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The Locomotion

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You Aint Seen Nothing Yet

I'm sure there were a few that Booed

But the vast majority of the fans at the Alabama LSU game today cheered the President and First Lady when they were announced. Heck, I'd go so far as to bet that even the LSU fans gave a rousing cheer for their Commander in Chief. After all, he was just in their state to help get a good republican elected to the Governor's spot.
If we can get a few more of the kids to start acting like Patriotic Americans, I might just go back to watching a little non-professional ball.
Contrast that to the way National's fans reacted to our President at the World Series. At east the payers, for the most part, showed respect at their meeting with him.
The Black Lies Matter movement has ruined professional sports for me. While it is clear that there have been many incidents where blacks were mistreated, there are also many more incidents where whites have been mistreated. Maybe there is a color component, but in my view, it is a nation wide failure of all law enforcement brought on by the sweeping changes that happened after the 9-11-01 attacks. Police went from being public servants to all powerful masters. Not every cop is bad. Very few in fact. The culture of acceptance is the problem, and a little weeding and some retraining are the best solution. Punish the bad cops and punish the ones who let them get away with murder.
As for Bama and LSU, congratulations on your professional conduct and a great game which sadly,I did not see.

Some things never change

Roman Polanski, the film director PERVERT who was arrested and charged in 1977 with drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl, is facing new allegations. This time the victim is reported to have been eighteen. Okay, I guess that is a change.
The alleged incident happened prior to his assault and conviction.
According to the story, seven additional victims have come forward claiming assault and abuse when they were minors.
Well, this victim is French, and while the statute of limitations has run it's course, The American prison system is beckoning. Maybe the French can see fit to improve their nation by deporting him now. It is high time his 86 year old ass got introduced to the dark side of California's prison system.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

get ready

No fear

Mark Zaid published a number of tweets asserting that the Coup had begun, and that American would survive with out President Trump and his supporters.
Don Surber laid it out this afternoon. Zaid aint that dumb. What he is is cocksure. He is so certain that the treason will succeed that he is not afraid.
The left is not counting on antifa to win this for them. No, antifa are the sacrificial goats who will die first so that the obamunists can run to their friends at the UN and beg for assistance in this foray.
We will not be overthrown by a bunch of latte sipping children on twitter, but by a hard core army of communist soldiers who are intent on our destruction.
This is how the one world order pans to seize control. Some how they believe that red China will willingly hand the reins of control over when the battle is done.
No fear, but they will indeed Know fear.


The first thought I had upon reading about the slaughter of nine Americans in Mexico was WHY? Northern Mexico has been a war zone for some time now. The deaths in some of their cities rival Chiraq and Detoilet.
As with those cities, the citizens have been disarmed by a government bent on dominating rather than serving. The people lack the means to resist. Keep that in mind when communists posers mention common sense gun control.
There are many more why's.
Why did the cartel choose to kill these people? This is about sending a message, telling common peasants, people like you and me, that we are powerless to resist them. There is no Paul Kersey wandering the streets of Sonora tonight.
So why would anyone choose to live in a war zone like that? The Mormon community there is an FLDS hold out group. They believe in polygamy, something all our states have outlawed. You can shack up any way you care, but the moment you introduce marriage to the equation,it becomes a crime.
My view on the Mormon church as a whole is that it is a sex cult. There is no Moroni, and the book of Mormon is a fabrication of Joseph Smith. In my view it is counter to islam. whereas the muslims are hyper violent, most Mormons are peaceful and decent folks. Both warp the Biblical description of GOD.
If these people lived in the United States, they would be constantly harassed by the government. While I completely disagree with their religion, I believe they should have the right to practice it with out fear to a point. That point being where they subjugate others or threaten others.
So what should we be thinking about doing? The violence is increasing. It is spreading into American cities. The wall isn't going to stop this although it will certainly help.
Harry Coyle's book Trial by fire lays down the scenario. At some point we will need to consider invading Mexico and putting a stop to this.
If we do, we need to protect the government of Mexico. no matter how corrupt, they were elected, and we need to assure the people that they will be able to elect their own leaders with out interference.
At the same time, we need to execute every drug smuggler, every cartel hitman, and every boss we can find. The day is coming when the United States Military becomes the world's Paul Kersey.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Just Dropped In

We'd be grateful too

Wednesday Adams is wanting to escape from LA. The protein deficient teen came to the United States on her way to a climate conference in Chile. Due to unrest in South America, the conference got moved. Surprise! She is in a pickle.
The poor little girl needs help. just like an action figure in a children's playstation game, she needs some ones assistance. She'd be grateful. Hell, I'd be grateful. get the little ignoranimus off the continent.
My suggestion? Have immigration apprehend her and deport her. Since she is stirring up trouble, they would be fully with in the law to do so. Just for fun, I'd fenegle a way into getting Shinto Abe to accept her, then fly her ass to Hiroshima about three days before the climate conference. Maybe a Chinese jet can detour over and give her a ride. They are all about climate change.... As long as they get the industry. She is their marionette even if she is clueless to the fact.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

How they think part #567948657463

I cannot tell you all the in's and out's of the liberal mind. Suffice it to say vast amounts of intelligent information go in, nothing intelligent comes out.
Today's glimpse comes from Liarwatha the fake Indian candidate for also ran -2020. In a desperate attempt to reinvigorate her never vigorous campaign, the Rachel Dolezal of Harvard revealed her plan for medicare for all.
Before we get too deep, let us remember that Oblame me care delivered EXACTLY the opposite of what they claimed we were going to get. No patient protection, records more open to snooping, fewer rights, and premiums through the roof all the while the medical establishment raked in billions more in charges as prices sky rocketed. Affordable care? All an Act.
The Wanna-be-an princess wants medicare for all. Nice, huh? But wait! That includes all the illegals jumping our border. Bad enough to offer free drinks at the bar, she wants every one to have some.
the price tag? $52 trillion smackers. Isn't that like $160,000 per individual? And she will do it without raising the taxes on middle class Americans. Right! So how will she pay for it?
The foreigners are gonna pay? You read that right, she plans to make the illegals pay for our and their health care. Can you believe that? in a word, NO!
How much fire water did she drink in the teepee? She is taking her impersonation a little too far, most native Americans hold their whiskey better than that.
So, it is not enough that liberals want illegals to do the gardening, laundry, and cooking, they now want them to fund medicaid.
I don't get it. Seriously, they are messed up in the head. The sad part is that the koolaid drinkers will buy it like a cheap watch. If this is the best the donks can field, we are either, a, a lock for republican rule for decades,or b, screwed. I'm betting on B. I've seen what he typical republican does in Washington.

