Monday, June 17, 2019

Mama told me not to come

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Oh what a night

Says a lot

President Trump lobbed a salvo at Creepy Joe saying that he is the weakest mentally of the bunch running. Seriously. Really, Joe is the dumbest one in the field. Stacked against a field that includes Alfred E Buttsex, Liarwatha, Beta O'hoark and all the rest of the short box babies, that is a low blow.
There is an old joke, winning a medal in the special Olympics is nice, but you are still a moron, but in this case, Joe aint even getting a participation trophy. Okay, he is getting millions from suckers with more money than brains. Okay, they'd have more money than brains if all they had was a penny.
At any rate, making molestation mainstream Joe is still their lead contender. Were all those #me too claims just to make America numb to the prospect of picking a serial molester as the dem candidate? Given their other choices, it appears frighteningly so.
If President Trump want to completely destroy Bidet in the debates, all he needs to do is fill the first row with Girl Scouts, then make sure there are enough secret service to protect them from wandering hands.

Well whoda thunk it?

The DHS has revealed that 90% of invaders claiming asylum do not show up for their hearings. Are you underwhelmed? Yeah, me too.
We have known from the get go that these fake claims were merely a ploy to get released into the United States. They gambled and got caught, but thanks to the judicial over reach, are allowed in for any of a thousand piss poor reasons.
As many people have pointed out, we need to begin enforcing the law on employers who hire illegals. Once a few thousand employers get hammered, others will think long and hard about risking the wrath of the people.
At the same time though, we need to work at getting legal workers here to fill some of the jobs we are creating. As I have said, if the choice is giving a high pay job to an H1B applicant from India or a native citizen, I want the good job to go to the U.S. citizen. At the same time, those low pay minor jobs like taco bell, and Macnasty burger? Lets get the people who are willing to work for those positions. We need some checks in place though first, we need to make it where they cannot abuse our medical system, our welfare system, our assisted housing system or any form of government aid.
Acknowledging that health care is important, if they have a job, require that their employer provide basic medical coverage which includes birth control like depovara. At the same time we need to ensure they are not treated like slave labor.
The welfare slugs, the criminals, the drug mules and the breeders can all stay south of the border, and preferably south of Mexico too.
Now to the assliar problem, err asylum problem. Automatic denial for any one who comes form a country not bordering the United States. That should cut the backlog by 99%. There was a report of a large group from Central Africa who arrived in Austin Texas. The entire lot should have been shipped back to Africa. Not by plane, stick them on a super tanker bound for Saudi Arabia. I'd say make them work, but the risk of them taking over the ship is too great, lock them in a large cage on the deck and make sure they have a canvas in case of any storms at sea.
As far as any who arrive with claims which warrant investigation, including those coming from Satan worshiping countries that were imported by the SCoaMF, provide them temporary housing where they can effectively be contained, Hawaii, the big island is one option, Bikini atoll is another. Yes, my favorite choice is the big island. There are plenty of wild pigs there, and they can feast on pork all year long.
All that being said, the biggest issue we can deal with at our level is making sure that only real conservatives get selected to run in 2020. We need a house and Senate that will back president Trump when he is right, but firmly put him in his place when he screws up like he did with his bump stock ban. That issue right there is the most important. Allowing his mistaken over reach opens the door to the next communist we screw up and elect to place a ban on all semi automatic weapons, or worse, all guns period.
Things are not going to get better in this country. The next generation foolishly believes the lies they were spoon fed by academia that capitalism is bad and communism is great.  We must fight hard now, or lose the battle forever. Not to be a skeptic, but I am betting on losing simply because of how I understand the Bible and human nature.
Please please PLEASE, prove me wrong.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Cold dead fingers

I think we can all remember the opening sequences of Red Dawn. After the invaders landed, there was a brief shot of a bumper bearing the trademark "you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead fingers which then pans down to the Cuban officer removing the pistol from his lifeless grip.
We say it, how many of us mean it? Are we really willing to die for a piece of cold steel?
We live in the last bastion of freedom in the world. Socialism has taken root in nearly every society on the planet. In some cases it has moves swiftly such as Venezuela where the population was disarmed only a few years ago, in others it has been a more gradual cancer like in Canada where access to hospitals in the United States has held disaster at bay.
In some places the population is fighting back, places like England where Brexit is grinding through the motions or de-peonizing Europe.
This rant though is about us here in the U.S. Are you ready to fight? Like it or not, a fight is coming. We are in a civil war. Truth no longer matters, government of the people is no longer happening. Communists, jihadists, and a lot of other "ists" want their way.
Looking around at the world over the past century, we can catch a glimpse of what awaits us. It is not pretty. Let me share a hidden truth with you. You will most likely die in the coming fight. World events should convince you of that. I'm going to ignore the atrocities of WW's 1 and 2 and focus on the dark continent, Africa. In 1994 following the death of the President of Rwanda, the Hutu population rose up and massacred the Tutsi members. The men were systematically killed, often with machetes. The women were subsequently raped, often by HIV positive men recruited for the specific purpose of spreading HIV among the Tutsi population. Moving forward a few years, we have the muslim hoards killing parents and carting the girls off to be sexual slaves and forced conversion to satanism err islam.
Think about that as you mentally prepare yourself for the coming shitshow. If you are killed, what will be their next step? Will they rape your wife? will they assault your daughters? Might they also molest your sons? Yes, muslims and many other perversions crave young boys.
Have you taught your wife to shoot? If a mob of crazy militants were to kill you,what would she do? would she lay down her weapon and surrender? What then?
It has been twenty five years since the atrocities happened in Rwanda. While the younger members of our population might know nothing about this, for older folks, it should still be riveted in their minds.
When things go south, you won't be fighting to win. It won't be an option on the table. You will be fighting for the souls of your family. How much torture could you take? In the book "Voice of the Martyrs", it tells the story of a Chinese Christian who was tortured and forced to renounce Christ. After he was free, guilt hung heavy on him, and he marched in the streets proclaiming, "My name is Peter, I have denied my LORD."
Just as with the daughters of Christians held by satan's vermin Boko Haran in Kenya and Nigeria, how will your kin be treated?
For my part, I want my wife to understand the hell that awaits if she is captured alive by any of the islamist groups. I want my children and their kids to understand what would await them if they fell into the hands of such people.
This is a reality that could very well await us. The Bible speaks volumes about the end times, things which should terrify you. Do not take GOD's word lightly. As for me, when the day comes, I will fight as hard as necessary to make sure they kill me rather than capture me, and hope my wife will opt for the same fate.
So yes, when that day comes, they will need to pry my gun from my cold dead fingers. I will be the man  dead behind his truck.Then, they can have my gun. they will already have my bullets.

