Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another whacked out killer

Its almost a repeat of the Holmes killing spree in Colorado, but this time the killer spared us the trouble of a media circus trial and long drawn out appeals and took his own life. Once again there were warning signs. Family members knew he was unstable, and the police had even been called to intervene.
Three of his victims were described as housemates whom he killed with a knife at a sorority? Right now the reports are a little confusing. Apparently this guy had a serious case of the Hawaiian clap. He was put off that the college girls taste in men did not include him. Maybe the mass murderer vib was stronger than anyone wanted to admit?
In any case, prepare for a backlash on this one. Libtards will blame the instrument that most appeals to their cause rather than the mental hell issues that he had.  Holmes, Lanza, now add Rodgers.
If a coupe of his intended victims had not been prevented from having CCW permits, there might be six fewer families mourning the loss of a loved young adult.

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