Going up The Country

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Reuben James

Yes, It's a great song by Kenny Rogers, but Reuben James is also a historical figure. James was a sailor who served during the First Barbary War and is credited with saving the life of his commander Lieutenant Stephen Decatur. For his gallantry, three ships have been named in his honor. The first is the subject of tonight's post.
The first Reuben James was a Clemson Class Destroyer laid down in 1919 just after the end of the war to end all wars. DD-245 was sunk by a German U-boat on this date in 1941 near Iceland prior to the U.S. entry into WW2.
Yes, we were attacked on multiple occasions prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Back in 1941 Americans held a pacifist view of world politics. While FDR wanted to get us into the fight, Congress and many of the population wanted nothing to do with Europe's problems nor with China and japan's conflict. Today such an attack would spark outrage and culminate in a harsh retaliation.
If we had responded in 1941 like we tend to do today, Pearl Harbor would not have seen the loss of life we honor. There would possibly be no day of infamy.
So, tonight, remember Reuben James, both the hero of the war to stop radical Islam, and the ship and 100 crew who perished in the Atlantic working to stop nazism, communism's nasty brother.

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Understanding the problems in Latin America

The brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez was convicted today in New York and faces life in prison for drug trafficking. According to the news, Juan Antonio “Tony” Hern├índez used state sponsored drug trafficking and funneled money from El Chapo to Juan Orlando's Presidential campaign.
Hernandez has ties to Portfiri Lobo Sosa who is also alleged to have enabled the cartels in exchange for cash. Sosa rose to power in a coup in 2010 that was enabled by Barry and HiLlARy in which Manuel Zelaya was ousted.
President Trump has made a deal with JOH to house "refugees" in Honduras who would otherwise be flooding the United States border. People I know who are in Honduras claim that access to those camps is regulated by the cartels in league with the government.
While the flow through Mexico is abated for now, the problems there still exist and are not getting any better. Regime change and nation building are things of the past under President Trump. We are only going to get involved in problems that directly involve our national interests, and politics in Central America is low on the list.
We get a lot of goods from Central America, not just Barry's shipments of nose candy. Economic sanctions can do more than military intervention
Of course, we have had troops in Honduras for decades. When I was on active duty, my unit was slated for deployment to Honduras. Since I was a short timer, I got transferred to another unit when they trained up for the shenanigans.
It would be impossible for our units, escorted by Honduran advisors, to intercept drug runners when those drug runners are being briefed by the same military who is assisting us. That was back when the CIA was also involved in drug smuggling. As long as the drugs flow, the problems will continue to multiply.
Building the wall helps. We also need to rethink our laws. several nations prescribe death as the punishment for drug smuggling. Saudi Arabia lobs their heads off in the public square. I think we should build a trebuchet close to the border and using a stout noose, utilize it to return them to Mexico for possible prosecution there.
Am I mean? That depends on your view point. Consider this, my method is not nearly as violent as what the cartels are doing in Mexico. Police i Mexico who are not bought off are routinely shot, kidnapped as are their families. Local politicians who speak out are murdered and the press is targeted. Our Journolisters complain about President Trump inspiring violence against them. they should move to Mexico and report on the status o Barry's next line and see how long the live.
We will have to get violent with the cartels or retire from the field. I personally would like my grandkids to grow up in a nation that is fighting against the destructive nature of drug addiction.
with out decisive action, 2024 could mark a return to all the bad that President Trump is eliminating.
Considering that Shitty Schiff's and Nancy P. Lousy's spawn are both tied to China which is the main source of fentenal, it will take a mighty house cleaning to fix anything for longer than two years.

Sweet Surrender

Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Poles aren't wrong

Not the ones run by the media. Our allies in Eastern Europe who are backing our President in his quest to make things right across the board. The EU is embroiled in a serious fight. Merkel's misfits are determined to flood every nation in Europe with hoards of muslim rapefugees. Poland and Hungary have stood firm in their refusal to be compromised.
I must say, I understand the what, not the why. Why does Merkel hate the white European people? Why is she importing masses who would slit her throat in a heartbeat, or run her down with a semi in an instant? Does she honestly believe she will remain top dog when the dust settles? I do not get her reasoning if there is any.
I get Poland. They are a nation that has been mistreated by every one. Poland was originally formed in 966 AD and was the first nation in Europe  to have a written Constitution in 1791. Poland was carved up by Germany, Russia, and Austria and ceased to exist in 1795. Carved out of the postwar wreckage of Germany, the interwar nation struggled to regain it's place of prominence in Europe. At the start of WW2 Poland was again decimated and divided by Germany and Russia. In spite of that, Poland contributed a great deal to the eventual defeat of Germany, being the fourth largest contributor in numbers of troops. Poland also was responsible for breaking the German enigma code. And we make jokes all day long about how dumb polacks are.
Right now, Poland is our biggest ally in Europe. Forget Ukraine, they have a host of problems from the breakup of the Soviet Union, and they also suffer from serious corruption as evidenced by them being a major source of the BS known as the Steel dossier.
Actually, don't forget Ukraine. They are shifting to a nationalist standing. They, like Poland and Hungary see the problems associated with the You're a Peon Onion. Err European Union.
Nationalism anywhere is a threat to the globalists who want the one world government which will eventually happen. Yes,it is coming. It is foretold in the Bible, it  will be led by the anti Christ, and it will be barbaric and evil.
President Trump is sowing the benefits of nationalism. Totalitarian nations like China don't like it. Xi and his kind love total control, and as we are seeing with beta O-Rourke, They will be no friend of liberty. The citizens of China know that full well. Sad to say, they know not what freedom actually is.
Just know this, come November 2020 when they are screaming that the polls were wrong, they won't be talking about the good people of Warsaw.

What did he do?

Zero De Niro can't quit trashing President Trump. The waste of space is in Europe trashing our President while promoting his latest film, an epic about the mob as seen through the eyes of one of their hit men. The critics are all raving about this film. That means it is another dud. Maybe sales in China will prop it up to at least break even. Chairscum Xi hates the Donald with a passion, and a chance to help some one who hates America and it's values as much as the raging retard of Fockers fame... Well, would you pass it up?
De Niro says he wants to see Trump in prison. I suppose the President might stop in and pay him a visit. Most likely though, Babbling Bobby will be committed to a mental health facility out of an abundance of caution. He might hurt himself or others what with his TARDS, Trump Administration Rejection Derangement Syndrome, being as bad as it is. That would also be used by his liars err lawyers to defend him from the treason charges which should be heaped on him. Saddly, he won't be charged, and we all know it. the DOJ is too corrupted from decades of leftist indoctrination which runs deep and in all directions. The chances of finding a law school grad who has not been subjected to years of indoctrination are exactly ZERO. Frankly, finding a college grad who has not been through the grinder is like finding a virgin near a Marine Corps base. Make that an ADULT virgin. Marines don't go for the kiddie shit like Clinton's buddies do, and Willie too.
No, I'm not undergoing a transformation, I will forever pick on the USMC. That does not mean I don't respect them, but when your name is an acronym for My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment Sir, you better be ready for shit from the other branches.
As for De Niro, why this unending drama? He spews anti Trump rhetoric with every breath. Who is he cover for? Who has his chain?
We now know why this latest brew-ha started. When President Trump began looking into Biden's bragging about strong arming Ukraine, they weren't flocking to protect the gaff master, this was self defense, every scum bag for themselves. Biden's kid was tied to John Forgery Kerry's step brat and that connection was the conduit for bribe money to flow back to Washington's Elite, but also Shifty's kid has connections as does Nancy P. Lousy's off spring. This latest was circling the wagons out of fear of an attack. Is it coming? bet not.  While most of us who are paying attention are outraged, the corrupt DOJ will protect them just like they have protected their other prodigal children.
Until the swamp is drained, nothing will change. I give the President great credit, his efforts have exposed much corruption. Now, more than ever, the American people need to back Our man in Washington. From my vantage point this fight still looks to be 535 to one. Unfair maybe, but President Trump has one hand tied behind his back, so this is as close to a fair fight as they will ever have. They better try now, after November 2020, the odds will be on his side decidedly... IF we stand with him.

