Nope, we are going there too, our bus just isn't as fast.

How to restart her career

Failed funny gal Griffin now has no venues to play because of her Trump Administration Rejection Disorder. She's a tad old to be switching career fields, so the best move for her would be to find fertile ground for her talents.
Kathy should start out by seeking asylum in the French Embassy. Not the one in Washington, given that her last act might be construed as a threat against the life of Our President, it is most likely under surveillance. Instead she should head south to Mexico.
On her trip down she needs to have her guide show her the amazing mesquite trees that blossom underwear.
Then on to Europe. She can do gala events similar to what Bob Hope did for our troops in Vietnam, but instead perform for the rapefugees who are infesting France Germany and Belgium. Since her message is in sync with the feeling of these people she should be a big hit.
If we tell em that she is what American virgins look like, they might not try to come to America.
I think that would be a good start to her next bad act.

Too toxic for Franken

It is getting bad for comedic failure Griffin. Even Al Franken is dis-inviting her from his manifesto signings.

Sen. Al Franken (Communist -MN) has disinvited Kathy Griffin from an upcoming book event one day after saying he would still appear with her in the wake of the controversy generated by a photograph in which the comedian posed with what looked like President Donald Trump’s decapitated head.

And that after he told the Communist News Network that  it would go on as planned.

“After hearing from many Minnesotans who were rightfully offended, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be best for her not to participate in the event we had previously scheduled. I understand why Minnesotans were upset by this, and I take that very seriously,”

Well, Al, a lot of Minnesotans are upset about you using voter fraud to steal the seat from Coleman. Are you gonna resign? Didn't think so.

Regardless of his decision to distance himself, his initial reaction, to stand by her and continue as planned shows what Al is made of. The guy is still a loser and worthless.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


By now I'm sure every one has seen the sick photos of Kathy Griffin, the failed comedian who co-hosts the communist news Network's New Years Celebration with Anderson Cooper.
The good news is CNN finally got around to canning her and Squatty Potty (who the heck is that) is dropping her like a Taco Bell bowel movement.
Another failed comedian though, fricken Franken is riding to her rescue. If that sorry piece of trash represents Minnesota values, we need to hand it over to the Somalies and let them go full jihad. I'll get my green beans elsewhere.
This is the values of the left. We on the right had to put up with eight years of Barry Soetoro the puppet of George Soros, They can just learn to live with it instead of being spoiled rotten children.
FWIW, we on the right also put up with the liberal spending of George W Bush. Yes, he is supposed to be a republican, but he can waste money fight up there with Barry. His only redeeming trait is that he supports our troops. OK, he has a few more, I'm just not in a mood to praise him since he turned liberal after his worthless bother err brother lost the republican nomination.
Here is to hoping the Secret Service does a thorough exam of miss Kathy. Maybe a few months in a federal prison will help her get her ass together.

Its KaBOOM-a-don

Yup, Islam at it's most peaceful.
On the plus side, you can bet that most of the dead are muzzies.

Stand with USAA

After the Socialist Just-Ass Whores targeted Hannity for continuing to push the Seth Rich story and keep his murder front and center, USAA Insurance pulled their ads from his show. This riled up more than a few veterans, and patriots came calling. USAA, after a blitz of attention from those Patriots decided that caving to the whining of people who have never served, will never serve, and are at best traitors, was not as smart as it first appeared.
They are back on.
Now it's time for us to respond. If you are a veteran,  or the family member of a veteran, now is the time to look seriously at switching your auto or home insurance. Can we send a message to Lebeda? You bet we can! Lets do this.
If you don't think there is anything to the Seth Rich story, ask your self a simple question, Why are the liberals close to HiLlARy upset by this?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

As a kid growing up, Memorial Day marked the start of summer. After I joined the National Guard, I was asked to participate in a Memorial Fay observance and be part of the Firing Squad. Hey! I like to shoot, and any excuse, even blanks and a filthy rifle are a good enough reason, so I donned my Khaki's and away we went.
We stood at parade rest and listened to several speeches. I think it was the first time I ever really thought about the human sacrifice that happened to make our free nation possible. It was very sobering.
We have a lot to be thankful for. We are the last bastion of freedom in the world. Socialism and it's counterparts have spread through much of the planet, and as it's failings bring economic blight, they look on us with envy. Not of our system, but of our wealth. They want the jobs and income that a free society has created. Why do you think they push climate change? It is all about stealing our wealth to prop up their failings. Enough about that.
We are that bastion of freedom because men and women had the courage to stand up and fight for it. Today we honor the ones who gave their all for US. That's us and U.S.
In WW1 116,708 American Service Members perished of whom 53,402 were KIA or MIA.
In WW2 407,300 American Service Members perished of whom 291,557 were KIA or MIA
In Korea 36,516 American Service Members perished of whom 33,686 were KIA or MIA
In Vietnam 58,209 American Service Members perished of whom 47,424 were KIA or MIA.
We have had many smaller conflicts, one huge (un)Civil War, and a lot of heart ache on our path as a nation. In total our wars have claimed 1,354,664+ Americans. 666,441+ of them as members of our military. additional deaths in time of peace puch that total still higher.
Every one of those deaths marks a son or daughter lost, a dad or mom never to tell another bedtime story, a husband or wife to never be there to offer comfort or share joy. A loss of a National Treasure because they stood up when others would not.
We take one day to remember them. Their loved ones remember them for a life time.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

We dodged a bullet?

