Saturday, March 23, 2019

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

(And you thought Jeremiah was the America hating asshole who mentored Barry the sock puppet.)

Has Madcow been in a coma for ten years?

First let me state I have never watched Rachel Maddow, and when I had cable I rarely listened to any of the squawking heads pretending to report the news. Had Don Suber not mentioned her in one of his posts, I would not even know what she looks like. But, he did, and I checked the link.
Then I saw an article at Epoch Times, and it had this money shot; “For everything that we’ve been through as a country,” she said, “For every kind of trial and challenge and intrigue and embarrassment and scandal that we have been through as a nation, we haven’t ever had to reckon with the possibility that somebody has ascended to the presidency of the United States to serve the interests of another country rather than our own.” Whose interests was Barry serving? The man and his poor governance almost destroyed this country. The man bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, gave billions in cash to Iran, and destabilized the entire region surrounding Israel and the Mediterranean. The man enabled Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Raul in Cuba. He encouraged the invasion of this nation by foreign actors posing as refugees whose sole purpose in coming here is to undermine our national sovereignty and authority.
Rachel, is your head that far up your ass? Did you take drugs to escape reality and not return? Yes, I understand you are a globalist. Yes, I know you love communism and it's diaper, socialism. How stupid must you be to believe we are stupid enough to buy your BS? Okay, I know Nony the ninny believes it hook lie and sinker, as does Ellen Perry. Most of America does not.
Go ahead and cry Rachel.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Do you know the way to San Jose

Thanks Utah

Mittens McRomney-Care, the ultra liberal RINO who was so left wing that voters could not discern a difference between him and Obama, has again shown his hate for the American People who soundly rejected him, by voting with the communists to end President Trump's border emergency declaration.
Never mind that we have seen massive numbers of illegals storming our borders in wave after wave. Never mind that the flow of drugs across our border is resulting in the over dose deaths of thousand of people every year. never mind that those same cartels are slaughtering innocent people through out Mexico and Central America in their quest for wealth. Never mind that women who are crossing the border illegally are being raped and sexuality exploited, girls as young as twelve and possibly younger are molested and put at risk of contracting serious STDs such as AIDS from the rabble who engage in human smuggling. Never mind that every person who crosses risks significant dangers and death from the natural elements. never mind the huge economic burden this has causes. never mind the huge ecological damage done by the smugglers.
By extension the folks in Utah who voted based solely on religion just as surely as Ilhan Omar's voters did when sending her racist ass to Washington did, are also guilty of this travesty. Oh well, mormonism and islam are both cults founded on sexual exploitation of women and not on GOD's word.
That rant over, I hang my head in shame as well as jackass Jerry moron err Moran also voted to support the Koch brothers and their desire for open borders to supply workers to be exploited and abused.
The senate would be a better chamber with twelve less filthy Communist loving RINOs. Time to Make America Great Again and flush these turds back to the funemployment line.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The new job

Job is an acronym, it stands for Just Over Broke. Back in January I got a call from the local union. They were desperate for qualified electricians for a major project. The job is running behind for the sparkies, and it is holding up the project.
Since this is something with national as well as regional ramifications, they were begging.Ordinarily I would not have been interested. Being my own boss meant I set my own hours picked what I wanted to do, ran the show. It also meant long hours, lots of head aches and dealing with lots of spectacular idiocy when home improvement projects went massively awry and some one had to clean up the mess.
Couple that with my wife not driving, and I had no reason to want to shift over to the union. But, the wife is spending time with her family in Honduras, so......
My field of expertise for the last twenty years has been residential remodeling and renovation with a lot of time spent on trouble shooting problems associated with older structures which have been neglected and mistreated. Not a skill set that blends easily into the union mindset or industrial assembly of a massive commercial structure.
The last month has been a shift of gears in about twenty different ways. I am back to using skills I have not utilized in over fifteen years. Sure, I've bent conduit for some projects, but nothing like the miles of it we are running for this one.
And the people factor. for the last twenty years, it has been mostly a small crew. usually I have had only one or two helpers Now I am one kid working in a crew of ten for a company that employs fifty people on a site where three other electrical contractors divide the work according to the dictates of the contracts and interweave with workers from other trades in an effort to make America better and safer.
Since I'm past my mid fifties, I was expecting that I would be one of the older guys. Turns out that most of the journeymen on this project are older than me. Sure, the Apprentices are all kids, but almost no one is in their thirties here. Also, a lot of the journeymen are travelers. we have guys here from places as far flung as Florida, Texas, Arizona and even Canada.
Today one of the Texans was getting into it with the Canuk. I had to open my mouth. Told Tex to not push it too far, didn't think I could handle having a guy whistling Dixie with a Canadian accent.
The crew I'm working with are a great bunch. While I have no respect for the SIEU and some of the other unions, The tradesmen are a much needed group. They provide a pool of capable workers available for large projects which otherwise wold not be possible. Were it not for the unions, this project would be impossible here in the heartland., and difficult in a place like New York City.

Ventura Highway

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Billy don't be a hero


Fox news won't be hosting any of the communist party debates. I for one don't understand what their problem is. Fox, the furthest right of the far left news organizations is only a sliver better than (P)MSNBC or CNN.
We all got treated to their botched attempt to skewer Candidate Trump as a woman hating male chauvinist pig. That failure earned them the moniker Faux news. and revealed them as just another propaganda arm of the deep state.
Me-again Kelly launched herself from FOX after that fiasco. Not sure if she is still doing stand up comedy anywhere...
Maybe they are afraid the FOX team will treat their anointed ones like President Trump was treated.
Maybe they are afraid FOX won't share debate questions so they can advance prep their Maduro wannabes.
It really doesn't matter though, if FOX hosted a debate, no self respecting liberals  would watch it. Who am I kidding? Liberals and self respect? Geeze, been to long a week.

