Friday, July 31, 2015

What the heck is wrong with Starbucks? (and their customers)

A man has been barred from Starbucks for life for shaming idiots who used the handicap parking spot without having a sticker or tag on their vehicle. The man would photograph the illegally parked car, then go into the store and confront the dumbass driver. A few of these disgraces complained to the mismanager, and instead of doing the right thing, he chose to do the wrong thing.
Handicap slots are there for people who have sustained disabilities. For some of them its the difference between being able to go to a location, and not being able to participate in society. There are a few people who game the system. People who fake injury and get a tag, those who borrow a tag from some one who is disabled, and those who have a disabled family member, but use the slot even when the disabled person is not along. They are few and far between, and almost as rare as white on black crime any more.
I don't go to Starbucks. I've never been interested in their faux coffee. Heck, I don't even drink regular coffee. People in Tampa need to contact their Starbucks affiliate and let them know how they feel. Maybe the retard in charge will decide that real impediments are important asnd start rebuffing his worthless customers.
Yeah, I'm dreaming.

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Dan O. said...

My son was born with cerebral palsy and so, when he was older and in a wheelchair we were eligible for a placard and later plates for our van. We rarely used the parking spots though, knowing there were individuals without assistance who could make better use. We used to carry printed postcards with an admonishment on it and leave them on untagged cars in the handicapped spots. Not that idiots who do that would care.