Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I disagree with Dietl

Bo Dietl is a former NYPD detective who released a statement that Oblowme should get off the golf course and attend the funerals of the slain officers.
I do not want their memory sullied by his dispicable presence, nor should Eric the Red attend either. It was in large part due to their run away mouths that these officers are dead.
Cops aren't perfect, they make mistakes. Some warrant trial and imprisonment, some a slap on the wrist. The shooting of Saint Swisher Sweets was a justified killing. that man chose his end. As for Saint Smoothies, he was selling illegal cigarettes on the street. Not in my opinion an offense worthy of police intervention. The cops should not be concerned with revenue crimes, let the state department of revenue handle those problems. The guy had a heart attack though. If he had been beaten to death, I might feel the officers deserved punishment.
As for these two officers, they were working to protect the black community, Eric the Red's people from Eric the Red's people.
And their killer? A black mooslime. Although he did not post any messages about it, this may have been his personal jihad fueled in [part by the BS spread by Obozo and Shittongue.

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