Call them LGCQ

There are a lot of people who are supporting gender diversity. I'm not one of them. If you want to be a pervert, fine, do it on your own time and keep out of my face with it. While sex serves several purposes, it's primary function is reproduction. As far as I know, humans are the only animal that can mate while facing each other. Birds and other mammals have sex with the participants facing the same direction. Humans can, and most do, have sex while facing each other. That is the other part of sex, strengthening the bond between a husband and wife.
Homo sex does not produce offspring. whether two men or two women, they are not capable of creating new life. Men and women impersonating the opposite sex must render themselves permanently incapable of reproduction,possibly the only good thing to come from their insanity.
Now to add to the hilarity, we have people wanting to be addressed as Ze or Xi or some other weird combination because they don't think, and imagine they are some sort of genetic anomaly. Sorry, but as the cartoon above notes, Bi means two, and too bad if you are upset.
So why LGCT? to acknowledge that your problem is that you are confused. Or would you like it to be LGIM for Lesbian, Gay, Insane, and Mutilated?

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Burning bridges

We had a different class of actors back when this was made. Telly Savalas was a WW2 Army Veteran. Don Rickles was aWW2 Navy Veteran as was Harry Dean Stanton. Carroll O'Connor served in the Merchant Marine. Those were the guys who really risked their necks. Clint Eastwood was too young to serve in WW2 as was Donald Sutherland. Sutherland I have no use for. He teamed up with Hanoi Jane and harassed members of the military during the Vietnam war. Oh well, every movie needs a villain, too bad he was supposed to be on our side.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Morning has broken

Cat Steven had some pretty good music. Too bad he decided to become a follower of Satan. Ironically it was a brother, who had converted to Judaism that gave him a copy of the satanic verses and set him on his path to hell.

Friday, March 1, 2019

If you could read my mind


How can she defend it?

Kamala Harris is out defending the socialists blocking a bill which would have prevented killing children who survive an abortion. I personally could not defend abortions in the first week of pregnancy, but this is not about me.
Kamala, as far as I know, has never been pregnant. Born Kamala Devi, the "L" is implied but ever present, Harris, she got her political start by being the kept bitch of Willie Brown which earned her an appointment to the California Medical Assistance Commission. Screwing your way to the top sure beats screwing your way to the bottom, but the democrat party is the bottom, and well stocked with bottom feeders like Kamala.
The slide of morals in our nation is becoming a free fall if not a power dive. When Roe v Wade was authored, part of it centered on whether a fetus was indeed a human. That question has long been answered in the affirmative, but since 1973, abortion has become more common and progressed from early stage abortions when the child had no chance of survival to the horror of today where a child born  alive and healthy can be eventually slaughtered like a laboratory rat. PETA will protest for the rat, but not a child.
Kamala says this should be a decision of the mother. Well, in most cases, it was. Who decided to engage in sex? Unless it was rape, the "mother" made the decision, or was certainly involved in it. Actions have consequences. Sex for pleasure brings certain risks, pregnancy is one of those risks. GOD said sex was to be between a husband and a wife. In most cases of abortion, the couple are not married, so what began as simple fornication has now progressed to murder. We see this with many crimes where a perp caught stealing in a house opts to slaughter the witnesses rather than face the consequences of a minor crime. Same with drugs smuggling and a whole laundry list of offenses.
What have we become when the answer to a sin or crime is a far worse sin? How low have we gone when our elected officials defend murder? How long can a nation last when it is willing to destroy it's future? How long will GOD tolerate the intolerable? In Kamala we see the result of raising a child in a home with out discipline. Her mother and father divorced when she was  seven. Liberals see this failure of a person as successful because she got a law degree and is not living in welfare housing. Too bad we can't send her back to Canada. Justin could use a good lawyer right now, maybe he can use Harris too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cats in the cradle

When I hear this song I think of my youngest son who is turning 29. OD, where has the time gone? it seems like only yesterday e was a child playing with friends and pestering e with questions. Today he is a hard working father who has two young children of his own. I'm proud of all my children, but the link between me and my youngest is special.

Rigor mortis

Monday, February 25, 2019

Tell a lie often enough...

Mass murder cheerleader Gloria Steinem wants people to believe that Hitler was prolife. While Nazi Germany had anti abortion laws on the books, they were put there to punish Jewish doctors who performed the killings. Hitler was very much pro-abortion when it came to people of non-German heritage. If the woman was a slav, Jew, or any of the others he deemed undesirable, he was more than happy to see the child slaughtered.
After Germany was defeated in 1945, the Constitution was abolished and Germany was under the rule of the occupation forces. When a new constitution was drawn up, many parts from the old Weimar Constitution were salvaged, but as far as I know, none of what was "legislated" during Hitlers reign was retained.
No matter how much Gloria wants people to believe that republicans embody the nazis's, it is her own leftist friends who are the spiritual descendants of Hitler and his evil brand of socialism. Tell a lie often enough and while some might believe, it is still a lie.

Baby don't get hooked on me

More Cosby

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Stop and smell the roses


What a piece of crap

Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers (I Omaha) seems to think the American Flag is a rag comparable to the swastika. Since Nebraska uses a nonpartisan system, he is listed as I. Or maybe it stands for idiot since he certainly come close to that benchmark. 
More amazing is that the fool made his remarks during debate to update the civics standards for the schools in Nebraska, LB-399. Maybe the bill needs further amending to include the idiotic remarks of the sorry SOB Omaha fostered on the rest of the State. Let the kids know that some especially worthless people have been elected to represent them, and make sure they know why having anti American people in American politics is a bad thing.
If a person does not like the direction our nation is taking, that is their right. I certainly did not like the route Barry Soetoro was heading us and I spoke up often and loudly about it. At the same time, I continued to recognize that this nation is the greatest on earth and has provided it's citizens with freedom and opportunity unmatched by any other nation.That freedom allows dissent.
That dissent should be directed against people and policies, not the nation as a whole. If you do not like this country, move elsewhere. I'm sure there are plenty of places that have a brand of communism to suit.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Fooling yourself

Styx performing with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland in 2006

