Saturday, August 4, 2012

Life after death

Talk about wasting money!! A college professor in California is going to do a research project on life after death. My suggestion is that we kill him, then revive him and he can tell us about it. He needs to be dead long enough to do good research though, so several days should be the minimum requirement. don't let him collect a dime until he gets back though, we wouldn't want him taking it with him.
All this pinhead is going to do is look at cultural norms about death and the after life. He is after all a philosophy professor whose philosophy seems to be find a sucker, in this case, the john Templeton Foundation, and part with its money.


Gregory said...

I agree. Do you know, that when I was going to college in the mid 1990s, the only professors I saw going to my church were LIFE SCIENCE teachers? One was a cell and molecular biology and the other was a biochemistry teacher. Never heard of any liberal or fine arts teachers attending church. Templeton Foundation is going to get ripped off.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Yeah, I read about this on Yahoo yesterday. The fun part will be how they end up twisting something that is already twisted into some kind of loony liberal agenda. Wait and see.