Sunday, July 12, 2015

Where does it stop?

The confederate battle flag democrat party flag is gone from the South Carolina Capitol. Blacktivism, the new racism is sweeping the country wreaking havoc in many places. Being white and in the wrong place can get you killed, being white and in the right place aint much safer.
History is supposed to be written by the victors, but in the case of the Civil War, it was written by the democrats. Many military installations were created at the start of WW1 as well as WW2. During both of these conflicts, the democrats were in charge, and no surprise, many of the posts that they created pay honor to Confederate Generals. Ft. Hood is one well known example, but there are many more.
As liberalism attempts to paint a new face on its hate and divisiveness, old symbols and heros are being thrown under the bus. The party of Jim Crow and the KKK has a black sock puppet as its leader, and the hand shoved up his ass is owned by a former nazi.
In the past year this nation has seen a spike in murders, shootings, assaults, and general mayhem. Most of it coming from the emboldened blacktivists.
Will Ft Hood become Ft Mike Brown? Will Benning be renamed Ft Travon Martin? Or will they disgrace America by renaming Ft Bragg as Ft Sharpton?
The Generals of the Confederacy did not rise up from the plantations of Georgia though. Each of them had a military career that began at West Point years or even decades before Ft Sumter, and in some cases stretched well beyond Appomattox Court House. That they were elevated to hero status speaks more about the men who led this nation during the world wars then it does about the men who were honored by them.
History was rewritten by the communist party U.S.A. ie the democrats. They wanted to put a better face on their people,a mask upon evil, and at the same time make another strike at the blacks whom they sought to terrorize.
That is all history though. We live and need to remain in the real world. I fear what is to come. There is no uncertainty. It is all plain as day, clear as glass, and foretold by GOD. Babylon the great is fallen. Well, right now we are still falling, but the ground of reality is coming up fast. We were the last bastion of freedom. There is nowhere to run and no place to hide.

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