Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What i would love to see

We have all seen the Hitler rewrites. The video clip of him in the bunker where some one has rewritten the script. Every thing from Chuck Norris and the Kracken to Hillary using his server. It is time for a few up dates, one about her selection of Kaine as her slithering mate, and another about her low turn out cam-painful events. Maybe a combination of the two?
I'm not interested in making one, I don't want to spend the time learning even though it might be a ton of fun.  People better than me can make a fine product, and I will spread it as far as possible.

On a different note, a friend of mine recently took over management of a cemetery. The previous manager had become ill and it had fallen into a state of well, you can imagine.
 happened to meet up with him today and asked how he operation was proceeding, lots of people are dying to get in there. He said the upkeep was being a chore. What should have been biweekly mowings were needing to be twice weekly. I told him he needed a banner to put up at the entrance while he was working announcing that a democrat voter registration drive was underway....
My bad.

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