Wednesday, September 13, 2017

More like misleading shit fund

Wall Street Bitch, McConnell is doing every thing in his power to protect GOPe Strange in the Alabama Senate race. The latest attack add according to Breitbart features audio seamed together to make it sound like Judge Moore is against building a wall. You can bet your bottom dollar that Strange is all in favor of building a wall, just not one on our porous southern border. The establishment money handlers do not want a border wall. They want massive immigration. They want to export good jobs to China. Does any of that make a lick of sense?
There is money to be made in the high crimes that our congress is engaged in.
In my mind it is time for some election reform. Stop the influx of out of state money. These men are being chosen to represent Alabama, not Wall Street. Cut the hose and throw it in the garbage. If Wall Street is so determined to have their choice of representatives, let them Gerrymander New York City some more.
Second item, audit every elected official yearly. If their wealth increased by more than the rate of inflation, and did not come from their congressional salary, confiscate it and if the source of it is questionable, lock them up.
Every republican senator needs a primary challenger, a grass roots effort to kick them to the curb. We won't Make America Great Again until we get rid of them all.

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