Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into Obie

The closest parallel I can think of for today's big story is the waning days of Germany in WW2. Three outcomes awaited the German soldiers, death, defeat, or surrender. Hitler demanded that his units fight to the death. Since they could not whip the Russians and allied forces, to him, they were unworthy of life.
That same mentality is present in the communists who make up the demoncrap party. Since they cannot win, they will bring destruction.
There was no point in releasing the "report" on the CIA. If the information contained in it is true, there is a time to report it. Now, while we are still fighting an emboldened mooslime horde is NOT that time.
If they had half a brain, they would seek to work with the republicans and do the will of the voters. Instead, they are so dogma driven that they will take this nation down for thwarting them.
Is there another explanation?I don't know of one. American lives will be lost thanks to this. The people who will die will be members of our military, and people who volunteer to work in those regions where danger abounds and the brave tread lightly. Those people are mostly conservatives and Christians. The two groups whom the communist infestation hate.
I know Oblowme didn't personally release this pile of garbage, it was his minions in the senate who did this. You can bet though that 100% of this misinformation came from his administration and at his direction.
Who am I kidding? Not him, its who ever has there hand up his ass manipulating his mouth.

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