Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Like a pitbull.

When I first read this, I was reminded of the old movie "They only kill their masters" a screed that demonized the Doberman Pincer breed.
These are not dobies though. If I were to equate them with a breed, it would be the pitbull. While most pits will live out their lives with out so much as nipping a hand, the ones that do act with out warning, are destructive, attack with out real purpose, attack indiscriminately, they can go after their master as in this case, or a complete stranger as in the case of the Gentle /sarc Giant. There is no goal save the thrill of the kill from all I see. They could achieve more by conforming to society and the norms of hard work dedication, and perseverance.
Instead, we get fifteen minutes of fame followed by shame. Except, they have no shame. They are not cowed by the exposure of their actions. When their acts are exposed by the light of day, they blame the light for the problem.
The only thing they accomplished at Mizzu, pronounced My-zoo, was to get attention in the press. Now that the fifteen minutes are past, no one cares that it is all a lie. This all fits a pattern that is becoming too familiar in America. The first real case I can name was the gay killed in Wyoming and hung on a fence. It was turned into a hate crime and was the spark that started the perverts rights movement fire that led to the Supreme Injustices of the Court proclaiming a right to the perversion of marriage. We now know Matt Shepard was killed over a drug debt. That he was a pervert had nothing to do with it. Had he been straight, they probably would have lied to us if they thought it would help their cause.
The problems at Mizzu are not that racists abound on campus. It has nothing to do with a college president not defending blacks or perverts or black perverts. The problem is that students at Mizzu think it is just fine to select an openly perverted black man as their student body president. That is the core of the problem. Some things are wrong and should be shunned. It has nothing to do with the color of their skin either. These people have a chip on their shoulder. In knocking it off, we need to knock out their teeth as well. Figuratively, not literally.
Is there racism in America? Yup, and its legal to hate some one just for the color of their skin. Stupid, but legal.  I do not hate any one because of the color of their skin. The content of their character is another matter, and a lot of this scum have no character.
in the 1960's, when I was a kid, racism was alive and well. It thrived! Racially motivated attacks happened. America moved forward though. In spite of LBJ's grate society, we put it aside and stepped into a new era. It seems though the black community did not! Check out and note how many hate crimes are actually perpetuated by the supposed victims. In the last seven years it has spiraled out of control. Many of the agitators have ties to the White House and ObamAA-.
Read your history. these are the same tactics Hitler used. learn and be prepared. The goal is to destroy this country. The goal is a one world government. The destination is Armageddon.

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