A Horse with No Name

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Washed my hands in muddy water


Fire and Rain

Oh Where Can My Baby Be

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of the death of my daughter. She was killed when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and ran into her car causing it to spin out of control and into oncoming traffic. She would be thirty five.
She was a senior at Kansas State University and hoped to become a lawyer and eventually a Federal Judge.
She had an exceptional love for the LORD, and went to South America, China and Africa as a missionary during her summers to help spread the Gospel.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hee Haw dueling Banjos

He was an Entrepreneur

Joshua Brown was a key witness in the prosecution of Former Dallas cop and killer Amber Guyger. Brown was shot dead only days after the trial prompting claims of retaliation by the Police.
“This is a kid who had no gang ties, there was no lover’s quarrel. He was an Airbnb host and roofer. All the usual suspects of crime, drugs and sex are simply not there.”
Brown was hailed as a hero for coming forward. reports told how he was working to rise above his beginnings, and some stories listed him as an Entrepreneur. It seems I remember a few other tragic victims of senseless violence described in a similar manner.
Reports out now indicate that Brown was killed in a drug deal gone bad. Well, I guess we all know by now what Entrepreneur means. Whether this is true, or a cover story remains to be seen. Given the details prior to the trial, I am inclined to take this at face value.

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur begins at sundown tonight. For this redneck, it should be right about NOW! For Jews, it is marked by a 25 hour fast. This is the day of Atonement. Full atonement has been paid for our sins by the blood of Jesus. There are some who hate Jews for "Murdering" Christ. Please remind them, Jesus died for your sins. As the Via Dolorosa says, "He chose to walk that road out of his love for you and me." How can mere humans murder GOD almighty? His death paid the penalty for our sins and without it, we would all be lost.
Take this opportunity to draw closer to the GOD who created you, the One who paid the price for your sins, the one who gave you freedom of choice and whose heart you break when you chose wrong. The one who has prepared a place for you forever. May it be with him in heaven.

Monday, October 7, 2019

How do you fix this?

Jodi Arias may be getting a new trial due to prosecutorial misconduct. There have been case in the past where a conviction was tossed for that very reason, and a new trial blocked. Is that fair? There is no doubt that Jodi murdered her former boy friend. The prosecutor wanted the death penalty and did not get it. most of the misconduct is in dealing with disqualifying jurors who opposed the death sentence.
Jodi was a good looking woman, and it is hard to get a death penalty from jurors who get hung up on the fact that beautiful woman can be just as poisonous as ugly men.
My personal opinion is that sentences should be handled by the judges, never a jury. Set guidelines and standards and require the judges to follow them to a tee. The same crime in LA should merit the same sentence as one done in Sacremento and it should not matter if the perp is old, young, male, female, black Asian white or a green midget from mars. In fact, to make it fair, have the sentence review done by a judge unfamiliar with the case, base it solely on the evidence and the verdict handed down by the jury. First degree murder? a needle, a rope, or a bullet, dead is dead.
Now, it is possible that an appeals court in Arizona will nullify this conviction and possibly a crazy woman walks free to the detriment of humanity.
No, just NO! lock up the prosecutor. If Juan Martinez s guilty, stick his sorry ass in general population for twenty years to be ass raped by every felon in the big house on an hourly basis. Let that be the message to rogue persecutors. Suspend his law license? Why bother? Hos political buddies will keep him in politics just like Barry and Mike who "surrendered" their licenses for reasons not public then turned that into occupation of the White House and lucrative deals worth millions.
The other option I would support is dropping them in the ocean near Bikini Atoll along with thousands of their ilk, assign a Navy destroyer to patrol close by and shoot to smithereens anything that leaves the island.

Rainy days and Mondays

Too late, you're outta the gene pool

Hundreds if not thousands of people who have undergone gender destructive surgery, called gender reassignment, are having regrets. They call it gender reassignment, but it isn't. It is feel good plastic surgery that destroys natural reproductive organs and makes them appear somewhat like those of the opposite sex. they, however, do not function like the genitals they are fashioned to resemble. No man who has had his penis inverted and been castrated will ever bear a child. He won't have a menstrual cycle, suffer through menopause, or risk cervical cancer. Why? His chromosomes will forever be XY.
Likewise, no girl who has her breasts removed, her uterus and ovaries excised and a penis fashioned from her vagina will ever father a child. There is no way her body can make sperm, and the beard? only from testosterone supplements.
On the plus side, their mental illness which inspired them to do these horrible things will NOT be passed on to another generation.
Of course, some of these people are really victims. I do not say that  tongue in cheek either. There have been several stories in recent months where children were convinced by one parent, usually the mother that they were missexed but when they were with dad they would dress and act like a child of their birth sex should. Child abuse? You bet. That is my opinion, not established law.
This story highlights how many of the people who have been mutilated now suffer regret ad are wanting to de-transition. Gender dysphoria is a serious mental condition. Mutilating them is not hte answer. Pooh Poohing them isn't wither. They need serious intervention, and the shrinks today want to make people happy with who they think they are instead of getting their heads right.
People talk about the stigma of being a "transsexual". Seriously, most people really do NOT care. Most of us grew up in the age of M*A*S*H, and seeing a guy in a dress is hohum at most. Now, if you want us to make a pass at your hairy ass, furgetaboutit. Real men want a woman with a uterus, natural breasts, and no prominent adams apple. Maybe gay men would take on a guy with his dick removed, I have no clue about that.
How many people have undergone gender destructive surgery? The article gives a numer of 5,000 people who are unhappy with their "transition". To me, that is an astronomical number I cannot imaging 5,000 people in the United States, population 320,000,000 wanting to do this let alone the number it would take for there to be 5,000 having regrets. Does that 5,000 represent 1%, 10% or 99%?
Keep in mind that every one of these people will be drug dependent for life. The body of a person born a woman cannot make testosterone, and faking being a man requires it in large doses. the same goes for men who want to be women, there is this issue of body hair, a deepening voice etc. Those all require hormones to maintain the charade. In reality, they are little different from people who have mental illness and are thus homeless and abandoned by society.
We talk about the need to love people for who they are. ??? If some one is walking blindly toward a cliff, you stop them, you don't tell them to walk faster. Love is stopping destructive behavior before they harm themselves or others. Love is teaching a boy what to do to become a man, and a girl what it takes to be a woman. Eventually they could produce children, but only if society in the form of our courts and mental hell professionals quit failing them. As it stands, their chance of contributing to future generations just got snuffed out.

