Saturday, January 13, 2018

Watergate on steroids?

Modern history is full of examples where an elected government sought to eliminate control of the people by any means necessary. I used Watergate as an example, but it is not even close. Nixon spied on the democrats, but he did not use that information to spread lies, nor did he attempt to entrap them for purposes of undermining the credibility of their candidates.
Maybe a better comparison is the Reichstag fire that Hitler used to seize total control of the government in Germany.
As I look at the totality of the situation in the 2016 election, I see that the dems intended to one better Hitler. Hitler seized control and remained in office until his death.  The dem plan was to create the illusion of republican government while maintaining complete control. Something similar to Cuba, but with a succession of party hacks instead of continuous votes for Fidel.
The crimes in the election of 2016, and possibly in 2012 were a concerted effort to maintain party control and eliminate competition especially from any one with nationalist views. Reviewing the field of contenders, were any of the republican also rans truly conservative? If you look at the totality of he evidence compiled by the folks at CTH, it is clear, at least to me, that the plan by the uniparty was to select the runner up. Republicans, at least the power brokers, wanted to control the party to ensure that certain elements of the globalist democrat/ communist agenda were put in place and kept in place. They wanted obamAA- care, TPP, and invasion amnesty. They were willing collaborators, the K-street gang, and many members of Congress whom President Trump had to overcome, and now has to work with.
The Swamp had a carefully laid plan, fill the roster with so many candidates that the primary was hopeless, then sacrifice them at critical times through strangulation of funding so that players would be forced to ditch after their usefullness ended. Then have Jeb Bush rise to the top and take the nomination. His low energy style contrasted to HiLlARy's low energy would have made a nothingburger campaign, and the swamp would have coronated it's first real female candidate, one with more balls than Barry, but even single cell organisms have more balls than Barry.
Then along came Donald J Trump. The uniparty does not like outsiders, especially ones who are smart, tough, and oppose their planned seizure of control.
We now know that the Steele Dossier was funded by HiLlARy's campaign. They did not do it alone though, a clear trail shows that John McCain was involved in feeding it to Washington. I guess he hasn't changed much since he sang like a canary for the North Vietnamese. Makes me grateful he did not win in 2008 even if the other choice was a SCoaMF puppet of nazi George Soros.
That the FBI and DOJ under ObamAA- were willing participants in this plot double angers me. Organizations that were created to protect America from communist usurpation are instead enabling communist usurpation. But it's not Russia so it's ok?
Brother, it is Russia. The spy whom the Trump campaign was set up with was a foreign agent who was not supposed to be allowed into the United States. Barry's State Department allowed her in, no, brought her in for one purpose only, to create the illusion that the Trump campaign was working with the Soviets who were in reality working with HiLlARy. Why? They were in bed with her. Millions of bribery dollars disguised as donations to the Clinton Charity had been passed. In exchange, they got Uranium rights in America, and cheap access to the top of government. You can rest assured that had she won, they would have held that over her head and beaten us with it.
Contrast the methodology in the two campaigns. Donald Trump was on the trail tirelessly campaigning. he held rallies, he traveled the nation meeting with us, the voters. Nearly every day saw him in one place or another, then jetting back to New York to meet with corporate executives and keep his many business interests running like well oiled machines.
Cankles on the other hand barely campaigned at all. her appearances were marked by fits and starts that gave rise to serious concerns that she was not healthy  enough to be on the trail, let alone lead the nation. We saw her flip out in seizures, be tossed like a slab of beef into her cambulance, and wearing glasses that implied serious health issues. Her real method, her path to victory was ti undermine Donald Trump. The riots at his many events, the women who accused him of sexual misconduct, these were but the tip of the iceberg. Now we are seeing so much more.
Eight years of ObamAA- allowed the communists to weaponize our government against us. The IRS choked campaign organizations that were true grass roots reformers. The DOJ and FBI colluded to stop Donald trump from being elected, and then set out to foil the inaguration, and for the last year, some in that cabal have continued to undermine our government and thwart the will of We the People.
I'm mad. I want heads to roll. I want every person who worked for the government and participated in this outrage punished, stripped of their position, jailed and finally stripped of their retirement and citizenship. I want  the leaders to hang. A needle isn't good enough in my opinion. A firing squad is too quick. I want them taken out, a noose fitted, and then to see them hoisted, hanging, flaying in the last moments until asphyxiation renders them unconscious, and death ultimately reunites them with Satan, their master in hell.
I want Justice. I demand it.

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