Thursday, August 17, 2017

Start a KKK museum

There is a lot of our history that is nothing to be proud of. Every family has their ups and downs, every Nation as well. Slavery and all the problems it caused are one black eye, Jim Crow is another. We have had our great moments and our great failings, and it is often said that good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgement.
Our current President has had his failings, The same was true of U.S. Grant, True of Lincoln, and True of George Washington and the Continental Army.
One thing we saw with President Trump during his campaign, he owned his down side. No attempt to hide it, excuse it, or marginalize it, he was straight to the point and owned every bit of it. That made it all the harder to hold things on him.
After all the crap in Charlotte this past weekend and the ripples of the aftermath, I got to thinking. Maryland removed statues in the middle of the night. Many statues were vandalized, and in Dallas there was a call to rename a freeway named to honor a democrat mayor and KKK Member.
The left is working furiously to rebrand themselves away from their roots.
Time to make them own it. Start a KKK museum and be open honest and graphic. Detail the history of the organization, from it's early roots to it's heyday through its decline to near obscurity along wiht the occasional ripples of resurgence.
Provide honest and extensive histories of the men who were known members, especially the leaders as well as the fringe crew who were owned by them and did their dirty work in the halls of Congress.
We have a black History month, we should also allocate time to teaching about the KKK. No white wash, no varnishing the truth. Put it all out there like it was a republican running for President.
Making the truth inescapable makes it harder to rewrite history. Revisionist history is creating problems today. The revisionism by democrats in the last century has led to many misconceptions today.
What is true? What is fiction? Some things I believe about the Confederate Generals might be as wrong as 2+2=10 or it might be that I am correct and others are wrong. We need to keep that truth up front as much as possible today. We also need to remember that there are two sides to every story and that even the best of men have their failings.
Keeping the truth intact means there is less chance we have to deal with the same problems a second time. That is true of Nazi Germany, it is true of Pol Pot, and it is true of the KKK. Lets not bury our past or forget it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

History threepeats itself

If you pause and think about it, the things happening here with the antiTrumpfascists mirror the actions of the mooslimes in Europe. Violence, demands, unreasonable, refusal to consider opposing viewpoints.
They in turn mirror the actions of the fascists who seized control in Europe during the 30's. From Italy to Germany to Spain.

Kinda funny how a song written nearly fifty years ago seems appropriate now.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Give them all the Joe Arpaio treatment

Most folks are familiar with Sheriff Joe. He has been known for his tough on crime stance and his tent city for almost as long as the internet has had Yahoo. That is not what I am referencing today, although a tent city prison for the folks I am ranting about would be in order.
Joe recently made the news when he was shanghaied by a feral err federal judge in Arizona for contempt. The judge and persecutor lowered the charges to misdemeanors so as to deny him a jury trial.
I say what is good for the goose is good for the gander, and by gander I mean the antifa thugs and their keepers all the way up to Governor Terry McAweful. If there were 1,000 Unite the right people there, that would mean 1,000 charges of simple assault for each and every counter protester. As for governor goofy, accessory to assault, or some such charge that is applicable.
That would mean it would be a bench trial. Upon conviction, 15 days in the local pokey on each count to run consecutively.
Looks like Joe's tent city should be needed in Virginia. Won't happen, you know it, but we can dream. Meanwhile America is turning into a nightmare.


Up until a few months ago I thought Trancegender was the correct way to describe the women in the bar who just sat and stared into space while I was hitting on them.

A little composure ladies

The latest sick trend is here, airdropping penis pictures to female passengers on the subway. I can imagine the level of disgust those women must feel when they receive an anonymous picture of some guys prick.  The solution though is simple. 1. Remain calm. resist the urge to recoil in horror, its not a picture of a dead body or mutilated animal. 2. Act like you just read the funniest joke ever. 3. Start sharing it with fellow travelers and comment loudly about what a deformed, or shriveled, or tiny pecker you now possess a photo of. Keep your eye peeled as you mock the sicko, you might just get a reaction, a blush or redface that gives the sender away.