Sunday, October 6, 2019


Susan Rice: we're under attack!!!!

WRONG! Susan Rice, mouth piece for the One Big Ass Mistake America made is screaming about all that president Trump is doing. How is this any different than what Barry and his band of criminals did?
Way different. Let me explain.
First, their investigation flopped. We have a right to know who said what, who did what, who lied, who made up tails, who paid who, and who pushed it down our throats.
2. Joe Biden admitted to pressuring the Ukraine government to fire the prosecutor investigating his drug addict son's involvement with Ukrainian businesses.
3. A quick glance shows that Hunter Biden was involved in dealings involving China.
4. his partner in those dealings was the step son of Ketchup boy John Forgery  Kerry who got several purple hearts for self inflicted wounds and lied about the conduct of American Troops in Vietnam.
5. Casual examination of the various business dealings has uncovered potential ties between Nancy P. Lousy's son and foreign interests that may be just as shady.
So Sorry Susan, this is a counter attack. enjoy the fall out, there is no shelter.
Link added

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Calvinball Congress

Do you remember the comic strip Calvin and Hobbs? (assuming you are like me and have dumped the lamestream media) Remember Calvinball? The only rule of Calvinball is; there are no rules. More correctly, according to Watterson, The game can never be played with the same rues twice.
That is the insanity we are witnessing now from the members of Congress, the media, Hollywood, and so many others. This is not about HiLlARy. This is 100% about a globalist agenda. One world government. Had we the people elected Jeb! or even Cruz, you can be sure that we would not have the over the top insanity we are seeing. Why? Status Quo. President Trump is unraveling not just the One Big Ass Mistake America made, but the incremental stealing of our GOD given rights that has been going on since Bush Jr. Clinton, Bush Sr. Carter, Nixon, Johnson.... You get the point. Incrementalism at it's finest.
Yes, HiLlARy was their preferred candidate, but it was the veneer of her being the first woman President, just like Barry being the first black president, you can criticize their actions that is racist misogynist.... Yup, deplorable to look past their skin and see what is within.
The present crop of demonicRATS will stop at nothing right now. This is not about protecting Biden, Quid-Pro-Joe is immaterial. So is Liarwatha or Horizontal Harris. This is about protecting the gains they made over the last thirty years. Yes, thirty! Count em. Barry's eight, W's eight, worthless Willie's eight plus CIA Sr Bush and his selling us down the road. and here we are, past two years into President Trump's term and all they have accomplished is unraveling faster than a knit sweater with a kitten.
It is well proven there was no collusion between Candidate Trump and Russia.that does not mean Russia was not involved up to Putin's nutsack. It would be interesting to see how much money flowed from the Kremlin to the Clinton crime cabal. err foundation. We know Australia had a hand in things. We know Malta and Israel contributed, or rather their intelligence services did. Given that many nations rely on the CIA for support, and their is much interweaving, it is logical that Israel would literally slit their own throats if the CIA demanded it... To a certain extent.
Colluding wit ha foreign enemy to over throw the government is treason. What about colluding with a friend? Simple, if they are working to over throw the will of the people, they are an enemy as certain as Iran.
Bottom line, these people will stop at nothing to regain control of power. It does not matter what We the  People say. We are deplorables. They are the ones who know better. In their wisdom, they are made foolish. Doesn't matter, we may lose the battle, but GOD wins the world.
1To everything there is a season,
and a time for every purpose under heaven:
2a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to break down and a time to build,
4a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
5a time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
6a time to search and a time to count as lost,
a time to keep and a time to discard,
7a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
8a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

Behnd closed doors

Monday, September 30, 2019


Move over Al

The sacred church of AGW has a new messiah. The Church of Sweden which in years gone by was once a Christian denomination has decided that Wednesday Adams is their new savior. Rest assured, GOD is not mocked. Matthew 24:23-24 is quite clear about false messiah's. Thee will be many and most will be a little more believable than this.
So we have a sixteen year old child suffering from protein deficiency leading the blind? Veganism is child abuse in my opinion. All the supplements in the world won't fix bad nutrition.
Now that they've settled that, Fat Albert can quit overloading a 747 on his globe trotting quest to convince people the seas are rising and go back to wasting more energy than most small towns need to survive on a daily basis.

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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Heartches by the number

Whistle blower? More like>>>

Yeah, that bad. Past Presidents have put pressure on foreign leaders. Heck, President put Pressure on Kim Jong Un, or for that matter on Chairman Xi of China. Billions in pressure on Xi, mega pressure on Xi. Make that MAGA pressure.
If we had honest journalism in America, this fiasco would spell the end of every democrat in Congress. Even donks in safe seats like Nancy P. Lousy's district would find themselves unemployed and phone calls going to voice mail with messages never returned.
We don't have honest journalists. We don't have honest politicians. We are in deep trouble, not just with this BS, but with GOD himself. Babylon the great is falling... Falling. Only GOD can help us. We have failed Him. We accept evil and call it good, demean good things and say they are evil.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Joe Bribery

Back in 2016 the Just-us department started digging through everything TRUMP looking for something, anything to hang on him and prevent him from usurping HiLlARy.
Months of investigations, a fake dossier, tall tails of hookers pissing in beds, but it all fell apart. Sure, the lame stream media is hanging on to it like a gold key. Children will clutch a teddy bear after a traumatic experience, and what happened to the media, self inflicted by the way, was a Katrina sized shitstorm  swamping their row boat asses. They have nothing to cling to but their failed lies.
Creepy Joe Biden has done a number of dastardly deeds. It must be a genetic mutation that makes liberals like that since we also saw it with the Reverend Al Gore and the China syndrome of bribes that culminated in the global warming hoax which his co-conspiritors still harp on.
Joe aint the sharpest spoon in the drawer. After he strong armed the Ukraine government from investigating his son, he went on to brag about how he did it. The uber smart media then pounced and spread it like a Nobel prize, his crowning achievement.
The Ukraine government was not at all happy about the ordeal. After President Trump took office, and amid the whirlwind of lies and BS, they attempted to contact the justice department and get the ball moving.Alas, Justice is Just Us in Washington. they were too busy white washing HiLlARy to bother with a small matter concerning gaffer Joe, and so it sat, ignored and lifeless.
Then, during a phone call between our President and the Ukrainian leader, it got resurrected. Somebody talked about it, some one else listen. Some one panicked and the cat was out of the bag.
At first I thought President Trump was the whistle blower, but now as White House lawyers push to get the whistleblower in front of the senate, it appears there is a genuine person who is leaking the material.
Bidet is cratering. People are beginning to see that Walter the dummy has a controlling hand but it aint controlling his mouth the way it should. people are shifting away from him, and the battle of the lessers is becoming a comedy of errors.
While on the surface the media wants us to believe this is a witch hunt of epic proportions, the simple truth is that we have a crime, we have a criminal bragging about his deeds. that he is a candidate for president is of no consequence. When you have a real crime it needs to be investigated.
No, sorry, it is of great consequence. Biden treated an ally like that and his boss treated a sworn enemy  like a best friend, giving away billions. It matters a lot if we are to remain a nation of laws instead of subjects of the lawless.

