Monday, August 29, 2016

Time for McInsane to go

The citizens of Arizona go to the polls tomorrow for a primary election with some serious implications. North Vietnamese Air Ace John McInsane is in a race with Kelly Ward and it is a close one.
John has been fouling the Air in Washington since 1986. I used to respect the guy because of his military service. In recent years I have learned a lot more about him and how he nearly sank an aircraft carrier. His daddy covered for him, Nice having a father with that kind of pull.
The only good thing he has done in the last decade is select Sarah Palin for his running mate. She is the reason the election was close, but his staff undermined her and cost him the presidency. No big deal, he would have been just as bad as Barry.
So, if you are from AZ, get up early and get out and vote!
As an aside, Donald Trump will be at the Phoenix Convention Center on Wednesday to eulogize the (fill in the blank).

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