Hacking ILLary was the commencement speaker at her alma mater, Wellesley College. during the course of her screed, she continued to blame her loss on the vast conspiracy, sexism, Russia, commie err Comey... You get what I mean. She also continues her coughing fits. Did any one in the first few rows get infected with what ever bug is eating her brain? Never mind, it's liberalism that destroyed her brain and Wellesley is a liberal arts haven.
Joel Pollack over at Breitbart has better details, I guess they don't teach history at liberal schools, otherwise people would learn that it is a failed idea. Been there, done that, got the poverty. Did we dodge a bullet?
More like we dodged a nuke.

Friday, May 26, 2017

That sound you heard

If you were out and about early this morning you may have noticed a strange sucking sound emanating from the direction of the swamp. That was the collective tightening of the sphincters in Washington as they woke to the realization that Greg Gianforte had won in Montana.
What do they have to fear? he is but one man, and the uniparty has 534 other marionettes on strings to do their bidding. They fear it because it may just be a tidal wave of change. In November we sent a man with no political ambitions to be our CEO. IN doing that he used less money and handily beat the entire political apparatus arrayed against him.
Gianfore is cut from the same cloth. He is a self made man, an entrepreneur who has made companies from the dust up starting in his garage and eventually selling them for millions. Make that billions. He made it, took it public, and sold it for a handsome profit.
Greg is a fundamentalist Christian, a young earth creationist. Unlike his mooslime contemporaries, he is not deadly. So far. Some folks take the Bible seriously, Greg is one of those. He is likely human as well meaning that he knows he needs a savior.
The creatures who control the swamp see all this and fear it. One honest man may spawn another, and another. It would please me to no end to see the long time inhabitants of the halls of Congress getting their papers from the voters. The sad part is that when they do, the swamp usually absorbs the new meat.
We will see what happens with Greg. Who knows, Gianforte 2024?

Memorial Day Ground Rules

I'm going to post something here that is very special for this weekend. It is not meant to offend, but rather to educate, and inform people about the reason they have this 3-day weekend. The following ground rules were posted by a veteran friend of my nephew. I've never met this friend, but care about his feelings very strongly. Please read, try to become informed, and share these sentiments with others every year, this time of year, for the rest of your life. Memorial Day is NOT about veterans or for veterans. It is about a Special veteran group that is no longer with us. They gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could live the way of life that we know today.Here is the post:
Some Memorial Day Weekend ground rules are in order.
1. Don't wish me a Happy Memorial Day - there is nothing happy about brave men and women dying for our country.
2. Its not a holiday or a sale, its a day to remember our fallen military personnel period.
3. You want to know the true meaning of Memorial Day, visit your local National Cemetery, not Disney Land or the mall for a sale.
4. Don't tell me how great anyone in Hollywood, playing sports, or in political office is, tell me about Robert Howard, Louis Bonacas , Chesty Puller, George Patton, Joseph Lemm, Dakota Meyer, Kyle Carpenter, John Steele, and Ira Hayes...Don't recognize them? , that's easy, plug their names into Google and be prepared to be amazed and awed by their exploits.
5. Don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about, I have carried the burden all too many times for my fellow warriors who now stand their post before God. (So has my Nephew, and so have I  btw)
6. Say a prayer, and then raise a glass and thank God for the men and women who have paid the ultimate price and who are no longer here. I will be raising a glass for my fallen Brothers and Sisters with whom I served.
7. The time to thank a Veteran is in November on Veteran's Day.
God, Bless America and her Fallen.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Monana's special election to pick a replacement for Ryan Zinke has had several interesting twists not the least of which is Gianforte's body slamming a pest err reporter. I seriously hope he did it, imagine the swamp rats treading oh so lightly when he walks the halls of the Craphole err Capitol. Hey Barry, this is change I can believe in!
As of 12:04a.m. EST with 62% of the vote counted, Greg has a narrow lead, 50.3 to 43.8%. The dems will be up all night in Glacier, Gallitin and Misoula stuffing the ballot boxes. Over in Big Horn county George Armstrong Custer and most of his 7th have reliably voted democrat. The dems there are focused on identifying th Indian remains so they too can cast ballots. Expect to see all of Montana's 699,000 registered voters turn out, and maybe a few thousand more in critical areas. Nancy P. Lousy's communists are not giving up with out a fight.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Suicide watch

A number or advertisers have begun yanking ads from Hannity on Faux. Cars dot com and Peloton have pulled ads as have several mattress makers. This is over his assertions that Seth Rich was killed because of the DNC email leaks. Remember, Asange confirmed almost immediately that Rich was his source.
Podesta, HiLlARy's shrew though is pushing his Russian conspiracy crap claiming that the alt right is controlled by the extreme left. Keep in mind that The Clinton shake down racket took large sums of money from Russian donors and sold uranium rights here in exchange. Pay to play the Clinton way.
Hannity must be close to paydirt, the Soros dogs are attacking. If he was barking up the wrong tree, they'd sit back and laugh.
I guess corporations have not learned much in the past year. They can all join Kelloggs. If you have stock in these companies, now it the time to sell. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Doctor Doctor

A Colorado man is accused of using an Army medical kit to remove a transgender woman's deranged man's testicles.
James Lowell Pennington, 57, who does not have a license to practice medicine in Colorado, was arrested Thursday and charged with felony reckless aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, the Denver Post reported. (more)

Felony reckless assault??? GMAB! Practicing medicine with out a license is one thing, but in that case, there is no way in hell the moron didn't know Pennington wasn't a doctor. The good news in this story is that the deranged moron won't be reproducing any time soon, and what the heck is with the wife? Assuming it was a real female, which is questionable at this point in time, why would she want her husband to be dismantled like that? "You sick bastard, that will teach you to wear my pantyhose."
Lets get this straight shall we? If you have XX chromosomes, you are a female, and if you have XY, you are a male. If by chance you have 46XX/46XY, 46XX/47XXY or 45X/XY, you are a hermaphrodite. This is simple genetics. There are no other options.
Science has become all about feel good. Instead of helping people to get better, they now want to help them feel good about being sick. I would say we are a society in decline, but this is beginning to resemble a very bad plane crash.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I thought it was Katrina