Mr Roboto


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Free ride


They were called our Greatest Generation. They were our fathers, uncles, grandfathers, great Uncles, the men who served in WWII. Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy landings. By this time, men were wading ashore under withering fire from the German defenders who held the high ground. In 1944 roughly 66% of those men were drafted. They did not shirk their duty but marched forward, determined to restore freedom to the people of Europe. Ironic that today, an unrepentant nazi funds much of the anti American movement that is importing unassimilating foreigners to our land.
This isn't about George Soros though, this is taking a moment to say thanks to those men and women who served, and thanks to the GOD who inspired them to bravery and kept them safe through that day 75 years ago and helped them gain a foot hold that ultimately led to the downfall of the Third Reich.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The older I get the less I know

The current situation regarding President Trump's proposed tariffs on Mexico and China helps just a bit in understanding the premise that the Morill tariffs of 1860 sparked the Civil War. First, the Tariff was bottled up in the democrat controlled Senate and would never have advanced had the southern senators not resigned.
Why was the south opposed to the Morill tariffs? Those tariffs were on Imports, and most of southern commerce was exporting cotton. There would be zero duty on the cotton leaving, and the goods most effected were manufactured goods that were in demand as the north industrialized.
Second, the United States Government had less than $500,000 cash on hand against millions in unpaid bills. It was fiscal irresponsibility on the part of the democrats to not raise revenues. If the government defaulted on just debts, that would have created a financial crisis and risked plunging the economy into rapid inflation as happened in Germany during the Wiemar years.
Tariffs did pose a real danger in one way. They impacted shipping. in the 1850's the only way to move cotton to Europe was via sailing ships. (Duh) empty sailing ships are not easy to handle. They ride high in the water, and the mast becomes difficult to control as the center of mass rises even further. No ship's captain or pilot would want to travel far in uncertain weather with a ship empty. Factor in that ships traveling from Europe to America were traveling against the prevailing winds and you begin to understand the problem. So, no imports, no empty ships to haul cotton back to European markets. Therein lies the real issue for opposition to Morill, and sound government policy be damned.
Today things are much different. Ships are powered by diesel, we have effective radar monitoring of the weather, and the cost of moving an empty ship back to China can be factored into the costs of the goods on the full ones coming here.
We are in the early stages of a (un)civil war. We are not shooting back, but we are certainly under attack from the left, just like in 1858. The media is not telling the truth just like in 1858.
If this civil war goes hot, we will be out numbered three to one, possibly six to one. Our "side" contains a large number of traitors, men who would sell their own mother to the KGB for a pair of blue jeans.(note 1)
America is fairly evenly divided between conservatives and radical communists, the problem is that most of the conservative people are easily pushed around. they will tolerate a lot of abuse and not fight back simply because they are too busy supporting family and dealing with life. Remember, only about 3% of the colonists took up arms in the Revolution. The rest remained busy with their farms plantations, stores and businesses. Contrast that to the left where every opportunity to protest draws hundreds of clowns who come in planning to stir trouble and spark fights. We saw it at every Trump rally during the 2016 election, we saw it at Charleston and we see it on the streets of our major cities. The left has many idle hands ready for mischief.
That is not to say we will lose. while they are rabble and rowdy, they don't have discipline, they lack fighting skills and most have never been in the military. The few who have were booted for being attitude and discipline cases.
The globalists stand in opposition to President Trump. Main street people love him and his policies. they like that he fights where most republicans roll over and play possum, or join ranks with the communists. Do not expect many in Congress to stand with the President. They will side with the big money owners and say screw the voters like they have done so often in the past.
Bitch McConnell has been working to fill vacancies in the Judiciary. President Trump is nominating them, and the Senate is approving them. Watch closely though, many are as decepticon as Supreme injustice of the Court Turncoat Roberts who stabbed the Constitution in the back with his twisted logic ruling on Oblowme care.
Yup, we are in for a fight. Stay ready.

1. Three Russian boys were staring at a pair of blue jeans on a cloths line. The first boys says, "I wish I had an AK-47, I would go steal a pair of jeans like that."
The second boy says, "I wish I had ten thousand rubles, I would go buy a pair of blue jeans like that".
The third boy says, "I wish I had a mother and father."
The other boys stare at him in disbelief.
He continues, "Then I would turn them in to the KGB for a pair of blue jeans, just like my sister did."

We'll sing in the sunshine

Sunday, June 2, 2019

The older I get the less I know

They say wisdom comes with age. Maybe. For me, it seems more like I'm learning how wrong much of what I knew as a kid was. Let's take a stroll down memory lane.
I was but a toddler when JFK was assassinated. When he sailed to victory in the democratic primaries, the powers that be saddled him with Lyndon Johnson as his VP. Strangely, JFK was assassinated while in a motor convoy in Dallas. I don't buy into the second gunman theory. Neither do I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. To get a job along the route that Kennedy was to take over a month in advance? He was hired at the book depository on October 16th. The assassination happened on November 22nd.
It is also entirely possible that Oswald did not fire the shot. It is certain that he purchased the rifle. He made an attempt to kill Army Major General Edwin Walker, a man who was upsetting powers in Washington, but Oswald failed miserably. Was that a test run?
Now, let us step a little closer to the present. When Ronald Reagan snatched the Republican nomination, there were plenty of upset people. Carter was a dud. His chances of reelection were slimmer than Twiggy. The powers that be wanted George Herbert Walker Bush. He was their selection, but Reagan smacked him handily receiving more than double the votes Bush got, 62% of all republican primary votes cast. But, again, the system saddled him with a globalist for a VP. Reagan survived the assassination attempt.
Does anybody believe that John Hinkley was trying to impress Jody Foster? He should have tried slipping dick picks under her door at Yale if that was the case but she most likely wouldn't have had a clue what it was.
Back in 1981 I didn't much care. I was pissed that MY President was shot, but he survived, life went on, and I didn't give it much more thought.
So what does that have to do with now?
The commies are looking for the right combination to defeat President Trump. There have been a lot of people throwing their hat in the donk's ring. Evey demographic is being attended to. There is Liarwatha courting the white women's vote, Horizontal Harris to mislead black women, beta fish to make sure Latinos are disenfranchised, Buttcrack bending over to get the LGBTQXYZ  crowd, but the front runner is Gaffer Joe Biden. Creepy uncle isn't creepy enough now that we have had so many rounds of #metoo going after men who were upright and honest.
What am I getting at? It would seem to me that the ticket they may make will be empty headed Walter Biden with Abrams Tank for a side kick. Did you see where she is attending the Bilderberg get together? She is the one that they most likely want she fills a demographic, so black vote sewn up and liberal women vote sewn up. All that is needed is to get rid of Joe at the earliest possible moment if they win.
Conspiracy theory? Yup. Crazy? Yup. Possible? Yup. They have to win to make it happen. 2018 showed that they are getting the hang of falsifying elections. They turned Orange County California blue in under thirty recounts. The Powers that be are not content to win fairly. they consider themselves to be our rightful masters, and how dare us rubes support an man like President Trump. Or even Creepy Joe for that matter.

Born to be wild

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Nature can be a MOTHER

These are some pictures from a tornado that hit near Dayton this past week.

Magic Carpet Ride

USS Grenadier SS 525

Back in 1959 the United States Navy was locked in a battle of skills with the Soviet Union. Capt. Ted Davis and his crew did a remarkable job in this real life version of The Hunt for Red October. The men successfully located and tracked a Russian Zulu in the GIUK gap and won a case of Jack Daniels for their work.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Eating their own

It is almost fun to watch as the leftards devour themselves. This weeks target de jour is fakebook. Aparently the far left socialist media site is not far enough left to suit Nancy P. Lousy. It seems that a video which has been altered to show her in an even worse light, a hard thing to do, has been making the rounds among conservatives who have not yet dumped socialism's favorite indoctrination station.
For a video to show San Fran Nan in an even worse light is an amazing feat.
Having her going bonkers makes it even sweeter. Sweetest of all is that the folks running the masturbaters of the Universe think they are the rightful arbiters of all things to decide what is good and evil, especially on the internet.
Do I enjoy this? of course, this is almost as much fun as watching video of HiLlARy falling down steps, or getting tossed in the back of her Whambulance in NYC. Oh if only we had some funny clips of Creepy uncle Joe, but video of him touching children is mildly very disturbing.

