Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Eighteen years ago today some people did something

In case you might have forgotten, followers of the pedophile worshiped by Idiot Omar the Minnesota miscreant hijacked four planes, three of which were crashed into American landmarks, namely the Pentagon, and World Trade Center while the other crashed after passengers revolted and attempted to retake the plane.
Does it really seem like eighteen years? While Osama bin Fishfood is long dead, his organization of terrorists continues to spread death in the name of the moon god to all parts of the globe.
Eighteen years. All but a handful of the kids in our schools today were not yet born or even thought of when this despicable act happened. And at the same time, men who were babies and toddlers on that day now fight the war this all started.
Eighteen years, and the nation that perpetrated this dreadful act, Saudi Arabia, remains unpunished. At the same time, their agents of terror in the form of CAIR continue to spread lies about who and what.
Eighteen years. My blood still boils at the thought. I didn't reduce a koran to pulp, but I still keep in mind that the members of this vast delusion that Mohamad was a prophet are still sweeping across the globe positioning themselves for the next  terror attak. Will it be another night club full of homosexuals? Will it be tourists on a bridge similar to London? Will another plane be crashed into another building?
Lets not forget Benghazi either. Seven years ago Barry the Indonesian Cocaine Addict  spread the lie that an attack on the State Department's complex in Benghazi which was the result of a little known video about muslims.
Add them to the long list of some people who were done by someone.......

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