Sunday, February 10, 2019

Trains but no planes??? Sure

Airhead Oral Kotex is proposing in her "new" green deal of get rid of all transportation that uses fossil fuels. Kiss airplanes good bye, electric flights are not going to happen. If you think that rail is going to become the salvation, you are wrong. First, while electric trains are common in Europe, even there they have regions where the trains must switch to a diesel generator to get them through. Our expanses are much larger, our cities more spread out.
Now the kicker, even an electric train needs fossil petroleum in the form of lubrication to get from point A to point B. So we make a concession and allow drilling for oil to continue for lubrication? OK, what about the byproducts of refining that crude into 80-90 gear lube?
Back in the1800's when oil exploration was starting, the intent was to replace whale blubber as the source for the greases to lubricate wagon and rail car axles. At first they were dumping the waste into streams and rivers. That waste was gasoline. Then a use was found for the gasoline. it was too volatile to serve as a replacement for kerosene, but the early internal combustion engine became a gift from GOD as it quickly replaced other forms of stationary power. Farmers could have a stationary engine and power a thrashing machine. That engine soon evolved and became practical as a means to power cars trucks trains and every thing we take for granted in our daily lives.
If we get rid of ALL lubricants, we will be back to riding horses or walking. Even a lowly cart needs lubrication on the axles to save wear on the poor animals. Speaking of which, think about all the disposal needs that the internal combustion engine eliminated. A horse makes quite a pile of manure and they make that manure whether you are riding them or not!
If we switch to trains and alternative energy vehicles, we soon have an excess accumulation of  byproducts in the form of incomplete gasoline that we would have to dispose of.
I am all for finding reasonable methods of cutting our demand for foreign oil as long as they also save Americans money. Increased drilling here at home and in regions we control such as off the coast of California, the Alaskan Wilderness and in the gulf of Mexico are three good ones. Lighter materials for vehicles such as aluminum cargo trailers and relaxing some of the NTSB requirements for vehicle safety that add pounds to cars without a noticeable improvement in collision safety is another. Every thing should be available as an option, but requiring them should not. Advances in fuel efficiency have been negated by the additional garbage.
Airhead Oral Kotex wants to return us to third world status. On the plus side, we wouldn't need a fence to keep people OUT.

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