Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What else would they say?

Obozo is out playing golf in Hawaii yet again. In so doing, he ruined the wedding of a couple of Army Captains. Their plans to be wed at the 16th hole had to be scrapped so the gaffer in chief could play his game of golf. I don't mind that he plays golf, in fact, I wish he would do it more often. As in full time, professional, to busy with his game to remain president.
So imagine what its like for a couple about to be wed. They have just finished their rehearsal when they are informed that their boss is gonna be playing instead. Its high stress, high emotion time, and now every thing has to change.
The news story says that Oblowme called them after he found out, and offered his apologies. A source claimed it "made their day". Right! What else do you say if you are an officer and want to remain one? Can't call a fickle boss a worthless piece of shit no matter how big a turd he is.
Did I just insult shit?

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