Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cripes! he released it!

We actually have a copy of a birth certificate long form for Obama! What I want now is an explanation of the many you tube videos I have seen where he and Michelle make statements that he was born in Kenya. That above all has bothered me the most. At first, when he was beginning his run for hte presidency, that did not appear to be an issue for him.
I am speculating, but it looked like he was acting on the "mom was American so I'm American belief, little realizing that since his father was from Kenya, a possible birth out side the USA would make him a foreign national.
Lets all keep in mind that the whole birther issue started with Clinton supporters. I could go into a long detailed explanation on it, but the long and the short is that once Obama had the nomination, if he had been disqualified, the election would have defaulted to McInsane, not a situation Hillary would have wanted. She is first and last a democrat, and health care was her baby no matter how we label it now.
I will remain suspicious. Hawaii is a democrat bastion worse then Chicago. it is not beyond the scope of reality that they manufactured a birth certificate for him. They only needed to do deep research and find a person born in 1961 who was deceased and whose relatives were also deceased. No mother no father no siblings or children, then put Obamas information on that document.
Hey Donald! get your operatives to Mombasa and also check flight records from Kenya.
Yup, I don't buy it. Mainly because I refuse to believe that a person born in the USA could hate this country the way Obama does.

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