Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good cop bad cop

I'm not one to back a bad cop. Never have, never will. Rice University fired an officer after a May 7 incident in which the officer, David Sedmak went to the aid of officers of the Houston PD who had been shot. I see the guy as a hero, the sort of cop you would want arround, one willing to put his life on the line to protect the citizens from a crazed guy with a gun. I have little other info about the guy. Rice saw fit to discharge him for it. Yes he was out of his assigned area, so what? The bad guy, Jesse Brown could just as easily fled toward the campus, students could have been at the station, or a host of other scenarios. Mutual aid, when shit hits the fan, cops are supposed to head it off. Dave did just that. That he was one of hte first to arrive indicates he was in closer proximity then many other cops. We all know hte addage, when seconds count the cops are only minutes away. In this case, Dave was the stopper, the plug in the bottle.
Rice was wrong in my opinion. Unless there are other incidents where he fouled up, He should be retained. This hsould not be a mark against him, he did what a good cop should.

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