Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Racist? Not really

The mayor of Baltimore walked back her comments in which she referred to the domestic terrorists as thugs because its raaaaciiiiist. No its not! The only racism in this whole affair has been the actions of the thugs who are attacking white folks. never mind that two of the cops involved were black.
I have not weighed in much on this. I will now. Freddie Gray was a thug. He was well known to the police. He was a drug dealer, and basically a blight on the community. He was in short, a leech. None of that, nothing he did though was worthy of an execution with out trial. No, the cops did not execute him per se, but they certainly did not handle him with kid gloves either. Some media sources are claiming he was banging around in the back of the police van. Did he hurt himself there, or was he already hurt and attempting to get attention?
Either way, the police were responsible for his safety, and they failed. Racist? I highly doubt that. Over reach by the police is a better bet. We have militarized the police forces here. We have a lot of former military on the forces as well. The kick the door attitude, and shoot first policy might be ok in the heat of battle, but Baltimore is not Baghdad. The police at one time were there to serve and protect, at least that is what got printed on the doors of the cruisers. Now too many cops are acting like this is a war zone, and they are there to fight an insurgency. That is not the case.
We need to radically change the way we do business here. The easiest way would be to take any settlement out of the police retirement fund instead of the voters pockets, and if the crime merits criminal punishment, have the crooked cops executed by their own brothers in blue.
As for walking back the thug comment, a black mayor, and black pResident calling black rioters thugs is about as unracist as it gets, unless you believe that Oblowme is actually an arab/caucasian.

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