Sunday, June 14, 2015

Its the Communist Nuttyness Network

CNN Shitforbrains and noise maker Fredrica Whit(less)field has called the goof who shot at the Dallas Police Station courageous and brave. What is wrong with Ted Turners crowd? A: Every damn thing. What he did was a crime. I'm waiting for this to be dissected by people better at it than me, but for now I am accepting the narrative presented that this guy was mad at the world because his kids were taken away by family court, and he went off the deep end right into an empty pool.
This wasn't about the shootings in Waco, nor did it have one bit to do with the incident next door in McKinney. Neither would have made it right, acceptable, or in any way tolerable. As far as we know, he wasn't even mooslime, so he won't be getting 72 virgins any time soon. Then again, he might have been. From the article, "According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Boulware was "talking rudely about religions, Jews and Christians" toward his mother, Jeannine Hammond, before suddenly attacking her."
The hate for GOD's people, the disrespect for women, He might just be a muzzie. or in this case, a dead muzzie.
As for fadfreaka, may she languish at the airports only network and continue to beclown herself for Ted's amusement. Its all a cess pool there. Poison for the brain.

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