Monday, April 20, 2015

Bad cop no donut

Cops violating the Constitutional rights of people is a bad thing. Every time it happens, it costs our society, both monetarily, and productively. If we were to calculate the costs, we would be horrified. The Deb Milke case which Crime Guns and Videotape has highlighted has cost Deb 21 years of productivity while she languished behind bars. Now it will cost the taxpayers as they fork out possibly millions to her for her suffering.
But who pays when a bad guy goes free because a cop violated his rights? Wei Seng Phua was caught in an illegal betting operation in Vegas. There is no doubt the guy is guilty, but the FBI went about catching him in an unconstitutional manner.
A good gal goes to jail, and a bad guy goes free. All because of bad police and unethical behavior. We need to demand better. We need legislation that strips bad cops of their job and retirement the moment they are caught. When a cop is caught violating the constitutional rights of any person, or violating the law, he should be suspended. If caught in the act, it should be unpaid,otherwise paid. BUT as soon as he is found guilty, he should be made to pay back every cent he received in pay from the moment he committed the violation. He should also be made to forfeit any retirement he might have accrued.
I'm not anti cop, I'm anti BAD cop. We need law enforcement, but we need them to be honest and upright,not the slithering scum we read about all too often in the news.
Oh, and if its proven that other cops knew but did not report the crime, they too forfeit their pay and retirement.

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