Chain gang

Monday, May 27, 2019

Chevy Van

How high's the water mama?

We've had a rather wet spring here. Portions of the country North of here drain down through Manhattan by way of the Blue River and Tuttle Creek reservoir. With the down stream conditions, the Corps of Engineers has been holding water in Tuttle Creek. the lake is now approaching FULL. In less than four days, given the current inflow, the Corps of Engineers will be forced to begin releasing water from the dam.
What! The! HELL??? Did they not learn anything from 1993? This is a replay. Since they will be forced to begin discharging water at the same rate as it is coming in, the downstream communities are about to get screwed big time. The Corps should have learned something from 93. They did NOT.
If they had begun releasing water 45 days ago at a rate equal to the normal flow of the river, we would not be in this situation. Yes, some areas down stream would have taken it in the shorts. FEMA designates flood plains for a reason. You should not be building in those areas no matter how juicy the location is.
A lot of foolish decisions have been made by people in the Corps of Engineers. Those decision makers should loose their jobs and forfeit their retirement. It does not come close to the cost of damages that will be sustained in the coming days, but the reward for incompetence should be a long time standing in the funemployment line.

A Sacred Day

There is nothing Happy about Memorial Day. It is intended to honor the men and women who served and gave their last full measure in the preservation of freedom. Today we should mourn with the families of the fallen those great men and women. From Christopher Snider to the latest fallen hero of our many brush wars against mainstream Islam, every one of them left family and friends behind for the sake of this nation.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Cool Change

Searching for nony

Don Surber has a pet troll who is constantly spewing the George Soros nazi approved FNN byline. I think I may have stumbled on a group photo of him and his fellow trolls.
nony the ninny, when you see this, please comment as to which one is you so I can vote for you for the employee of the moment. Most places have an employee of the month, but bottom dwellers like Nony usually can't keep it together for thirty days straight.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Let the lawsuits begin

Colorado's idiot governor signed into law, a bill which would allow anyone who imagines they are not being paid equally to sue. In other words, a woman who works with male coworkers could file a grievance even if she does not know what they are being paid. Equal pay has been the law for fifty years. Why does this keep creeping onto the dumb-as-crap party's platform?
The simple truth is that while men and women are supposed to be paid the same, and in 99.999% of cases, they are, women earn less simply because they work fewer hours.
For example, at my present job, there is one female employee. She is a journeyman electrician, so she is paid the same scale as me. She is also a foreman, so she gets a 10% premium. BUT, I work overtime, she does not. So, she puts in 40 hours and gets paid for 44 straight time. I work 56 and get paid for 40 straight, and 16 at time and a half. So, if the scale were $10 an hour, each week, she would gross $440 and I would gross $640 creating an earnings gap of $200 per week, or $10,400 per year.
The linked article notes that evil google, did research on their own practices and discovered that in most cases, they paid the men less.
The insanity of this law will shutter many small businesses. Shops which cannot afford legal aid will be destroyed whether they are in the right or not. When that happens,every one loses.

Time Passages

Why do we have paid vacations and holidays?

I have been self employed most of the time since 2004. During that period I've had several part time helpers. As a small business, I have struggled at times to make bills. There were weeks and some times months with little work, or clients who were slow to pay. When things were busy, they were extremely busy. Being in a college town meant that summer was slow for retailers, but insane for contractors. Since summer was the time for vacations and such, I had a choice, make money or spend money I had not yet made. Obvious choice.
This weekend, Memorial Day, marks the kick off of summer. College is out, most schools are done for the year. The weather is perfect... Maybe. So what once was a time to commemorate those who had given their last full measure for freedom has become a day of cooking on the grill and traveling to the hottest vacation spot for a few days of lazy pleasure. And for many, all on the company dime.
The socialism loving writers at SeeBS are bemoaning the fact that the United States does not have laws mandating paid vacations and holidays. One in four workers will not receive pay for Monday.They won't get a dollar when they decide to take time off from work and travel. They will, instead, have to save,budget, and plan their finances so they  can do things like that.
By contrast, the socialism infested nations of Europe provide force employers to give their workers anywhere from twenty to thirty days of vacations. then, to top off the crazy,employers must also give paid holidays. Fourteen in Spain. to a low of one in France, but the frogs already get thirty days vacations and a thirty hour work week.
Sound good? What such a thing would do is stifle  small business growth. already the majority of small business startups fail.Mandating paid vacations and holidays would doom many businesses. It wold also drive up the cost of everything we produce nationally. Yup, makes Chinese goods produced by near slave labor in sweatshops where they live in subhuman conditions more attractive while diminishing the jobs which provide funds for people here to buy with.
Just consider, if a person can produce 100 widgets per hour, the cost of a widget should equal 1/100th of an hour's wages, plus materials plus reasonable profits, plus  transportation, stocking, retail costs and taxes. But if we become like Spain, that widget is now 365/326 or 1.12 times more money. WRONG! The correct figure is 261/222 or 1.18 times more money Just for the production labor. Then factor in the additional costs of labor in transporting,stocking and retailing, and that would drive the costs up substantially.  need it in a hurry? If one of those fourteen holidays intervene, you will wait an additional one to four days depending on when it falls in the week.
Are we crazy? In a word yes. Socialism is on the rise here. the cretins in congress will soon be forcing businesses to just that unless We the People send them packing. If we don't, Anal Oral Cross connected's next green new deal will mandate 261 days of paid vacation because factories produce environmental damaging CO2 when they operate... And besides, China needs the money...
If you are one of the 3/4 of Americans who get a paid holiday on Monday, congratulations. Enjoy it. Or spend it in remembrance of those who made this nation possible.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Gear jammer

Sicker by the day

Not me, Jim Carrey. The failed comedian turned artist , in his latest work, accurately depicts an abortion procedure with the face of  Alabama Governor Kay Ivey on the infant.
Is that not a call for death? he then captioned his vile piece, "I think if you are going to terminate a pregnancy it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama." By that one can reason that it would be A-Okay with sick minded Jim if Kay had been slaughtered in the womb, murdered in childhood, or assassinated at anytime before she ascended to the Governorship.
The man has been overboard on his attacks on President Trump. He hates conservatives. he glorifies the murder of innocent babies for the convenience of the mother.
Jim has come a long way since he portrayed a person of intellect far superior to his in Dumb and Dumber. So sad he has progressed the wrong way.
If you don't believe liberalism is a mental disorder, look at his various depictions and ask yourself, would a sane person do all that? Get help Jim. if you can't find some one to relieve your troubled mind, go to Mexico and make crazy statements about the cartels. After all, Didn't you say that if trump was elected you'd leave?  So many of you Hollywood freaks have chimed in I don't rightly remember.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Get it on

