Saturday, October 29, 2016

First one

I finally saw a Clinton Kaine bumper sticker today. A friend of mine wanted to pilot his boat to the North end of Tuttle Creek for duck hunting. When the lake levels are low, it is hard to launch a boat up there, so putting in at the southern end and running it north seemed to him the easiest way to get it done. He offered to buy lunch if I would meet him up there and bring him back. Its a beautiful day, so I took him up on the offer.
We'd calculated his arrival time, and to be safe I got there a touch early. Well, nature called, lunch wanted out, so I headed to the public toilets they have there. Modern versions of the old farmer's out house, bring your own paper usually.
As I pulled up, there was a Prius with a Hillary sticker prominently displayed in front and a guy frantically rumaging under the seat. Looking for a napkin, I thought. As I exited my truck, he dashed back in with a hand full of change, screaming, give me a few minutes. I watched in wonder as he then tossed all those coins down the hole.
Staring in wonder, I asked, why did you do that?
I dropped a nickel while I was going potty he said.
Well, why are you throwing more money down there?
Seriously, would you climb down in that for just a nickel?

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Gregory said...

Hahahaha loved it.