Monday, February 18, 2019

Have you never been mellow

Stop the Presses

Amazing! An American Journalist has admitted the bias we have been noticing for the last umpteen years. Lara Logan has come right out and stated the facts we on the right know and understand. The media is strongly biases in opposition to America's best interests. She didn't say that, but it is the only conclusion we can arrive at.
Lara stated that 85% of journalists are registered democrats. With all I have read, while I believe her, I also wonder if the remaining 15% view the democrats as too conservative for their views. Heck, I'd bet half of the 85% feel that way.
I differ with her regarding FOX news. While she views them as right leaning, I view them as the most right of the left wing news groups. Especially now after President Trump humiliated them in their "debate" where me again Kelly was determined to knock Candidate Trump out of the race.
Lara Logan is one Journalist i can respect. Not just because of her breaking from the pack; she was also the woman who was gang raped while covering the Obama/Clinton inspired Arab Spring in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. She recovered and returned to work. She has Grand Torino caliber steel in her spirit.
The press here has become Pravda, and I call them American Pravda all the time. As Rivet Joint noted over at Don Surber's blog; My old Russian instructor at the Defense Language Institute taught us that "Pravda" translates to "Truth" and that "Izvestiya" translates to "News". The Soviet citizens would thus joke about the two Soviet newspapers by remarking that there was "No Pravda in Izvestiya and no Izvestiya in Pravda'. We have reached that state here.
What is ironic is that when the communists have taken over in other nations, they began by slaughtering the media and the Academia who here are the biggest jeer leaders of the slide.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Lady Marmalade

More trashing AOC

The democrat's Anal-oral-crossconnection is certainly low hanging fruit. Every time she opens her pie hole out pops a string of stupidity. Her mighty mouth has cost New York 25,000 jobs, and it does not matter whether those were going to be residents, or H1-B imports, those 25,000 people were going to be renting apartments, buying food, cloths, and accessories, going to restaurants and shows, and spending at least part of that check in the Road Big Apple. DeBlASSHOLE is smarting that he lost potentially $25 billion in future revenue to be spent wasted on liberal pet projects. Cujo is upset as well, that was a grand feather in his cap after his tax insanity has driven the upper crust to leave New York in droves. Some of her fellow congress cretins have stepped to the mike and blasted her ignorance as well.
So what will the donks do? Hopefully nothing, AOC is a YUGE gift to republicans for 2020. We got rid of a lot of dead wood in the 2018 elections, 2020 should be a golden opportunity to rebuild the conservative side of the isle with real conservatives who have yet to be bribed to the dark side by lobbyists.
Unfortunately, each house is responsible for it's own members. If AOC creates any more stupid,it is entirely possible that Nancy P. Lousy will opt to give her the boot. What risk does she take? AOC's district is reliable donk, and whether they get another Sanders style communist, or bring back Crowley, it will be a dem seat well past 2525... if man is still alive. Then again, it is also possible for the district to flip short term. The voters there, mainly Latino, see her as their choice, and a rebuke would anger them greatly, possibly more than the lost jobs that Am-a-zoo would have provided.
I see her possibly losing committee seating, and the House leaders may communicate to the various press outlets to put a lid on her. That will be hard but not impossible, the press is reliably communist, and she is easier on the eyes than mad maxipad Waters, or Blinky, and being more comedic than offensive, better for viewers than the car bomber mom contingent who thankfully hid at least part of their faces with their rape repellant garb.
One part of me wants people to lighten up for fear of the donks putting the kibosh on her, the other says light her up like late night comedy would do if she was a republican. Awe hell, voters aint gonna forget about her in only eighteen months...... Are they?

Friday, February 15, 2019

Sweet city woman

Does AOC have a peephole in her navel?

Anal-Oral-Crossconnected Ocasio Cortez is happy that New York will be able to spend that $3billion on things like the subway system and school salaries. Hello?? Does she not understand that money was in Amazon's pocket and they are taking it with them?
Apparently not. Socialism is a massive failure, and as AOC shows,only people who fail to understand it's implications support it. I could question how it happened that a person as mindless as her got elected, but Hank Johnson and Maxine Waters got elected and reelected, so the intelligence of the average voter clearly is on the decline. Couple that with the duplicity of today's media, and it is likely that her constituents will never know just what her stupidity cost them.
Maybe we should be impress that she doesn't run into furniture and fall down steps. No, not her mentality, just hard to see when your head is up your ass that far....

OK, Ola and Abel are white

Chicago Police arrested two people in connection with the recent claims by a gay black actor that he was assaulted by a couple of white guys wearing MAGA hats.
As many have pointed out, how many straight whites watch Empire? I didn't even know what the show was about until I looked it up.
It may be possible that these guys "Identify" as white. I mean,if I can be a lesbian trapped in a man's body, these two Nigerians can be Norwegians with seriously dark tans.
From the get go, most people who give more than a moment's thought to things like this knew it was pure BS. How would two white men wearing MAGA hats live long enough in Chicago to see Small'it? Heck, even two blacks wearing MAGA gear had better be able to outrun or dodge bullets if they set foot on the streets of the town that spawned Barry the sockpuppet's political career.
Anything is possible these days, tomorrow I might meet a dyke with a knife bent on helping free me from this entrapment, and Juicy the fruit might meet a real conservative... or a prison guard.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Trains but no planes??? Sure

