Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A fake?

According to Paul Irey it is!
Lets all keep in mind that this issue started with Hildabeast. My speculation is that she was bought off by the Obie camp after the primary was through, and she sold out for several reasons.
1. Disclosure of his ineligibility would have defaulted the election to McCain.
2. Clinton is first last and always a bought and paid for socialist, that's a commie without a spine.
3. Her flag shit has been the health care take over ever since Worthless Willie was elected.
4. The election environment virtually guaranteed a democrat majority strong enough to ram it through congress, and again, she is a bought and paid for socialist.
So, we have plenty of reason for Hillary to not want him exposed even though she had the goods, or seems to have had them.
It took them two years to come up with the dang thing. Two years to get it right. yet it appears they may have egg on their faces.
Now is not the time to rock the boat though. the media will continue to ignore the elephant in the room, so why fight them?
After the 2012 election though, its another ball game. If Barry can be proven a fraud, then his appointments are subject to review. Who would you want appointing a replacement for the illegal appointees on the SCOTUS? Gaffer Joe, or a conservative like T Paw, or Palin?

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