Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Time to defund PBS

For many years the public broadcast has been a platform for ultraliberal and left wing propaganda. Recently the kid's show Arthur had a character come out as pervert err gay. The character Ratburn is a school teacher. go figger. We all know by now that teaching is a plum position for child predators, and now we have a "gay teacher" getting married shoved down the throats of our kids. Your kids, mine don't watch Pure Bull Shit. never let them.
The Bible takes a strong stance on homosexuality, and while I may not act like a Christian too often, I still do believe in GOD, accept Jesus as my savior, and condemn the things GOD condemns in Scripture. yes, I definitely need a Savior.
A lot of people claiming to be Christian want to focus on love, but affirming behavior GOD condemns is not loving some one. That behavior has them on the path away from GOD and heaven. Loving them is pointing out their sin, then pointing them back to GOD. That is what Nathan the Prophet did when David sinned with Bathsheba. he did not say, Aww, its ok you had Uriah killed so you could take his beautiful wife. That is what we should do with those who claim to be Christians yet hold to the things GOD forbids.
Those people like to marginalize the letters of Paul, yet in II Peter 3:16 Peter, the Rock,confirms that Paul writes with authority from GOD. And, the condemnation on homosexuality is also found in the Old Testament , so yes, homosexuality is a perversion condemned by GOD.
We once were a Christian nation. We once were a people bless by GOD. we can be again. Sadly, I don't believe we will.

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