Thursday, July 2, 2015

Whats this about states rights?

With the rise of the BGI has come a targeting of confederate war symbols and southern heritage. I really don't give a rats ass about the Confederate Battle Flag. My maternal grandmother's family arrived in New York during the Civil War, and one of her Uncles was conscripted into the Army. The UNION Army. I don't think he had the first idea what the fighting was about, he just wanted to be an American, farm and raise a family in the land of opportunity. I would bet that the vast majority of soldiers on both sides were the same, ill informed, and just following orders.
Seven states seceded from the Union before Lincoln was even sworn in! South Carolina Seceded on December 20, less than two months after the election, and before Lincoln or the republicans had a chance to do anything. So, if states rights were a real issue, their beef was with the administration of President Buchanan. None of the declarations of secession mention States Rights though, and frankly, prior to the Civil War, the Federal Government was pretty weak.
States Right were an issue though. In 1820, Congress passed the Missouri Compromise which set 36deg 30min as the boundary for slavery except in Missouri. It was repealed in 1854 by the Kansas Nebraska Act which would have allowed voters in each territory to determine whether or not slavery was to be permitted. The unstated expectation was that Kansas would enter the Union as a slave state. Instead, voters in Kansas overwhelmingly voted to enter as a free state. The same situation happened with California. In 1821 the Union was equally divided between Free and slave states with the admission of Maine and Missouri. No additional states were added until Arkansas in 1836 entered as a slave state.
The disappointment felt by southerners when Kansas should have entered as a slave stare, but chose to enter as a free state upset many in the south and especially in Missouri. That ill will exists to this day. The admission of Kansas was preceded by an influx of proslavery settlers, and free soilers. The Kansas Nebraska act sparked the birth of the Republican party which southern democrats saw as a threat to slavery in general. Thus, the southern states were not championing states rights, they were opposed to them.
There are a lot of people who take pride in the confederate battle flag. Some are true inbred rednecks, but most are just uninformed about the true causes of the Civil War, and American History in General.
History is written by the Victors, or so the saying goes. That has not been the case with American History. It is full of inaccuracies, and outright lies. History in America is written by liberals. Liberals, rat bastard commies have controlled the narrative for at least fifty years. Even prior to WW2 the tentacles of communism were deep in the political system, but especially bad in our institutions of higher learning, and in our entertainment industry.
Slavery was a democrat institution. Jim Crow was a democrat institution. The KKK was the army of the southern democrats. Equal rights was opposed by the democrats. The statues which the liberals now decry are of men who were first and foremost democrats. The Demoncraps are turning on themselves as they apply makeup to the image of Satan in a failed effort to convince people that they are not the personification of evil.
Know the truth. Republicans have championed freedom and equal rights for a century and a half. The democrats have used ulterior means to keep blacks down, and to destroy the black family.
I don't care one way or the other about the Confederate flags. Some bloggers I follow are opposing its possible demise while others are clinging to it like I cling to my guns and religion. All I ask is that people remember its roots as a sign of the democrats who divided this nation in 1861. A symbol is what you make of it, but miscommunication happens so easily. Don't believe it? just say "Shalom" to a muslim.
Oblowme and his controllers want to divide this nation even further. Divisions between people who support the rebel flag and those who say let it go only further their purpose. Lets not fall for the Alinsky tactics of the SCoaMF, or rather the people who have their hand up his ass and manipulate his mouth.

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