Don't be Angry

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Support Obungler? Good Support Tump? BAD

A North Carolina school has canceled it's last game after the cheer leaders posed with a Trump banner and were disciplined for it. My Oh My, only a decade ago schools were indoctrinating children to sing praises for Barry the failure after he was selected to be the first black President.
It didn't matter that he was a complete socialist because the schools are all in for communism and it's cowardly stunt double socialism. The children were made to praise him.
These cheer leaders were not coerced into doing this, they as a group made the decision. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association placed the cheer squad on probation. So much for independent thought and free speech. Conform or be punished.
Democrats are all in favor of free speech... Unless you say something they disagree with you nazi cretin.

Hang on sloopy

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Sunday, September 15, 2019

No Can Do

Some how saying thank you for your service does not sound right.

Lawrence Brooks who just turned 110 is believed to be the oldest living American WW2 veteran *. Mr Brooks, who was in the U.S.Army, was stationed in New Guinea and the Philippines. He was assigned to the 91st Engineer Bn.
While not honored much by the Army, he has been honored by GOD who has blessed him with his three score and ten plus another two score and counting. Lawrence had the pleasure of celebrating his 110th at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans where the crew is looking forward to his 111th, 112th,113th... Some one must make great cake, it seems Mr Brooks is looking forward to the next one.
Thank you Lawrence. You are a true hero and blessed.
* the oldest WW2 vet is German Gustav Gerneth who is 113.

What kind of idiot does this?

Police in Lawrenceville Ga have arrested Edawn Coughman for an apparent fake hate crime. Coughman who is the owner of several Create and bake Pizza Shops was apprehended after Police received a call about an apparent break in. There are plenty of details in the article.
Let's think about this. We have had a LOT of fake hate crimes since Donald Trump was elected as our President. Some made the news as hate crimes and were later exposed, some were exposed very early in the cycle. Some defy reason.
Does Edawn not watch the news? Did he think he cold pull off the perfect hate crime fake when so many have failed? Does he have ties to Moose that will get a visit by an ObamAA- lackey resulting in charges being cropped?
Is it possible that there are many more fake hate crimes than we hear about and the posers are getting by with it?
These people are just plain stupid. Liberal and conservative are not mere political ideologies, they are completely different ways of thinking. How many real hate crimes have been perpetrated by conservatives who did not have serious mental issues? The leftards have no qualms about destroying stuff. Their regard for property is so low that sacrificing their own is no great leap.
They get mad and they go out and destroy. Look at the riots in far left Seattle where fascist anti's are damaging things in a leftard bastion. Contrast that to all the right wing destruction happening in conservative Nebraska. (They determined that the person who sprayed "Go Huskers" on the side of the feed wagon was the owner of the feed wagon, but he didn't claim some one else did it either.)
No, the differences go deep into the brain. We have the best economy in fifty years but the donks swear it is terrible. They pine for the days of Barry when Chinese junk was readily available andcheap, and no worries about getting up for that nonexistent job.
The good news in this is the criminals are not getting smarter which makes police work so much easier, but the donuts still taste the same.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Eighteen years ago today some people did something

In case you might have forgotten, followers of the pedophile worshiped by Idiot Omar the Minnesota miscreant hijacked four planes, three of which were crashed into American landmarks, namely the Pentagon, and World Trade Center while the other crashed after passengers revolted and attempted to retake the plane.
Does it really seem like eighteen years? While Osama bin Fishfood is long dead, his organization of terrorists continues to spread death in the name of the moon god to all parts of the globe.
Eighteen years. All but a handful of the kids in our schools today were not yet born or even thought of when this despicable act happened. And at the same time, men who were babies and toddlers on that day now fight the war this all started.
Eighteen years, and the nation that perpetrated this dreadful act, Saudi Arabia, remains unpunished. At the same time, their agents of terror in the form of CAIR continue to spread lies about who and what.
Eighteen years. My blood still boils at the thought. I didn't reduce a koran to pulp, but I still keep in mind that the members of this vast delusion that Mohamad was a prophet are still sweeping across the globe positioning themselves for the next  terror attak. Will it be another night club full of homosexuals? Will it be tourists on a bridge similar to London? Will another plane be crashed into another building?
Lets not forget Benghazi either. Seven years ago Barry the Indonesian Cocaine Addict  spread the lie that an attack on the State Department's complex in Benghazi which was the result of a little known video about muslims.
Add them to the long list of some people who were done by someone.......

Broken Wings

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Expulsion coming in three.... two.... One.

 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard has apparently fallen and hit her head. The Fifteenth tier Presidential also ran hopeful came out today in support of restrictions on third trimester abortions. Did she miss read her teleprompter? Did it get sabotaged? What gives?
Will tomorrow bring an apology as she creeps, head bent, back to the plantation? Or is she serious? I am nearly in shock that a member of the donk federation would consider throwing Planned Childlessness-hood under  the bus like that. Even far right folks regularly get scorched by the leftist crowd. What will the future hold for Tulsi? She can cross a VP nod off her list of prospects. On the other hand, it is something that will resonate with the moderates. Abortion is surprisingly unpopular. People don't like having the any time any reason argument shoved down their throats.
Will this step mark a change in donk policies? I seriously doubt it, but for the sake of future generations, let us hope.

What is that aweful smell?

A nice southwesterly breeze today, but what a stench! My nose is terrible, but the skunk to the southwest is making it hurt!
Checks internet.......
Valerie Plame, the fake spy who was outed initially by her husband is slithering for a congressional seat in New Mexico. Val, whose husband lied to Congress and the media about the content of a report on Iraqi efforts to purchase yellow cake in Africa is on the war path. Like Warren? She is upset that President Trump pardoned the man who was railroaded by a corrupt special investigation.
This waste of oxygen will be a shoe in for the NM-3rd district. It covers the northern section of the state, is predominantly Indian reservations, and has been a lock for the donks since it's creation with a brief republican holding when Bill Richardson resigned to become Ambassador to the United Nations. Richardson, as you may recall, has ties to Epstein's pedo express.
The district is so secure that the current holder works mostly on electing other communists under the dem hat to Congress. That turd, Ben Lujan will be running for the Senate seat being vacated by Tom Udall.
Back to Blame err Plame. The stink today was about this crass turd ripping off tweets that are anti Semitic. Hey! She will fit in nicely with AOC and Idiot Omar.
Yup, the donks are still the party of hate and intolerance.

