Monday, March 28, 2011

Another orphan

Like the Rapid Rifle, this gun's maker no longer turns out AR lowers. Tromix delved into the market for a short time, but then returned to their primary skill, the AK and related weapons. I picked this lower up at the same sale as the Rapid fire lower, but for substantially more money. Tony Rumore has been smithing since 1999. His initial line up included the sledgehammer series of bigbore AR-15's offering customers a choice of calibers from 357 automag to the 50 Action Express. His specialty now are Saiga shotguns, and his target customers eat em up as fast as he can deliver them. Workmanship on the Tromix TR-15 is top notch. Tony's attention to detail is as good as any offered by Bushmaster, Colt, or Smith and Wesson. This beaut is topped with a Bushmaster 16" barreled flat top A3 upper and sports a 3x9 Pine Ridge scope.
As total production was under 500 copies, this gun also will stay in my collection a long time.
Its a tough call as to which is the most iconic weapon of all time, The AR or the AK. Both designs have weathered well and served thier respective countries for four plus decades. For toughness and an ability to handle abuse, the AK is tops, but for accuracy My choice is the AR.

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