Moron Mitch Landrieu the Mayor of New Orleans is claiming that the civil war monuments are the reason residents left the city. The only thing that comes close to a mass exodus from that swamp was because of Katrina. That exodus also significantly lowered the crime rate.
Unfortunately the crime rate is climbing back up, but that has nothing to do with the civil war monuments. It has every thing to do with the failed ideas put forth by democrats.
I know a lot of people with ties to the south are fed up with this kind of garbage. The gem in all this is that Barry Soetoro did not start renaming military installations while he was in power. Good thing George Soros didn't think of it when his puppet was relevant.
What draws people to New Orleans? It's History. The very History that Landrueu is removing.
In case you haven't figured it out, this is all the ebb and flow of the communist party we are witnessing. Sure, they weren't called communists back when they got mad and seceded from the Union, the notions which inspire it were there though. When it worked to their advantage, the democrats as the communists like to call themselves, erected those monuments to their Civil War heroes. Now, as they morph in an attempt to hide their sinister nature, they are calling for the removal of those monuments to their past.
Those monuments are part of our nation's History. Tearing down all of them won't erase the fact that we had a Civil War. Naming a base in central Texas after a man who was a leader in that war didn't hurt any of the millions of black soldiers who were stationed there. Having those monuments in New Orleans has not hurt one black person in New Orleans. Democrap policies which destroy families and kill initiative have caused more harm than all the statues to all the people who fought on the wrong side of every war have ever caused.
Those monuments made people think. Today, with the internet, it is possible for a ten year old to learn more about P.G.T. Beauregard in five minutes than you could in a year of research when I was a kid. Preventing the next civil war is only possible when people understand what really led to the last one. Maybe that is why the commies want them gone.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Old, Out-of-Touch Democrats ‘F*cked Up’ the 2016 Election

Says an Old, Out-of-Touch Fucked Up democrap. Cher is partly right on that, but she is also very much wrong. It was not the message, but the messenger. People rejected HiLlARy.  Sure, millennials have no memory of the horror show that was Worthless Willies two terms in office, but they all know about the failures of the skank who left good people to die at Benghazi. They understand that trading favors via the Clinton crime initiative was the lowest form of pay to play bribery. But it wasn't just millennials who tuned out. Her rallies were sparsely attended by people of all age groups, back grounds, ethnicity and gender. The democrap field was lacking in people who represented the voters.
The good news is they have not yet learned their lesson.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When inbreeding is a good thing

1 in 5 child deaths in the London Borough of Redbridge are the result of inbreeding. The consanguineous relationships, those between people who are first cousins or closer cause genetic defects to flourish resulting in the high mortality rate. 65% of the deaths happen in children under one.
The demographics of Redbridge are reported as 41% Asian. By that they mean Pakistani. We are not discussing folks from Hong Kong are we? And while 36.8% of the area reports as Christian, they have a small sliver, 23.3% who identify themselves as rapefugees err muslims.
So it would appear that 23.3% of the population account for 19% of the deaths which result from inbreeding? In other words, an 81% reduction in suicide bombings beginning in 2026. I'd call that good news for London.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

running out of liberal cities to play in

Krapperdick has still not landed a new gig. The Socialist Just Ass Whore had his fifteen minutes of blame, and folks who used to watch football on Sunday found new hobbies to occupy an afternoon.
There ae only thirty two teams and by coincidence, they are all located in mostly liberal markets. Granted, Dallas isn't as libtarded as Autism err Austin, but it is by no means a conservative bastion.
Minniassholes? Liberal. Detoilet? Liberal. Chiraq? Liberal Miami? Liberal. Foxborough? Its Massiveclueless fore cryin out loud! Baltimore? Bwahahahaha. Buffalo? Liberal. Sinceitsnasty? Liberal. Cleveland? They have a team? Oh yeah, the clowns.Spitsburg? Liberal. Houston? Liberal. NativeAmericanapolis? Liberal. Nashvile? Liberal. Denver? Liberal. Kansas Shitty? Well, he claims to be independent, but kissed Barry's ass. Carson? it's in Mexifornia. Oakland? Ditto. San Franfreakshow? Cough hack, spit. Jacksonvile? OK, they have a republican mayor, but it is a regional government, the county and shit hole merged in 1968. Need I go on???
Why do they even mention this has been? Why do I mention him? To. Mock. Liberal. Ideas. Any way Colon, keep up the good work. Maybe you can use your free time and become black lies matter's next cause?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Whats wrong with liberals

The Socialist Nanystate Liberals at SNL did a sketch with Alec Baldwin and Michael Che pretending to be Lester Holt and President Trump. Part of the dialog was :