The rules do not apply

When workers at a car rental in Prescott Arizona reported they'd found drug paraphernalia in a returned vehicle in 2016 Police briefly investigated, then declined to prosecute. Although the crack pipe and some powder were found along with identification clearly naming the person who'd rented the vehicle,  it was determined to be not a big deal.
The case has become relevant today because the man who rented and returned the vehicle was Hunter Biden, the son of Creepy Joe Biden. Hunter had been previously dishonorably discharged from the Navy for failing a drug screening.
Why was the case dropped? Does Prescott like the flow of illegal drugs flowing like water over our southern border? Was it because of the link between the subject, real name Robert Biden, and the thin skinned vengeful occupant of the White House?
Might such an arrest make waves for the HiLlARy campaign which despite press reports,was floundering like a drunken sailor?
Regardless, Hunter escaped justice. Has he escaped his addiction to destructive drugs? That foreign nations have squandered millions to him and Ketchup's kid in order to buy favor makes this all the worse.
The 2020 race is heating up. Creepy Joe is the front runner among the slithering species for now. While one part of me wishes this would be the straw that breaks his campaign, another hopes hie survives to the nomination. It would be fun to watch a debate between him and President Trump. What I think makes Joe viable is that he is not identity based unless of course, NAMBLA is the main group backing him. He has all the appeal of Jeff Dunham's Walter, but less than half the puppet's personality, wit, charm and intellect.
I'd say may the best man win, but as far as the donk's primary goes, so far they have fielded NONE.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Time to go after the enimedia as well

Shortly after Donald john Trump was elected, Jimmy the weasel Comey was dispatched to give him a briefing. Included in the brief was a tidbit about the Russian collusion hoax. that was then leaked to the media which reported on it as part of the meet between Commie and the President elect. The reports in the news were then used to apply or FISA surveillance and in the months following many leaks of false information were passed out to the media who embellished these ridiculous clams and gave them a life of their own.
It now looks like there may be prosecutions of individuals in the FBI and DOJ for their rolls in attempting to overthrow a duely elected President.
There are still many people believing the Russian collusion hoax. Why? Simple, the enimedia is not coming clean. the truth is out there, but many people are too lazy, or too busy to go in search of it. Some are not computer, others trust the media because they have never been shown real hard evidence of the truth.
Case in point, my middle brother still believes that George Zimmerman stalked Travon Martin and killed him in cold blood. He does not know that St Skittles stalked Martin, jumped him, and was pummeling him while sitting on top of him. He also believes that George did not have a permit to carry concealed. The reason he believes that is because the media is more focused on narrative than on truth.
Just as they did in the 1850's, the media today is not reporting the true facts. In many ways they are the tip of the spear in the ongoing effort to transform America into a banana republic Hugo Chavez could be proud of.
In all the BS that has gone on the last almost three years, several of the things the media has done are crimes. Publishing unsourced private communications such as tax returns is a violation of privacy. printing lies is bad, printing the "leaks" that came from team mule ears, the FBI and DOJ types is far worse.
None dare call it treason. screw it, I will call it treason.
repubicans are pretty much used to being walked on by the press. It's time to change that and demand fair and balanced reporting, and I don't mean the crap Murdochs kids pass off as such.

In the Year 2525

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Time to defund PBS

For many years the public broadcast has been a platform for ultraliberal and left wing propaganda. Recently the kid's show Arthur had a character come out as pervert err gay. The character Ratburn is a school teacher. go figger. We all know by now that teaching is a plum position for child predators, and now we have a "gay teacher" getting married shoved down the throats of our kids. Your kids, mine don't watch Pure Bull Shit. never let them.
The Bible takes a strong stance on homosexuality, and while I may not act like a Christian too often, I still do believe in GOD, accept Jesus as my savior, and condemn the things GOD condemns in Scripture. yes, I definitely need a Savior.
A lot of people claiming to be Christian want to focus on love, but affirming behavior GOD condemns is not loving some one. That behavior has them on the path away from GOD and heaven. Loving them is pointing out their sin, then pointing them back to GOD. That is what Nathan the Prophet did when David sinned with Bathsheba. he did not say, Aww, its ok you had Uriah killed so you could take his beautiful wife. That is what we should do with those who claim to be Christians yet hold to the things GOD forbids.
Those people like to marginalize the letters of Paul, yet in II Peter 3:16 Peter, the Rock,confirms that Paul writes with authority from GOD. And, the condemnation on homosexuality is also found in the Old Testament , so yes, homosexuality is a perversion condemned by GOD.
We once were a Christian nation. We once were a people bless by GOD. we can be again. Sadly, I don't believe we will.

Hold your head up

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Kickstart my heart

More sleaze from the scandal free administration

The feds indicted Pras Michel for funneling more than $21 million to the 2012 reelection campaign of Barry Soetoro. Pras Michel together with Jho Low transferred money from foreign entities to straw men who then donated to the campaign of our worst pResident. MORE
 In 2008 there were several reports of illegal donations coming in to Barry's campaign. I have never seen where any of them were investigate. For 2012 they got a little smarter and channeled the funds through these two creeps instead. I am glad they got busted. Would love it if they turned up a tie to creep Joe Bidet err Biden.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Is this the end of the line?

The United States has had a pretty good run. After nearly 247 years corruption and decay are chewing away at the fabric of trust that is critical for a nation to survive. From humble beginnings to super power,  we've had it all. For most of my life the biggest fear has been that the USSR or China would nuke us to glowing ash. The USSR collapsed, China, while nearing super power status is also experiencing severe internal strife. We have no real enemy, yet we have a thriving fifth column. Our threat today comes, not from without, but from within.
One world government lies somewhere over the horizon. If you believe the Bible, you know it is so. GOD does not lie. many people want to carve us into the future as some spoiler, a force for good in times of evil.
Looking at our own recent news headlines, it is clear to me that ill not be the case. Suffer the children? The children suffer and die every day in what should be the safest place on earth and the one having them killed is the one who should love them the most with out reservation.
Homosexuality abounds.GOD condemns homosexuality. Immorality abounds as well. Men who are not sleeping with other men are sleeping with other women, and people have the audacity to make them heroes instead of pariahs.
Men not satisfied with being men are having their balls hacked off, their penis inverted, taking hormones and claiming to be women. Women unhappy with being women are also attempting to reverse nature. Yet with out daily drug intervention, all they are is a mutilated caricature of a human, one that will never reproduce. That may be the only blessing in the sordid affair.
These people are not happy to merely live their lives and be ignored though. They demand recognition above and beyond what is normal. They demand affirmation of their sick nature and that it be called normal. A new normal. The guilty flee where none pursue them. So it is with those who are doing these things. Their own worst enemy is their own conscience. When they look into your yes, they know, just know you do not approve of them. it is not you though, it is their own trouble conscience gasping in throes of death as it tries to right the ship of their insanity.
Our own government has become our worst enemy. How can anyone know that the FBI agent who is investigating an allegation of misconduct is above reproach? Can we rest assured that the prosecutor handling any case is honest? Every one of them owe a certain amount of debt to the heads of the respective offices, and those at the top in the DOJ and FBI have turned out to be enemies of the people.
Just as what happened in 1930's Germany swept evil into every corner, so too it has happened to us. Where is the outrage? When Hitler abolished all political parties save the nazis, very few people objected. When our government was used as a bludgeon on the heads of citizens merely exercising their right to representative government, it should have been clear the nation was in serious peril.
Many people are looking to AG Barr to save the day. I'm not. He is a creature of this mess.  The only possibility is some one who has no connections to the swamp. A person with an impeccable pedigree, a person with a heart of stone and nerves of steel. a man who cannot be bought,cannot be blackmailed, cannot be compromised. find him, and the Senate will not confirm him.
So,where do we turn? The courts have yet to weigh in, and surely the judges in the FISA courts are pissed. They were lied to, deceived with false documentation to approve the attacks, the surveillance on President Trump and his campaign.
Remember, while they sought to undermine President Trump, they also undermined us. The trust os broken. How will any judge be able to look a defendant in the eyes and hand down a conviction knowing full well that people who lied to the courts, to congress, and to the American people were caught and went unpunished? Will they too fold in the same way the courts of Germany bowed to Hitler? We know Supreme injustice of the court John Roberts has folded. We know that the likes of Ruth Ginsberg, Elena Keegan and Sonya Sotomayor are not forces for good. So where does that leave us as a nation?

