Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Know when to fold em, Know when to run

The last GOPe splitters have dropped from the race. That does not mean the nomination is sewn up for Trump, it only means the establishment members of the uniparty are looking for another way to screw the American people.
It was telling in both concession speeches that neither endorsed Trump. Simply put, they ran out of money. Its not that the power brokers of the GOPe are broke, They have not dipped deep in to their slush funds and play money. They are in it to win it, and when you see one strategy fail, you switch to another. What that will be remains to be seen, possibly some sort of treachery in the final primary elections to deny the voter's will. Do not be surprised if primaries get canceled in the remaining states since we have a "presumptive nominee". They would then go about their delegate stealing with out the anvil of voter commitment hanging over their heads. If for instance, the California delegation arrives packed solid with GOPe boys, Trump would fall just short of the necessary 1237. It would go to a second round, and the vote count, remember, these are party faithful, would fall like Minnesota temperatures at sun down. These guys are like the clap, they will not go away of their own accord. They are more diehard that the Japanese soldiers who fought at Saipan.
Another possibility is faithless electors come November. I covered that a while back. It is still a possibility. Satan is real, and these guys are no less evil.
They are fighting a rear guard action as real and as dreadful as that which propelled German forces across the Ardennes. All we can do is stay alert, and count on our networks of faithful conservatives to sound the alarm. Do not expect a peep from the media, don't expect to read a word of it on redstate.
Remember, it suits their purpose to elect Hillary. Their agenda is more aligned with her than with republican voters or conservatives.
These people torpedoed the TEA Party movement in 2014. Why? True conservatism does not make money for them. These maniacs are globalists. The reasons they want to pack up business and industry and move it over seas are many. America is in some ways like a ripe forest. Unlike Ft McMurray, there won't be a massive fire to renew us. America and much of Europe has few lucrative markets in which they can make money and exploit people. That market is in Asia and China is making room for them as is India. America and Europe have stagnated. Population growth is down. Many couples have zero kids whereas, those in Central and west Asia have large families. Instead of making the products here and exporting them, they see the greatest profit as coming from local manufacture where they can pay starving people with few expenses meager wages and make massive returns. Economics is a bell curve in society. Production increases as demand grows. Demand grows as level of wealth increases. As people make more, they spend more, and as the cycle continues, they spend more on things that are not life and health issues.
Simply stated, people making a dollar a day don't go to Starbucks. They don't buy big screens, and they don't drive Lincolns. But, as they work making those big screens and Lincolns, a desire grows in them to have big screens and Lincolns. They scrimp and save and soon that money goes back to the corporate masters and another big screen that cost $10 to make sells for $300. That $290 gets divied up, and the fat cats are happy. For about ten seconds.
Very few people are satisfied with their wealth. Evey one from me to Bill Gates wants to make more more more.
So what has that got to do with Crud dropping? Every thing. These fat cats don't want to waste money and time. They gambled in Indiana that they could hold him to less than 50%, and they were hoping for 40%. If that had played out, it would have remained game on, and they would have fought their rear guard action all the way to Cleveland.
We see Trump as inevitable, they do not. Right now they are working to implement a new plan, and it is in play even if we don't see a dang thing yet. While the first tank rolled into combat at the Somme in 1916, it's development had taken years behind closed doors and drawn shades. It created havoc and inspired fear and dread. Listen for the engines of a new weapon in the war on values we are entrenched in.
I see this move as a means to stop Trump short, but it may well be they intend to let him ride, then seek to Destroy him in the general election. Another Romney or McInsane is no big deal when you are gaining what you want with Barry, and now Hitlery.
So, watch your back, keep a weather eye, and your ear to the ground. This fight is far from over, lets not get ambushed during our victory march.

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