CHE: Your staff has been insisting all week you didn’t fire [Comey] because of his Russian investigation.
BALDWIN: No, I did.
CHE: Wait, what?
BALDWIN: I fired him because of Russia. I thought, “He’s investigating Russia. I don’t like that. I should fire him.”
CHE: And you’re just admitting that?
BALDWIN: Uh huh.
CHE: But that’s obstruction of justice.
CHE: Wait, so did I get him? Is this all over? Oh, no, I didn’t? Nothing matters? Absolutely nothing matters anymore? All right.
No, I'm not saying that mocking Trump is wrong, I spent the last eight years mocking Jugears Barry Soetoro The Kenyan born Indonesian puppet of George Soros. AMerica survived my mocking and just barely survived his presiDunce.
No, what is wrong with liberals is that the people who view this sort of garbage actually believe it. Remember Tina Fey and "I can see Russia from my porch?"  Yes, 80% of liberals actually though Sarah Palin said it instead of a half wit actress who read it from a teleprompter.
The leftards have been screeching like a barn owl about ties to Russia. Well, there most certainly are ties to Russia that influenced the election. Problem is, they all go straight to the Clinton Crime Family and their shake down  organization.
SNL must keep repeating the lie because the truth is coming out and they need to drown out the truth with their BS.
Bill Maher is ranting as well about Trump firing Commie Comey and the Russian lies. Maher said, “Why can’t the Democrats make this sale? You’re either with us or with the Russians. Remember Bush? You’re either with us, or with the terrorists. I feel like — that’s what — all I want to hear.”
Come again??? There is only one side? What about us who want a country not controlled by batshit crazy liberals? That is the problem we face today, these people actually believe the lies they are spreading.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Liberal dating?

Today, brand new cocktail dress: $300. Matching peep toe heels: $100. Getting my hair done at the salon: $80. Treating myself to a mani/pedi: $50. When finally meeting the guy I have been chatting online with for 2 months, I find out he's my cousin: priceless.


Yet another case where my gut says airliar behaving badly. Why am I calling it against the flight attendant? Simple, if the passenger had been acting any thing like what they are claiming, thee would be fifty videos on eew-tube and farcebook already.
Maybe it is time for a little airline employee reform.
Reagan shook up air travel when he fired the air traffic controllers. Trump needs to use Homeland Security to put a stop to this.
At a minimum, if a passenger is removed for a confrontation with a crew member, the crew member should also be removed from the flight. One or the other is leaving the airport with zero dollars.Lets start with mandatory dismissal and barred from airports for crew who assault intimidate or harass paying customers. Forfeiture of all allowances including retirement they might have accrued.
Then, any settlement offered to the victim comes out of their personal pocket to the extent they can pay, then from the union retirement fund.
When the first one happened with United, my inclination was to blame the air line the most. This criminal action on the part of airline workers though has spanned several carriers. How many does this make in the last few months? Is this a sudden spike, or has this sort of garbage been flying under the radar up until now? Regardless, it is time for it to END.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

My mom was the roller skating terror of our town. The second of four girls and eventually a baby brother, she was a tom boy from day one.
When I was a teen, I got in to guns. Mom shot every one that I brought home. She was with out fear in that respect. Pretty good for an older gal. Mom was 42 when I was born. Dad was no spring chicken, he was about to be 52.
Lots of fond memories of mother. When I was in kindergarten, I remember her birthday. I asked how old she was, and she replied, "A hundred". I went to school that morning and told every one that mom turned a hundred! Smart kid I was! Gullible as all heck.
Two things that were inseparable with mother, coffee and cigarettes. We used to joke that she subsisted on them. Mom was never big,she reached 5 feet, but I think that was in heels. The caffeine and nicotine probably helped keep her weight down as well.
She started smoking when she was about ten. Kept it up all her life. We could say smoking shortened her life, she died at 94, but her mother lived to only 101.
Mom brought nine of us little shits into the world. Lost several as well. At her 89th birthday she said that they had wanted a dozen, and with three miscarriages, she had that. My oldest brother then piped up and said he remembered at least five, so maybe it was a long dozen.
When Mom was pregnant with #5, the grandmothers got together and had that long birds and bees talk with mom dad, and a couple of the others who were being prolific breeders. "There are means to prevent that you know!" My uncle stood up and said, "Mother, I had no idea you felt that way. If you don't like grand kids, we certainly don't need to bring them to visit.  Grandma switched tunes faster than a Missouri toll boat operator. Josey Wales, eat yer heart out.
At any rate, rearing and raising us also took a toll on her. At 55, she buried the first of us, my little sister who perished in a car wreck. She was 17. I asked her a couple of years before her death how long it took her to get over Tammy's passing. She said it still haunted her.
We talk today about how parents should never have to bury their children, but that is bunk. Baby boomers are the first generation where that was not the norm. Before that, it was all too common. Tragedy visited often. I can remember attending a lot of funerals as a kid and teen. That's the price of a big family. I am glad to be part of one that is Yuge!

Just bin Laden him

Lil Kimmy continues his snit. At some point the guy is going to take it one step too far and people, lots of people are going to end up dead. He is China's puppet, but he is out of control. Any war he starts could well involve us and Russia as well.
The bst option right now is to have a small unit helitack in and assassinate him. NO reporters, no fanfare, no mention of it to any one for any reason. If a deal would be sprung, have it be a composite unit made up of elites from our military and some from China. They have commando's, involve them in the operation, and if possible, have them be the ones to deliver the Coup-d-grace.
One he is on his way to room temperature, quietly exit stage right and let them sort it out with assistance from Beijing.
Once it is done, commission a Kim Jong Un assassination medal and award it to every troop who was in the region. A few well placed bar stories, and they will never be able to sort fact from fiction, and if China helps, no one will care about it.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I am so NOT offended

Adelphi University has a men's Lacrosse team to be proud of. Instead they are making excuses and offering apologies. Why? Because the men chose an awesome excerpt from one of President Trump's speeches as their "music" when taking the field. "In all of our cities and in all of our towns, I make this promise: We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again! God bless you and good night. I love you!"
What's wrong with that?  I'll take them over the Socialist Justass Whores of St Olaf any day.

Is United on suicide watch?

I don't know if it is the air line or the union, but it sure seems that United is bound and determined to self destruct.  A simple change that needs to take place is removing people like this ticket agent from any public service position. Then strip them of any pension. Last, take any award given to the people whom they belittle from the union funds. Specifically, the retirement fund.
Since 9-11-01 there has been a slow strangulation of our ability to travel with in our own nation. It is time to reverse this .

