Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why the left loves Killery

It has been revealed that the bitch of Benghazi is a baby killer. According to Sally Miller, Cankles had multiple abortions. Is it any wonder that the human lives lost under her watch matter so little to her?
Now, if you are on the left, that is a career enhancement. Couple that with several of Miller's other revelations, and Hitlery is a leftard's dream come true, and a nightmare for humanity.
To me as a Bible believing Christian, human life begins at conception. From the moment that egg is fertilized, it is a unique human being. Genetics prove this, Genetics clearly show that that egg is not part of the mother, but a unique new being.
To the hardest core of the left, since it cannot survive apart from the mother, it is not life. Modern medicine has advanced to the point where a baby as young as 23 weeks can survive. The chances are low, 15%, but it increases rapidly, 55% at 24 weeks and 80% at 26 weeks. Still, even after being born, a child cannot survive on its own. If a new mother neglects that child,and it dies immediately after being naturally born, we prosecute her for murder.. With out an adult guardians, even teens would stand little chance of survival were it not for the many advantages society offers.
I have suspected for twenty years plus that Hillary was a lesbian. Her willingness to stand by Worthless Willie through multiple affairs, her public coldness, her lack of any affection toward him. They are all indicators and Miller claims to confirm that. 
That is where we are at as a nation. A hard core feminazi is a serious contender for the White House. Half of America does not care. The other half are split, some are aghast that she is, other are aghast that anyone gives a shit.

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