Long cool woman

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A taste of honey

How dumb can she get?

Once again Anal-Oral-Crossconnected is showing her absolute ignorance. Today her ass is jealous of her mouth over statements regarding the VA. The bimbo from the Bronx seems to think our VA system is just fine, and the only "Fix" is to channel money to pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and for profit hospitals.
Lets do this, lets make members of congress get their hell care through the VA, and ONLY through the VA. Better yet, make it the VA in Phoenix.
A John Deere MS1368 is capable of hauling and distributing 684 bushels of compact manure in a matter of minutes. AOC's mouth has it beat by a mile. Aaannnnddd The John Deere isn't nearly as noisy.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Why should they support him?

Bernie Sanders is once again running for President as a democrat. As a Senator, he lists himself as an independent, mainly because the dems are too right wing for his style. never mind that they are too leftist for most thinking adults.
Sanders made the switch in 2015 when he ran against HiLlARy, but as soon as the election was over, he went back to being his old commie self.
While it is true the donks are slithering left faster than an SR-71 can fly, most of the rank and file are still believing that it is liberalism, not leftism that is the mantra of their party. That leftward shift has pushed people from the party. I left in 1980 because of Carter's inept handling of the 444 days of shame where Iran held our Embassy workers hostage.  Stayed gone as I realized that pro-life views were not welcome in donkyland.
The departure of many moderates has also had a profound effect on the republican party. Many of the people who have departed want to remain politically active, and they are beating the drum for the republican party to abandon true conservatism and shift leftwards to accommodate them.
This is harming the stability of our politics. Older conservatives are slowly passing on. Many younger conservatives are not taking an active part in party politics choosing instead to focus on jobs and family. That void is being filled by vocal liberals who seek a new home,but want to make their new home look and feel like their old home where they feel unwelcome and unwanted.
Back to Bernie. If the man wants to be a demonicRAT, he needs to disavow his prior beliefs and instead embrace and uphold the platform of the democrats. The same is true regarding Anal Oral Cross-connection.What would she and the Bern do? Go caucus with the republicans? Fat chance.
Instead the donks will expand their tent for a time, and while they fully intend to screw Bernie, the shit show will continue.
Oh, well, it makes for good theater. While the various factions vie for their turn in me too land, the real fight will be back to a couple of old white men leading the party that detests old, white, and men especially.

reelin in the years

A story about Joe

I cannot confirm this is true, but there is a story that Joe Biden was dining at a restaurant when a customer at a nearby table began to choke. Joe sprang into action. he grabbed the man out of his chair, got behind him, then yanked the poor chap's trousers down and began to tongue the hapless creature's anus.
Well, the guy was so shocked that he coughed the hunk of meat lodged in his windpipe right out.
Joe gleefully told the guy, "Its a good thing I'd heard about that hinny lick maneuver."

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Friday, April 26, 2019

Hey nineteen

No whisper of scandal?

Creepy Joe Biden, after crawling slithering out from under his rock is touting the worn and debunked lie that the ObamAA- administration was free of scandal. Come again?
This is the administration that spied on a presidential campaign, blocked TEA party groups from holding tax exempt status, politicized the IRS, DOJ, CIA, FBI, and just about every other department of the government in an effort to make their Hitleresque take over of America seem like a movement.
There have not been prosecutions, but much of that is because mountains of evidence have been tied up by the Mule Ears debacle. There is no justice in the world. If there were, half of Barry's clown show would be in prison for life and the other half doing an air dance at the end of a hemp rope.
Once again though the media is out in force claiming that the dems can do no evil and the republicans no good.
When did our press go bad? If you think it happened since 2008, you are living with your head in the sand. If you,like me, hearkened back to the days when the most trusted man in news, Walter Cronkite, claimed Vietnam was not winnable, you, like me, are also not paying attention. Go back further. 1930's? No, much further. If you look at the times of the 1850's, you will see how the press was dishonest back then.
I would love to see archives from the 1856 and 1860 elections. I know the press was whipping up hysteria back then. When Lincoln was elected, he did not have the power to end slavery. Yet, the press in the southern states used emancipation as the catalyst to whip into a fervor the residents of the south. There was no radio. There was no television. People got their news from word of mouth and from the news papers. Bubba next door wasn't going to tell Cletus what Lincoln said, he was too busy plowing his few acres to attend a campaign event. Many of the poor were illiterate, they counted on people in the town square to inform them, and most of the people in the towns knew only what the local paper printed.
That was the power of the press. In Colonial times the king kept a tight reign on the press for that very reason, control of information. Part of that was to keep anarchists from planting ideas, people will believe what they see in the news whether it is CNN or the Times. We have a desire to believe that the people informing us are honest.
Control of the news is control of the masses. Go off topic and farcebook will shut you down. same with Twatter and every other corner of the internet. The people who control the dems believe that truth is what they say, so get ready for months on end of being told how great Joe was as VP and what an efficient leader we will have when he is elected. besides, the secret Service detail will keep your daughters and wives safe from him ONLY if he is elected.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Walter is in

Jeff Dunham could have a field day modifying a few of his puppets and making his next show a mockery of the communist party debates. Did I just say the democrats have morphed into communists? Should I apologize? Sorry Commies, didn't mean to imply you are worthless rats on a sinking ship.
Biden has been polling well. the revelations about his creepiness seem to not bother people who have been numbed by the constant barrage of attacks on public figures for the last three years.
It may very well be that the few people who came forward in the last few weeks were intended to be a test prior to his perpetual campain kicking off for the umpteenth time.
Funny how the anti-white male party is leaning toward a white male albeit a creepy one, to run against President Trump in 2020.
Creepy Joe already has the endorsement of three leftist Senators; Chris Coons of Delaware naturally had to and was joined by By Bob Crazy err Casey of Pennsylvania and Doug Jones, the mistake from Alabama.
Joe's campaign slogan will be; "If I'm elected, the Secret Service will keep me from touching your daughters and wives".
At this rate, by the time they hold their first debate, they will have almost enough brain cells on the stage for a synapse.

Black water

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Monday, April 22, 2019

Why isn't this treason?