Airhead Oral Kotex is proposing in her "new" green deal of get rid of all transportation that uses fossil fuels. Kiss airplanes good bye, electric flights are not going to happen. If you think that rail is going to become the salvation, you are wrong. First, while electric trains are common in Europe, even there they have regions where the trains must switch to a diesel generator to get them through. Our expanses are much larger, our cities more spread out.
Now the kicker, even an electric train needs fossil petroleum in the form of lubrication to get from point A to point B. So we make a concession and allow drilling for oil to continue for lubrication? OK, what about the byproducts of refining that crude into 80-90 gear lube?
Back in the1800's when oil exploration was starting, the intent was to replace whale blubber as the source for the greases to lubricate wagon and rail car axles. At first they were dumping the waste into streams and rivers. That waste was gasoline. Then a use was found for the gasoline. it was too volatile to serve as a replacement for kerosene, but the early internal combustion engine became a gift from GOD as it quickly replaced other forms of stationary power. Farmers could have a stationary engine and power a thrashing machine. That engine soon evolved and became practical as a means to power cars trucks trains and every thing we take for granted in our daily lives.
If we get rid of ALL lubricants, we will be back to riding horses or walking. Even a lowly cart needs lubrication on the axles to save wear on the poor animals. Speaking of which, think about all the disposal needs that the internal combustion engine eliminated. A horse makes quite a pile of manure and they make that manure whether you are riding them or not!
If we switch to trains and alternative energy vehicles, we soon have an excess accumulation of  byproducts in the form of incomplete gasoline that we would have to dispose of.
I am all for finding reasonable methods of cutting our demand for foreign oil as long as they also save Americans money. Increased drilling here at home and in regions we control such as off the coast of California, the Alaskan Wilderness and in the gulf of Mexico are three good ones. Lighter materials for vehicles such as aluminum cargo trailers and relaxing some of the NTSB requirements for vehicle safety that add pounds to cars without a noticeable improvement in collision safety is another. Every thing should be available as an option, but requiring them should not. Advances in fuel efficiency have been negated by the additional garbage.
Airhead Oral Kotex wants to return us to third world status. On the plus side, we wouldn't need a fence to keep people OUT.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Mona Lisa

Don't resign

The media and usual suspects on the left are calling for the resignation of Justin Fairfax, Lieutenant Governor of South Washington D.C. The state has been rocked by the recent accusations that he is a serial rapist. No police reports, no charges, just two women who have stepped out of the shadows and say he assaulted them ALA Brett Kavanaugh. While it is nice to see a democrat worm squirm, I'm not going to join the long list of people demanding he step down. Had either of these women made a police report back in 2000 or 2004 when these supposed assaults happened, I would be all in, but of course, Justin would either still be in prison,or on parole rather than in the position to be the next Governor of the Washington elitists.
I'm not dismissing these women either though. They have a right to be heard. Since there is little possibility of the law doing anything at this late date, it will be up to the voters on Virginia to decide what to do with him. They can petition for a recall and then let the courts decide, or they can wait for the next election to send him packing, or ignore this like democraps did worthless Willies accusers.
Until that happens, Justin should stay put.
As for their Governor and his black face, it did not happen while he was a public figure. It did not have any thing to do with his performance in office. No one is attempting to control him by blackmailing him, and if they were, apparently they failed. His stance on the brutal murder of babies is another matter, and I hope he faces GOD about that soon.

I had to laugh

Today as every day, Sundance has posted numerous articles over at Conservativetreehouse. As I scrolled down through his postings, two in succession caught my eye. The top one was about Jeff Bezos the soon to be divorced billionaire and his posting of dick pics to his mistress. The next, earlier article was about Airhead oral Kotex and her green raw deal. His choice of picture to include is what made it priceless.

That mug shot makes it almost like she got the pic instead. She should find her one of them, might keep her from spewing seriously stupid garbage all the time if she had one to suck on occasionally constantly.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

An Innocent Man

Light Posting

The economy is really picking back up! For the last fifteen years I have been self employed. I had rental properties and a side business that was doing well even during the Obamunism era thanks to hard work and filling a critical need in the community.
Much of what I did was service calls. They pay well, but you can't bill for the drive time and in-between time.
Two weeks ago I was contacted by a Regional Corporation working here in Kansas that was desperate for help. After speaking with them and considering the possibilities, I decided to take a job with them. For at least the next several months the work will be ten to twelve hours per day four days a week, and two days of solid eight hours.
While my self employment was often ten hour days, half or more could be windshield time as I shuttled between parts houses, call sites and the offices of the various clients. Now it is ten hours on my feet, up and down stairs, and all in the same building.
This is gonna take a little getting used to for my old body, so for the time being, I won't be posting very much. Of course, if I read about something that sets my hair on fire, I will throw something up other than my lunch.

Midnight meme

Midnight Meme

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Midnight meme

Especially when it involves lefties eating their own

Sunday, January 27, 2019


What every one missed

People, right and left are crowing that President Trump caved in reopening the government. What is lost in all the chatter is a simple thing, EBT. Food stamp benefits were about to run out for millions of people. By granting Congress a reprieve, President Trump headed off certain riots and civil unrest. The people who torched Ferguson Would have torched their own homes in protest. In winter no less. We know by now that the mayors of most of the liberal hell holes would have stood back and watched. By making this brief concession, the President assured America that a civil war was not going to erupt because the enemies within Congress won't work to keep us safe from the enemies without.
Is it a good thing? You decide. For my part, I have plenty of ammo to hunt game and fend off varmints. I don't have enough to fight off the entire welfare class of Kansas though.
I am sure we will get the wall and soon. 
Things you can be sure of about President Trump;
1. he is not a fool.
2. He is not a liar.
3. He is a master at negotiating.
4. he is past master at making his enemies look stupid. 
Of course, I was kinda hoping the dems would convince some one to roll up the interstates and stick em in storage. Sigh. 