Shaking people down is an art

Illary Clinton, while she was Secretary of State, used her position for personal enrichment. We have seen so much evidence of it, From Haiti to Russia, government benefits were tied to donations to the Worthless Willie slush and hooker fund.
There was payback as well. A dirty banker who funneled Some where between $125,000 and $300,000 got intervention in his dismissal.
We can add that to the list of shenanigans, Russian Uranium one deal, Haiti and more. I'm beginning to wonder if Lil Kimmy paid them as well.
The Clinton Gangster Inc is to extortion what DaVinci was to art. Screwing the world one (hundred) nation(s) at a time.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Confusing news day

This morning I read that California was making it legal for commies to work in Government. I guess they finally figured out Jerry Clown err Brown. Now this evening I read that a commie named James got his walking papers from President Trump. I guess the poor bastard can go work for Jerry?

On a serious note, I have been expecting this for quite some time. Comey showed his hand as a HiLlARy hack back when his office declined to indite her for compromising sensitive materials vis a vis her server. Couple that with the leaks which clearly show his actions to undermine the Trump presidential campaign marked him as a political hack in an agency that should be free of political persuasion.
So who should Trump nominate to replace him, I am sure I do not know, but the very first name to pop into my head was Sheriff Joe. Talk about putting the courts on notice! Chuck the schmuck's head would explode with the violence of a dud firecracker. Nancy P. Lousy would need a botox overdose and DieFi would hit high orbit.
The senate would never approve him, but it would set the stage for a better pick, Giuliani or Sheriff Clarke. Either would be capable, and would hopefully stop the hemorrhage of good agents from the FBI that has happened since Commie politicized it.
Some people are of the opinion that it should be an insider since the agency needs to heal itself. We don't tell cancer patients to heal themselves, nor do we offer that as a solution for pneumonia patients. It takes a strong dose of medicine, in this case reality, to effect a cure. We need the FBI cured, not merely in remission. The organizations most responsible for national security need to be 100%, nothing less is acceptable. What is needed now is a fireman's mentality, not a policeman's. Some one who will die to save, not live by the notion of better tried by twelve than carried by six. This is about saving the nation, if we lose, too many will die.
Best of luck Comey, America had a great day today, and you didn't.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Text her back

Hosebag O'Donnell made an unscheduled appearance at the glaad awards in New York. Appearing on stage, she made as if she was texting President Trump, "F*ck You Donald. From the Gays.
 The reply should be "No thanks Rosie, I'll stick to humans."

France capitulates

The people of France had a choice, they could have elected to cast down the chains of islam now closing on their wrists but instead elected another communist enabler for President. Macron will be the Vichy for the modern day French, but instead of taking the knee to German socialists, he will usher in the hordes of islamist terrorists  like what have plagued the nation for the last few years.
You can bet the car-b-ques are burning hot in celebration tonight in Paris. They would have burned in protest had Le Pen won, so it matters not. England was lucky to exit the Eew when they did, but like the forces who left Dunkirk, the fight is far from over. In 1940 London was not over run with German soldiers. Today they have an islamist mayor.
This slow motion train wreck is headed our way, mark my words. In 1940 we had thousands of nazi's who worshiped Hitler. Today we have thousands of anti-Trump Fascists who do the bidding of Soros. How close are we to Armageddon? 75 years closer than the last time this happened. Check your canteens and ammo, the cloud on the horizon is not cumulus.

Connect a few lines in the Commiefornia (non)education system

Does it strike any one as strange that the University of California system has seen the most violence since the rejection of her majesty Illary?
Conservatives have been assaulted, shouted down and intimidated from speaking in the Great Bear state.
Now we see that Janet Incompetano my have hidden as much as 175 million as head of the school system.
Are you seeing dots forming? I am. First, she was Barry's failure as homeland security chief. Immediately upon leaving that post she took over as President of California's University system. Has she been influential in stirring the pot? Certainly her plans t hike tuition are causing concern for students who in a democrat job world have little hope of earning enough to pay those debts.
Another thought, how much of that money is being used to stir the pot? In her position there, has she become a general of the modern SA in California? There re no spontaneous movements. Even if a million people are angry, it takes an organizer to bring that anger to a revolution, and the communist party is over flowing with organizers.

Meanwhile in Chechnya

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, a key ally of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, has allegedly vowed to eliminate the gay community by the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan on May 26.
This is what the left wants here, more mooslimes. Can any one explain why the lgbt community supports democraps? I'm fine with them supporting democraps though, don't get me wrong. I would rather the commies champion them than have conservative Christians forced to choose between the evils.
Maybe for a show of solidarity, our lgbt folks could go over there and march in protect. They are fine with foreigners protecting here, they should put their money where their mouth is and just do it.

On another note, as I was reading the comments in the article, a thought occurred to me, since we now have gender being a choice, and more genders than Baskin Robins has flavors, what would prevent a pedophile from making the claim that they can be any age they want so what really happened was a four year old trapped in a fifty year old body had sex with the seven year old boy? Or that the child wanted to be all grown up?
Awe hell, the next kid busted for under age drinking needs to use that defense to explain his MIP charge. "Yer Honor, I felt forty that day, It was a tough morning at the Junior High."

