Thursday, December 4, 2014

Weird thoughts

I came across an article at Fox tonight about how male sperm declines with age. We have all heard about the risks for women who bear children in their later years. Some of the stats get rather frightening, and many women are counseled to abort those babies rather than risk a downs child.
Now we find out that problems come from the fathers side as well. Ok, I can live with that. I have no choice. You see, I am just such a child. Spare me, I will not pose for the pictures to be the poster child for abortions later in life. My mom was 42 when I was born, dad was 52. Life hasn't been easy, I'm extremely dyslexic. Hell, with out spell check, I spell it dislexic. If you look at some of my earliest posts, they contain a ton of spelling errors, and read just a tad funny. I don't talk the same way I write. When writing, I steer away from words I am unsure of unless I have spell check. Then I have to remember to look up from the keyboard and see if there are words underlined in red. Yup, I'm a huntin pecker. err hunt'n pecker.
The title of the article though reads "Older guys' sperm really is worse, study says" Which brings the question, does it really taste that bad honey? I mean worse than it did when I was 20?
Yeah, weird is an understatement.

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