Midnight meme

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Old dogs children and watermelon wine

Midnight meme

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The night they drove old Dixie down

Another day another fake hate crime

By Sunday morning we all had heard about the Covington Catholic School's boys being assaulted and falsely accused of hate crimes. The incident after the Saturday March for Life was trumpeted by the left and even a few faux conservative sites.
Can anybody name the last time we had a real hate crime from the right directed against liberals or liberal causes? The left has tried to hang several ambiguous ones on us such as the Las Vegas shooter, but there is no definitive proof he was a conservative, and much to indicate he was in fact a typical leftist like we see in Chiraq and Detoilet except he was white.
We have had leftists Calling for these kids to be doxed, hunted down, tortured and even killed. Then the lie gets exposed and WOW!!! we find out it is the same BS as the last time and the time before that and the time....
These people are in need of some serious medical intervention. The drugs flowing over our southern border are causing too much brain damage and these people are on a hair trigger.
At some point, and I believe this one is it, the government needs to take a firm stand. The people making the threats on Facebook, Twitter and other socialist media platforms should be prosecuted for the violence they advocate.
Can some one tell me when the last time a real conservative called for violence against members of the left? And lets be clear, these are leftists, not liberals. Nearly all true liberals are still patriotic Americans. The leftists are globalists, committed socialists and much as Stalin Mao and Chavez. We have a bunch of them that have invaded conservatism. Most are aligned with the chamber of communists err commerce.
These thugs though are whipped into a frenzy at the least provocation, and they are the ones doing the provoking.
So, for those of us on the right, it is time we take a stand on social media and the next time something like this happens, we need to jump in and call BULL. If we are wrong, it will only be the first time.

Midnight meme

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In the summertime

Midnight meme

A dog may be man's best friend, but cats never tell where you hid your drugs.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Evil woman

Making an idiot out of Nancy

President Trump said on Friday that he would be making an important announcement at 3P.M. on Saturday. Some how that morphed into a 4P.M. announcement. In the mean time, details of his statement were leaked or given to Botox Babe San Fran Nan, and she made ready a reply and set it to post at 3:30P.M. or a half hour after the originally scheduled time.
So her official statement was aired a full half hour before the President gave his speech and the American people knew what he was offering. What he offered wasn't really much, it was essentially a continuation of the status quo for the many illegals who are here and working, and for the minor children who were brought here.
Nana had a ready reply given to his points. for dems, it was not necessary to take time off from their red bull and malt liqueur to know what was there. For almost every one else, it made her look even more like  a dolt. How would you feel if you were furloughed, and the person responsible for getting your job back walked into the negotiations and said flat out we are rejecting your deal no matter what? Of course most of the career government folks are hard line dems who would cut off their nose if it had a row of zits that spelled MAGA. These are people who would rather starve than do their jobs for a republican. I don't honestly feel sorry for them. At the end of this shut down, they will receive six years of back pay provided they have not starved to death before  20 January 2025.
Wishful thinking, sorry.
At some point the dems are going to have to negotiate. Yes, they have sent several completely unacceptable bills to the senate, but there is no attempt at compromise. President Trump offered a nothing burger to them. He knew they would turn it down, and his gambit showed them for what they are, petty.
The President could declare a national emergency and order the military to build the wall. The moment he does, it will be challenged by the leftists most likely in a California court that does not have jurisdiction over the place where President Trump might choose to build it, but they will get their injunction. Then it will be a series of court battles all the way up to SCOTUS, then back down with several more trips to Washington to hash out details down to the color of the paint that is applied to the thing when it's done. Consideration will be demanded for every creature that might possibly be impacted except of course, American citizens. Whether this is settled in six months or six years will depend on whether the dems think they can win. If they sense victory they will press on quickly, but since they know it is a dead end battle, they will find every possible way to delay. Anti nationalism and globalism run deep in their DNA.
At any rate, Nancy didn't merely trip over the flaming box of dog crap, she did a monster stomp dance with encore on top of it.
The reality is that to make an idiot of Nancy P. Lousy, one would need to find a way to raise her IQ by at least 40 points. ON the plus side, it means she can never be prosecuted in California.

Midnight meme

Saturday, January 19, 2019

CPL Paul

When I was an MP on Ft Riley, one of my soldiers was a corporal named Paul. One night he pulled over the Division Commander's wife for speeding. She also was not wearing her seat belt.
When he called back in service, the desk queried, "One verbal warning?"
"Negative, two 1805's (tickets) issued."
The next morning he and I were in front of the Provost Marshall's desk. The PM was demanding that he void the tickets.
My friend refused, telling the Colonel that if he wished them voided it was his choice, and he could do it.
We were interrupted by the Provost CSM and told we were to report to the Generals office IMMEDIATELY.
Too late, you are toast!
We get to the generals office and report.
The general comes from behind his desk waving the tickets. "Soldier, did you issue these to my wife last night?"
"Yes Sir."
"And how fast was she driving?"
"Sir, she was driving 42 MPH in a posted 25 zone according to my radar."
"And she was not wearing her seat belt?"
"No sir."
"Soldier, she will be enrolling in the base defensive driving course, and her on post privileges are suspended for the next 30 days. I have warned her repeatedly to slow down and buckle up. Perhaps now she will listen."
"Thank you, you are dismissed."
We'd nicknamed our PM jellyfish since he had no spine. He was mad.
Several months later, Paul, who was the unit scrounge, became the target of the PM because the informal supply chain was highly frowned upon. I'd been the unit scrounge in Germany, and it nearly got me into Leavenworth as a long term guest.
Anyway, Paul was making deals and getting stuff, the CO had taken notice, and was building a case to fry him. I was about to ETS and patrolling a desk.
One morning, in walks the Post Command Sergeant Major. "I'm looking for CPL Paul and Need to see him immediately.
CPL Paul was summoned and within minutes he strode in, "Hi Sergeant Major, what can I help you with?"
"Paul," he replied, I've got those tires you needed, can you get enough paint for a Duece for me by Friday?"
The CO was standing in his office door listening. he turned to his file cabinet, extracted a thick folder, and began ripping all the papers in it to shreds.

The streak

What do we call this?

