Friday, August 23, 2019

Another RBG scare for the left

Skelator is in the news yet again. The evil that seems not to age was reported to have undergone treatment for pancreatic cancer. Whole Foods biggest customer, Michael Moore had a near melt down over this.With luck, after Ruth kicks the bucket, and President Trump appoints a conservative to replace her, he will go on a hunger strike until her replacement also dies. it's Okay, he has enough blubber to last him a century plus.
We are approaching critical mass in this country. Possibly the only reason we are not in a civil war is that fighting it would require the leftards to get out of mom's basement.
I hold no hope for this country. Th left has become too vocal, too aggressive, too confrontational. They do not listen to reason, and most believe the lies spoon fed them by the enimedia.
They are not alone. Through out the world, people who have rejected GOD also struggle with hte same rationale, that they are to be the saviors of the planet.
Oh, well, RBG may die tomorrow, or she may hold out another decade. When she dies, I will mourn. There is little joy in knowing that a soul is destined for hell for eternity, and given her support for infanticide, I seriously doubt she knows loves and fears the One True GOD.
So sad.

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