Monday, May 18, 2015

What could have happened

The news this morning reports that 192 people were arrested in connection with the shootings at Twin Peaks Restaurant in Wacko yesterday. At least nine people are dead, and another sixteen wounded after fighting broke out between rival gangs at a meeting of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents.
So far it is reported that all the dead were members of the Cosacks, or Banditos gangs. Whether they were killed by each other or by the Police is not yet public information.
After I wrote my spiel yesterday, I thought about what might have happened in the joint. Imagine, you and your family are in Waco for a graduation, or maybe just passin through. You stop at Twin Peaks because oggling scantily dressed women is fun. You have a CCW permit, and you take your piece into the place. Its full of bikers, but you are not concerned, you know that many bike clubs are made up of honest law abiding people not unlike yourself, so yo sit down to eat.
You hear a commotion in the rest room, and it quickly escalates to shots fired. People are grabbing guns, busting heads, and all hell is breaking loose. You draw your fire arm to ward off any dangers, and make for the exit. You get to the door safely, assess your situation, and decide that outside is the safest bet since the bikers are all going after reach other. All the members of your party are safe, and you send them out into the parking lot, one last look, and you too leave. As you burst out into the sun, you are momentarily aware of a lot of shouting, screaming, and confusion in the parking lot. You still have your gun in hand, and thank GOD you have not needed to use it. You are deciding if the threats are all abated when you get shot down by a member of the SWAT team because in all the noise and confusion, you never once heard he words "Police, drop your weapon".
Pray it didn't happen. Pray it never does.
Oblowme is traveling to Camden New Joisy to announce restrictions on police obtaining military gear.

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