Sunday, April 3, 2016

Support Paul Nehlen. Lyin Ryan needs to go

Paul Nehlen
Paul Ryan’s Betrayal
Ryan’s Betrayal
This isn’t your normal campaign website. Conventional wisdom says that you should never mention your opponent’s name. But then, this isn’t a conventional campaign.
So, why would I buck all standard advice and include a page on my campaign website to talk so directly about Paul Ryan’s betrayal of us? For the same reason I’ve chosen to buck the establishment by running for this congressional seat in the first place. The status quo—convention—isn’t working for us in Washington, D.C. And it’s not going to work in this campaign.
My opponent needs to be called out—by name.
Paul Ryan Betrayed Me
I was arguably Paul Ryan’s biggest supporter in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. I pounded signs for him, made phone calls, and worked to get people out to vote for what Ryan said was his priority—getting Americans, and specifically people from our district, working again.
In a district that has deep roots in manufacturing and industry, what could be more important?
But what Paul Ryan claimed he wanted to accomplish and what he’s actually doing? The fact is, they simply don’t match up.
Paul Ryan Has Betrayed Wisconsin’s 1st District
Like many people in this district, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Paul Ryan personally. He’s shaken my hand. He’s looked me in the eye. He’s made promises to me and many others about policies he would and would not support on behalf of this district. We’ve all watched as he’s broken every single one of those promises.
I’m a manufacturing guy and an inventor. I started my working life right on the factory floor and worked my way up to run manufacturing companies. That’s part of what I love about Wisconsin’s 1st District and one of the chief reasons why—of all the places I could have chosen to settle—I chose to be here. The southeast corner of Wisconsin has deep roots in manufacturing and industry.
So, when Paul Ryan began pushing a massive, job-killing international “trade” deal known as the Trade Promotion Authority and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPA/TPP), it was the final straw for me. I know what TPA/TPP will do to this district. It sells out American workers. It sells out American business and industry. It will kill the economy in this district, never mind the rest of the nation.
Why would Paul Ryan do such a thing?
I asked myself that question again and again, trying to understand. I couldn’t believe he would be so reckless. I couldn’t believe he would sell out his own district in that way.
And then I started looking at public records…and it all began to make sense.
Approximately 83 percent of Paul Ryan’s campaign funding comes from outside of Wisconsin’s 1st District. And of that 83 percent, 65 percent of his funding comes straight from Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia.
Paul Ryan isn’t representing our district. He’s representing the big businesses and big banks that pour money into his campaign coffers. It’s their agendas he’s carrying forward with his votes in Congress…not ours.
Paul Ryan Has Betrayed This Country and Its Citizens
TPA/TPP is just the beginning of Paul Ryan’s betrayal. He’s supported numerous policies and measures that are already doing profound damage to this nation’s economy, to our security as citizens, and to our personal freedoms.
Like so many other establishment politicians before him, He’s embraced out-of-control spending via Omnibus spending bills. He’s used budgets to fund dangerous immigration policies that put American lives at risk. He’s voted for bills that compromise our constitutional and civil liberties.
And the list goes on.
How much should we take?
How long should we take it?
I’ve had it.
I hope you have, too.
And I hope you’ll join me in what I believe can be a very powerful movement to push back against the Washington machine by challenging and removing the guy who now pulls many of its levers.
Paul Ryan has betrayed us all.
Together, let’s put a stop to it.

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