My first wife was a nurse. While she was going through college, she worked in a nursing home. They had a guy there who loved to expose himself to the girls. When he did it to my ex, she started laughing, then told him she'd seen bigger peckers on chickens. He was humiliated enough he never did it to her again, or any nurse while she was on shift.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A man of the Guards

When I was in the Minnesota Guard, we had a fellow in the unit called Jake. His name tag read Jacobson, and at one point I was told his name was Jacob Jacobson VI. Might have been, I never asked. He was a joker like me, and I'd have never been sure if his answer was serious.
I didn't see Jake at drills much. A lot of folks in the guard do alternate drills, they put in as much or more time, just not on the week ends.
Jake had a special skill, he was a ski instructor. At that time Camp Ripley was the winter warfare training site for most of the Army as well as Air Force and Marine units. Jake worked at Ripley during the winter. He loved his work, and he loved his country.
The one winter camp I attended was held in March. By that point Jake had been at Ripley for four months. I learned that the Guard only paid soldiers on special duty for one month. That meant Jake gave the nation twelve weeks of his time gratis. It was all volunteer.
When we arrived at camp, there was a Battalion of Marines on base. They had come up from The San Diego Zoo to learn winter warfare and were in their second week. I heard about Jake's antics from one of their men.
Seems that the commander of that Marine unit wanted to show the week end warriors how tough Marines were. Seriously? Don't bother, Most Guard units have a Jar Head or three in the ranks. Sailors as well since there are dang few destroyers on the Mississippi. Any way, this commander, had the mentality of Maj Malcom Powers. He ordered his men to dress as if they were still on  Camp Pendelton. Running around subzero Minnesota in February, in shirt sleeves is stupid, doing it with them rolled up is criminal, but that is what he demanded of his Marines. Jake, and his boss tried talking to the CO to no avail. He was as hard headed as a man can be.
After two days of this, Jake had enough. he and his fellow instructors fell out for morning PT in their skivies. PT at Ripley is done on skies just so you know. Jumping jacks, push ups, the whole nine yards on cross country skies with Bunny boots, a white version of the Mickey Mouse boot.
OK, I know you could do that, even if it is -10 degrees, doing PT means working up a sweat, so no one is going to freeze to death or even get seriously cold.
Jake and friends didn't draw the line there though. As soon as they got back, They went diving into the fresh fallen snow and began doing the crazy Minnesota routine, snow angels, and a hearty snow ball fight.
Afterward, according to Jake, the grizzled Sergeant Major came up and thanked them. The Commander realized he was not going to impress any one from Minnesota that day.
Jake taught combat ski tactics for another month that year. In all he put in over five months, four with out pay to teach soldiers of the cold war era how to fight and survive in the worst of winter weather.
When you see guys in uniform on a Saturday at the local diner, think about men like Jake. Those men and women are giving up two days with family and friends to serve you and this country. When disaster strikes, the guard is there to help. Too often the emergency services are already stretched thin, and something like a tornado would snap them with out men like Jake. They don't do it for money, it is love of country.

We do not blindly follow

One thing that has jumped out at me with the special election in Alabama to fill the Senate seat is that Conservatives are not blind followers. President Trump is in a difficult position. The Senate and House are run by uniparty worthless hacks who want to fully fund and support the leftist agenda their owners are pressing. He has to play ball with these swamp scum in order to get anything done.
Luther Strange is Bitch McConnell's personal playboy in a manner of speaking. Strange is as much a uniparty hack as it is possible to be. President Trump, in an effort to not completely alienate the Worthless one offered up a Strange endorsement. The voters of Alabama are not following his lead. Alabama has two better choices, and the folks there know it. Judge Roy Moore and Representative Mo Brooks.
For all the good that can be said about Mo Brooks, there is one reason I see to not support him in this venture. He currently holds a seat in the House that is solid. If he shifts to the Senate, that open slot could very well be filled with a Lyin Ryan hack or worse.
To be sure, I want to see Mo score a solid second place finish, and send Strange back to the minor leagues where he would still be a thorn.
If the race boiled down to a Mo Brooks, Luther Strange ticket, then I clearly want Mo, but if the choice shakes out to be Moore v Mo, Please Alabama, send Judge Moore to the senate and keep your good option in the House.
I believe that what I am seeing, especially reading the comments by folks from Alabama, is that President Trump's endorsement is not helping Strange, but it is not hurting President Trump there either. The folks in Alabama know Judge Moore, and they know Mo Brooks, and they know what a turd in a punch bowl is. Tuesday could see a major curve ball though if Voters pick Moore with a majority thus saving the need for a runon off election and saving a little money.
Take a moment tonight and pray for the folks in Alabama. And pray for Judge Moore.

