Sunday, July 14, 2019

Why would legal Hispanics want the illegal ones?

Has it occurred to anyone that LEGAL Hispanics don't like the illegal ones?
Most legal Hispanics are just like you and me, they live in their community and want to be left alone to raise their kids, have a good job, not worry about crime, drugs, and crazy neighbors who attract the police. In every respect other than skin tone, they are just like you and me who incidentally are also not alike in skin tone.
Then along come the illegals. They light in the Hispanic communities because they can blend in. Be a chameleon if you will, but they don't blend in. They have a decidedly different culture, and so, they attract the Police to the community.
People want to see the cops the moment there is a problem. No problem? Please go AWAY!
The illegals bring a culture of crime. they are not Mexico's best, not even El Salvador's best. That culture of crime brings the police.
There is also the problem that for many years the illegal groups were mostly young adult males, and that means unwanted attention for the young pretty females and no father wants his daughter dating a guy who could be deported back to Costa Rica leaving her with out support and a kid or three.
So why would America's Hispanics want the invaders?
For that matter, even among the illegals who have been here for years there is a dislike of the recent arrivals. Those who have been here ten or more years have adapted. They have learned to fit in and while they are still illegal, they are not doing the stuff which draws attention. When new arrivals plop down in their area, they attract the attention of the cops, and the long term illegals really don't want to see the Police.
Am I being racist? I don't think so. I have nothing against legal immigrants. As President Trump grows the economy, we will need workers to fill many jobs slots. I want to see American kids, especially our black community thrive as our Obama years vanish in the rear view mirror. I want to see our professional class filled with our young of every ethnic persuasion. There will be plenty of jobs for unskilled people, and Those immigrants can fill that need. Then, as they learn our language and culture and become better educated, they can also ascend the ladder The Trump economy is creating, but I want them to start at the bottom, not the top, and I do not want them to be exploited by liberals who only want cheap labor.

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