Sunday, February 24, 2019

What a piece of crap

Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers (I Omaha) seems to think the American Flag is a rag comparable to the swastika. Since Nebraska uses a nonpartisan system, he is listed as I. Or maybe it stands for idiot since he certainly come close to that benchmark. 
More amazing is that the fool made his remarks during debate to update the civics standards for the schools in Nebraska, LB-399. Maybe the bill needs further amending to include the idiotic remarks of the sorry SOB Omaha fostered on the rest of the State. Let the kids know that some especially worthless people have been elected to represent them, and make sure they know why having anti American people in American politics is a bad thing.
If a person does not like the direction our nation is taking, that is their right. I certainly did not like the route Barry Soetoro was heading us and I spoke up often and loudly about it. At the same time, I continued to recognize that this nation is the greatest on earth and has provided it's citizens with freedom and opportunity unmatched by any other nation.That freedom allows dissent.
That dissent should be directed against people and policies, not the nation as a whole. If you do not like this country, move elsewhere. I'm sure there are plenty of places that have a brand of communism to suit.

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