Struttin miss Suzie

Do any of you remember the childhood game? It wasn't a competition, just stuff for fun. The group would divide in to two lines facing each other, then the end child from each line would take turns going down through the middle usually doing something outrageous then assume their position at the back of the line while the next pair did their thing. With girl scouts the one line led, and the opposing person had to impersonate the first kid's antics. I remember a mother daughter event where it was moms in one line, daughters in the other. One fortyish well rounded mom did cart wheels and flips down the line. Her daughter was hard pressed to do a somersault.
Struttin miss Suzie
Struttin miss Suzie
All the way home.
Here comes another one
Just like the other one
Struttin miss Suzie all over town.

I guess it's not enough that the NFL teams decided not to pick up Colon Krappernick after the 69ers dumped him, we now have Marshawn Lynch in Jokeland acting the same way. If Jack Del Rio gave a shit about his fans, his team, or the game, he'd cut Lynch, and nobody would sign him after. Get ready for another season of unwatched football.

What are you prepping for?

I'm gonna state right up front that I am not wanting to discourage any one from being a prepper. Stocking up, no matter the reason, is a wise policy. You could lose your job, or get hurt tomorrow. Having a stock of food would tide you through.
Some folks aren't prepping at all. There are several reasons for that.
1. They expect the government to take care of them.
2. They are Christians who believe in a rapture.
3. They don't believe the country could face such a crisis.
4. They are just plain lazy.
Some people talk about prepping for a sixty or ninety day event. Where do you get that number from? Calimities recorded in history have stretched far longer, and the promise of GOD is seven years. What good will three months supply do you?
What you see as an approaching rain might be the storm of the century so to speak, I don't know, but it is better to be prepared and be wrong than to be unprepared.
For today, think about your water. What are your plans, how much will be enough? How will you store it? How will you protect it?
First off what are your basic needs? One person will consume roughly one gallon of water per day. Bathing cleaning and such adds much more. In normal life you would use 30-40 gallons every day conservatively. We are not talking normal life though. Best to plan on getting and staying dirty. Bathing will be a luxury. So if it is you and the wife, will 5,000 gallons be enough?
Storage is issue #2. I don't know when things will really go south. It could happen tomorrow. It could be years from now. If you are going to store water you'd better plan on long term since even if it happens tonight,  you will still have winter to contend with. Winter for most of us means freezing. Freezing means the water, turning to ice, will expand, and your 55 gallon drum will have a split down the side. All 100 of them if you stocked 5,000 gallons which is now zero gallons. Burial is one way to protect your water. A ground cover of 36 inches will protect in most places. Northern Canada, not so much, the premafrost runs all the way to the south pole.
The same applies to the 275 gallon totes that many liquids are shipped in. Those are a bit more difficult though as they will collapse if dirt is dumped on them. With totes you will need to provide a lumber structure to shield the container from the top and sides. Old treated lumber will work. Dirt can sift through, but that shouldn't be a problem.
Protection is the last consideration. I already mentioned freezing, but you also need to consider contamination. Bugs, chemicals, and algae top that list. Have a couple of jugs of chlorine handy, that and a filter system. A means to boil the water is also a good thing.
If you think about what our ancestors had, and can find a way to emulate them, you will fare better than most. There is a reason beer and wine were common drinks centuries ago. The alcohol content killed most pathogens, and neither would ferment in the presence of dangerous contamination. That is why shiners want a good clean water supply.
If you are planning on a month of hardship the water in your hot water tank would be sufficient. For a real crisis, it will be a small start and a terrible finish.
Water is essential to life. You can last 40 days with out food, but not even four with out water.
Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I had a friend once