I was going to title this "Return of the Fleebaggers". Remember them? The Wisconsin legislature's democrats who, rather than stay and vote in a republican controlled session, ran to neighboring Illinois and hid in a Motel. Then I though Fleebaggers go National, or Fleebaggers hit the big time.
Right now the Feral Government is shut down. It would be nice to think that means zero spending, but unfortunately it means zero work, and the spending will resume at break neck speeds as soon as a compromise is reached.
Instead of working on solutions, Nancy P. Lousy packed her broom bags and was heading to Brussels. The President said not so fast and canceled her flight. He told her she could still go, but commercial, and exhorted her to remain in Washington and work on a solution to the budget impasse.
San Fran Nan was spotted at Reagan heading for a gate. Yes, we all like to go home on the weekend. Some times though, when important work and deadlines matter, you stay late, you roll up your sleeves and you do your JOB. Botox redux was selected to return as Screecher of the House after an eight year reprieve for the nation. She and Chuck the Schmuck should be working with McConnell and The President to resolve this.
I have spoken to a number of people about this. If I suspect the person is a liberal or a leftard, I ask them if they agreed with ObamAA-'s policies regarding the border. When they say yes, I point out that he continually requested and received funding, and that many miles of border fence were constructed during his tenure. I then ask them how Trump's wanting more wall is any different than Barry's. The leftists have no answer.
To those who argue a wall won't work, I concede that they are right, a wall ALONE will not stem the flow of illegals. What it does though is make patrolling easier. I would much prefer a wall to a fence. You can see through a fence, you cannot see through a wall. In order for invaders to know what is on th other side of a wall, they must have some one scale that wall, or fly a drone over. They would not be able to see if a stationary unit was sitting on the other side any other way.
A wall would also be harder to breech. With a fence, they could possibly wrap a chain, hook it to a truck, and rip down a section. The facts of the matter are that it is much easier to control movement with a fence or wall than without. Ranchers learned that trick over a hundred years ago.
If yo udon't understand the seriousness of this issue, let's begin with a simple look at the cost of illegal immigration. Right now the Los Angeles Schools are shut down due to a strike. The reason for the strike is insufficient funding. The reason for the insufficiency is that Los Angeles is over run with illegals who pay nothing in taxes. Their pay checks are sent home to Mexico Honduras Guatemala and points south rather than being spent in LA where a portion would be skimmed in the form of sales taxes to fund the schools.
Also right now, democrats are floating a bill to grant amnesty to an estimated 1.5 million farm laborers. Why not provide jobs for 1.5 million democrat voters who are unemployed? Oh Snap! Once they get a job and learn how government treats working stiffs, they become republicans. Bad Idea for leftists who count on dependent sheeple for votes. OF course, California has shown that they can steal elections no matter what, so that may soon matter no more.
As I've said before though, I'll take the budget shut down seriously when they roll up the interstates and stick them in a warehouse. OK, I still wouldn't give a rip then.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

This land is your land

Lady, do your JOB

Nancy P. Lousy was set to depart on an unannounced seven day excursion to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan. Plans changed slightly when President Trump penned a letter informing her that her public relations stun was being postponed until after the shutdown is settled.
While this might seem a little petty and vindictive, people must remember that the President has the power to convene congress. Section three of Article two of the Constitution gives the President the right to do that; he may, on extraordinary occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them.
Is a government shutdown an extraordinary occasion? I would say so.
The House dems don't seem to be taking this matter seriously. Last week many of them were in Puerto Rico for a Latino Victory summit and a Bold PAC Congressional Hispanic Caucus affair. Missouri Rep Jason Smith, in frustration, shouted for them all to go back to Puerto Rico as a call for a vote was in progress to end the partial shut down.
Of course the racist members of the communist err democrats, got all in a huff about it, claiming that they have endured many calls for them to go back to Mexico or other places.
For my part, they can all go back to hell since they are children of Satan.
As for San Fran Nan, she should be setting the example and making certain that the House is working as much as possible on negotiations with the Senate and The President to resolve the issues, get the wall built, and protect America and American interests.
Won't. Happen.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Ford Snowmotor

 awesome fun;

Sinking of the Reuben James

After posting Kenny rogers Reuben James, I felt it only right to post this tribute.

Vietnam Tankers

Vietnam was largely an infantry war. Tanks were regarded by the military elite as being unsuited for the jungles and were not deployed in large numbers.

When I first went active, I was assigned to an armor unit. My MOS was radio repair, so I could be in almost any unit that had tactical FM equipment. The unit had an imprompteu library of books on tanks and armored combat. Since I liked to read, I made regular use of the many books especially when I had to sit CQ. I pulled a lot of quarters duty. Guys would pay $50 to get out of their weekend assignment. Some times I would do Friday night, be relieved Saturday morning, get some shut eye, then back out to the desk for Saturday night and another $50.
There were a number of books on tanks in Vietnam written by the men who had been there.
We messed up big time in not taking advantage of our armor.
Kenny at Knuckledraggin posted a video today. After watching it, I followed up with a few others from the Vietnam Tankers. These are only oral traditions, no combat footage, no simulations, just straight out remembrances from the guys who were there. As the years are passing, these men are thinning out. How many of them will be left after twenty more?
To the men who were there, thank you from a kid who followed later on.

