Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wuhan flu saves lives

At least in Chiraq where the death toll has fallen considerably. This last week has only had one murder, and twenty wounded. The month has slid way down with only 22 homicides and 130 wounded. That means the rate has fallen from 55 wounded per week to a mere 20 for the month. Not bad, unless you are one of the twenty.
Here are a few things you can do to stay safe in Chicago.
1. Get a good education and a job. Nearly all the murders happen away from work.
2. Steer clear of drugs. Nearly all the shootings involve people who use or sell illicit drugs.
3. Keep the father of your children involved in their lives especially in the evenings. Children raised in two parent homes are less likely to become involved in drugs and street life ie gangs. that translates to a longer life and the possibility of seeing your grandsons at places not containing bullet proof glass, body searches and bars. It also means a better income than welfare thus more luxury in life.
4. Don't vote democrat. Studies prove that cities with democrat leadership are among the most dangerous and insanely run locations on planet earth.
5. Encourage those you know who like drugs to move to Venezuela. Shorter supply lines, better climate, and bodies decompose much faster in the heat there vs the permafrost found in Illinois.

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