Friday, October 21, 2016

Real change

Take a moment and really listen to the start of this video. Where is the hope? Our hope is in the power of GOD working through the hearts of People!
It does not matter if we elect Donald Trump if the heart of we the people are not yearning for GOD. Trump can only change the course of this nation if the people are willing to change. With out fundamental change at street level, this will be all for nothing.
In 1775 the men who would become our nation's fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to create this nation. Donald Trump is doing the same thing. If he loses, he will surely be destroyed. The Clinton Crime Family will not allow him to go on and be a future threat. If they don't kill him, they will bankrupt him, arrest him, and not only him but his family.
The nation we live in today has radically changed from the nation our fathers built, and not for the good. Human life has no value. In places like Chiraq, the black youth kill each other over drugs. Turf wars have claimed several thousand young men there during the reign of Barry Soetoro. Other democrat strong holds are just as bad, just as volatile, just as crazy and they cannot see that they are committing mass suicide by proxy.
Abortion which was to make every baby born a baby wanted has devalued their lives. It has had the opposite effect.
We are seeing a march toward globalism, a march to Armageddon, and not the stupid movie version. The literal final battle.
How far off is it? Will it happen in our lives? I do not know. The flow toward it is relentless. Actions today may slow the progression for a decade or three, but the event is inevitable. The building toward it has been astonishing in the last few years.  Europe is on the brink of collapse as hordes of invaders posing as rapfugees have flooded the countries more thoroughly than the armies of WW2. That caldron of humanity is about to erupt as the flames continue to be fanned by believers in radical islam.
Our nation too is in crisis. Our survival is not guaranteed because the globalists want one world government and they want it now! I do not see them sitting back and idly allowing Trump to thwart them. George Soros is an old man. He want to be king of the world, and knows that eight years of Trump could spell doom for him instead.
Just think about the course our nation is on,  free fall would be slower. We are in a full throttle power dive with Barry at the helm. Switching to HiLlARy won't change a dang thing. Trump will pull us out of the full throttle portion of this, will he pull us out of the dive though? We can only hope.
Hope won't do it though, we must make fundamental change if our nation is to continue. If not, One nation under GOD will become one nation feeling his wrath. GOD, Help us.

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