Now they want to cancel the State of the Union

Nancy P. Lousy and the communists in Washington, or is it Puerto Rico, have sent a letter to President Trump asking that the State of the Union be postponed until after they have impeached him for making them shut down the government the shut down is resolved. Her stated concern is safety. Her real concern is that President Trump will pack the gallery with Angel Moms and the families of victims of deportable aliens. Right now another caravan of invaders is forming in Guatemala, this one organized by Norwegian globalists. By the 29th, this group will be marching and messing their way through Mexico. Mexico is in turmoil because of the bunch who swept north to interfere with hte 2018 election. Those people are costing the Mexican government millions of Pesos every day, or roughly the price of one of the Big Macs that the President bought with his own money for the Clemson Tigers. OK, I exaggerate, but those people are proving a severe burden on Mexico, one which we would be bearing had the President not acted decisively.
Are the democrats taking this shut down seriously? It seems they are taking it less seriously than I am, and I'd be happy to let it continue to the 2020 election. The dems went to Puerto Rico instead of doing their job and working on a budget. OK, they don't want a wall, we all get that they have flip flopped yet again. They need their cheap gardeners and house cleaners. They especially need the votes of the ones who can get their hands on a ballot like just happened in California. What about their voters whose SNAP benefits are about to fail? I guess they give as much of a shit about them as me. Gee, I didn't know I was a democrat.
 The simple fact is that a majority of Americans want the border wall built. Many of us don't really care about the people coming here in search of work. If they perform a service, stay out of trouble, and don't bring diseases, most people would say let them be. It is when they get welfare, drive drunk, steal rape murder and cause other problems that people get mad and Fast. A larger factor is the increase in opioid and other drug deaths. That is beginning to hit home. Illegal drugs from Mexico are a Yuge part of that equation. Fentanal, originating in Mexico has been implicated in way too many deaths. Meth is another south of the border product as is coke and the crack epidemic.
We are tired of the problems associated with the drug epidemic. No, we aint tripping over them in the park, it is coming home to break ins, thefts of things once thought safe left in the back yard, and the other things addicts do to get their next fix. It is having to clean up apartments after a neighbor who got hooked on Oxycontin died from an over dose, and seeing how devastated his kids are. 
This is the America Nancy P. Lousy wants, one dependent on government. Self sufficient people don't need the gov, and this shut down has hardly been noticed so far.
If, as Steny Hoya says, the SOTU is off, the President can still address the nation. He could hold a rally in Pennsylvania and broadcast from there, or he could sit calmly behind the Resolute desk and make his case for ending the shut down on his terms from there. He does not need to speak from the House chamber to reach the American people. It is the tradition though that matters, and it is the House that will be demeaned if he does not give it in traditional form from their chamber.
San Fran Nan has already lost this battle. May her life as screecher of the House be only two short years.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Reuben James

Reuben James was a boatswains mate in the first Barbary War. He was honored by the Navy when a Clemson class Destroyer was named in his honor in 1919. The ship had the distinction of becoming the first American ship sunk in WW2 when, while escorting convoyHX156, she positioned herself between a wolf pack and an ammunition ship in the convoy. She was struck forward, her bow blown off, and sunk a short five minutes later killing 100 sailors

Shut down update

No end is in sight for the government shut down initiated when the Senate refused to vote on a House approved measure to fund the government and the wall.
Reports have surfaced that furlowed government workers are at risk of starvation. It is claimed that several showed up at a regional USDA office to apply for food stamps, but were unable to apply since the office was closed due to the impasse.
Surveys show that less than 20% of the U.S. population has noticed any change from the shut down. The truth is that while they are not coming in, most government workers are telecommuting, doing nothing from home rather than at the office.
In other news, Representative Steven King R-Iowa, has been removed from committee assignments over his recent remarks concerning racism, or more correctly white supremacy, white nationalism and  western civilization. Certainly supremacy, whether white, black, or any other should be looked upon as bad. That said, our Constitution enshrines certain freedoms, among them are freedom of speech, the right to say anything no matter how stupid unless it is a call to action as in calling on whites to lynch blacks, or blacks to kill whites; freedom of association in our freedom to assemble, such that klan rallies, black power marches, and other forms of protest are Constitutionally protected.
That freedom also allows us to counter protest the supremacists. Violence is another matter.
White nationalism? E pluribus unum, out of many, one, is our national motto. When I look around I can clearly see we are not a white nation. While my heritage says I am white, I am darker skinned than many Latinos. To call them white is to deny their heritage. They are native Americans just as much as Dennis Banks or any other Indian you might want to name.
We are also 13% black, and while both groups have seen a lot of watering down by cross breeding with whites, no one calls Barry Soetoro white... except maybe me.
The one that pisses me is people taking offense at "Western Civilization". It is western civilization that has made great nations. The notion of all men being created equal. Eastern civilization teaches the superiority of  their race. It was manifested in the cruel treatment afforded prisoners during WW2.
Western civilization was made great through the practice of Christianity. Now, as many of the European nations, and many Americans turn from GOD, we are learning what was mean when John Adams said "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."
Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
Read more at:

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Tomcat

The F-14 is, in my opinion, one heck of a plane. While it's combat record does not match that of the F-15, it proved to be everything the Navy needed in 1970, and still was in 2006. Designed to haul the massive AIM-54 Phoenix, it was also capable of dog fighting with the best. The U.S. Navy's Cats only claim five air to air kills. In the hands of the Iranians, it has amassed many more.

Another big plus, not mentioned in the video was the loiter time. Tomcats could stay on station to provide support for longer than the F-15 and F-16 craft. Their Achilles heel was maintenance. They were a far more complicated bird than the Eagle or Falcon. That is why the Navy supplemented them, and eventually replaced them with the lackluster by contrast F/A-18. The F-14 is capable of reaching mach 2.34 while the Hornet manages with a nice 1.6 mach. Climb rates are near identical, 229 M/sec for the Tomcat, 228 M/sec for the Hornet. Combat range is 575 for the Tomcat, 449 for the Hornet. When it comes to the fight, both pack the standard 20mm M61A1 Vulcan, but the Tomcat packs 675 rounds to the Hornet's 412. The Tomcat can carry 16,200 lbs of fuel internally plus 534 additional gallons in drop tanks. For the Hornet the numbers change. It can carry only 14,400 lbs internally, but can pack an extra 1,920 gallons in drop tanks. While that sounds great, if you used most of your drop tank fuel to get to the fight, you are limited in what you can do since you will not have enough on board to get home after the fight. Thank GOD the Navy has tankers.
I hated to see the F-14 retired. Yes, they were getting old, but our enemies really didn't have anything to cope with them.
Our Navy and Air Force have had a lot of great planes. Some times the machines came up short as happened at the start of WW2 and Korea, but the skills, training and tenacity of our aviators surpassed the material advantages they lacked.
Soon we will see the F-35 going to the fleet. Progress continues, but the icons of the past will always be remembered as Great Planes.