The slippery slope is beginning to look like a cliff.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

About those illegals

Charles Barkley went on the Colbert Show on SeeBS and talked about illegal immigrants. Yes, illegal, not "undocumented". My father was undocumented, born at home in Minnesota, until grandpa finally got his rear to the court house and registered the birth.
His notion is that they are here working their asses off doing the jobs blacks and whites don't want to do. If that were the case, I doubt any one would mind them being here. For some of them, that is true, but it certainly is not the case for a heck of a lot of them.
Most of the ones I have met here in Kansas are hard working folks who want to make money to support their families back home. Lets remember that many of the immigrants who populated this nation were the cast offs of European society. Whether the Irish, Polish, or Italians, they were hard working poor for  whom America was a land of promise. As far as H1B goes, we already have too many doctors who can't speak English, why import more? We could be sending our best to medical school instead of having them become master gamers. Seriously, I don't mind if the guy at Burger King screws up my order, I do mind if the Doc from Carjackistan screws up on prescribing my meds. Both have happened to me.
As for the jobs, there are two sides to that coin. The down side is this, Those jobs could be filled by our own poor. We could be kicking folks off welfare and the other various programs for fake ailments and telling them to work or starve. That would mean that all the wages paid would be remaining in the local community. That would fuel job creation and raise a few boats.
The sad fact though is that Barkley is right and many of these jobs are ones kids here won't do willingly. I have a number of friends in the restaurant business. Finding waitresses is no problem, but getting dish washers and fry cooks is another. I recently met a guy who had been manager of a local upscale eatery. He told me that in his eight years as manager, he'd never had a native born person who would wash dishes and not act angry all the time. It is a job that sucks.
Right now our economy is growing. The last few months have seen the biggest growth in nine years, maybe longer. If this holds, we will at some point need those foreign workers. Our work force is finite. the possibilities are infinite. I would rather see people come here to work than see jobs go elsewhere for workers.
About that though, we still need national security. That means we need immigration reform. I do not want one illegal in our work force. If we reach a point where we are creating a million new jobs a year, I want our immigration folks to have the ability to process a million people to fill those excess slots, and I'd much rather have Catholics from Mexico than muslims from Pakistan.
What I would like to see is us process all the ones who are already here. Sort em out, if they work and behave, get them a green card and let them work legally. If they are criminals, use a pumpkin chunker to return them to Mexico. If they don't work, they don't stay, and if they breed, send the off spring back with them. As for citizenship, if they came here illegally, they should never be granted citizenship. If they want that, they must return home and come back through the correct system.
I know that this may not be popular, but we don't live in a perfect world. If we did, Barry would still be in Indonesia.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Oh teh humanity

The Beverly Hill Billies Antifa posted this.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Did we get punked?

Ever since the chemical attack in Syria and the response by our government,  something has not seemed quite right about the whole thing. I've only read a little of the news about it, and watched next to zero on television. My wife catches the Spanish language station, and I "get" a little from it. Several days ago I found we now get One America News Network, and last night I tuned it in.
They had a segment on Syria and the recent events there. Part of what they covered was the White Helmets, a group supposedly there to give aid, and the main source of information about the attack. They have received millions from the United States for their participation in Syria. According to the OANN report, the White Helmets are any thing but neutral.
This is HiLlARy's war. She and Barry started this whole shooting match. This is what led to Benghazi, this is what came out of the Arab Spring. Syria is not our friend to be sure. That does not necessarily mean they are our enemy. The same is true for Russia. The third leg of that table, Iran, is clearly our enemy. The same is true about ISIS, the group Barry forged to do the bidding of his handlers.
There are several groups that have a hand in the mess in Syria. Mainly, this is a fight between big oil and big oil. Several groups want to create pipelines across the region. One group want to pipe oil from Iran, the other wants to pipe oil from Saudi Arabia.  I cannot help but wonder if the strings of this whole mess go back to the invasion of Iraq in 2004. Regardless, this shapes up as a fight between Sunni and Shiite, or more succinctly, one where it is in our best interest if both sides lose.
Our main ally in the region is Israel. Barry spent the last eight years attempting to make them into our enemy. They have weathered the storm quite well, and his meddling in their internal affairs has been noted in many places.
Ever notice that while dems scream about republican ties to big oil, those are mere shoe strings compared to the ropes the dems have? In 2000 Reverend Gore had more ties to oil than Bush.
Barry had so many ties to dirty handlers that it boggles the mind. Again, oil money comes into play. His support for foreign oil is the main reason behind blocking the XL pipeline and shutting down other drilling here at home. Making money for his bud Warren Buffet was just icing on the cake.
Syria had nothing to gain from a chemical attack. Conventional munitions would have accomplished just as much damage and not stirred any international ire. The Russian assistance has his people winning and gaining ground against the terrorists. This is not like 1992 when Iraq was so beaten up from Desert Storm that the only way to stop the Kurds was to gas them. Assad has all the might of Russia on his side.
Photos on OANN do not appear to be any type of air dropped weapon. It looked like an IED, the kind we feared but luckily never found in Iraq. ISIS has access to some of Saddam's old stuff, is it possible that what was used was from it? ISIS has no regard for human life, I have no doubt they would kill a hand full of people if they thought it would draw us in and cause problems for Assad and the Rooski's. The net gain, if it was Assad's was quite small. Only 89 killed, none of them rebel fighters. One device from a jet capable of hauling much more. The destruction from the attack was less than a single artillery round in WW1.
Motive Means Opportunity. Which side has more? That is a tough call. Is it possible that all the chemical attacks have been from the rebels? According to France, the agent used was strikingly similar to the stuff used in several previous attacks. A round here and there is pointless from a  tactical point of view. From a strategic standpoint, they are another story, and that steers me to believe they were done by the rebel forces. That leads me to ask, Did we get punked? If so, by who? The truth is out there. Stuff like this is drawing us into a conflict that is none of our business. It serves corporate interests but not our national ones.
When you have two jackasses for neighbors and they go at each other, it is best to stand aside and roll the cameras. That is why we have you-tube.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Update for United adventurers

Fly the (un)Friendly Skies.

