Sunday, March 13, 2011

Its been a busy week

The last week has been spent on repairing an apartment shower. The old surround was tile, and installed before I bought the place. Long before. A few tiles came lose. The tenants didn't mention it. The next door tenants did. by then, the wall was rotted out, the floor was sagging, its over a crawl space, and water was seeping into the next apartment. We ended up tearing out the shower and moving it. Since the bathroom WAS long, we had plenty of room to relocate it. With building new walls, laying up tile and installing new water and sewer lines, its been a looooong week.
The building is old, one hundred and twenty years plus. Opportunities like this present them selves now and then, Every chance I get, I try to replace sewer lines and water lines. The old stuff is cast and brittle.
The quake in Japan was something! I don't listen to the radio much when I work. The liberal stations here tend to piss me off with their lies, and when I listen to the conservative ones I get really mad, and old buildings aint a good place to vent anger. A friend called me up and told me his kids, in Hawaii were safe. I had no clue what he was talking about until lunch. Imagine the amount of power involved. Let me assure you though, worse is yet to come. How do I know? I read The Book.
When ever something like this happens, I cannot help but wonder if we are in the end times.
Lets see, Wars and rumors of wars? Check, been pretty near constant for a century or more.
famine and pestilence? Check, we have enough land in the world to feed all the people, but that war thing tends to inhibit farming in some areas. Add the effects of communism and watch production fall. And we have Dear Reader wanting to make us a commie country now.
Earth quakes? Check again. It seems to me they are getting worse too.
I don't have a prediction for the date of the end of times, I just know its coming.
The one hitch I see is that Jesus said "For as in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage..." See the problem? The only marriage taking place these days is the perverts. maybe thats what was happening in the days of Noah.

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