Friday, September 18, 2009

LGF Watch

The Internet has been all aflutter with articles about Charles Johnson and little green footballs. Conservative bloggers have posted a myriad of articles in the last few weeks about this, and many are wondering what has happened. No one knows except Charles.
Some would call this blog wars or flaming. Charles characterizes this as attacks on him and his blog.
In reality though, this is not the case. It is more akin to survivors contemplating why their best and greatest friend jumped off a bridge. In the post 9-11 world, Charles was an icon, an island of reason in a world of madness. Charles was the man who slapped by Islamic extremism went from quiet liberal to militant capitalist. A little known blog became a legend.
In the months leading up to the 2004 elections, as madness swirled about and no one could trust the main stream media, as accusations swirled about cyberspace and the air waves, one media outlet broke a story that could have rendered George W Bush a one term wonder. As Dan Rathers scoop leaked across the waves, leaks were made that misdirected many. Stories and speculation abounded until the moment that the memo was aired. The media and leftist blogs were on it like flies on honey. It became a tidal wave, a possible turning point for voters. In the midst of that flood, Charles Johnson rose like a pillar. He debunked the memo, thoroughly shredded it. His calm cool analysis stopped everything square in its tracks. Charles Johnson brought down perhaps the longest standing socialist media figure in American history.
That feat brought him glory and a following. A cult of people who began to hang on his every word. After several months, it got to be, at least on his blog, that Charles was master and always right. On those rare occasions when he commented, it was like the Pope, or some other great religious leader speaking, for some it was like Jesus.
But Charles Johnson is not Jesus. In fact, it would seem that Charles reviles Jesus with a passion. Eventually his mania, his self absorption led other bloggers to quietly slip away. Members of the Lizard Army began to revolt in small way. Charles would ban them with a terse "Get your own blog."
Many did. Some of them even picked names associated with Charles' blog to aid in attracting expatriates. The choice of names is not done to insult Charles, but out of respect for what he once stood for, much like calling a Ford truck a cowboy Cadillac.
As the bannings went from rare, to occasional to outrageous, speculation rose. Often when Charles would ban someone, he would delete their offending comment. In some cases, it was that they simply down dinged one of his posts, or a comment he made. His army turned into a mob of yes men. Maybe we should call them yes cowards.
Early on the bannings were people who made outrageous comments, often early in the morning or late at night. Their comment would be removed and their account terminated. We saw some of those comments. Some were beyond anything approvable. Now though it is for things that are unbelievable unless you see them.
In some cases Charles has whipped out the entire account of the offender. That is sad, and a loss to the blog world. Many of those people were good folk who disagreed, not monsters seeking or demanding the over throw of the government.
Charles has also banned people for comments they made at other blogs.
Last night, Killgore trout went onto another blog and flamed them. It was despicable! As of my last check at LGF, Charles had yet to ban KT. This confirms his approval of this idiocy.
Charles, you have turned into a scoundrel. Shame on you. You mention an increase in traffic. Don't you understand? It is spectators seeking gore watching you devolve into a fool.

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