Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Falling fast, where is the bottom?

Jeb the joker has been Trumped, and things are not looking good for the GOPe pick to be the next RINO to misrepresent the Republican party. Sundance at Conservative Tree House early on stated that the Chamber of Communists plan was to force Jeb down our throats in the same way McInsane and Mittens were during the last two election cycles. For that matter, ad W to their list of Republicans who were NOT conservative. If the road map Sundance outlined had been followed, they could have vominated Jeb with only 20% of registered republicans supporting him through the application of splitters.
Jeb has been in a nose dive though as voters learn about him and are repulsed by his sheer stupidity, and his lack of ANY conservative values. He is in favor of Oblowme care, happy with common core, and ecstatic about amnesty for illegals and doing every thing the demonics want to keepthe flow coming.
People are referring to them as the uniparty because there is no discernible difference between the establishment GOP and the communists.
I'm still not completely sold on Trump, but Cruz is getting shaky. He is not taking a firm stand on the issues that We the People hold near and dear. rather he is hemming and hawing and almost spitting out the CoC mantra verbatim.
People are hoping the GOP will have a come to Jesus moment. Don't hold your breath. These people are as evil as Planned Parenthood. They would rather burn a dollar then give you a nickel. All they care about is getting richer while making us poorer. Think the bet in the movie Trading Places. Kind of like that except they are not Murphy and Akroid, and we are not the Ameche or Bellamy. They are real, this is serious, and the stakes are the destruction of the experiment known as These United States.
Pray. Does the writing on the wall say Mene Mene Tekel Parsin?

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