No, seriously, a real flesh and blood friend....
Wayne and I were in the National Guard together in Minnesota. We both worked construction and liked to fish and shoot. Minnesota has 10,000 plus lakes, and we were trying to hit every one of them.
Wayne had a 1972 Galaxy 500. It had an electric trunk lock, and Wayne had a set of stereo speakers acquired from a band his brother had been in, the big ones they set next to the stage at school house sock hops and they were wired to a decent 8-track player. Fishing gear rode in the back seat.
One night as we were making our way back toward home, we passed through a small town that was deserted. Deserted except for the local yokel sitting in his patrol car smack in the middle of down town Podunk, backed into an angle parking slot, sound asleep. Well, it was a hot July night so he had his window down.
Well, Wayne slowed down and stopped about a hundred feet past the Sand Man's victim, hit the trunk latch, then slowly backed up to Barney's patrol vehicle.  thumbing the volume to max, Wayne slid the tranny into drive, then pushed the cassette home. The one in the player was Deep Purple. Made in Japan. The lead track? Smoke on the water.
As the music began to pump, Wayne stepped hard on the gas, then, after about eight beats, let go the brake and we were rocketing for the edge of town. That poor cop looked like he'd been shot at and missed. It took him a moment to get his wits together, but by then we were a half mile out of town and accelerating like a Tomcat off the Enterprise. About a mile out of town the road crested, and just past that was a gravel road cutting through corn fields full of head high stalks. We took that road sideways, killed the lights,  then slid onto a field approach and into that corn.
Jumping out, we were back by the fence as officer (un)friendly roared down the highway in pursuit of his windshield. Lucky for us the breeze carried the dust from our maneuvers away from the highway, so he had no clue.
Minnesota has lots of paved back roads. We elected to stay off the state roads all the way home. We had more than a few adventures with the law. Mostly crap like that, neither of us wanted to be criminals, just have a little fun.
Minnesota, being very liberal, was at the forefront of the environazi movement. The state and most local governments had replaced their pre-emission standards vehicles with eco friendly crap, so out running a cop was easy, and since every one seemed to be doing it, the chances of getting caught were slim. All you needed to do was not stay on the same road for long after you lost sight of the cop, then switch back several times, and if you saw a vehicle on an intersecting road, use their dust cloud to mask what you did. If you know how to drive on gravel, it isn't a problem. I still live in the back country, and it pains me to no end to deal with drivers who won't go over 20 when they are off the asphalt.

Only in an islamic hole

15 Teens were treated for rabies after they "approached" and "admired" a donkey. The number may in fact be higher as some parents may have taken their children to hospitals outside the area for treatment.
I never thought of rabies as an STD, but I guess if you bugger livestock you run risks.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Been expecting this

U.S.A. Today is predicting that in the not too distant future, every one will have a microchip. Three Square micro in Wisconsin has implanted chips in their employees to do away with ID badges and log ons. On it's surface, this sounds like a good technological leap. A chip implanted in the hand would eliminate the possibility of a credit card being stolen, it could contain all your medical records and a positive I.D. and with encoding, would be a hard to hack method of providing secure elections. Stolen children would become a thing of the past, and French Police would be able to Identify Napoleon Blownapart. Sounds like a win! Almost.
If you read the Bible, and believe in GOD, you have surely read Revelation and about the mark of the beast. It will begin as a voluntary system, it has now, will eventually become mandatory, and all who receive the mark will suffer eternal damnation. 
Fifty years ago, this was unimaginable. When people thought of the mark of the beast, they thought of tattoos or other means of marking people. Hitlers numbers on the Jews in concentration camps came to mind first. With time comes understanding. The communist's newest mental midget rising star is Mark Zuckerberg. Who cannot see some one like him implementing a pogrom such as this? We know it is coming, the question is when.
There are many things that must happen yet. Whether they happen in our life time is the question. They all could happen in a year, or it could stretch out for many years. One thing is certain, it will happen. GOD said it, that settles it. I believe it.
When the time comes and they offer you the opportunity to get their newest system and "protect" your wealth, don't believe it.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lets make a deal with Mexico

