Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Expulsion coming in three.... two.... One.

 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard has apparently fallen and hit her head. The Fifteenth tier Presidential also ran hopeful came out today in support of restrictions on third trimester abortions. Did she miss read her teleprompter? Did it get sabotaged? What gives?
Will tomorrow bring an apology as she creeps, head bent, back to the plantation? Or is she serious? I am nearly in shock that a member of the donk federation would consider throwing Planned Childlessness-hood under  the bus like that. Even far right folks regularly get scorched by the leftist crowd. What will the future hold for Tulsi? She can cross a VP nod off her list of prospects. On the other hand, it is something that will resonate with the moderates. Abortion is surprisingly unpopular. People don't like having the any time any reason argument shoved down their throats.
Will this step mark a change in donk policies? I seriously doubt it, but for the sake of future generations, let us hope.

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