Tuesday, August 18, 2020

An excellent idea

I don't read the Babylon Bee every day. Maybe I should. I found this gem. Imagine, if you will, what would happen if President Trump had the Post Office put his image on a stamp. Yes, I know it is illegal to do that, but just imagine what would happen if they made a special stamp for the election, just for mail-in ballots, a stamp that was free, only one per person, with the image of Donald John Trump.
Image shamelessly stolen from the Bee.

The east coast would sound like the biggest Fourth of July celebration ever. The shock from all the liberal heads exploding might very well cause San Franfreakshow to fall off into the ocean.
Now, imagine they make it a lick and stick rather than a peel and stick stamp. Can you say landslide for Trump? No liberal ballots made it to the elections officers because the idjits spit on the wrong side of the stamp. Okay, I expect a landslide no matter what, fraud or no fraud.
Just for imaginations sake, let's take this one more step, print a silhouette on the back of the stamp with the likeness of a human posterior.
And as an act of compassion,on November 4h, buy any liberals you know a bottle of water. They will be dehydrated from crying.

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