Wednesday, July 9, 2014

far away but close to home

The news this morning featured a tidbit about the legal sale of pot in Washington state. One of the first people to buy was from Kansas. I was half listening when they said the names, and I went "holy shit! I know them! Sarah was good friends with my son when they were kids. Her sister, and my oldest were very close. Sarah worked at a place in Aggieville the last time I saw her.
I sometimes suspect she was really conceived in 1950, but the embryo was kept frozen for 40 years. She is that kind of person, a free spirt, and with a good heart. I hope they enjoyed it.
I have nothing against people who smoke pot. Legalization is a states rights issue. The only say the feds should have is on importation. Hard drugs are another issue, but Marijuana is a common weed, and should be treated like any other plant.
We have been fighting the "war on drugs" for decades. If they were serious about winning, like the war on terror, they should fight it at its source, not on our streets.


Spartacus said...

I agree that hooter isn't a big problem, less so that alcohol. But I don't agree with the "common weed" argument. The opium poppy is a common weed in many areas of the world, I don't condone nor can I support legalizing growing opium poppies on the basis that it's a common weed or plant.

If you're going to present an argument to legalize hooter, make it a cogent argument that doesn't inadvertently lead to a class of victims that are addicted to opium. When making cahnges you must always think of unintended consequences.

JeremyR said...

Importation is still a federal issue, so if it's not here now, it would be possible to constitutionally keep it out.