By now, everyone with a functioning brain knows the Russian collusion investigation was a hoax intended to bring down the rump administration. Those who have been paying attention also know that the whole Steele Dossier involved intel assets from several foreign governments with,or without the knowledge and consent of their leaders.
An aide to Australia’s High Commissioner Alexander Downer, Erika Thompson, met with George Papadopolis which led to his involvement. This was facilitated by Christian Cantor, an Israeli intel asset working in London. This was eventually used against Papadopolis.Read the CTH article to get full background.
So what we had was governments of supposedly friendly nations working to undermine ours. Friends? British Prime Minister Henry John Temple said, "We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow."
Because they saw in President Trump, American exceptionalism which they fear, they felt it was Okay to interfere in our government. In so doing, they chose to become our enemy.
Orr did they? It may be a few rogue agents, a couple of bad apples. What the president needs to do is issue a subpoena for them to come testify and request full disclosure from the Australia government which has gone haywire in my opinion. Then, if they refuse, declare to congress that a State of war exists between us and Australia, suspend travel and trade between us and them, and sanction nations which elect to trade with Australia.
Then do the same thing with Steele and London. We need them like a swamp needs mosquitoes. They need us far worse. Use this to topple the faulty government of Theresa May? Let the English decide whom they want to ally with.
Step two is to round up every American intel asset that worked to compose this pile of excrement and after a speedy trial, stand them in the path of a few speedy bullets.
Step three is to round up all the members of congress who assisted with this and execute them on top of the bodies of their co-conspirators.
We have a lot of people in Washington who want to make us a small piece in a one world government where despots like Maduro in Venezuela would have equal say in the happenings of our economy. We are the most prosperous nation on earth because we have kept the despots at bay. For eight of the last ten years our government has been in the stranglehold of allies of those despots. Sure, HiLlARy deposed Qaddafi in Libya, but he didn't want to play ball with the globalists either.
If the next year does not see Washington cleaned up, we are doomed. The power brokers need to be stopped now.
Much as I want that to happen and for us to get good government again, I know it is a pipe dream. We are only a short time away from the dooms days of Revelation. we can slow the wheels, but not reverse them. GOD, help us.

The Hustle

Saturday, April 20, 2019


And as a bonus, Bill Cosby's The pep talk;

Friday, April 19, 2019

The Lonely Bull

No apology

Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin's secret Police famously said, " Show me the man and I will show you the crime." For the last two plus years we have been bombarded with media reports and leaks claiming that the circle was getting ever tighter on Our elected president, Donald J. Trump.
What began with the ObamAA- administration illegally spying on the Trump Presidential campaign, quickly blossomed into a full fledged attempt on the part of the communist infested democrat party to overthrow our government by nullifying an election.
Lets look back at history, shall we? in 2008 the democrats took control of everything, they had the presidency, the House, and a filibuster proof majority in the senate. They steam rolled through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which incidentally neither protected patients or provided affordable health care, in the dead of night at the moment their filibuster proof majority perished with the election of Scott Brown to replace evil Ted Kennedy. Because they were under the gun with no time left to fix the many screw ups in their master piece of failure and delusion, we were stuck with it and we were not happy.
That led to the election of 2010 and the rise of the TEA party within the republican party. republicans took back control of the house which they had lost in 2006 when they kept acting like democrats and spending like thieves. They also had a net gain of seven seats in the Senate but did not flip that chamber as the donks held on to 51.
We now know there was a massive attempt by the Obama administration to control the elections in Hitleresque fashion. Adminstration forces within the IRS used their powers to block many groups supporting TEA party candidates. While that is not quite the same as Hitler outlawing all other political parties, it was intended to have the same result.
In 2012 the republican establishment forced Mittens McRomneycare down our throats. If the goal was to find a republican as repulsive as Barry, they succeeded. 2016 was shaping to be another BS election as republicans fielded a list of candidates as wide as the Amazon and as shallow as a mud puddle. Some were genuine good men. Others were fillers intended to split the vote for the good men and keep them off the stage at the party convention. Until Donald Trump threw his MAGA hat in the ring. Suddenly the republican party was taking off like a rocket. people who were as enthusiastic about elections as they are about root canals were going to rallies. Donald Trump could fill a stadium. HiLlARy could fill a closet. It was evident to me by September of 2015 that he was going to carry the day. At some point the people in Slinky's camp also began to figure that out. To that end, they began a research dossier, aptly named the Steele memo as the intent was to steal the election. They wiretapped the Trump campaign, planted moles, spies, and some royal pieces of crap in attempts to throw him off his game. They failed. shortly after the election, they leaked to the press claims that Russia had interfered in the election. This after mocking Donald Trump for making statements about attempts by foreign actors to interfere.
There is a long track record of foreign interference. The easiest example is the Chinese working with Al Gore's campaign and funneling money to it. There have been more including the many anonymous donations from foreign locations to Barry's 2008 fund.
All this led to the formation of Mueller's team, a pack of angry democrats hell bent on overturning the results of the election, or at least souring the waters. Make no mistake, they succeeded in part. The last two years have been chaotic at best. Very little of what president Trump set out to do has been accomplished.  The 2018 midterms were effected by this, and now we will endure another 20 months of democrat skullduggery from Nancy P. Lousy's cult in the House of Resentatives.
That Mueller came up with nothing to hang on president Trump is amazing. While I am certain there was no collusion, they attempted to twist every move he made as obstructionism. They fed total garbage to their fiends in the press which was then regurgitated to the public, some of whom began to believe the lies.
But President Trump is a careful man. he seems to have an instinct for the line and he knows never to cross it. Still, Lavrentiy  Beria could have found some millstone to hang on President Trump. Any lie would have worked for the scum down at FNN and (P)MSNBC. Mueller couldn't deliver even that though. Yup,he bungled it for the donks. All that is left are the inuendo's and the lies the press continue to pass to gullible people. And pass them they will. It does not matter to them, they are demonic in their quest to destroy America. The obstical in hteir way for now is president Trump.
What happens when one of their crazy turd swallowers goes off the rails? James Hodgkinson is not the only crazy in Illinois. to make matters worse, there are nineteen other states chock full of communist sympathizers aching for a chance to harm a republican, any republican. But you can bet there are a few, one is too many, who would welcome the chance to target our president.
What mule ears and his team pulled was worse than treason. It would have been quite easy to assess the claims in the Steel dossier and disprove every one of them. Instead of ascertaining whether there was a crime, they decided to act as though there really was one. This was a refinement of the brownshirt thuggery which brought Hitler to power.  We have seen so many parallels between 1930 Europe it is sickening.
As a Christian, I know what is coming. I will not stand meekly by while these children of Satan strive to take down our nation. These people want their one world government. They are not satisfied to destroy on the scale of Venezuela, they want to control it all.
Yesterday Don Surber published his apology for disrespecting Robert Mueller and his team. I don't feel the same way. Sorry... Or not.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Ilhan Omar supporter attacks five year old at Mall of America

According to Bloomington Minnesota Police, Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda threw a five year old child from the third tier balcony to the first floor. The child sustained life threatening injuries. Aranda, a resident of Minneapolis, has been banned from the mall on at least one occasion for criminal activities.
Aranda is not the only miscreant to come from Ilhan's community. A Minneapolis man was sentenced to 15 years in prison last year for attacking two brothers at the Macy’s department store at the mall. The man said he was inspired by the Islamic State when he stabbed the brothers in a dressing room area in November 2017.

