Saturday, June 27, 2015

Way to spread the love

A site called Newswatch33 is claiming that a group called Citizens for white rights has raised in excess of $4 million for Charleston killer Dylann Roof. I saw a link to it at the Conservativetreehouse this afternoon. Its pure and absolute bull shit. There is no such group, and if there was, they would not have flown under the radar for this long. The communists at CNN (p)MSNBC, and all the other infested media would have been trumpeting this from the roofs.
I guess the leftards are not content that one of their off shoots went batshit crazy and is being pawned off as a Conservative. Sorry commies, true conservatives would toss scum like him in a ditch, and leave him its the left that champions liars and America Haters. aka Hillary and Barry.

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