Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tell lyin Ryan my way or the highway

Slithering scumbag and cheater of the House Paul Lyin has come out and said he will not support Trump. In short, he is saying that his useless ass won't support the will of conservative voters who have resoundingly rejected the establishment, read big money donors, choice for the GOP nomination.
Trump needs to sit down with the POS and initiate a one way conversation, Trump talks, Ryan listens.
What I believe Trump should say, " You said at the start of the campaign that you would support the person that the voters nominated. I am that person. You and your elitist hacks demanded that I sign a loyalty pledge, and I did. Did any one else sign one? I am committed to that pledge because I am fully committed to the American people. You on the other hand are a bought and paid for slave to the masters who pull your puppet strings.
You were elected to represent the citizens of Wisconsin but instead you represent the faceless people of K-Street, men who have never been to your district and care nothing for it's residents. When the People of the many states changed the face of Washington by rejecting and tossing the democrat majority and instead supplanting them with one that was supposed to be conservative, they instead got the other side of the same coin, fools who recklessly spend with no thought of who will pay the bill when it comes due, and it is due. Congress has not passed a budget in more than eight years. Yet the Constitution requires a budget. Instead, you spend spend spend.
You are facing a challenger in Wisconsin, Paul Nehlen who has publicly stated that he will support me, and therefore, I will support him. You have been worse then tone deaf. What you have done to the citizens of your district is traitorous.
In race after race, starting in Iowa and progressing through New Hampshire, right on down to Florida, The voters consistently rejected the establishment and its standard bearers. Many supported Cruz because they perceived him as an outsider. He ran as an anti establishment, said he was anti establishment and people believed he was anti establishment until all the various splitters, and the darling of the establishment fell by the way side. Then when the establishment backed Cruz, people realized he was indeed an establishment hack, and the voters deserted him in droves.
Eight months from now I may have to work with you in the House, but rest assured, until that day, I will fight you tooth and nail to insure that the  People of Wisconsin receive fair representation. If that does not happen, then and only then will I seek a truce, but you will again face the voters in a short two years, and during that time I will veto every bill that is packed with reckless spending and harms this country. I am not afraid to shut down government. The last time it happened, people would not have noticed had Barry not put up barricades. I won't put up barricades, but I will make sure the people notice. They will notice that things are pretty much happening with out Congress, and they will see how irrelivant Congress has become in an age when it should be more relevant than ever.
I will make sure they understand that I am intollerant of wasteful spending. They will see that I will demand a budget and not continuous resolutions, and when they see, they will understand that you did not cave to the former president but to the masters who pulled your strings.
I know that after the voters kick you to the curb that another will take your place, anther who will face the same challenges, take the bribes or face a challenger who will. The People are not blind though, they have seen clearly how Washington works, and they are angry. For a time, maybe not forever, they will be watching and demanding honest government. Eventually they will again become complacent. They will again be distracted by sports and reality TV, but you and I will be long gone because I will make sure that they remember as long as I breathe.
So in short Mr Ryan, I'm not asking you to get on the bus, I'm asking you to get under it. I'd tell you have a nice day, but I really, honestly and truly hope you do not.

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