Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nice try RINOs

A video has surfaced of Donald Trump using salty language regarding women, and quick as a flash the RINOs are jumping ship. Mittens the lackluster says he can never support Trump because of this. He should go back to the communist party where he belongs, girl panties and all. Rancid Prepus and McInsane both jumped as well. After using Trump to survive his primary, he no longer needs to be nice. My hope is that the citizens of Arizona choose commie lite Kirkpatrick over NVA flying ace McInsane on November 8. Yes, it means six years of a worthless demonicRAT in the Senate, but what is different then having John RINO there? Vote AZ, vote him gone.
Same for Wisconsin and Rancid's buttboy Lyin Ryan.
Meanwhile the LSM, the RINO's and all the shills are pointedly ignoring that HiLlARy spent decades demeaning women who were the victims of Worthless Willie.
A lawsuit filed and dumped in California alleging that Trump acted like a Clinton has been refiled in New York. We can be certain there is no meat to this, if there had been, it wold still be alive in California. What is important to note is that allegations regarding Worthless Willie are mirrored in this suit which creates the scenario that It is only a distraction to draw attention away from the truth about ILLary and her blockade running, stamping out the "bimbo eruptions" aka rapes committed by her husband.
So, Rancid, Mittens and McInsane, go voter for ILLary. We know you never planned on supporting an America First Candidate. Take your globalist asses and go away. We the People see you for what you are, disgusting scum.

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