Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beau Biden dead

By now every one has heard that Beau Biden, son of plugs succumbed to cancer yesterday. He was 46. He died of brain cancer.
Two schools of thought on that; 1. A Biden with a brain? 2. In Joe's case the cancer didn't kill him because its a vestigial organ.
People on the right are offering all kinds of platitudes, may God give his family peace etc. Peace in knowing that he is most likely in hell? Liberals maintain that you can have a division in your life and be pro infanticide, and still be right with GOD. I do not believe that to be the case. I could be wrong, but Jesus said "Better a millstone..." If you vote to allow abortion, if you vote to provide funds for abortion, YOU are as guilty as the abortionist whose knife you paid and allowed to slaughter a child.
Beau is just as depraved as Nancy P. Lousy or Babs Box-o-rocks. He is just as guilty as Barry Soetoro or Worthless Willie.
GOD has judged him.

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