What debate?

Utah has opted to use the firing squad for upcoming executions due to an embargo on drugs for lethal executions. There is no shortage. Companies led by Socialist Justice Whores are refusing to sell drugs to states for executions. This has created a myriad of problems and delayed justice for many families of victims.
The enimedia like to claim there is a national debate about capital punishment, yet both California and Nebraska voted to retain it in spite of their spineless state leaders who refuse to use it. Support for the death penalty has had its ebb and flow. According to data published by the death penalty disinformation center, support is at 49% while opposition has climbed to 42%. Considering the source and their venomous opposition to justice for all criminals, that statistic should be questioned by every one. Wikipedia claims there is controversy citing them and their misleading figures.
Execution is not inhumane, we all die eventually. A common death is cancer. It is not pain free by any means. Neither are vehicle accidents which claim thousands by maiming them.

Scamnesty International likes to claim that the death penalty does not work. It does. People who have been executed commit zero crimes, but what is more important, the mere threat of executions saves lives, and the periodic implementation of justice deters with greater consistency the more quickly it is applied.
Above all though is the inescapable fact that one of the scum removed from society in Arkansas this past week was executed for a murder he committed after escaping prison where he was serving a life sentence. Had he been sentenced and executed for his first murder, Cecil Boren and Michael Greenwood would be alive today. Of interest to me in that article is how they give little mention to the family of Boren who wanted him executed and instead focus on the daughter of Greenwood who does not.
The Court needs to revisit and correct its errors in rulings regarding the death penalty. It is up to legislatures, not the courts to make law. It is the duty of the courts to follow that law unless it is unconstitutional. Since the fifth amendment states "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime.....nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb" that should make clear that Capital punishment is Constitutional. The decisions about what crimes to punish by what methods is the job of the Congress and the legislatures of the states. Following that law is the duty of the judges.
Above all, we need to speed up the execution process, having condemned die of old age on death row is no deterrent.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What happens when Congress does not do their job

For the last six years we have had a Congress that is entirely useless. The first two years of Barry Soetoro's dynasty we had a congress who were fully behind his plans to destroy America or at least the portion between Mexico and Canada. We the People said, "NOT HAPPENING!" and showed as many of the communists the door as we could. The folks we sent to replace them are not much better. Instead of dealing with Barry, they aided and abetted him as much as they could with out inciting a rebellion.
One of the worst things to come out of that were Barry's appointments to various courts. One of those was William Orrick III a bundler from California who raised $200,000 for Barry in 2012 and was rewarded with a judgeship.
He has now paid the communist machine back by issuing an injunction against Trump's legal order stripping sanctuary cities of funds for law enforcement. Ask your self, if the federal government pays cities for law enforcement, and they don't enforce the law, why should we give them another dime?

Dr Dao was lucky

The latest scandal to smash Untied Airlines happened at O'Hare where a giant hare, was found dead in the cargo hold. Simon the rabbit was traveling from Heathrow to his new owners, but died in route. The valuable animal had undergone a check up prior to the flight and was fit as a fiddle. Simon was a giant continental rabbit. Sorry for calling him a hare, it was a play on words. Yes, I'm the guy who tells dead people jokes at a funeral.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

And they didn't even call me

Lyin Ryan's approval ratings are hitting the skids. His numbers are now 22% approve to 40% who see him for the piece of crap he is. I knew I wasn't the only one who had a low opinion of the slime, but I expected at least a few commies to show favor to Barry's gate keeper.
Bottom line is he needs to be replaced. 2018 cannot come fast enough. Clean House in 2018.(and Senate)

Does Trump want to be President?

Today, Don Surber made a simple assertion. Here is my take.
Don, I respectfully disagree about him wanting to be President. It is the job that may be his ruin and he knows it.
He is most like the man standing on  a street corner who witnesses a car wreck. When he realizes that some one is caught in the wreck, he springs into action. The vehicle is on fire, and it is a helpless child trapped in a car seat. That man steps up to the burning vehicle and places his life on the line to get that child out. He is determined that he will succeed and save it no matter the cost to him.
That man acts knowing full well that he may get burned, that he may die, and that the child as well may die. To stand and not act is something he does not consider.
That is how I see the Presidency of Donald John Trump. The man had every thing and bet it all one this job. Had America crashed and burned in the manner we were headed toward, Donald Trump would have survived the calamity and though it might have lowered his fortune, he would have been able to live out his years in relative luxury. At 70, he has twenty years left, and with a good doctor, another ten to wring out. His kids would emerge from this just fine as would his grand children. Beyond that, who knows, fortunes are made in a generation and lost in a generation.
I see his Presidency as a selfless act, he gets nothing personal from it except maybe an ego stroke or three. He had that in the bag on December 19th. All he had to do for his ego was sit back and be like Barry for four years. he chose not to. Instead, he is doing what he said he would, making America great again. It is too bad he must drag an unwilling Congress and an unwitting electorate along. Yes, I'm calling us stupid. Not all of us are, but a lot of us are. We have congress dragging their feet, and we are not holding them to the fire. Lyin Ryan has not been tarred and feathered for his inaction. Metaphorically that is. Only a few people have called him out for his wishy washy actions. The media would have you believe Lyin Ryan is a god standing between earth and doom when he is the Chamber of Communists plow horse dragging us to the abyss.
No, I do not see Trump as wanting this job. Thank GOD that he took it. We do not deserve it any more than we deserved our Savior.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Moochelle sited in Idaho?