We have problems, they have problems. Our crime problems seem to be interwoven. Drugs that flow through Mexico cause a big chunk of that, but as long as there is demand, the drugs will be supplied.
We have a yuge number of people here illegally. Some are low class criminal scum, some are honest hard working souls who want nothing but a better life.
No matter what, we need to send the criminals back. I'd even go so far as to deposit them off the coast of Cancun, include an iron man swim in their regimen if they want to come back to the United States.
This isn't about Mexican criminals though. Wirecutter highlighted some of our problems, Heyjackass highlights still more. Two factors fuel that violence, a matriarchal society, and drugs.
My idea is this, We construct some decent affordable style housing in southern Mexico. Then we offer that housing to mothers of crime victims and delinquents from our inner city problem areas. Each family would be paid a reasonable monthly income and given free housing in Southern Mexico. Along with that, they would have the opportunity for close family to migrate there with them. These families would have a fresh start. If they then chose to dabble in drugs, the flow of poison would stay well south and the majority of Mexico would not need to endure the crime spree that goes with drug traffic.
In return we will keep illegals that have jobs, but they would be barred from medical and other community services. Make it a one for one deal, and it would benefit us all. Those transplants would receive a stipend just like they do now. Given the economy in Mexico, they would be able to live better there than here. Mexico would get income since they would need to spend their stipend.
I've had this idea in my head for several days. I know it needs a lot of refining, but it could work, and it would help both us and Mexico.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Technically we are already at war

The treaty that ended the fighting in Korea was a cease fire, nothing more. for the last 64 years a state of war has still existed, and while it has been mostly cold, it has on occasion cost lives.
A friend of mine was an Air Force SP in Korea. Part of his job, when ever there was an alert, was to go to a designated location with a stinger team and watch the skies. They were pretty routine, they happened a lot.
One day the call went out, he and his team jumped in a CUCV, the military's version of the Blazer and headed out. When they got to their spot, Mark jumped out, his CAR-15 at the ready, and began scanning the skies. Unbeknownst to him, there had been a real border incursion, and the invader was in the grass just in front of him. As Mark scanned the heavens, the NorK, unnerved possibly by his close proximity to a Yuge American, rolled up and let loose a burst from his trusty AK.
Mark was lucky, his armored vest stopped the round. It felt like a sledge hammer hit to the sternum, but he still managed to get off a long burst from his carbine. His shots splattered that guy.
Incidents like that are common enough that they don't get reported. No use scaring the folks back home. Still, they can have deadly consequences. Mark made it home, others have not.
That happened a long time ago before the half assed inbred retard took over.
Lil fatboy wants to nuke Guam? Heaven forbid! It might tip over! Hank needs to get a select committee together right now and go talk sense to the fat boy.
Why not aim for the mainland? Surely his missiles are accurate enough he could land one in California. Heck, if he eliminated Sacro-mental, I'd wager President Trump might let him off with a strongly worded warning.... And Urban Renewal.
China is a player in this. If China did not want Kim to act up, he would sit quietly and be nice. China wants to stir the pot because China is engaged in their own misdeeds in the South China Sea. China can wage a proxy war and keep their hands clean, and also evaluate our ability to respond in the region.
President  Trump is no politician. He is not acting like a politician and Kimmy does not know how to take it. There is a fine line, and it would not surprise me if he crossed it.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Red neck university

What else would you call a university that spells 2 of 3 words in it's name wrong?


This story got me thinking.
Back in 2000 I had a liberal renter who was politically active. She was tied in to several organizations that lobbied locally. No "real" job, just political activism. She was using her apartment as a campaign headquarters, but since it was a multifamily dwelling, only I could put up signage, which I did. Mary had income from disability, and her political buddies, but with the campaign in full swing, she was struggling with the rent. In October she only had part of it, and told me then that they would be getting grants [for community organizing] some time in January.
1 November, nada, Her group was out of money and none of the democrap campaigns were forking over to them. This had happened before with her, she had rented from me for five or six years at that point, and 1996 and 98 had been the exact same cycle. We'd gotten the back rent in January with interest penalties etc.
Well, about a week after Gore's schlonging, she called me up and informed me that because Bush won there would not be any Grants for her community groups.
As I remember, those groups were  The Manhattan Living Wage Coalition, Speak United, Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice, and one or two others. These groups consisted of the same roughly thirty members, and they had a revolving door of chapter presidents vice chairs etc, so about 3/4 of them were connected and the rest were chumps.
This is how Barry made it in the world. He was luckier than Mary, she was stuck in Kansas.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