Six White Horses

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Scientific studies have shown that women who carry a few extra pounds live longer than men who mention it.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Hello its me

Midnight meme

I scheduled these before Christmas, so if by chance they get a funding deal worked out, I'm leaving them up, but I also have a question, and that is what have the Republicans in the Senate done to help MY President?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Good time Charlie's got the blues


I will begin by pointing out that I do not like the politics of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. her far left approach to American politics and her slanted view of the constitution as viewed through a transnational lens is to me entirely wrong.
RBG recently underwent surgery to remove cancerous growths from her lungs. She has had other bouts with cancer in 1999 and 2009 and is certainly getting up there in age. Some times it seems she has drifted off into another world, happy in her own mind.
This week marks the first time in her career on the court that she has missed oral arguments. Other than by sleeping through them. Already many on the left are calling for her to resign and retire. Others are floating the idea she is actually dead but they have not got enough embalming fluid in her veins to hold down the stench.
Lets not move too fast. Yes, she is the polar opposite of me in her views, but this is the only time she has missed in over 25 years. Her dedication to her job is far better than all the members of Congress who waste half their time in Washington campaigning for their next election, and the majority of the rest of it looking like idiots.
Folks on the left might want to start worrying. Given her prior record, this may be indicative of how serious her health is. While some expect that she will be back on the bench by February, it is also possible that the battle with cancer may be nearing it's end.
Something moved in me today, and I pray that Ruth discovers the truth of GOD now before she faces him in judgement. Chronicles in the old Testament record the deeds of the kings of Israel. Some walked with GOD, some did not. Some found him early, some late, some never. All met him at their judgement. Ruth's decisions, especially concerning abortion will be judged by GOD some day.
RBG has stated that she would retire when she could no longer do the job. While I'm certain she hates the idea of President Trump appointing a successor, she must at some point realize her own mortality.
I wonder though, if she can join in deciding a case she was not present to hear simply be reviewing the cliff's notes, would it be allowed for her replacement to enter in those judgements if he or she is appointed before the end of the court calendar?

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

In the Ghetto reaction

Elvis is an icon, and one great song of his is "In the Ghetto". I happened on this video where a black man reacts to this song. Check it out. Elvis was spot on then, and it is true still today. A sad commentary on the state of our nation.
In a move toward a post racist America, Congress created welfare. The end result was that it destroyed families and created a class of people dependent on the state with no path to success that is visible to them. Sure, they see sports heroes, but where are the engineers, chemists, doctors and developers? We screw up. How do we unscrew it?

Israel suspended?

Not the nation, the worthless piece of crap in Coward err Broward County Florida. Ron DeSantis was sworn in today as the Governor of Florida. Immediately after, Coward Israel announced he was going to be suspended. All I can say is good riddance to him. There is a lot of work to do cleaning up the mess he and the schools in Broward created with misguided policies that allowed juvenile delinquents to act without fear of consequences. It was these type of polices that created Travon "St. Skittles" Martin and directly led to the Majorly Stoned and Dumbass High School shooting. Protecting students means protecting them from the stupidity and evil intent of others. It does not mean protecting them from the consequences of their actions.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

In search of Noah's Ark

Made in 1976, this film was a dramatization of the numerous expeditions that have searched Mount Ararat looking for the remnants of the Ark. The film was based on the book by Dave Balsiger.

The longest time

I know I'm not the only one who is shocked

The report is in. Given the tenor of the last year, I was expecting the Parkland commission to white wash the shooting and protect HiLlARy supporting Sheriff Israel. Instead, the report contains what we all know to be true.
1. Counting on the police to protect you will never work. First, it would require too many cops. Parts of this country are already approaching a police stare, yet that has done nothing to diminish the murders and other violent crimes. Couple that with the sad fact that many of our police are cowards who will shoot unarmed people and pets, but hide when there is a real threat that needs suppression, and it becomes clear that they are not a solution to the problems we face. All they can do in most cases is document the deed and call for clean up.
2. Arming teachers would save lives. Four teachers confronted the shooter, three of whom perished. The fourth, Ernie Rospierski saved many lives by preventing the shooter from entering the stairway. If any of those four would have been armed, The shooting would have ceased at that point. If the roving coaches in there golf carts had been armed, they would have been in great positions to stop him before he ever fired a shot.
3. Policies in place in Florida, thanks to the Obama administration, kept the shooter from having a criminal record which would have prevented him from legally owning a gun. There is the sad fact also, that in too many cases, the records of juveniles are sealed when they turn eighteen or not long after meaning that the bad kids become bad adults and no one does a dang thing.
Instead we have a person who was known as Crazy Boy, and labeled the one most likely to shoot up the school, doing exactly that.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

President Trump impeachment proceedings Day #2

Elijah "Short" Cummings was asked for clarification regarding his request to name Fiorello La Guardia as an  unindicted co-conspirator since he left office in 1945. Short Cummings replied, He was a republican, he shouldn't even have his grave marker named after him.
My sources tell me that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has requested clarification from their legal council as to whether any truancy in Marla Maples school records can be classified as high crimes and misdemeanors to impeach President Trump.

That's the way I always heard it should be

Something to think about

They make a lot of good points in this video. It may not be 100% accurate, but it far closer than the millions and billions of years evilutionists want to claim.
Ask yourself some questions;
How much animal and plant life did it take to produce the volumes of coal we have today?
Are the fossils found in some of the deposits victims of the flood, or are they the remains of animals that died in the years prior to the flood? I tend to believe they are from animals that died prior to the flood. If they'd perished in th flood there would not be the sorting by size that is seen.
Here in Kansas we have huge layers of sedimentary deposits, mostly limestone and shale that are excavated. They do not show any signs of erosion happening prior to the deposit of the subsequent layers that would be seen if they'd been deposited over many years.
What about the deltas we see formed at many river mouths? How large would they be if they were more than a few thousand years old? Look at how the Mississippi extent has grown in only a little over a hundred years of farming and the resulting run off.
We live on a young earth if you want to consider 6,000 years young. The signs are obvious yet we ignore them as our children are fed lies and fables in the public schools. We are losing our next generation.