A woman in Idaho crashed her car into a deer claiming the animal was being chased by Moochelle Obama. OK, she claimed Sasquatch, but to date, the only confirmed sightings of Sasquatch have all been the former first cow.
Can any one confirm that Mooche was anywhere but Idaho on the night of March 22?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

How dare he keep his word

President Trump said back in February that he would skip the Corps of Despondent's dinner. True to his word, he announced that instead he will hold a rally to mark his 100th day in office with the citizens of Pennsylvania.
Seriously, I think that is a great move on his part. The enimedia has spent the last two years demonizing and mocking him. OK, they mocked him first. They are so out of touch with reality that it is shameful that they still have people believing their garbage. An yes, there are folks so delusional that they actually believe what the legacy media prints about him. Or says about him, Doesn't matter which channel you pick, you are gonna SeeBS.
FOX News, fair and balanced flew the coop in 2015. They are now as deep in the crap as CNN or (P)MSNBC. Trust but verify? Nope, you can't trust them at all.
We have been lied to so much in so many ways that it is amazing to me that a new network, designed and run by TRUE conservatives has not risen from the pile. If that were to happen, could it last? FOX made the decision to become faux. CNN has sunk even lower. Rock bottom? Passed that years ago.
Lies are now truth, and good is evil. We hoped that electing President Trump would change that, but it was clear even two years ago that we need to clean house as well.
GOD, help President Trump. We as a nation may not deserve it. Make that certainly don't deserve it. It is only by His grace we survive today.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The best LOL of the day

Denny brought up yesterday's election in Georgia, up until then, I had not been following it. I googled it last night though and saw the "predictions". Most had Ossoff winning by a comfortable margin. That was at 6:30 Georgia time.
I didn't get a chance to check back, and it was not until I got home tonight that I saw real results. 48% sounds like a darn good finish in a primary, especially when the next candidate in the race got only 19%. Problem is the commies threw every thing but he kitchen sink at this and came up short. Ossoff is a commie's commie. He got endorsements from all the Hollywood "A" list scum. Traitor Jane slithered out a spot for him as did Samuel L Jackass and a slew of other bad actors.
Given how many of us feel about establishment congress critters, the $5 million dumped in by republican congressional campaign leadership probably did exactly nothing to help.
The race is now Handel vs Ossoff, and while a dem sin is decidedly bad, a Republican backed by the establishment is not much better. Do you wish to be electrocuted with a thousand volts, or ten thousands volts?
Sigh. What could be... Still, Hollywood dems wasting millions on this is well worth it all. Had the money gone to something other than the communist party propaganda arm, that would have been better still.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Check this out

By now we have all heard about the poor girl who got her bell rung at the Bezerkly protest/riot. SeeBS had her on and made out about how the poor girl was just standing there when this big bad former Marine walked up and for no apparent reason knocked her in the chops.
Not so fast.

Lets get our facts straight. Little miss Innocent is a porn star for one. That does not automatically forfeit her rights to not get her mouth smashed. Even ladies of the night deserve to be treated like ladies unless you are paying them for other things. In which case they deserve to be treated like any other prisoner in Police custody and hopefully you are in the van with them.
The videos show clearly that she was playing smash mouth as well and the Marine dude simply counter punched her uppercut.
They call themselves antifa. They are not antifascist though, in fact they are fascists who are anti-Trump.
Wait a minute redneck, fascists and anarchists together? They are supposed to be diametrically opposed. Take a look at Nazi Germany and Hitler's rise to power. Oh snap, Goodwins law. Hitler won by wearing down the population. his supporters , the SA, or brown shirts were in the streets rioting and demonstrating, and the people simple threw up their hands and let his supporters win. These people are cut from the same fabric, same game plan, nothing new under the sun.
It is time for action. First and most important, Congress needs to slash funding to all schools that tollerate these kinds of activity. Next, and in the same bill, they need to strip them of all accreditation. Four years at Berkley? You are now qualified to empty the trash at Burger King.
After that we need to penalize the people at those schools who encouraged that sort of behavior. Use the retirement accounts to pay for any and all damages caused by this misbehavior criminal activity.
Wont happen, and we know why. CLAMs. Congressional Left, Academia, Media. All these bought and paid for RINOs in Washington are part of that congressional left. They have sold us out.
2018 Clean House. (and Senate)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

United aint alone

American Airlines decided now is the perfect time to show that they too can be stupid as far as how they treat passengers. To their credit, John Kaboff was not beaten to a pulp before deplaning. My bet is he didn't feel as lucky as Dr Dao.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A few thoughts on Easter

Skeptics abound. The biggest obstacle to anti-theism is the Crucifixion of Jesus. Outside the Bible there is ample evidence of Jesus existence. It is well documented in Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ".
Jesus is either liar, legend, lunatic, or LORD. It is quite clear though that he did exist, that he walked the roads of Israel, that he had followers and that he was crucified.
My sincere belief is that he is indeed, LORD. An article on Faux does a fair to good job of addressing some of the questions that people have regarding the crucifixion and challenges to the story as reported in the Gospels.
In a few hours I will join with Christian faithful in celebrating the resurrection of the Son of GOD. I wish each of you a blessed and joyous Easter. May you find peace in a world that Satan is seeking to turn to destruction. That Peace will not be of this world, Satan's children, the muslims are marching to fulfill their destiny in Revelation oblivious to their roll in fulfilling Scripture. Instead, that peace can only come to your heart through GOD. Even now the souls of people slaughtered in places like Egypt are beneath the alter of GOD crying "How long oh LORD until you avenge us?" We stand near the cusp of the tribulation. Whether it is a day away or a century away is known but to GOD. Of one thing we can be sure, we are 1984 years closer to that day than when Jesus was laid in a tomb sealed and guarded.
May the LORD bless and keep you.