I Can't Tell You Why

Monday, September 9, 2019

Behind closed doors

Got a little dizzy

When you were a kid, did you ever sit on a floor and spin yourself until you were dizzy? That isn't what I did, but it is how I've felt. I start reading the BS flowing from our mediocre media and the lame political candidates, and I start shaking my head. The more I read, the more I shake my head in wonder at the over flow of stupid now coming across the many media platforms.
Have any of them got a brain? The obvious answer is yes. The next question is, when was the last time they used it?
Mental illness ? That is a lame excuse, or it just might be the correct one. The people who populate the left have been going out of their minds since Donald John Trump became a candidate for President. A generation of participation trophies has not prepared them for reality where there is one winner and many losers. Even the parents have fallen into that rut, or maybe that rut exists because they cannot handle losing and never could.
Their current crop of mental midgets are imploding and cratering. Creepy uncle doesn't know when to shut up. On a positive note for his cam-pain, it distracts from his tendencies toward young females.
Horizontal Harris is failing like a California dam. The BS is that over the top.
Booker never was, his claim to fame is he is as dark as Barry but can hold up for ten seconds with out the teleprompter.
Bernie remains as evil as ever. The old socialist has never held a REAL job, never will, and knows nothing regarding what it takes to make things run. His upside is that he is backed by the academia who have never held real jobs  and have no clue what it takes to make things run, BUT they are indoctrinating another generation of deep-in-debt kids who will struggle for years to get ahead. Years spent wondering what happened to the perfect world they were told socialism and democrats would bring. At least while the Trump effect is in place they will have jobs.
Every one of their four hundred candidates has proposed some outlandish thing, and right away, there are 399 #metoos clamoring for a mike. Not a one of them will say " that is a hair brained daffy idea" about anything. Rats in a cage are one up on this crew.
Not 400 of them running? Are we sure? Yeah, if this crowd is "running" the special Olympics kids are about ten up on em.
I need to quit reading about these doofus's. My neck hurts from shaking my head, my head hurts from banging it on the door frame, and my sides hurt from laughing at their stupidity. They will be the death of me. And our nation.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Ballroom Blitz

Friday, August 30, 2019

Flirtin' with Disaster

Doc flew over

To kick off the start of the 2019 football season, Kansas State has gotten Doc, one of only two still flying B-29 bombers for a fly over.
I was out working in my yard when I heard the noise of a multi engine prop coming in. When I turned to look, it was a B-29 in all it's regal splendor.
Doc is the second B-29 to be returned to flight status. The work was completed in Wichita, and it joins Fifi in honoring our WW2 veterans.
I couldn't give two shits about college football anymore. Since our universities are churning out socialist justice whores instead of educated leaders, they can all go rot in hell.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Another RBG scare for the left

Skelator is in the news yet again. The evil that seems not to age was reported to have undergone treatment for pancreatic cancer. Whole Foods biggest customer, Michael Moore had a near melt down over this.With luck, after Ruth kicks the bucket, and President Trump appoints a conservative to replace her, he will go on a hunger strike until her replacement also dies. it's Okay, he has enough blubber to last him a century plus.
We are approaching critical mass in this country. Possibly the only reason we are not in a civil war is that fighting it would require the leftards to get out of mom's basement.
I hold no hope for this country. Th left has become too vocal, too aggressive, too confrontational. They do not listen to reason, and most believe the lies spoon fed them by the enimedia.
They are not alone. Through out the world, people who have rejected GOD also struggle with hte same rationale, that they are to be the saviors of the planet.
Oh, well, RBG may die tomorrow, or she may hold out another decade. When she dies, I will mourn. There is little joy in knowing that a soul is destined for hell for eternity, and given her support for infanticide, I seriously doubt she knows loves and fears the One True GOD.
So sad.

The boys are back in town

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

Another blow for obamunism

As I mentioned yesterday, the deal with Guatemala remains in limbo until their congress approves it. Guatemala held national elections. On one side they had Sandra Torres  who was heavily backed by George Soros. Nancy P. Lousy even went down to show support for her leftist globalist campaign. The other candidate was Alejandro Giammattei, who, while supportive of the deal also wants more concessions from the U.S.
Knowing that San Fran Nan got her ass handed to her is icing on the cake. May it be a prelude to the coming elections here now that people are fully aware of what a leftard congress would do.
Here's to Barry's much desired Coke becoming even harder to obtain.

I m Not In Love

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Guatemala has Obama judges?

Okay, I can't find the link now, but earlier I was researching about the Trump administration's deal with Guatemala to accept refugees from Honduras and El Salvador and found an article reporting that a Judge there had blocked the deal.
Apparently it will require approval from their congress which is in recess for the summer. Until then, the flow will continue unabated, and likely long after.
The Northern triangle, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador have been hell holes for a long time. They are a narrow section of path on drug route to the United States. Shutting down our border will help curb that flow and force the cartels to look elsewhere. That will still spell disaster for the innocent people in those countries. The starving rats will look to strip bare those regions before heading to new pastures.
What is really needed is a solution to America's drug problem. You might say that there is no Constitutional authority for drug enforcement. There is Constitutional authority for control of imports though, and none of these drugs are native to the United States. Even the "native" marijuana is crap. The stronger weed is all hybrid from plants grown in Mexico and Central America, but the plant is native to Central Asia. Marijuana became illegal in the United States thanks to an international agreement in 1925 regarding the trade of Indian hemp. This led to the Marihuana tax act in 1937.
But, Barry Soetoro needs his regular fix of coke, so there.
What is the answer to our drug problem? Saudi Arabia, China and Indonesia execute smugglers and often users. Maybe we should consider placing the drug mules we catch coming over the border in front of a firing wall.
At any rate, our drug users fuel the problems the poor people in Central America are enduring. Sticking those poor people who flee in liberal bastions is not fair, they are still stuck in the presence of the problem they are trying to get away from.
Fix the problems here so they can have a better life there, or start a trade program where we send the families of people convicted of drug crimes to El Salvador while keeping any who are hard working migrants here. That would also help Mexico since the drug route would stay south.

Smooth Operator

Thursday, August 8, 2019

think twice about supporting a guy who is fueling hate in this country

What a grand message, take it to heart.
Those words were spoken by Joaquin Castro on MSNBC about his decision to dox people who had made contributions to President Trump's reelection campaign.
So, who is fueling hate? Clearly Joaquin Castro is. He want people to be afraid to make campaign donations to a President who has done more for ethnic and minority workers that Teh Won. let's face it, when Barry caused the shut down of many businesses through his ill advised policies which sent jobs and businesses overseas, the black community took the worst hit.
Any one who reads Don Surber regularly knows how the turn around happening in America is creating jobs for blacks, Latinos, and yes, us deplorable white folks.
The donks have zilch to run on. okay, a hand full of despairing liberals have taken their meltdowns public by killing people, and getting all the anti Trump rhetoric off the television would probably get them to calm down, but so would a nice video game and a lullabye.
So, think twice about supporting a guy or gal who is fueling hate in this country. Support only conservatives, real conservatives who love this great nation, and tell the lib commies to pack their bags and head to Venezuela.