California wouldn't ya know

Judicial watch has informed the California sucker of Statism Alex Padilla that eleven counties have more registered voters than voting age  residents. Padilla is one of the most vocal opponents to President  Trump's efforts to clean up the election process and stop voter fraud.
“There were more total registered voters than there were adults over the age of 18 living in each of the following eleven (11) counties: Imperial (102%), Lassen (102%), Los Angeles (112%), Monterey (104%), San Diego (138%), San Francisco (114%), San Mateo (111%), Santa Cruz (109%), Solano (111%), Stanislaus (102%), and Yolo (110%).” The letter notes that the percentage in L.A. Country may be as high as 144%.
Much of California is just plain looney toons, and has been for a very long time. It just might be though that the loons are not a real majority. Those eleven counties are part of the very blue key that controls the state. With out them being strong communist, California might be a deep purple or even slightly red state. As things are there now, a republican has about as much chance on a state wide ticket as a  squirrel in the middle of the Indy 500. *SPLAT!*
Without that wedge of potential fraud, would moonbeam be Governor? Would Padilla be just another washed up ambulance chaser? We won't know until the voter rolls are straightened out. Rest assured, they will not do it voluntarily.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Ever notice how liberals spin it?

President Trump ended his first six months with robust job growth. The liberals at yahoo finance want us to believe it should be credited to Barry Soetoro though. They laud him by claiming that he took office in the middle of the worst recession in 70 years. People need to remember though, that recession started because of polices implemented by a democrap controled congress. It did not help that GWB was a fiscal liberal, enough so that he made Clinton look like a moderate. Couple that wit ha congress that spent like liberals initiated a series of disasters that culminated in that worst economy, all brought to you by the uniparty's left(er) wing.
the 2018 election cycle is gearing up. A lot of folks are frustrated as heck with the liberal version of the republican party as portrayed by Song Bird McInsane. We need to make sure that we don't make the mistakes of 2006 again and allow the communists control of either chamber.
Economic response lags economic policy. It took more than a few years for Clinton's policies to harm the economy. Frankly I am amazed at how swiftly the actions of the communists they elected in 2006 took hold and strangled American industry.
I'm not totally against liberals, some one needs to take out the trash at Burger King.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Solving an old guy's problem

After being married for 50 years, I took a careful look at my wife one day and said, "Fifty years ago we had a cheap house, a junk car, slept on a sofa bed and watched a 10-inch black and white TV, but I got to sleep every night with a hot 23-year-old girl.

Now .. I have a $750,000 home, a $45,000 car, a nice big bed and a large screen TV, but I'm sleeping with a 73-year-old woman. It seems to me that you're not holding up your side of things."

My wife is a very reasonable woman.  She told me to go out and find a hot 23-year-old girl and she would make sure that I would once again be living in a cheap house, driving a junk car, sleeping on a sofa bed and watching a 10-inch black and white TV.

Aren't older women great?
They really know how to solve an old guy's problems!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Reminds me of my father.

Dad was poor. He was college educated, but graduated as the great depression was grinding America to a halt. He went home to the family farm and soon married my mother. Together they produced a crop of kids, and not a lot else.
When I was young, dad decided to build a shed. We had milk cows, and the Minnesota winters were hard on the poor animals. By then, most dairy farms operate with large curtain barns where the animals could be kept from the elements. Lacking money, dad scrounged for resources. He tore down several old and decrepit buildings to salvage the lumber. The community benefited in that the town got rid of several structures that tended to be places kids went for evil designs.
Turning that squalor into a barn for the cattle was not as simple as as measuring and cutting. we created posts for the barn by nailing small pieces of salvaged treated 2X6 to form a lower section and then making the upper parts out of old lumber. That way the buried portion wouldn't rot off too soon.
Then it was going through the lumber board by board to assemble that shed. Part of what dad started with had been an old grain elevator. It was built with 2X4 and 2X6 lumber laid up board on board and nailed together. I mean really nailed. I spent many days prying those boards apart, then pounding out the nails which then went into buckets. One for the 16 penny nails, another for the 8 penny ones.
Every nail we used, just like every board was not new. They had to be straightened before they could be driven, and some were not up to the task, bending or breaking. Those we discarded.
Slowly though, that shed went up. I'm guessing that it would have taken four years to complete at the speed we went. Cows don't milk themselves, hay does not magically turn into bales. It was a free time project, and time is precious for farmers.
Dad's health took a down turn some where along the way. He had a heart attack, and then and there decided that 66 was magic number and so he retired. The cows were sold and the barn, sad to say, weathered away.

