Saturday, April 30, 2016

If it bothers them, they should leave.

Folks are whining that the National Park Service uniform resembles that of the Border Patrol, and it might offend Latino's and keep them from using park services. I see that as a good thing. Many of the illegals have exactly zero respect for the property rights of U.S. citizens. What makes any one think they will be more respectful of our parks? The internet is full of pictures of regions of the south trashed by the border jumpers. Every thing from cast away water bottles to trees adorned with the underwear of women raped by the coyotes who escorted them into the country.
This land is your land this land is my land. Its not their land. Contrary to all the teachings that take place in Mexican schools, the United States paid Mexico a fair price for the land we got from them. Texas? They fought for their independence before becoming a state. We paid $10 million for the last chunk added to the continental United States, and in so doing established permanently the southern border. It is ours.
What makes anyone think the illegals want to visit the parks? All they are here for is to earn money to send back to their families. Some are refugees. From the Mexican law that is. They might be interested in the parks..... As a place to grow marijuana.
The ones looking for free shit aren't interested in the parks. They'd rather have more free shit than a ticket to Yellow Stone.
So lets keep the uniforms. Changing them costs a boat load of cash we don't have... because we've been giving free shit to illegals. I'm not against immigration, and I don't have a problem with honest folks from Mexico coming here to do honest work for honest wages. I want them to do it legally.
There are several reasons, first is identification, we need to know who is here so we know who are wanted back in Mexico. We need to know who is here so we can properly tax their income and give refunds if warranted. We need them to be legal so that they are not taken advantage of by dirty corporate interests and so they don't take advantage of us.
Closing our southern border would stop the exploitation, or at least curb it.
And the uniforms? Make them, all the same. That would save money in the long run. do it over time just like they do with Army uniforms. In fact, make all the federal enforcement units part of one federal police force. Whether they are U.S. Marshals, FBI, Park rangers or what ever, if they carry a weapon as part of their duty, have them be part of one federal force.

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