Here Comes The Rain Again

Yet another loony

This time in Missouri. The good news is this nut job was shut down before he got to rampaging. How? A good guy with a gun held him at gun point until the Police arrived.
The commonality is too striking. Another young adult. Nothing on race, but probably white. We are becoming so demonized by the leftist lies that our children who know no god fear no punishment. We are becoming a godless nation, and GOD is watching and shaking his head. My how we have fallen.
I have no doubt that within 24 hours we will discover that he is a left leaning kid full of despair.
For now, just thank GOD for lives saved today.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Can't Fight This Feeling

Just a though

What has 4 letters
Sometimes has 9 letters
But never has five letters.

Think about it and get back to me.

Have you noticed?

With nearly every one of the mass shootings in recent years stretching back into Barry's term, The leftists have immediately jumped up screaming that it was some kind of right wing idiot creating mayhem?

Then, as the facts of the matter filter out, some times painstakingly, we find out the killer was either a mooslime or a left winger?

With the latest shootings the press gave a pulpit to the many democraps running slithering for election, yet almost none was given to the President?

Fact of the matter is more press coverage was given to the reactions of these fools than was given to the actual events surrounding the shooting. If they had dropped the political diatribe,many of the stories would have been a mere paragraph or three.
Nope, the press is all in for gun control and universal government. That is to be expected though, the Bible makes it quite clear that in the end times, one world government will rise up. Sorry to tell you though, we won't be leading it. In fact, we will be a minority barely worthy of mention.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunglasses At Night


The president of the illicit drug super highway is threatening legal action against the United States Government after yesterday's shooting in El Paso that left six Mexican citizens dead and another seven wounded. Drug violence just across the border in Cuidad Juarez and other Mexican cities claims far more lives every single day.
If the President of Mexico want to do something to actually protect his citizens, maybe closing the border permanently would be a good start. No drugs flowing north, no guns flowing south... We all know the cartels get their fully automatic weapons from the very Walmart the crazy kid shot up. /sarc
Is Obrador also going to do something to address the violence against American Anglos committed by Mexican citizens here legally, and mostly, illegally?
It is sad and disgusting that a mental midget like this, the kid, would choose to murder innocent people. Sure, he managed to harm a baker's dozen Mexicans, I'd bet most were here legally since many Mexicans cross the border daily for work and to shop.
Let Texas execute him. Let justice be swift and sure If he is still alive come July 31st 2020, justice will have failed. Maybe instead of the needle, they could lose his ass in a prison ward populated with MS-13 thugs... Body? What Body?

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Monday, July 29, 2019

So what are they going to do?

This is a repeat performance of an encore of a repeat performance. President Trump tweets, liberal heads explode, and they madly rush to take a position the polar opposite of what ever it was President Trump insulted. At this point, he could end abortion in America by coming out in favor of it, at least tweeting support for planned infanticide.
Last week's target was the Profit Elijah Cummings' home district in Baltimore. A place that makes Chiraq look like a safe cities success story. The President repeated statements made by many people in recent years noting the high crime, rampant filth, and infestation of rodents.
The elitist donks all took a stance defending the "Charm City". Six weeks from now Baltimore will be largely forgotten and the blight and the plight of the residents will continue unabated.
Does anyone remember the Tide to go commercials? There was one where a drill sergeant, inspecting his troops, spots a stain on a tee shirt. He goes on a tirade, and while he is ranting, the troops pass a Tide to go down the back sides to the hapless recruit who cleans the shirt. Then when the Drill Instructor turns around, it is *gone* and he flips out even worse.
f the donks had a synapse among them, they'd head over en-mass to Baltimore and spend a few hours cleaning up the mess. Pitch a few mattresses in the garbage, toss trash in dumpsters, and give it a one day make over, then drag the camera crews through, see? This aint that bad" sort of ordeal.
But alas, donks working is a pipe dream. The rich donks want their illegals to do the dirty work, and the poor donks dream of the day they win the lottery and can afford to hire an illegal.
Baltimore will stay a disaster. Blacks will continue to kill blacks, drugs will flow and the whole sordid process won't change one bit. Okay, it may get worse. When we consider what has transpired in San Franfreakshow where people now shit in the streets, or Los Angeles where typhus is a major threat, and consider the way they were, Baltimore may be in for even darker days.
Same for St Louis. Same for Detoilet. Ditto Chiraq.
Meanwhile in New York City,  DeBlasshole wants more bike paths. If you look around carefully, bikes are the transportation of choice in third world countries. The cities calling for more bikes are mostly democrat run, and dem run place are becoming shit holes.
Anybody see a pattern here?

Radar Love

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Friday, July 26, 2019

Let's Live For Today

A small victory but a victory none the less

The Supreme Court handed down a ruling reversing a lower court's injunction blocking President Trump from using $2.5 billion in military funding to build the wall.
Technically They are only replacing existing wall, but that "wall" is in many cases little more than an imposition for vehicles and does nothing to slow foot traffic.
I have yet to see the actual ruling, but what should have happened is a multi-pronged approach. The court should have struck it on grounds that the district in which it was filed contains ZERO border wall construction. it's not even in California.
The second part should have addressed that the President has wide discretion to use military funding in the protection of U.S. citizens, and part of that protection is stemming the flow of illegal drugs from Mexico, and the violence which accompanies it.
The third part should have addressed who can file complaints of that nature, and where they can be filed. In my opinion, something like that could be filed by a joint resolution of Congress, but not by any individual person or group, and certainly not by the Sierra Club. As I remember, they joined with the Alien and Criminals Litigation Usurpation in this fiasco.

Carlos Hathcock

Carlos Hathcock is one man I would only want to meet on friendly terms. of course, those whom he was unfriendly to only experienced him from a distance. He was one of the best we've had.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Was yesterday's hearing Real?

The nation and the media got a rude wake up call yesterday as Bobby Mueller made a joke of himself in front of Congress. The man who once directed the FBI could not understand questions, rambled like a drunk, and appeared not to know what the report his staff authored contained.
For the last two years, Don Surber has been referring to him as bungling Bobby Mueller. Did yesterday make Don's point? Is the man who graduated Princeton, became a Marine Officer, and headed the FBI really that much of a mumbling fool? is it dementia? The man is a mere 74 years young.
To be clear, Mueller had about as much to do with the actual investigation as J. Edgar Hoover. He was a figurehead. The FBI and DOJ had already hand picked a team to do the dirty work, a rabid band of Trump hating far left filth the like of which would be better suited to government in Cuba or Venezuela than in the United States.
I did not watch the performance, but reading all the accounts, it seems to me that his performance was a bit over the top. The first rule of a court hearing is never ask a question you do not know the answer to. Surely even the idiots who now lead the donks in Congress know better than to bring in some one with out preparation.
Nasty P. Lousy comes across as a ditz, but she has become very rich through her manipulation of the power of the speaker-ship.
I see this as a last grasp to keep the Russian collusion delusion alive through the 2020 election cycle. After a brief time allotment to let this all sink in, the donks can now claim the investigation was botched because Mueller was losing his faculties. thus they can drag out HiLlARy's evil deeds and Barry's attempt at a coup beyond 2020 and possibly 2024. keep the dream alive.
The communist candidates are running on anger platforms. They can't mention the economy, it is soaring. With the demise of ObamAA- care, they can fuel a little hate among the marginal income people who are not eligible for food stamps and welfare and thus don't get medicaide, but that won't fire up the masses.
I see this as a move to de-legitimize the exoneration of President Trump and fuel the pipe dream they have clung to for the past three years. With out this hope,their base is demoralized and will likely stay home on election day. This is a political Hail Mary, nothing more.


Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Morning After

This was the theme song from the Poseidon Adventure filmed in 1972. In my mind, this is still one of the best action suspense thrillers ever and it was done with out computer animation.

One for the fucked around and found out file

Mariana Flores was a sophomore at UCSD when she participated in a protest against the results of the 2016 election that attempted to shut down the I-5 freeway. During the course of their attempt to create havoc, Mariana was hit and seriously injured by a driver. Mariana sued the driver and UC San Diego as well as the board of Regents. That suit hit the trash bin this week. The judge ruled that the university was not responsible for her injuries, and now it has been determined that the driver, who was uninsured, has no assets worth going after.
I feel sorry for Mariana. Life is tough. its tougher when you are stupid, and it gets really tough when you don't learn from your mistakes. Had she and her fellow stupids refrained from playing in traffic, she would not have become the target of a driver who just wanted to get somewhere. Being that this happened in Mexifornia, I'd wager that the driver was either an illegal, or a HiLlARy supporter.
Mariana suffered a crushed pelvis, fractured leg and other assorted minor injuries which when added to the paralysis she has from the neck up means she won't be a productive member of society any time soon.
Breitbart reports that this was not the only traffic blocking protest. Some professors from Hahhvahrd were arrested for blocking traffic, and I am told that students in Wyoming blocked a road, but gave up after 93 hours when no traffic appeared.
Seriously, our country is in trouble. These immature idiots do not understand that they don't always get their way. Plenty of people were pissed off when Bary Soetoro was elected. None of us blocked traffic or rioted. We had to be to work the following morning and hoped we still had a job as hs ability to crush commerce and industry became a reality.
I hope Mariana learned something. With a screwed up hip she has even less chance of dodging Dodges, and no one should have to live with the grim reality that the bug brained bozo they killed was supposedly a human being.

Friday, July 19, 2019


What happened?

All of a sudden the stories about President Trump having had a fling with some porn stars are vanishing like mist in the morning.
It was only a short time ago that the creepy Porn lawyer, soon to be convict, was on all the leftist media proclaiming how his client, whom he robbed, would bring down President Trump!
Then the house of cards began collapsing.
Seriously, President Trump is a known germ-a-phobe. If no one else purchased hand sanitizer for a decade, they would still be pumping the stuff out for him. So, would a man that obsessed with germs be willing to doodle his noodle in a petri pot full of possibly untreatable diseases?
Do we have any proof he did? Do we have proof his dong is average size with a mushroom head? Maybe the real crime is extortion by Avanti and Daniels?
In any case, the SDNY has declined to press any charges. Don's resident persistent troll will need to find a new schtick. Nonny the Ninny is mad he didn't get to go to the White house with all the other special kids.

An amazing story

As a small child I watched the story unfold of the moon landing. It was a great wonder for a kid back then. it is sad to see how people today want to marginalize the event claiming that it was a fake, a studio set and nothing more, or to note how Russia put the first woman, the first black, and the first Asian in space but our moon landing was a non-event.
I just got done reading the article, What NASA kept quit about the moon landing. Expecting some tail of a search for extra terrestrial life, or of a near failure, I was surprised to learn that Buzz Aldrin, a devout Presbyterian Elder had the first food consumed on another planet, and it was Communion, the  Body and blood of Christ.
Maybe that is why we won the race,because one man among many put GOD ahead of all else. That simple act could have cost him greatly. Even then anti-theism was rearing its evil head.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Go West

Concentration Camps?

Shortly after Hitler ascended to power, the Nazis began rounding up people they considered undesirable. Those people were citizens of Germany, and later, citizens of the occupied nations.

For many years prior to President Donald Trump and continuing through his administration, Immigration has been rounding up People illegally entering the United States. None of the people rounded up by the Border Patrol has been a United States Citizen.

Persons detained by the SS and Gestapo were placed into camps, stripped of all possessions, forced to work, fed little to no food, and subjected to experimentation. Most were eventually executed either by gassing, firing squads, Hanging, beheading, or simply starved to death.

Persons detained by the Border Patrol are placed into camps. Most of the possessions they bring with them are inventoried and stored, then returned to them when they are released. While in the camps, they are not forced to work, but only asked to keep their areas neat and presentable. They are provided with sufficient quantities of food and drinks, adequate dental care, premier medical care and evaluated for communicable diseases. Most are released within a matter of weeks and given a date to appear for a hearing to determine whether they can remain in the United States. Most do not show up for that hearing.

Many of the people who were eventually captured and interred by the Germans attempted to flee to safer locations, but because of the rapid advances of the German blitz,were over run.

All of the people entering the United States are choosing to come to The United States. None of them are fleeing an advancing juggernaut. None of them have seen neighbors hauled out into the streets and butchered.

When prisoners of the Nazis left the camps, they were transported to death camps where they were executed en-mass. They could not opt to leave the camp and return to their home lands.

Any person in an ICE detention facility can ask to be returned to their homeland and will be immediately sent back.


I do not promote violence. I do not want some one to slap the stupid out of Anal-Oral-Cross-connected.. Mainly out of fear that it would make her invisible.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fake conservative Stevens gone

One of the biggest screw ups in Supreme Court history has to be the appointment of John Paul Stevens to the bench. Stevens was known for his work on anti-trust cases and was a registered republican much like the insufferable fool John Roberts.
Once he was on the Supreme Court, his true colors began to show, again, like Roberts. Stevens helped explode infant murder in the United States, and his hate for orthodox Christianity led him to actively support perverse marriage.
After his overdue departure from the bench, the dottering fool made many attacks on the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and other things conservatives and Christians hold dear.
GOD gave Stevens many opportunities to repent before ending his life on earth with a stroke. Steven's destination for eternity is unknown to me, GOD has judged him. I believe our country would have been better off without him, but given the sentiments of our nation as a whole, we deserved him and the resulting degradation of our society as a whole.
America is in it's waning days. We are fools if we believe America will rise from the rubble liberalism has created. While President Trump has done much, we the people have done very little. We should be marching on Washington demanding that the four fools be booted from the House. We should ring the building and peacefully protest and make our voices heard. not a hundred, not a thousand, not a million or ten million. Every person who has benefited From President Trump's handling of the nation should join arms and let Nancy P. Lousy and her band of excrement know what we believe.
Won't happen though, I have to work Saturday and be back on Monday. Instead, the world will be treated to a continuation of the 24/7 mind numbing Bull Crap that comes from CNNBCBS and their perky pretty faces full of lies and deception.
GOD, help us for we refuse to help our selves.