Some of you are losing heart with President Trump. There are days it seems he can't find a straight nail honest politician in Washington. He tried on guy and he lasts a week. Another makes it two days and we see how twisted and bent he is. These are the boards and nails our president has been offered. Warped, twisted, rotten rusted bent and many just plain worthless.
You would think a man of President Trump's character could do a better job, find better people, but be understanding, Congress, and the cronies of the swamp are not going to let him have the best and brightest people.
President Trump is playing the cards he has from the deck they have provided. He gets to cast away cards just like he tossed Commie, but his next pick has to come from the deck Washington controls. These rats re determined to make him fail. Rats like McInsane who railed against Obozo care, then voted against repeal!
Remember "War Games" final scene? "The only way to win is not to play", sayeth WOPR. But play he has chosen to and we have a man fighting for our country for once.
Whether Trump can build a competent cabinet in four years remains the question. For now he is cleaning the swamp one bastard at a time, and he is winning battle one inch at a time, but winning he is! Obamunism is being reversed on many fronts. Sure, he didn't get PPACA repealed, NO matter how bad it is, all the scum in the Capitol know that their big money donors owners will find new critters to primary them in 2018.
In electing President Trump we did not win the war, only a small battle. The next big challenge for us will be 2018. we can help The Donald clean the swamp, or we can go home. I want to clean the swamp. Unlike my father, I want President Trump to not fall short. I want this job finished. I want the next generation to see that reliance on politicians will be our down fall, tht it requires honest citizens to go to Washington and not liars err lawyers.
GOD, bless President Donald John Trump, and make us a nation worthy of being caller a Christian nation.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

total BS

I'm not a huge Sheriff Joe fan. While his tough stance on illegals, and his way of treating prisoners in his jail are things I applaud, he has had more than a couple of screwed up cases. Certainly he is not perfect.
Joe though ran head first into Obamunism. It was his cold case posse that made factual discoveries regarding the fake birth certificate that Barry was pedaling to the butt kissing enimedia. For that, Barry and his handlers took on Joe. The easiest route was to protect the invaders that Joe was attempting to stop. The Phoenix region has plenty of problems associated with the invasion. A large percentage of the homicides are drug related, drugs that flow naturally with the invaders.
Joe got targeted for profiling. Guess what, we have very few blonde haired blue eyed illegals flooding into Arizona. Most of the invaders have a dark complexion, rather full faces, jet black hair, brown eyes and no habla englies except to ask "Seenyour, wood you like to foock my seester?" Joe was getting them.
Knowing that a jury would acquit him, they made the charges misdemeanors so they could  avoid a jury. Well, Clinton Croney SusanBullshit found Joe Guilty. The next step of course is an appeal to the Ninth Circus.
Now, we all remember the show trials in Baltimore. The Judge there, even though an activist, could not find the cops guilty. If he had, it would have been over turned on appeal, and no competent judge wants that. The ninth Circuit is not competent. They are the most over turned bunch of horse crap on planet earth and won't change one bit. Sheriff Joe will just have to take it to the Supremes to get this crap over turned. That won't end it, mark my words. We need to impeach a whole bunch of Clinton and Soetoro anointees. Some of the remaining Carturd ones as well.
Won't happen though. Why you say? The same people who own Nancy P. Lousy own Lyin Ryan.

A new reality show

Donald trump has done "The Apprentice"and "Celebrity Apprentice". now it's time for "Political Apprentice", are you up o the job? Can you understand and follow the Constitution? can you leak slightly less than a colander? If so, put your political ambitions to the ultimate test, sign up for "Political Apprentice" and Let President Donald Trump show the world how little you are made of.
Presidnet Trump has chosen a few head scratchers, Rancid really Made me wonder since he is Lyin Ryan's siamese twin.
President Trump's system seems to be that there is no on the job training. You either hit the ground running or hit the road. If only we could do the same with Congress.

Bad news

An elderly friend had a massive stroke and
the family drove him to the emergency room.

After a while the ER doctor appeared
wearing a long face.

“I’m afraid Grandpa is brain-dead,
but his heart is still beating.”

“Oh, dear God,” cried his wife,
“We’ve never had a liberal in the family before!”