I want a new drug

Not really a crime against Trump

With the completion of the Mueller hoax investigation, we now know there was no collusion between the campaign of Donald Trump and Russia. We also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign, and when it became necessary to cover their tracks, they made up fake allegations and planted people into the campaign staff to create the illusion of collusion.
We now know that they abandoned the rule of law to gain access to the inner working of his campaign. We know they tapped his phone calls, intercepted his private texts and emails and in all likelihood, read his mail as well.
We know they crafted tails of peeing Russian hookers out of the very same material they used to craft their jobs packages and hell err health care reforms. Unicorn farts? We could be so lucky.
While Donald Trump was the focus of their misdeeds, he was not the target. We were.
Yes, us. Us. US. The Entire U.S. every citizen here whether one or one hundred was the intended victim of this fraud. We owe their failure to GOD.
Our nation is slowly collapsing. As with every empire through the ages, This United States is in decline. That has been the pattern of civilizations, and whether we talk about the Egyptians, the Persians, the Greeks, Romans, Spanish, or the English, each empire has had it's rise, it's zenith, and it's decline. We are nearing that point, and the liberals of today are bound and determined to send us into our decline at Mach speeds. Maybe even warp speed, after all, they have warped minds.
Right now we have a one in a million chance to stop the slide, arrest the fall, right the ship. What ever metaphor you want, pick one, I don't care. The simple fact is, that with President Trump we have a chance to stop the slide if only temporarily.
The administration of Barry the puppet spied on the Trump campaign. Back in 2015 the republicans had a vast field of Can'tidates, a stage full of nice sounding losers, reduxes of Mittens Romneycare and John McInsane, this crop was picked, not by rank and file conservatives, but by the liberal elite who funnel money to campaigns to ensure that true conservatism takes a back seat to the just get along, go with the flow, embrace the embarrassment crop of representatives we have in Washington. Men who take the bribes in the form of speaking fees and book deals and abandon the people who elected them.
That apple cart got upended when Donald Trump entered the race. At first they dismissed him, this was a publicity stunt. They correctly analyzed that becoming President would cost this very rich man millions if no billions. What they did not understand was that while Donald Trump knew and understood that, he saw future reward in it. not for himself, at his age, another billion is mere vanity. He was thinking of his children, grand children and great grandchildren. And by extension, the grand children of you and me.
He was in the race to stay. More importantly, he was in it to win it.
The democrats at first were counting on the usual graft and corruption to carry the day for them. HiLlARy ran a typical campaign, one that would have made low energy Jeb look energetic because she was counting on the graft.
Some of the evil inside our government weren't taking chances though. The slinky's campaign started the Steele dossier ironically to steal the election, but it was so much garbage that no sane person would have gone for it. So, in an effort to stop president Trump, they used it to legitimize the spying they were doing on Trump's campaign.
Whether Carter Page was knowingly steered, incidentally steered, or accidentally steered into the Trump campaign is up for debate, but his presence was seized upon by the ner-do-wells injustice to use as a reason to legitimize them spying on Donald Trump.
The goal became to destroy the President. To rip the presidency away from President Trump and install a figurehead of their choosing. It would not have been Mike Pence. They would have taken him out as well. Whether they would have allowed Ryan, the second in line to ascend is questionable, I believe their goal was to create chaos during the first two year, which they did, then anoint Nancy P. Lousy, or possibly Cankles to be the President in his place.
The simple fact though is this was never about President Trump. He is merely in their way. This is about you. It is about me, it is against every voter who supported the Not HiLlARy candidate who offered to Make America Great Again. This was a crime against the nation. This was a crime against our form of government and against our Constitution. This was a failed coup to overthrow our government by people in government who were sworn to uphold the Constitution but chose instead to become Lords rather than be servants.

Monday, April 8, 2019

My Sharona

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Love Shack

Not necessarily a favorite song, but Friday morning as I was walking in to work, The general foreman, who is from Atlanta, made a comment referring to our break room as the shack. At that, I stopped and said, If this is the love shack, I'm stayin outside." He got the reference immediately, but I think about half the guys by us had no clue.

Obama was right

What a sad state of affairs. The United States was founded on religious principles. Our Declaration acknowledges his existence and his sovereignty yet today we are turning our backs on him.
Last week I had supper with a retired minister who had once led a large Lutheran church. One of the things he told me was that during the 80's and 90's, his church confirmed between thirty and forty teens every year. Of that group who took their first communion on Mauny Thursday, only about half ever took communion again.
He was not pulling numbers out of thin air. WELS Lutherans practice closed communion, and back then, members would sign a register for communion before the service. All he did was scan the register looking for their names.
Today antitheism has surpassed Catholicism as the largest religious demographic in America comprising 23.1% of the population. Catholicism has dropped to second and Evangelicals have fallen to just 10.8% of the population.
Back in 1996 when worthless Willie was seeking a second term, he courted the homosexual movement and shunned Christians. at that time 80% of Americans identified as some form of believer, Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish. Already then though, only about ten percent of people claiming to be religious attended any type of service on a regular basis. Furthermore, when quized about the Bible, only 8% could correctly answer a list of iirc thirty questions about scripture. Those questions were not hard in depth faith defining ones, it was simple things like is Daniel a book of the old or new Testament, naming six of the ten commandments, naming three of the twelve disciples etc.
People did not know who baptized Jesus. They did not know that Joseph was the husband to his mother.
Our nation is not in decline, it is in free fall. Our kids spend one hour a week at church, those who are parented by believers, maybe one in Sunday school, but spend six to seven hours a day, five days a week, being indoctrinated with lies and garbage.
We have less than 5,000 years of recorded History, a record that begins with claims of a world wide flood survived by a man, his wife, their three sons and their wives, and a rich oral history of a time before that when GOD created the earth and man, man sinned, and debauchery encircled the globe.
The counter claim being fed our kids is that earth's history extends back millions of years if not billions, and that every thing that is, is the result of a cosmic accident, and that we are merely mutated pond scum.
Our Constitution was designed for the governance of a GOD fearing moral people. it is inadequate to control those who rebel against GOD and nature. America may be in it's last days. The words of the Constitution are meaningless today because the people who should embrace them are rejecting them as surely as they are rejecting the Bible and the truth of GOD.
What makes it all the worse is Barry being correct, but then, a broke clock is right twice a day, so him being right once in eight years... Still sucks.
Abram asked GOD to spare Sodom if a hundred good men were found and GOD would have. Will he spare America? There comes a time to cut the tares.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

An even dozen so far

The Democrat ticket is on course to repeat the republican farce of 2016. With, for now, an even dozen, the dems still lack a candidate with anything resembling appeal. There is still time though, and many more extras, props, and stage hands waiting in the wings ready to take stage and make a name fool of themselves.
Who knows? By the time February 3rd arrives, they may have more can't-idates than there will be caucusers in Iowa. Imagine a field of 171,518 democraps running,and not a viable choice in the lot.
Yup, a repeat of 2016 with even more poor choices.
Sundance has expressed that he believes they have a "chosen one" waiting in the wings, set to announce in the coming weeks, and he may be right. Given their love of identity politics, expect something like Moose to run. Yes, the former first Yeti campaigning for the Presidency. Or, it may be that they know they have little chance of beating President Trump, and are instead data mining o see what ideas rather than which freaks appeal to the baseness of their base.
Given their penchant for fraud and chicanery, it is still possible that a beta like Beto could walk away with the election. Put nothing past them. they are communists as evil as Stalin or Mao, and we cannot take them lightly. Even their lightweights like Oral-Anal-Crossconnection.

