Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One down

Immigration sell out Eric Cantor has been smashed in the Virginia primary. After the Senate amnesty bill stalled in the House, rumors began to circulate that plans were afoot to slide it through after the primary season had passed for those who might be vulnerable. People who care about this country sat up and took notice. Amnesty is a hot bed issue, one that burns very deep.
I realize that many illegals are good people, and that their goal in coming here is to have a better life. I do not begrudge them that. I want immigration reform. What I want though and what the communists want are two entirely different things. I want our southern border sealed as a start. We have enough natives who hate our country, why add more?
There is a message in here for establishment republicans, listen to the people and not the big money donors. People who donate a million bucks to your campaign are nice, but they only cast one vote. If you want to win as a republican, you need to have more live voters, the rat bastard commies already have all the dead ones.

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