Everybody have fun tonight

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tough enough

Did they do the right thing?

The Supreme Court denied, by a 5-4 vote, the appeal of Russell Bucklew, a dirtbag from Missouri who has been on death row far to long. Bucklew asserted that due to medical conditions, executing him by lethal injection would cause needless pain and suffering. Bucklew has been on death row for twenty years following his conviction for kidnapping, rape, and murder. His assertion was that due to his condition, laying on a gurney would cause needless suffering, and asked that he be executed by nitrogen hypoxia instead.
Dead is dead. It matters not to me if he suffers a little bit while laying on the table. That said, with the misconduct by the drug companies making the chemicals hard to acquire, having another option for executing these scum would be a great thing.
It would not bother me in the least if murderers and rapists were put to death using crucifixion, dismemberment, or any heinous method you care to name, as long as it makes them dead. But I don't have to witness them, I'm not the one strapping them down and inserting the needles. Consideration needs to be giving for the people who conduct these methods of justice and for the people who come to witness them.
One side of me would love it if the condemned were executed in front of the entire prison population in a most painful way. Let them know what is in store for them if they don't change their ways. Another side of me thinks that doing the execution stealthily would be better. An air tight chamber for their cell, and they never know when the ventilation system will be pumping in pure nitrogen instead of normal air. They would go to bed not knowing if it was their last day on earth.
I'd also equip every cell with a convenient ring in the middle of the ceiling so they could choose suicide.
I would also have them select their last meal, from a predetermined list, on the day they are sentenced, then feed it to them for every meal from then on.
This is a toughy because if the supremes had sided with Russ, Prax-air and Midstates Airgas would replace Abott and Hoffmann  LaRoche as suppliers for the death houses and the anti justice crowd would be fuming even more.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Eve of destruction

Some how a song from 1965 seems to fit really well with our date and times. People thought we were on the brink of disaster then, and we are on that brink again. We are in the early stages of another civil war and whether it goes hot is dependent on how we deal with the extreme violence flowing from the left. If we cave, America is doomed. If we don't, we likely doom ourselves as the fighting will makes us vulnerable to the forces which surround our last bastion of freedom. It will only be able statesmanship by a capable leader which can prevent utter destruction. The wolves of the world wait, mouths dripping with anticipation.
Maybe they could make that their anthem.

One more step toward REAL Constitutional Carry

Kansans like to boast that this state has Constitutional carry. The only caveat is our young adults. Men and women between 18 and 21 cannot legally carry in Kansas. That may soon change. A bill passed in the House would allow them the possibility of carrying if they pass a concealed carry course.  Still not Constitutional for all, but clearly a step in the right direction.
Maybe we don't want kids taking guns to school, even if that school is Washburn, or Kansas State, or that weird facility between Topeka and Kansas City. But kids today, as in years past, tend to get the shitty jobs in life. A recent graduate from high school may spend her nights working at a fast food joint in a not so nice part of town in order to make the money to be independent. Getting off at midnight in some places is a risk. The thug who harassed them at 11:30 might be in the alley waiting. He will have a gun because he has no respect for the law. The question about his respect for a 9mm will decide whether he lives to see another day.
Giving our young adults back their right to self defense will not spark turf wars and Hatfield McCoy style feuds. The people who do that don't give a rip about gun laws to begin with. Preventing the next Mollie Tibbetts is what this is about.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Bridge over troubled water

Eating their own and being eaten

Nike, proud sponsor of anti-America louse Colon Kapernick, was allegedly being shaken down by creepy porn liar err lawyer Michael Avenatti for millions.
The liar who supposedly demanded between $15 and $25 million, was arrested today on charges of extortion, transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort, conspiracy to transmit interstate communications with intent to extort, and conspiracy to commit extortion. Nothing to see here, just a typical democrap acting like a typical democrap. I guess he learned this from HiLlARy. The Trumpenfreude is strong in this idiot.

Sunday, March 24, 2019


A special dedication for the donks

Yup, they're crying.

Let the good times roll

Nope, not about Kawasaki. AG Barr released his synopsis of the Mueller report and the dems are in full meltdown. Over at Don's blog, he has been calling him bungling Bobby for quite some time. he has mishandled evidence, his star witness was impeached for perjury making him useless, and now, after two years, millions of dollars, thousands of pages of evidence, countless hours of testimony, we are handed a nothingburger  and it aint even on Rye.
So, what happened? To those of us on the right, it appears that this was a complete waste, a coverup that allowed HiLlARy, the one who actually committed crimes during the election to evade justice, but to those on the left it would appear that Bobby bungled another one.
Well, he was picked by their man injustice err in justice, Rotten Rod Rosenstein, a real life evil Jew. One of two known the other being Judas. while Rod is registered republican, he is uniparty to the core.
So tonight we have Hollywood in meltdown, CNN in meltdown, (P)MSNBC in meltdown, and the democrap delegation in the house refusing to accept that they couldn't at least find a parking ticket to convict him of.
So, is President Trump that good? Could he really steal an election and leave not one shred of evidence? This is a man whose life has been under a microscope for the last three years. His life prior to that was also monitored. You can be sure that any where he went, everything he did was scrutinized. If there had been dirt, even if Bobby was the ultimate bungler, some one would have led his blind squirrel ass to the nut and held it there until he found it.
A word of advice,if you have a MAGA hat, don't wear it, and if you have a Trump bumper sticker, remove it. Prius' are hard to hear coming, and the sneaky little shits are gonna be madder now than they were when the Slinky got shellacked, so look out for commie-kazis, the crazed liberal version of the Japanese suicide pilots.

The bird should have gotten a walk

Eighteen years ago today, Diamondbacks Pitcher Randy Johnson killed a bird mid-flight... Make that end of flight with a fastball. The unfortunate bird chanced to fly across right at the moment Johnson unleashed his pitch to Calvin Murray.

If a pitch hits a batter, the batter gets a walk. I'm sure a pinch runner could have been found.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

(And you thought Jeremiah was the America hating asshole who mentored Barry the sock puppet.)

Has Madcow been in a coma for ten years?

First let me state I have never watched Rachel Maddow, and when I had cable I rarely listened to any of the squawking heads pretending to report the news. Had Don Suber not mentioned her in one of his posts, I would not even know what she looks like. But, he did, and I checked the link.
Then I saw an article at Epoch Times, and it had this money shot; “For everything that we’ve been through as a country,” she said, “For every kind of trial and challenge and intrigue and embarrassment and scandal that we have been through as a nation, we haven’t ever had to reckon with the possibility that somebody has ascended to the presidency of the United States to serve the interests of another country rather than our own.” Whose interests was Barry serving? The man and his poor governance almost destroyed this country. The man bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, gave billions in cash to Iran, and destabilized the entire region surrounding Israel and the Mediterranean. The man enabled Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Raul in Cuba. He encouraged the invasion of this nation by foreign actors posing as refugees whose sole purpose in coming here is to undermine our national sovereignty and authority.
Rachel, is your head that far up your ass? Did you take drugs to escape reality and not return? Yes, I understand you are a globalist. Yes, I know you love communism and it's diaper, socialism. How stupid must you be to believe we are stupid enough to buy your BS? Okay, I know Nony the ninny believes it hook lie and sinker, as does Ellen Perry. Most of America does not.
Go ahead and cry Rachel.